Review by ANTPUG

Reviewed: 05/27/04

Somehow, it just doesn't get boring. Tell Valve to stop it!

This game is as good as the last few...Hard to explain, but I will try.

Story = 7- The story to this game would have easily gotten a 3 to a 4. The reason why it gets a 7 is because why the story is so bad. Blue Shift is another installment of the Half-Life series. The story in the original one was good by itself. But the story in this one is only good if you played the original one. In short, it's like this: Blue Shift is the point of view of what a security guard was doing, while the main character was doing whatever he was doing when you played the original Half-Life. And thats what makes the story so fun. There are events that happened in the original one that happen in this one but from different views and understanding. It gives you another side of the story. Which is what keeps the story so alive.

Graphics/Sound (Quality) = 7.5- The graphics are pretty good in this game. Especially for an "old" game. Everything looks like what it should look like and the monsters just look good most of the time. I always knew where the switches were. It wasn't just a mysterious color on the walls. The sound was pretty good, but sometimes the guns sounded a little weird, and out-dated. But that isn't something that ruins the game.

Gameplay = 8- I have to admit after playing the regular Half-Life and the other installment before this one (Opposing Force). I still played this one through to the very end. I just don't understand what it is, but this game won't get boring. It got boring after I beat it, and that was the third one I played in a row. I think one of the main reasons the game keeps you going is its ability to make you think. Somehow the creators managed to make an equation of the time spent blowing people up and trying to solve good old fashioned FPS puzzles. It is like Doom but you actually have to think. And even the combat sometimes requires strategy, and doesn't allow you to have fun by constantly clicking the button for no reason. Kudos to Valve for figuring out what was wrong with other FPS'.

Replay Value/Play Time = 6- I don't really know whether to consider this game relpay value or a sequel. So I gave it a 6. The reason being: After I beat the game I felt like I completed a saga so I felt like I didn't have to play the game anymore. BUT if it was considered replay value to Half-Life it would get around an 8. But then again that's not fair because I am not reviewing Half-Life I am reviewing Blue-Shift. So I stick to the 6 I gave it. The one problem with this game is it's excruciatingly short gameplay. It was like a total of 2-4 hours. If there are some people that can beat resident evil in an hour or 2. Then I am pretty sure there is some fanatic out there that can beat this game in around 20 minutes. But maybe thats what kept me playing......

Final Score = 8- Somehow after playing two straight before this one it still maintained it's gameplay value. I don't know how but it managed to do it. I was going to give the game a 7.5 but I would just feel guilty doing that. I played it straight and I still wasn't bored. And it is very hard for a FPS to catch my attention this much, so I guess thats saying something. I suggest only really getting this game if you don't already have Half-Life because it really is a great series and you can get Blueshift in the platinum package for around $40. So if you already have the original Half-Life don't go out of your way to get this. Unless you are a BIG fan the short gameplay will leave you feeling cheated.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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