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"Who ate all the donuts?"

Blue Shift takes you back in Black Mesa right before the incident and you play as Barney Calhoun, a security guard. You might remember the security guards as they helped you during Half Life. Now you're one of them. And your job, not eating the donuts, but to get the hell out of Black Mesa!

Graphics 10/10
With the improved graphics, the only thing that really changed were the NPC models and the weapon graphics. The scientists now have teeth and name tags, as where the Security guards look younger and have teeth also they have name tags. The crowbar looks even more rusty. They changed the M-5 to a M-16. The shotgun looks bigger and badder. The snarks now have antennae on their heads. But that's about it. Ahh yes now the zombie scientists that have headcrabs on them now the headcrabs have the legs sticking out!

Music 0/10
The music in this game is the most horrible thing in the game. I always played without the music but once I turned it on to listen to it I wanted to throw up. An intense game like Half Life shouldn't have techno music playing. It should be silent.....very silent not knowing what's gonna be behind the corner. I was disgusted by the music and never turned it on again.

Sound 10/10
The sound was great in this game. The footsteps sounded real. Listening to the aliens talk was creepy almost getting the feeling that they're behind you when you have surround sound on. The commandos talk was scary too but then again too funny. The scientists were very well voiced, sounding like actually nerds and geeks. The sounds of the guns were done well. The crowbar was also done very well.

Gameplay 15/10
My god the gameplay in this game was good. The crowbar had to have been the best weapon in the whole game. The gameplay wasn't too difficult to learn but very easy after getting used to it. Jumping was annoying and a bit intense at times (especially on Xen) but getting used to it, it was easy.

Story 7/10
The game sort of lacks here. After awhile you'll meet up with Walter the scientist and he tells you about Dr. Rosenberg, the man who created the machine that causes the whole incident, that he has a way out and can help you escape. So once you find him he has you do two odd jobs and you can escape. It's a rather short game. If it's your first time playing through it may take you anywhere from 5-10 hours to beat. As it does have some annoying puzzles and it's always too dark.

Challenge 4/10
Challenge also lacked in this game. There was only one or two of the Solider Drone aliens and barely any grunts to cause you any trouble. The only annoying aliens were the electric ones but they were easy enough. This game was more about puzzles than anything. And they weren't hard just annoying to get past.

Replay 3/10
Once you beat the game, most likely you've seen everything. There's not much to it unless you wanna see how fast you can beat this game.

Overall 8/10
It's a half life game and it was funny in the beginning. It was very short but still a great game. I recommend it to anyone who has played Half Life before.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/01/03, Updated 06/01/03

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