Review by Shogo Kawada

"Same game, but worse."

I just recently bought the Half Life 4 game pack. It came with Half Life: GOTY, Counter Strike, Opposing Force, and Blue Shift. Original Half Life? Great. Opposing Force? Awesome. Counter Strike? Best online game ever. Blue Shift? Well, lets read the review, shall we?

Gameplay: 2/10

Okay. Okay. Blue Shift plays just like a normal FPS. Good controls, mouse aiming, but with one flaw. ITS THE SAME FRICKIN THING AS HALF LIFE!! Its the exact thing as Half Life and Opposing Force, but those games did it so much better than this. I dont know how, but they did. Sure, its better that you actually get a handgun at the begining of the game, so you dont have to use a dang crowbar or wrench, but the mouse aiming is incredibly twitchy, so you normally waste your whole ammo supply, and end using the crowbar anyway.

Story: 2/10

In Half Life, the story was great. You played a scientist trying to survive in facility. Now its the same thing, only through the eyes of Barney. Yes, you play as a guy called BARNEY! No, not the huge, annoying purple dinosaur, but a generic security guard. that looks the same as all the other security guards. What, do they clone workers in the future!? In short, the story was used in other games, but those games were so much better. And you didnt have to play as Barney.

Graphics/Sound: 1/10

Look, I know this is a new game, but even then games were MUCH better looking than this. The graphics are bland, muddy, and flat out ugly. As for sound? The less said about it, the better. The guns sound incredibly dull and unrealistic, and monster noises are some of the worst sound effects ever. I would have given this a two for the sub par voice acting, but all the guards and scientists are done by the SAME PERSON! A few more would have been better, but it still would have been awful

Playtime/Replayability: 1/10

Most people would disagree, but I think this game is SHORT. I got through it in a measly 9 hours, and after losing 540 minutes of my life, I had no desire to play this abomination again. There are no extra endings or even extras to unlock.

Overall: 2/10

A Final Word:

As I said, there is no reason to replay this game. So, as it sits on my shelf, it is doomed to rot, or collect dust, I dont really care. So fellow gamers, until my next review of an excellent or horrible game, I must bid you farewell.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 03/21/04

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