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"Blue Shift does for mall cops what Half-Life did for scientists"

Blue Shift is probably the worst of the three Half-Life games. But, in saying so, I also have to say that compared to other games, it's still great. Blue Shift puts you in the shoes of mall cop ... err ... security guard Barney Calhoun. Barney is having a bad day. He's late to work, the door to the office is stuck, and he had to spend what seems like an eternity on that stupid tram listening to the stupid tram voice that Valve either didn't realize was annoying, or didn't care. And then, to top it all off, after activating an elevator for two scientists that couldn't in all of thier college educated power couldn't have fixed, the cord is broken, things start exploding, and aliens take over the facility. This was NOT in your job description.

Sounds good enough, but about 5 hours later you'll finish the game. That is what makes this game not as good as the others. It is short. It makes Zone Of the Enders look long. It makes Doom 2 seem like it had alot of weapons and it makes all of us want to for and play the original Half Life instead. Don't let this put you off though. Now on to the good part.

The graphics are excellent, well, excellent for Half-Life atleast. This game comes with the HD pack, which makes all of your Half-Life games have better graphics and sounds. YAY! The music is still the same quality. I liked the music in Half-Life, so I think it's good. The story is realistic for the character. You're a security guard who is not paid enough to risk his tail to fix this problem, so, you're assignment in the game is to get your sweet butt out of harms way. Now, this is kinda what the other Half-Life games are about, but as Shepard you try to unravel the facility on your way out and as Freeman you try and fix the problem. As Calhoun, you don't care, you just want out.

Difficulty is what really strikes me in this game. Half-Life and Opposing force were hard, but Blue Shift is harder. Blue Shift has an annoying lack of armor that the other two Half Life games never had. Blue Shift also has less weapons than either, so you're trying to get out with the basics. There are not however many puzzles, and none of the security guards or squad members to help you.

All in all, Blue Shift is good, although short. It's about 15 at the time I'm writing the review, and comes with Opposing force, so if you don't have it, and like to shoot stuff, then buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/07/03

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