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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JGalloway

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                                   AGE OF MYTHOLOGY
                                  FAQ / Walkthrough
    | Age of Mythology FAQ/Walkthrough                              Version 1.0 |
    | Last Modified   : 21-DEC-2002                                             |
    | Created By      : Jonathan Galloway                                       |
    | E-mail address  : shironinja@hotmail.com                                  |
                                Table of Contents
                     [1.0] Introduction
                       [1.1] Revision History
                       [1.2] Gameplay
                     [2.0] Civilizations
                       [2.1] Greek
                         [2.1a] Zeus
                         [2.1b] Poseidon
                         [2.1c] Hades
                       [2.2] Norse
                         [2.2a] Odin
                         [2.2b] Thor
                         [2.2c] Loki
                       [2.1] Egyptian
                         [2.3a] Ra
                         [2.3b] Isis
                         [2.3c] Set
                     [3.0] Minor Gods
                       [2.1] Greek
                       [2.1] Norse
                       [2.1] Egyptian
                     [4.0] Buildings
                       [2.1] Shared
                       [2.1] Greek
                       [2.1] Norse
                       [2.1] Egyptian
                     [5.0] Units
                       [5.1] Gaia
                       [5.2] Greek
                       [5.3] Norse
                       [5.4] Egyptian
                     [6.0] Map Types
                     [7.0] Relic List
                     [8.0] Campaign Walkthrough
                       Prologue - Troubled Sleep
                       [8.1] Omens
                       [8.2] Consequences
                       [8.3] Scratching the Surface
                       [8.4] A Fine Plan
                       [8.5] Just Enough Rope
                       [8.6] I Hope This Works
                       [8.7] More Bandits
                       [8.8] Bad News
                       [8.9] Revelation
                       [8.10] Strangers
                       [8.11] The Lost Relic
                       [8.12] Light Sleeper
                       [8.13] Tug of War
                       [8.14] "Isis, Hear My Plea"
                       [8.15] Let's Go
                       [8.16] Good Advice
                       [8.17] The Jackal's Stronghold
                       [8.18] A Long Way From Home
                       [8.19] Watch That First Step
                       [8.20] Where They Belong
                       [8.21] Old Friends
                       [8.22] North
                       [8.23] The Dwarven Forge
                       [8.24] Not From Around Here
                       [8.25] Welcoming Commitee
                       [8.26] Union
                       [8.27] The Well of Urd
                       [8.28] Beneath the Surface
                       [8.29] Unlikely Heroes
                       [8.30] All is Not Lost
                       [8.31] Welcome Back
                       [8.32] A Place in My Dreams
                     [9.0] Multiplayer Strategies
                       [9.1] Forward
                       [9.2] Tips For All Cultures
                       [9.3] Basic Culture Strategies
                     [10.0] Other
                       [10.1] Cheats and Secrets
                       [10.2] Miscellaneous Questions
                     [11.0] Closing
                       [11.1] Special Thanks To
                       [11.2] Copyright and Legal Information
                       [1.0] -=I N T R O D U C T I O N=- [1.0]
    This FAQ for Age of Mythology (AoM) was done in my small amount of free time.
    This is my first FAQ and have always been interested in doing one.  Not
    seeing one up for AoM for a week made me think about it and hey... why not?
    So here we are.  :D
    Any feedback, suggestions, et cetera hit me back at the email specified at
    the top.  If you send usable information that isn't common knowledge about
    AoM I will credit you.
    I have not gone into depth on the game specifics (buildings, units, gods and
    their god powers, etc) on purpose.  It would be pointless as a wealth of
    information is available IN GAME.  Ths FAQ is created to provide you with a
    walkthrough primarily and provide information that may not be readily
    available (cheat codes, how to get started (and win!) at multiplayer).
    Let's do this!  Now or never!
           [1.1] Revision History
    27-NOV-2002: Version 0.7
     - Released to http://www.gamefaqs.com/ as people have been asking about it.
    21-DEC-2002: Version 0.9
     - Finished walkthrough.
     - Created multiplayer section.
     - Created Map Types section.
     - Updated Table of Contents.
     - Released to http://www.gamefaqs.com/
                      [2.0] -=C I V I L I Z A T I O N S=- [2.0]
    Welcome to AoM.  For this game the developers have been kind enough to give
    us three separate cultures to wage war with.  The three cultures are:
    1.) Greek: think of ancient times with units like Minotaurs and hoplites
    2.) Norse: similar to vikings.  Good infantry and axemen
    3.) Egyptian: camels, pyramids, and sand in your bathing suit
    Each culture has one ruler god, one secondary god, and one "evil" god. Each
    culture contains the same building types and share strategy for general
    gameplay.  There are three civilizations within each culture for a total of
    nine unique civilizations.  An overview of each is in the next section.
    All Myth Technology unless otherwise stated are researched at Town Center.
      [2.1] Greek
    The Greek culture contains three gods.  These are Zeus, king of the
    gods, and his two brothers: Poseidon, god of the sea and cavalry;
    and Hades, god of the underworld.
    Greeks start with one scout and three villagers.
           [2.1a] Zeus
    GOD POWER: Bolt
    Kills a single enemy unit.
    MYTH TECHNOLOGY: Olympic Parent
    Give more hitpoints to Greek heroes
    - Faster moving Hoplites and infantry do more damage to buildings
    - Starts with 25 favor and has 200 favor limit
    - Faster favor generation
    MINOR GODS (For more info see the minor Gods section)
    Classical Age: ATHENA / HERMES
    Heroic Age: DIONYSUS / APOLLO
    Mythic Age: HEPHAESTUS / HERA
           [2.1b] Poseidon
    GOD POWER: Lure
    Create a stone that draws wild animals.
    MYTH TECHNOLOGY: Lord of Horses (Researched at Stable in Classical Age)
    Cavalry has increased line of sight.
    - Cavalry cost less to produce
    - Militia appear at destroyed buildings
    - Using markets costs less
    MINOR GODS (For more info see the minor Gods section)
    Classical Age: HERMES / ARES
           [2.1c] Hades
    GOD POWER: Sentinel
    Protects a Town Center with four sentinels.
    MYTH TECHNOLOGY: Vault of Erebus
    Provides a steady income of gold.
    - Dead soldiers may generate shades
    - Buildings have more hitpoints and attack
    - Archers have stronger attack
    MINOR GODS (For more info see the minor Gods section)
    Classical Age: ARES / ATHENA
    Heroic Age: APOLLO / APHRODITE
      [2.2] Norse
    The three Norse gods are Odin, ruler of the gods; his son, Thor, god of
    thunder; and Loki, the god of treachery.
           [2.1a] Odin
    GOD POWER: Great Hunt
    Increase the population of a group of animals.
    MYTH TECHNOLOGY: Lone Wanderer
    Grants Ulfsark (infantry) faster movement.
    - Human units regenerate
    - Ravens for exploration
    - Gathers from hunting 10% faster
    - Hill Fort units have more hitpoints
    MINOR GODS (For more info see the minor Gods section)
    Classical Age: FREYJA / HEIMDALL
    Heroic Age: SKADI / NJORD
    Mythic Age: TYR / BALDR
           [2.1b] Thor
    GOD POWER: Dwarven Mine
    Creates a gold mine anywhere on the map.  This power gets stronger
    the later in the game you use it!  Hold out until you advance to mythic.
    MYTH TECHNOLOGY: Pig Sticker (Researched at Oxcart)
    Villagers do more damage to animals.
    - Special Armory available in all ages
    - Dwarves gather Food and Wood faster
    = Cheaper Dwarves
    MINOR GODS (For more info see the minor Gods section)
    Classical Age: FORSETI / FREYJA
    Heroic Age: BRAGI / SKADI
    Mythic Age: BALDR / TYR
           [2.1c] Loki
    GOD POWER: Spy
    Target on an enemy unit to secretly see what he sees.  This is neat because
    unlike most god powers this one doesn't notify the other players the power
    has been used.
    MYTH TECHNOLOGY: Eyes in the Forest
    Improves line of sight of infantry.
    - Heroes in combat summon Myth Units on their own
    - Myth Units cost less favor
    - Ox Carts cheaper, faster, and weaker
    - Longhouse units train faster
    MINOR GODS (For more info see the minor Gods section)
    Classical Age: FORSETI / HEIMDALL
    Heroic Age: BRAGI / NJORD
    Mythic Age: TYR / HEL
      [2.3] Egyptian
    The three primary Egyptian gods are Ra, god of the sun; Isis, goddess of
    queens and magic; and Set, god of evil.
           [2.1a] Ra
    GOD POWER: Rain
    This global god power makes all villagers on the map gather food from
    farms faster.  300% for you, 200% for everyone else.
    MYTH TECHNOLOGY: Skin of the Rhino
    Improves the armor and attack of laborers.
    - Priests can empower buildings
    - Pharaoh empowers better
    - Chariots and camels have more hitpoints and move faster
    - Monuments cost less and are stronger
    MINOR GODS (For more info see the minor Gods section)
    Classical Age: PTAH / BAST
    Heroic Age: SEKHMET / HATHOR
    Mythic Age: OSIRIS / HORUS
           [2.1b] Isis
    GOD POWER: Prosperity
    Increases villager gold gather rate.
    MYTH TECHNOLOGY: Flood of the Nile
    Causes the Nile River to provide free food.
    - Monuments shield from enemy God Powers
    - Town Centers support +3 population
    - All improvements are cheaper
    - Obelisks are cheaper and are built faster
    MINOR GODS (For more info see the minor Gods section)
    Classical Age: ANUBIS / BAST
    Heroic Age: NEPHTHYS / HATHOR
    Mythic Age: OSIRIS / THOTH
           [2.1c] Set
    GOD POWER: Vision
    Reveals an unexplored section of the map.
    Converted animals cause greater damage.
    - Pharaoh can summon animals
    - Priests can convert animals
    - Slinger and Chariot Archer train faster
    - Barracks, Chariot Works, and Siege Camp cost less
    MINOR GODS (For more info see the minor Gods section)
    Classical Age: PTAH / ANUBIS
    Heroic Age: SEKHMET / NEPHTHYS
    Mythic Age: OSIRIS / THOTH
                       [3.0] -=M I N O R  G O D S=- [3.0]
    - forthcoming
                         [4.0] -=B U I L D I N G S=- [4.0]
    - forthcoming
                             [5.0] -=U N I T S=- [5.0]
    The best information on units is directly within the game itself.  If you
    right click a unit you can see detailed information.  In the same way you can
    learn about buildings, god powers, and anything your little mouse can click.
    It doesn't make sense for me to duplicate what Ensemble Studios has already
    said about the units for you.  So below I've kept it short.  I'll add more to
    these sectiions if the need arises (but I'm doubting it will).
      [5.1] Gaia
    Gaia, or the computer, controls animals on the map you do not.  It's fun to
    try to hunt and eat them all!  Enjoy the following:
    - cows
    - goats
    - giraffe
    - zebras
    - lions
    - water buffalo
    - chickens
    - hippos
    - monkeys
    - bears
    and many MANY more!
    If you see it, you can likely eat it.  But ALWAYS attack bigger creatures
    with several villagers (5 or so).  A single villager cannot defend itself
    against a lion, bear OR an annoyed rhinocerous.
    Animals like pigs, goats, and cows you can take ownership of.  When you
    do their count of food will slowly rise as they get fatter.  So to be smarter
    about food consumption don't eat these right when you find them.  Stick to
    animals you cannot take control of as long as possible saving the fattened
    animals for last.  Goats and pigs top out at 300 by the way.
      [5.2] Greek
    Heroes (Available at Various Locations)
    Name:                   Cost:             Comments:
    Jason                   100 Food 50 Gold
    Odysseus                200 Wood 2 Favor
    Heracles                350 Food 4 Favor
    Bellerophon             400 Gold 6 Favor
    Theseus                 100 Food 50 Gold
    Hippolyta               200 Wood 2 Favor
    Atalanta                350 Food 4 Favor
    Polyphemus              400 Gold 6 Favor
    The Argo                250 Food 8 Favor
    Ajax                    100 Food 50 Gold
    Chiron                  200 Wood 2 Favor
    Achilles                350 Food 4 Favor
    Perseus                 400 Gold 6 Favor
    Town Center Units
    Name:                   Cost:             Comments:
    Villager                50 Food
    Market Units
    Name:                   Cost:             Comments:
    Caravan                 100 Food
    Academy Units
    Name:                   Cost:             Comments:
    Hoplite                 60 Food 35 Gold
    Hypaspist               60 Food 25 Gold
    Archery Range Units
    Name:                   Cost:             Comments:
    Toxotes                 55 Wood 35 Gold
    Peltast                 40 Food 30 Gold
    Stable Units
    Name:                   Cost:             Comments:
    Hippikon                40 Food 80 Gold
    Prodromos               70 Food 40 Gold
    Fortress Units
    Name:                   Cost:             Comments:
    Petrobolos              150 Wood 200 Gold
    Helepolis               300 Wood 200 Gold
    Myrmidon                70 Food 50 Gold
    Hetairoi                60 Food 100 Gold
    Gastraphetes            120 Wood 80 Gold
    Dock Units
    Name:                   Cost:             Comments:
    Fishing Boat            50 Wood
    Transport               120 Wood
    Trireme                 100 Wood 50 Gold
    Pentekonter             100 Wood 50 Gold
    Juggernaut              100 Wood 100 Gold
    Scylla                  200 Gold 15 Favor
    Carcinos                200 Wood 20 Favor
    Temple Units
    Name:                   Cost:             Comments:
    Pegasus                 50 Food 2 Favor
    Centaur                 200 Wood 15 Favor
    Cyclops                 250 Food 22 Favor
    Minotaur                200 Food 16 Favor
    Hydra                   250 Food 28 Favor
    Manticore               300 Wood 28 Favor
    Nemean Lion             200 Gold 25 Favor
    Colossus                300 Gold 40 Favor
    Chimera                 300 Gold 30 Favor
    Medusa                  250 Gold 40 Favor
      [5.3] Norse
    Town Center Units
    Name:                   Cost:             Comments:
    Gatherer                50 Food
    Dwarf                   70 Gold
    Ox Cart                 50 Food 50 Wood
    Market Units
    Name:                   Cost:             Comments:
    Caravan                 100 Food
    Longhouse Units
    Name:                   Cost:             Comments:
    Ulfsark                 50 Food 30 Gold
    Throwing Axeman         50 Wood 40 Gold
    Raiding Cavalry         40 Food 50 Gold
    Hersir                  80 Food 40 Gold
    Hill Fort Units
    Name:                   Cost:             Comments:
    Huskarl                 75 Wood 40 Gold
    Jarl                    50 Food 80 Gold
    Portable Ram            125 Wood 125 Gold
    Ballista                150 Wood 150 Gold
    Dock units
    Name:                   Cost:             Comments:
    Fishing boat            50 Wood
    Transport               120 Wood
    Longboat                100 Wood 50 Gold
    Drakkar                 100 Wood 50 Gold
    Dragon Boat             100 Wood 100 Gold
    Kraken                  300 Food 25 Favor
    Jormund Elver           200 Food 15 Favor
    Temple units
    Name:                   Cost:             Comments:
    Einherjar               175 Gold 15 Favor
    Troll                   150 Wood 15 Favor
    Valkyrie                200 Food 20 Favor
    Battle Boar             250 Gold 30 Favor
    Frost Giant             200 Gold 30 Favor
    Mountain Giant          300 Food 30 Favor
    Fenris Wolf             150 Gold 15 Favor
    Fire Giant              300 Gold 35 Favor
      [5.4] Egyptian
    Town Center Units
    Name:                   Cost:             Comments:
    Laborer                 50 Food
    Priest                  100 Gold
    Pharaoh                 Free!             The MAN
    Mercenary               90 Gold
    Mercenary Cavalry       120 Gold
    Market Units
    Name:                   Cost:             Comments:
    Caravan                 100 Food
    Barracks Units
    Name:                   Cost:             Comments:
    Spearman                50 Food 20 Gold
    Axeman                  40 Food 30 Gold
    Slinger                 60 Wood 24 Gold
    Migdol Stronghold Units
    Name:                   Cost:             Comments:
    Chariot Archer          100 Wood 40 Gold
    Camelry                 50 Food 70 Gold
    War Elephant            180 Food 70 Gold
    Siege Camp Units
    Name:                   Cost:             Comments:
    Siege Tower             200 Wood 100 Gold
    Catapult                200 Wood 200 Gold
    Dock Units
    Name:                   Cost:             Comments:
    Fishing boat            50 Wood
    Transport               120 Wood
    Kebenit                 100 Wood 50 Gold
    Ramming Galley          100 Wood 50 Gold
    War Barge               100 Wood 100 Gold
    Leviathan               200 Gold 20 Favor
    Sea Turtle              300 Food 20 Favor
    Temple Units
    Name:                   Cost:             Comments:
    Anubite                 100 Food 15 Favor
    Sphinx                  120 Food 20 Favor
    Wadjet                  150 Wood 15 Favor
    Petsuchos               200 Gold 20 Favor
    Roc                     150 Gold 15 Favor
    Scarab                  300 Food 20 Favor
    Scorpion Man            150 Wood 25 Favor
    Avenger                 250 Food 30 Favor
    Mummy                   200 Gold 35 Favor
    Phoenix                 200 Gold 30 Favor
                          [6.0] -=M A P  T Y P E S=- [6.0]
    Various Map Types have been included with the first version of Age of
    Mythology along with four ways of playing them.  It is important to know
    what to expect prior to playing a particular map -- particularly in multi-
    player on-line!
    Map Name:               Description:
    Random                  Randomly selects from the faster-paced, more
                            aggressive maps: Alfeim, Anatolia, Ghost Lake,
                            Mediterranean, Midgard, Oasis, and Watering Hole.
    Random All              Randomly selects among all possible maps.
    Acropolis               Players start with high resources on plateaus with
                            resources in the valleys and around the edges.
    Alfeim                  Forgotten Relics and terrible beasts hide behind
                            the craggy hills.
    Anatolia                The cold desert beyond the Mediterranean is carved
                            by cliffs and gorges that protect Gold Mines.
    Archipelago             This sun-swept island may isolate players at
    Erebus                  Face shades, serpents, and rivers of molten earth
                            in Hades' underworold realm.
    Ghost Lake              The sinister, frozen lake in the center of this
                            map may never thaw, but still cannot be built
    Jotunheim               Mountain passes are the only connections among
                            valleys owned by different teams.
    King of the Hill        In the center, on water, ice, or cliffs, is a
                            Plenty Vault.  Whoever controls it starts a
                            countdown to victory.
    Mediterranean           The pastoral countryside surrounding the middle
                            sea supports many herd animals.
    Midgard                 This frozen land is short on food, but the water
                            surrounding the continent are abundant with life.
    Nomad                   Your Villagers start scattered with no Town Center
                            You'll need to find a Settlement to coccupy during
                            the time that combat is prevented.
    Oasis                   Most of the wood lies in 1 to 4 oases in the
                            center.  Build walls to the center to stop enemy
    River Nile              A broad river separates the desert lands of
                            different teams.
    Savannah                The grasslands of Africa provide plenty of food to
                            hunt, but little water.
    Sea of Worms            A mysterious ocean covers half the map with the
                            player fortresses huddled to one side.
    Sudden Death            Everyone starts with a Citadel and no free
                            Settleements exist.  If your Citadel is lost, you
                            will lose the game.
    Team Migration          How long can you stay on the island shared by your
                            team before you need to move to the central island
                            that protects extra resources?
    The Unknown             Only the gods know what this unpredictable map
                            will be.  Land or water?  Ice or desert?  You must
                            explore to find tout.
    Valley of Kings         Players on the same team share a city while all
                            the Gold is protected by bandit Migdols.
    Vinlandsaga             When the resources on your small island start to
                            run out, the only choice is to set sail for the
                            New World.  But watch out for Skraelings.
    Watering Hole           The migratory herds stop at these rivers and ponds
                            to drink, but there is no other food available.
                         [7.0] -=R E L I C  L I S T=- [7.0]
    Relics are useful and some of these below do make a difference in battle.
    When you see one on the map, send a hero over to collect it and take it back
    to a temple immediately.
    Name:                      Effect:
    A Pair of Golden Lions     Summons two golden lions for you to lead which if
                               killed will respawn at the temple after one minute
    Ankh of Ra                 Provides free favour
    Anvil of Hephaestus        Armory technologies cost 10% less
    Armor of Achilles          Infantry are 5% less vulnerable to hack damage
    Arrows of the Alfar        Buildings which fire arrows have 20% more attack
    Black Lotus                Villagers gather food from farms 10% faster
    Blanket of Empress Zoe     Buildings are 20% less vulnerable to crush damage
    Boots of Kick Everything   Heroes move 20% faster
    Bow of Artemis             Archers cost 15% less, Trolls cost 15% less wood,
                               Centaurs cost 20% less wood
    Bridle of Pegasus          Summons a Pegasus for the player to lead which if
                               killed will reappear at the temple in one minute
    Buhen Flagstone            Walls cost 25% less
    Canopic Jar of Imsety      Infantry train 15% faster
    Catoblepas' Scales         Myth units are 20% less vulnerable to crush damage
    Dwarven Calipers           Siege weapons cost 20% less
    Eye of Horus               Town Centers get +2 population
    Eye of Ornlu               Hypaspists, Axemen and Throwing Axemen get 5%
                               stronger attack
    Fetters of Fenrir          Villagers kill most animals in a single shot
    Girdle of Hippolyta        Toxotes, Chariot Archers and Throwing Axemen get
                               5% additional HP
    Harmonia's Necklace        Villagers gather gold 10% faster
    Harter's Folly             Scouting units have plus 2 to line of sight
    Head of Orpheus            Buildings have plus 8 to line of sight
    Hera's Thundercloud Shawl  Human soldiers are 5% less vulnerable to pierce
    Khopesh of Horus           Hero damage multiplier on Myth units increase by 1
    Kithara of Apollo          Villagers move 20% faster
    Mithril Horseshoes         Cavalry move 10% faster
    Monkey's Head              Summons three monkeys for you to lead which if
                               killed will reappear at the temple in one minute
    Nose of the Sphinx         Buildings have 15% more HP
    Odin's Spear               Hoplites, Spearmen and Ulfsarks attack 5% stronger
    Oseburg Wagon              Caravans cost 25% less and move 15% faster
    Pandora's Box              Myth units train 25% faster
    Pelt of Argus              All units have increased plus 6 to line of sight
    Pygmalion's Statue         Villagers have 40% more HP
    Reed of Nekhbet            Naval myth units attack twice as strong
    Ring of the Nibelung       Provides a small flow of free gold
    Scarab Pendant             The Helepolis, Siege Tower, Scarab and Portable
                               Ram attack buildings stonger by 1 multiplyer
    Shard of Blue Crystal      Villagers gather wood and gold 5% faster
    Shingles of Steel          Houses have three times the HP
    Ship of Fingernails        Provides a steady flow of free food
    Sistrum of Bast            Villagers cost 10% less
    Staff of Dionysus          Villagers carry 20 more food
    Tail of the Cerberus       Myth unit special attacks take 25% less time
                               to reuse
    Toothed Arrows             Archers and Ballistas do 5% more damage
    Tower of Sestus            Towers do 30% more damage to units at range and
                               10% more damage to units attacking them
    Trios Bow                  Archers have plus 2 to range and line of sight
    Trojan Gate Hinge          Walls get 20% more HP
    Tusk of the Iron Boar      Cavalry and Chariot Archers have 10% more HP
    Wand of Gambantein         Temple technologies cost 20% less
    Wedjat Eye                 Myth units cost 10% less food, wood, and gold
                [8.0] -=C A M P A I G N  W A L K T H R O U G H=- [8.0]
    One of the nice things about how the AoM scenarios are is that you can change
    the difficulty half way through.  If you are having problems beating a
    mission consider tweaking the difficulty down to Moderate or so and then
    give it a try.
    Prologue: Troubled Sleep
    Athena comes in a dream to set Arkantos upon his quest.  (Movie)
      [8.1] Omens
             Artifacts (0)
    Pirates are attacking Atlantis and Poseidon seems displeased.  Just when
    Arkantos thought his adventures were over, a new one may just be beginning.
    Destroy the Kraken with Arkantos and fend off the "black sails" which
    come to raid your base periodically.  A good thing to remember is that if
    you can destroy the boat BEFORE it lands you'll be doing yourself a favor
    as the units inside die too!
    To do this, create Towers along the perimeter of the water as well as use
    the 3 petrobolos provided.  Create archers and garrison them inside the
    Towers, create infantry to deal with everything else and soon you will
    claim victory.
    Don't forget to create an additional 5 --> 10 villagers to gather extra
    resources!  You should have some create farms, etc.  The key to winning
    battles often hinges on economy.  Cast "Rain" immediately to help your
    farms produce extra food and do not use "Restoration" until you have
    many friendly units gathered together (or they are in battle).
      [8.2] Consequences
             Artifacts (0) (1 Trident)
                           (1 Shipwreck)
    Kamos the Minotaur has taken the stolen Atlantis trident to his island
    base.  But Arkantos is about to descend to make him pay for his crime.
    Build some houses, quick, and scout around the north and south to catch
    all the pigs.  Don't eat them yet however as you've got plenty of food.
    The longer you don't eat them the fatter they will get so instead chow
    down on the berry bushes, chickens, and deer.
    While doing so create another 5 to 10 villagers, create a temple and
    get to classical.  You should establish a storehouse to the south to
    begin harvesting trees and gold.  This would also be a good location
    to build a few Towers (and upgrade them to watch Towers!!) to deal with
    anthing that might walk or float nearby.
    Group all your boats together and send them out scouting.  Rememember 3
    can kill 5 ships if the 5 ships come in groups on 1 -- get it?  There's
    also a shipwreck at the north tip of the island where you can get free
    resources just for sailing by.
    Build a sizable army of archers, infantry, and myth units and begin to
    advance on the enemies base by the 10 minute mark or so.  By sizable I'm
    thinking a minimum of 12 medium hoplites, 12 medium toxotes, 5 myth units
    (cyclops or centaur depending on which god you went classical with), and
    Arkantos plus your starting units.  Remember all you have to do is
    destroy the enemy town center and need not work at killing every building
    unless you are feeling particularly blood thirsty.
      [8.3] Scratching the Surface
             Artifacts (3)
    Arkantos reaches Troy in time to reinforce the Greek armies.  Now he
    must break through Troy's outer defenses.
    Welcome to Troy.  Send your merry crew to the south-east killing the
    bad guys you find along the way (and collecting goats to fatten).
    You'll need to build a new town center and then start pumping out 15
    or so villagers to help harvest resources before building a temple
    and advancing to classical.  A message will appear telling you to go
    destroy some docks.  You may do so by land or by sea.  Sea is easier
    but by land isn't so bad either as they are defended by thin walls.
    If you go the water route you'll leave yourself open to land attacks.
    My advice is begin to build military buildings in the center and
    crank out as many units as your economy will support.  Most of the
    land attacks will come from here anyway so you are effectively taking
    the battle to them.  Do NOT get drawn into a battle up north between
    Towers or you will get slaughtered at this point.
    IMPORTANT: There are three artifacts hidden amongst a clearing of
    trees to the middle of the map and straight north.  NOT up the path
    with the Towers -- the one to the left of them.  If you wish you
    may collect these with a hero and garrison them in a temple.
    Just concern yourself with gathering resources, creating units and
    researching technology for now.  Destroy the docks once you have built
    up a sufficient army AND advanced to the Heroic Age.  You'll need to
    farm but before you do upgrade to plow (always do this as it's slow
    as heck without).  If you run out of gold to mine keep in mind there
    are additional ones close by and you'll stumble upon them on the way
    to the docks more than likely.  Also a "good idea" to build a fortress
    in the middle to keep your assets safe.
      [8.4] A Fine Plan
            Artifacts (3)
    The Greeks and their Atlantean allies prepare to lay siege the mighty
    Trojan gate.
    You'll find a gold mine to the north.  Start pumping out villagers and
    boom as per norm.  Keep sending the troops farther to the north until
    you reach a point where you see trade caravans.  Just camp there and
    interecept them.  Don't give too great of chase as they'll be back soon
    anyway.  This is a sweet spot to build a fortress once your are able.
    Leave the helepolis at home for now until you need it later against that
    Are your fishing ships busy?  Also before you farm remember the plow upgrade.
    When you upgrade to Heroic and are interested in destroying that dock to
    the northwest Dionysus and his myth unit Scylla would be useful.
    Once a fortress has been created up at the trade caravan spot build an army
    and explore the western part of the map destroying any opposition you find
    along the way.  By now you should be getting ready to head to the Mythic age.
    Build a market and choose your god.  Either is good as medusa are useful
    and Hephaustus' "Vault" god power will suppliment your economy nicely.
    Start building helepolis from that castle you planted up north and continue
    to build a strong army of heavy toxotes and heavy hoplites plus the odd myth
    and hero unit for balance.  Be careful that once you advance close to the
    gate with a large force you will get god powers used on you.  Six or so
    helepolis backed up by your troops should be enough to take the main gate
    down though.
      [8.5] Just Enough Rope
            Artifacts (2)
    The Trojans counterattack and Ajax is surrounded!  Arkantos must free
    him and regain control of the battlefield.
    Aww... poor Ajax.  Walk on over and save him.  He's tough and should barely
    be injured by the time your troops clear out the enemy.  Then back to his
    base.  Along the way you can capture an artifact (slightly to the south by
    ruins).  Once you secure the base send most of your villagers to wood and
    begin to create more.  After researching plow begin to farm.
    Don't eat the pigs until they are fattened above 200 food.  Make sure to
    build a temple to store your artifacts (another one is located past the
    allied town to the south east).
    Wall off the pass to the middle and create many units so you can start to take
    the offensive.  Advance to the Mythic Age prior to doing this however.  The
    computer is giving you a fair amount of time to build up anyway.
    With the center pass walled off (place a few watch Towers behind too) you can
    concentrate on exploring north and west as well as stopping any attacks from
    that direction.  You'll find some farms which you may take over if you wish.
    Gold mines are available from a hill to the north east and on the north west
    hill you should build a fortress to stop invaders.  Also you may wish to create
    a few more donkey caravans to that allied town (it IS a good trade route).
    Concentrate your forces on the northern gate.  Don't worry about sneaking around
    to the north west as there are too many Towers that way anyway.  Adding a few
    helepolis to your forces will be enough to take down the gate, town center, and
    fortress in that order.  Once these fall the rest of the enemy buildings are just
      [8.6] I Hope This Works
            Artifacts (1)
    Convinced that Trojan walls will never fall the heroes plan to use the
    Trojan Horse in a final attempt to invade the city.
    Send all villagers to wood.  Use it for farms with plow upgrade and keep the
    count of wood below that required for the Trojan horse until you have 30
    villagers or so.  Upgrade economic technologies (wood, gold, etc) and grab
    the artifact to the south which will help your calvary run more quickly.
    Try to catch all the scouts but if you miss some don't worry too greatly.
    If you've boomed (made lots of villagers) then assign all villagers as
    needed  to wood or to work on the Trojan Horse.  You should have enough
    villagers to encircle the horse while working on it.
    Don't worry about anything except completing the horse!
    Part II of mission:
    Once you are inside move your three heros ahead.  Wait until the guards pass
    and then move forward.  By making them all attack the cyclops in front of the
    fence they will sneak by the colossus.  Not that he's a match for your three
    heroes either and you can dispatch him at anytime too.  Protect the four
    helepolis that killing the cyclops provides.  Get the troops that arrive in
    the castle as soon as possible and keep the helepolis protected.  Use the
    helepolis to take down the fortresses one at a time and victory is assured.
    If you are getting overwhelmed in battle remember to use your god powers!
      [8.7] More Bandits
            Artifacts (4)
    Before he can return to Atlantis, Arkantos stops in the port of Ioklos
    in Greece only to find that it has fallen to bandits.  He must drive them
    from Ioklos and rescure the mysterious Chiron.
    Head on up west as suggested killing Wadjets as you go.  Prior to the point
    where you free the centaurs you will notice an artifact to the south west.
    Pick it up and carry it along as your hero will just set it aside prior to
    battle anyway.  The centaurs indicate the city will need to be retaken so off
    you head into the north east portion.
    Clear out the enemy and the helepolis, troops, and a few buildings will be
    yours to command.  Place the artifact you recovered in the temple and find
    another to the far north.  You will also gain some free favor by going up to
    that point.
    Waste the gate and advance on the center of the city.  Kill all enemies you
    find here and use the helepolis to take down the Tower and barracks in the
    center.  This will retake the center of the city and you will now have
    additional buildings to create units from.  I suggest creating more myth
    units and keeping in mind to use restoration god power next skirmish as
    many of your troops are likely running low on health.
    If you upgrade Sylvan Lore at the temple your centaur will be much more
    powerful as they become Centaur Polemarch.  Guard the helepolis as you cross
    the mountain by the allied fortress and destroy the Tower and temple you find
    on the other side.  Now get ready to stage the acropolis.  Convert any
    resources to troops and set your (now 4) helepolis onto taking down the gate
    as well as Towers in the area.  I prefer the gate to the right by the way.
    A fairly large skirmish should occur once your foot soldiers are beyond the
    gate.  Defeat them and let your helepolis attack the gate and Migdol Strong-
    hold while you quell any further resistance.  Chiron should be freed in no
    time and you will be victorious.
      [8.8] Bad News
            Artifacts (2)
    Invade the bandit stronghold in a two-prong attack to find out what
    Gargarensis is hiding.
    What IS that Gargarensis fella up to anyway?  This is a fun mission but don't
    get too caught up in he affairs of one camp and lose the other.  Use the hot-
    key "H" to cycle through your town centers more effectively and ensure you
    are grouping together your units!  Like select a group, press control-1 and
    then when you want them press 1 followed by space bar to center the map on
    Each camp is going to need another 5 to 10 villagers each (so say 20 total).
    Move any military closer to their respective gates to catch any enemy that
    attempt to incur upon your town.  There's plenty of wood in this scenario
    so make sure you also make plenty of farms to match and provide enough food.
    There's an artifact to the south.  Chiron will be the fastest hero to use to
    get it.  You will find it useful to begin building Towers closer to the enemy
    Once you've built up sufficient resources create an armoury and advance to
    the Heroic Age.  If you choose Apollo you will be able to be a bit sneaky
    about how you attack via his "Underground Passage" god power.  Send a
    pegasus ahead to scout and then use the god power to circumvent as many of
    the gates as you wish!  You MUST build up sufficient units prior to this and
    not allow yourself to be overwhelmed on the other end.  The level designers
    have planned for this a bit though and note you will not be able to advance
    all the way to the final fortress.
    The safest way to finish this mission is to power up to Mythic Age with
    Hephaestus (for the Plenty god power and colossus and push your way through
    the enemy slowly but surely.  As you advance up keep your economy strong and
    build fortresses as you destroy the enemies and "link up for your forces".
    Continue to advance forward using helepolis and heavy troops to take down
    the gates and fortesses ahead of you.  There is one other artifcat on this
    map by the way but located to the west atop a mountain near two gold mines.
    Do not also forget to build new town centers on settlements you encounter.
    Soon you will be at the final gate on the north part of the map.  Expect to
    get pushed back if god powers are used against you but with sufficient
    helepolis and units to guard them you will achieve victory.
      [8.9] Revelation
            Artifacts (0)
    The heroes must destroy the Gate Ram before Gargarensis can break open the
    Underworld Gate!
    Don't wait for reinforcements to arrive.  Send your heroes ahead as they can
    deal with most of the mythic creatures that will get in your way.  Head to
    the far east until you find a nemean lion who will join you.  Any
    reinforcements you get send them to link up with your heroes.  Mid-way you
    will get a notice about knocking over boulders to block the passage of enemy
    Don't wait for this message, hit the boulders once you've been reinforced two
    or three times.  With the boulders down you may focus more effectively on the
    ram.  Don't be shy about using your god powers OR tweaking down the
    difficulty if this is too much for you on hard skill level.  Archers and
    centaur are better off at picking off units, and infantry and cavalry will
    be better suited to destroying the ram.  Monitor reinforcemtns arriving and
    know that when they arrive so too do more enemy who will ambush them.  For
    this reason it is advantageous to leave a hero or two along the route before
    sending them to the ram to destroy it and obtain victory.
      [8.10] Strangers
             Artifacts (3)
    The heroes try to escape from the Underworld with the help of the Shades.
    How fun is this?  Always leave yourself with one shade.  It's ok to build
    them up but do not leave yourself with none.  They are far too useful for
    scouting what is ahead AND recovering additional shades.  Many of the things
    in this level you do not need to fight (those deep in ruins).  Just use a
    shade to recover another shade and advance.
    When you are attacked the first time en masse by a group of cyclops it's
    time to sacrifice all but one shade.  Keep anything except the heros out of
    the main part of battle.  Heroes regenerate and reappear if killed, the
    others do not.  If your heroes keep getting dead so what?  If you have a
    shade nearby you can wait until it reappears.  You are effectively
    invincible and able to overcome any enemy given time.  lol.
    Cross the River Styx all at the same time please.  Don't lose track of
    which boat is your transport as you get close to kraken.  It's an option
    (preferred!) to rush through the river and drop off your crew asap.  The
    ships don't last long out there on any difficulty setting.
    Be careful every time you secure an artifact -- it's a trap of course.
    You will get a god power each time though.  On the third artifact explore
    as far as possible ahead using the shades.  You'll pick up several along
    the way and at the back you'll see the best place to use them.  Colussus
    anyone?!!  You can also use the Lightning Storm god power on this lot if
    you've got a shade in line of sight.  You won't kill many (any?) but you
    will damage them significantly.
    Mop up what's left and bring the artifacts to the temples.
      [8.11] The Lost Relic
             Artifacts (0) (1 Sword)
    Arkantos, Ajax, and Chiron emerge from the Underworld to find themselves in
    another part of the world.  But before they can get their bearings they must
    help Amanra excavate the Sword of the Guardian.
    Reassign the villagers on food to constructing two Towers on the north east
    wall.  Task all military personel to the MIDDLE passage immediately!
    Reassign all gold digging villagers to digging up the artifact.  Let the
    wood get to about 300 and then do the same with them.  Once a skirmish
    completes on the north east wall (three Towers should take it out) repair
    the wall.  By this time the military in the center should be in battle.
    Let them finish up, and move all ranged weapon units to the north west. Hold
    out there and play the shell game holding off enemies in each area as long as
    possible.  When the siege come they will cut through the walls like butter
    IMPORTANT: Wall around the artifact too!
    This will stop ground units and let yours concentrate on pulling it up.  Won't
    stop siege again though so if you get overwhelmed at a pass pull all troops
    back to a point before it near the gold mineand protect the area as long as
    possible!  Use your priests as they are meant to be used.  They can heal
    everything that gets injured and are pretty good versus myth units too.
    The artifact should be freed in time.  By now all villagers should be pulled
    back, inside a wall (if not add a gate by clicking a wall section and get
    'em in there) happily digging at the artifact.
    Once you are victorious we are into the Egyptian portion of the campaign.  If
    you haven't used them before watch the tutorial to help you (it's short and
    cute to watch).
      [8.12] Light Sleeper
             Artifacts (1)
    The only way to defeat Kemsyt's rampaging army is to return the Sword to the
    If you move ahead the military you start with they will be overwhelmed in
    battle.  So fine then... just move forward the four heroes.  Follow the ridge
    south instead of going west.  You should see patches of gold now.  Move ahead
    slowly, and every time you encounter enemy lure them back up the ridge to
    dispatch them.  Continue until the villagers thank you for freeing them and
    you will still have all your military units!
    The villagers will come with you... but there IS a lot of gold here so leave
    2 or 3 here to work later in the scenario.  You'll see an artifact by a
    wonder -- grab it and bring it along.  Continue to advance your heroes
    only to deal with mummies, snakes and crocodiles.  When fighting the snakes
    be aware that some will appear behind your position so backtrack your heroes
    and eliminate them prior to moving the rest of your military, sword bearers,
    and labourers ahead.
    On arrival at the allied town they will join you.  For the next few moments
    you'll need to task all your villagers to work on the nearby farms, mine
    gold, and chop trees.  Stick the majority of those you brought with you on
    tree detail and begin to create additional labourers to mine additional
    gold and build farms around your town center.  Check near the dock to make
    sure your fishing ships are busy.  You may wish to create more to fish.
    Move all military to the north east section of your town as you will be
    raided from time to time.  Advance to classical and choose the god that you
    would like to experiment with (both are useful).
    Continue to boom and create a barracks to create units (axemen are fun if
    you're having trouble deciding).  Create an armoury and several monuments
    notice how much more quickly your villagers will build if you click your
    pharoah (the new hero) and right-click the building they are working on to
    "empower" the workers!  Egypt is slow at building without the pharoah so he
    is a good addition.
    By now you should be able to advance to the Heroic age and Kemsyt has likely
    run through the first town.  Now focus on military.  Create a Migdol Strong-
    hold as well as a siege works.  You'll need a sizable force to break through
    to the guardian.  Upgrade your myth units and include many of them in your
    army which may vary but will need siege Towers to pull down the gates ahead.
    Build an army until you reach your population limit (and have built all
    possible houses).  Kemsyt may be at the second town by now.  Attack the
    right-hand gate before he finishes with it!  Alternatively you could try to
    sneak in via transport to the enemies base but this seemed more trouble than
    it was worth plus the possibility of being overwhelmed at the other end is
    too strong.  Once you attack the gate you'll see what I mean as streams of
    foot soldiers and animals stream out.  Unless you've been playing multi-
    player this is likely the first time you'll see a giraffe attacking you and
    pretty funny at that!
    If you were able to take down the first gate move ahead your troops just
    beyond.  Instruct your barracks and Migdol Stronghold to create units and
    send them directly to within the first wall (select a building and then
    right-click the location you would like units to come to).
    Hopefully you still have a siege Tower or two and should take down the enemy
    Migdol Stronghold followed by the inner gate leading to the guardian.  Move
    5 to 10 troops within to deal with any resistance (which will be small) and
    finally move your sword-bearers up to right-click the guardian.  Walk a group
    of military with them just in case something unexpected happens.
    Right on time Kemsyt is probably in the third settlement by now and near your
    location.  But no worries!  This guardian is amazing.  Send him by himself to
    defeat Kemsyt's forces and watch as each strike brings down an elephant or
    myth unit.  Incredible!
    If you've got time watch the boy work some buildings too.  Anyway... Victory!
      [8.13] Tug of War
             Artifacts (7)
    The heroes fight to return the Piece of Osiris to their city before Kemsyt
    can get it to his own base.
    Fun.  What you want to do from the get go is move your pharoah and all the
    axemen sitting in front of your gates to the location where the heroes fell.
    That's right in the middle of the map.
    While they are walking there select both of your Migdol Strongholds.  Upgrade
    to heavy camelry and click the camelry button 15 or so times.  By selecting
    both buildings you've queued up camelry on both at the same time!  Also right
    click a point ahead of your gates so that when units are made they head out
    and wait for your command!  Now select the three barracks (hold down shift
    while clicking or double-click one) and click the champion axemen button a
    good 15 or 20 times.  Right-click the same location ahead of your gates so
    that they head there too!  At this time give your fishboats orders so they
    don't sit there doing nothing.  You can also queue up a few myth units if
    you would like but I have beaten this mission easily without them and had
    resources to spare.
    By now the pharoah and axemen have likely gotten to the center.  They will be
    engaged in battle with the enemy.  Let them finish up and make sure all the
    heroes have resurrected.  With luck the pharoah should still be alive and he
    will start healing everyone quickly.  Move ahead Chiron, your fastet hero and
    get him to race ahead to take control of the Osiris Piece Cart!  Now move
    Chiron and the rest of the crew out of the way and let the cart through. You
    will also want to assign them a hotkey so select them and press control-1 if
    you haven't discovered this yet.  Head the cart back to your city.
    Now click the point ahead of your base.  Hopefully a sizable force is now
    assembled!  You need them to get just ahead of where the other group is now
    so select them (assign them a hot-key of 2 by pressing control-2) and right
    click in the middle where you would like them to rush to.
    Press 1 and spacebar to center on the first group.  Move them slowly behind
    the cart and keep doing that.  The second group should arrive before you are
    attacked again.  Attacks will continually come and deal with them.  Send an
    extra priest out to heal the pharoah (two priests if the pharoah has died).
    Stay within a few paces of the cart and deal with enemies as they come.
    Every time a new group has built up outside your gate give it a hot-key and
    send it out to meet the others.  Continue to do this!  Once you get close
    to the finish Arkantos will say "I don't like the looks of this" and you can
    expect an ambush.  Rocs will also drop off additional enemy ahead of you but
    if you have followed my advice above you will be able to destroy every enemy
    that comes your way, get the cart behind your city wall, and achieve victory!
    IMPORTANT: There are a LOT of artifacts on this level.  There are 3 within
    your walls and 4 waiting for you to find.  One is on the first curve of the
    "Z" the trail makes.  The second is near the bottom left corner (you should
    be able to see it without exploring).  Two others are located to the north
    and east.  One hidden behind a tree and another to the FAR north.  But you
    know what?  NONE of these artifacts are terribly useful.  Some even deal with
    siege weapons of which this scenario doesn't even use!!  You do not need to
    collect any of them.
      [8.14] "Isis, Hear My Plea"
             Artifacts (5)
    Arkantos and Ajax are taken prisoner in the city of Abydos and Amanra must
    rescue them.
    This mission is all about sacrifice.  When you start leave your myth units
    where they are.  Select the temple and upgrade them first as far as possible
    while continuing to create new ones.  Create a gold mine (at the gold pile
    nearest to you) and assign half of your villagers there and set the other
    half onto the trees to the north-most part of your base (there will be a
    lumber camp there).
    You have three citadels, they are beautiful but know by the end of this
    scenario they will likely be smoking ruins.  You need to keep building
    myth units now (the upgraded Petsuchos) are best.  Locate each of the
    monuments that do not belong to you by bringing Amanra to them.  These will
    REALLY help your favor to shoot up faster and you will be able to make the
    necessary upgrades as well as create additional myth units.  Amanra may also
    commandier the temple and monument to the gods to the south but these aren't
    truly needed and just seem to encourage the red to attack them.
    To this growing group of myth units you have also add two (or more) siege
    Towers and two priests to heal the wounded.  Also include Amanra if you wish
    as well as the pharoah who should have appeared by now.  Group them fairly
    close together and when you are ready head directly into the red-walled
    portion of the map.  There is an artifact here which will help your myth
    units be created faster but it is of minor use.
    Destroy every Tower and unit you come across.  Keep advancing until you get
    to the gate.  Take it down and advance inside.  You will meet stiff forces
    on the other side.  Allow half of your troops to deal with them but use the
    majority of your forces to destroy the fortess itself.  That is your object-
    ive for now!
    Once the fortress falls pull EVERYONE back.  If you don't they will die soon
    anyway.  Now Amanra needs to get to the transport.  But there is a gate in
    the way so move all of your troops to that location and take it down!  Once
    it does get through it as fast as possible and stick Amanra along with as
    many myth units you have left into that transport.  Quickly take the trans-
    port north to meet up with the green docks on the map.
    Here you can take a breather.  The enemy cannot reach you and are likely
    laying waste to your town in a big way (depending on the skill level you
    have chosen that is)!  You will now be in command of several boats.  It's
    interesting that there is a path in the back of the docks which leads up a
    mountain.  There are 4 artifacts there but you really do not need them as
    the scenario is almost over.
    Advance all of your ships first leaving Amanra's transport in the back.
    Time for another sacrifice.  You do not need to make additional boats.
    Most of these boats are just another distraction.  Once they begin to engage
    the enemey take Amanra's transport and unload it on the prison island.  Your
    myth units will lay cover for you and Amanra will be free to walk into the
    prison and victory will be yours.
      [8.15] Let's Go!
             Artifacts (9)
    With the heroes reunited it is time to recover the Piece of Osiris from
    Abydos while fighting off the forces of Kemsyt and Kamos.
    Break down the gate to release the two units trapped and then head to the
    south side of the prison.  If you stay away from the south-east tip of the
    island you can get away without being involved in the skirmish.  The
    transports will be along in about a minute so when they do hop on and head
    for the friendly base using the shortest route.  Along the way you will be
    attacked by two pirate ships who you may easily dispatch using your war
    turtle and Kebenit (offensive ships).
    When you arrive at the allied city and unload your troops near the flag you
    will take control of the base.  Give the villagers tasks and concentrate on
    advancing to the Heroic Age.  You will be raided on a fairly frequent basis
    so keep your War Turtle and heroes healed using the pharoah and priests.
    Begin to farm on a large scale purchasing upgrades as they come.
    Don't forget about the pharoah's ability to empower buildings.  Using him can
    greatly speed the creation of buildings and farming.  Think carefully about
    your strategy before advancing to the Heroic Age.  Both gods are powerful
    and will affect your strategy in this mission.  Don't count on choosing
    Hathor to give you Rocs though as they are disabled for this mission.  Build
    a Migdol Stronghold on the north side of your base to help defend.
    Continue to build up until you reach the Mythic Age.  Do not build Mythic
    units until you scoop up the artifact in the stream between yours and the
    north island to make them cheaper.  Once you do create a sizable force and
    also add in two or so sieege Towers to take apart the enemy to the north of
    you.  Continue to fight your way to the tip and destroy the lighthouse
    (collecting the artifacts as you go) and then head back to your main base.
    For this mission you may wish to upgrade your elephants fully.  Keep them
    healed and once the lighthouse is destroyed head across to the mainland in
    the transports you hopefully have saved since the start.
    The piece should still have time before it will be moved and breaking in
    with elephants should be a small matter to destroy gates before it while
    you slowly redirect it to the flag on the southernmost part of the map.
      [8.16] Good Advice
             Artifacts (24)
    Athena appears in Arkantos' dream and reveals Gargarensis' diabolical plans.
    Arkantos must navigate the dreamscape and invade a strangely familiar city.
    Approach this level with care.  Follow Kastor as requested.  Pick up the
    artifact and place it in the temple.  Avoid the cyclops until Gargarensis
    appears and attack him alone fighting him near the temple.  The lightning
    from Zues will take care of the rest.  Once he goes down you will advance
    to the next section.
    IMPORTANT: Because this mission is in separate sections you would be wise
    to save your game each time you complete one!  Otherwise you risk having to
    spend the time to start from the beginning.
    In part two you are asked to get rid of a landslide.  But do NOT just decide
    to head on up and start tapping away at the rock.  The triggers on this
    level will create new enemies every few thousand you take off of it so you
    must go about this strategically.
    First arrange your heroes in front, then priests, followed by catapults and
    chariot archers.  Leave the spearmen in back.  Set the catapults, chariot,
    and spearmen to Stand Ground formation or they will try to run into battle.
    You formation should look similar to this:
                       H  H      <-- H = Heroes (Kastor and Arkantos)
                    P P P P P P  <-- P = Priests
                    CACACACACAC  <-- C = Catapults, A = Chariot Archers
                    A A A A A A
                    SSSSSSSSSSS  <-- S = Spearmen
    Keep your shades to the side and use two shades to take out the flaming hero
    and one of the avengers.  Now what you want to do is lure in a few of the
    enemy at a time.  Bring your heroes up, and as soon as they are spotted pull
    back.  Continue to do this until all the creatures have been killed.  If
    your priests begin to be attacked do not hesitate to use a shade to instantly
    get rid of the problem.
    Once there are no more creatures take two catapults and attack the landslide.
    These should be attacked after you do a certain amount of damage whereupon
    you may lure down the creatures a few at a time again.  Send two more cata-
    pult up and continue the process until the landslide is cleared.  Don't be
    alarmed if hydra appear in back of you -- that's why your spearmen are there
    but also send back your heroes to give them a hand.
    For part 3
    There are an incredible amount of artifacts on this map.  23 if you are
    curious and if you're feeling brave go ahead and pick up them all but keep
    in mind you can only store 5 artifacts per temple.  When the enemy comes
    knocking on your door your may just be thankful you have them.
    Anyway, let's get started.  Several transports are ahead of your heroes and
    some of them are already prefilled!  Locate the one that has villagers in it
    and drop one off at the island.  Build a temple on the northwest corner of
    the island and place all the artifacts on this island in it.
    Next load everyone back up and head over to the mainland.  Along the way you
    will, of course, be attacked so deal with that your offensive ships while
    sneaking through all your transports and landing them quickly.
    On the mainland establish a base quickly.  It is in your best interests to
    wall in a bit plus place a fortress to the north of your new town.  There is
    another settlement to the north that you may take over immediately.  Create
    many villagers and harvest the plentiful resources while building an army of
    chimera and mixed human units.  As mentioned there are many relics nearby and
    feel free to pick them up and garrison them inside temples.
    IMPORTANT: Build your first few buildings as FAR away from your town center
    as possible.  You're going to get Earthquake used on you that will destroy
    it and anything close.
    Because your civilization is Hades this scenario infantry play a special
    role.  Once they die they have a 20% chance of coming back as Shades!  Not
    as strong as the powerful ones you are used to but it is still key.  Upgrade
    hoplites to champion and create armouries to fully upgrade.  Also create many
    upgraded siege Towers but use them in between waves of enemy.  Your god
    powers are useful and you've learned what damage earthquake will wreak but
    you NEED to have an allied unit in line of sight to use it!  Remember that
    hoplites are best against calvary which the enemy will make use of.
    The enemy has sufficient resources to make your stay uncomfortable here.  But
    with the heroes (yes that's Gargarensis and Kamos who fight beside you ^_^)
    and resources nearby you have all the tools to push the enemy back slowly
    and achieve victory.
      [8.17] The Jackal's Stronghold
             Artifacts (8)
    Amanra must recover the second Osiris Piece from Kemsyt.
    Move your troops toward the allied town, destroying any enemies you encounter
    and picking up any artifacts.  When you arrive assign all villagers to farm
    and begin to create new ones.  Explore as much as you are able between
    attacks using your camelry.  Use Amanra to take control of the green temple
    and bring any artifacts you encounter there.
    There are several settlements nearby you may place town centers on.  Expand
    your economy so that you have 50 - 70 villagers while fending off bandits.
    The attacks will originate from the same place near the middle of the map.
    This is a good place to build Migdol Strongholds, Towers, and docks.
    Once you have placed town centers on all settlements create markets and form
    trade routes.  This will ensure a strong gold supply even if the gold runs
    If you have the time build a lighthouse near the tip of the island (where
    the Towers are).  You may also wish to take a transport north east where
    you will find 4 additional artifacts hidden away.
    Build up a strong navy and push through to the other island.  In a few
    transports send across 5 or more villagers plus a landing crew consisting
    of heavy elephants or perhaps Son of Osiris (depending on which god you
    decided to go Mythic Age with).  Once you land on the new island begin
    creating Migdol Strongholds.  From these create elephants, and push your
    way up the island continuing to create stronghold after stronghold.
    Once the enemy has been cleared out bring in Amanra and you will victory
    will be yours.
      [8.18] A Long Way From Home
             Artifacts (4)
    Chiron and some new allies must recover the third Osiris Piece from within
    a great tamarisk tree.
    This scenario will begin to introduce you to a norse concept; the ox carts
    are like mine or wood camps but mobile.  Very useful.  When you start bring
    everyone to the east to follow the scout and gain a town.
    As they mention there are tombs (temples) within the desert.  One is to the
    southeast near a mountain.  The other is in the far west corner.  Each will
    give you valuable gold so seek them out when you are not fighting raiders.
    In the west corner after destroying the temple if you head south a bit you
    will also found two artifacts on your side of the river.  Wall in to stop
    enemies from getting through.  Locate the river crossing they are using
    and wall in front of it.
    Other points of interest, in the bottom south west corner there is a gold
    pile and an artifact.  Take an ox-cart there and several villagers to mine
    the location.  You may also wish to create a market there to establish a
    trade route and earn extra revenue as money is hard to come by for now on
    this mission.  Once they run out there are other gold mines but very
    scattered on the map.
    You will be raided very frequently and sometimes with siege.  To counter
    this mass upgraded axe and spearmen along with myth units, and priests to
    heal the wounded.  Slowly creep into the enemy position destroying anything
    you come across.  Create your own siege Towers to deal with enemy Towers
    and wall surrounding their temples.  Once you have secured a foothold and
    town centered on the settlement near the Tamarisk Tree it is time to begin
    to create villagers from that point to chop away at it.
    Guard this location closely and in time you will finish off the tree and in
    so doing gain victory over this level as the Osiris Piece is freed.
      [8.19] Watch That First Step
             Artifacts (2)
    Arkantos and Ajax must recover the final Osiris Piece in a suprise attack on
    the pirate stronghold of Kamos.
    Move ahead your heroes with hoplites and siege close behind.  Let the heroes
    engage the enemy first and then draw them back to be attacked by the champion
    hoplites.  Try to use your heroes primarily to destroy the colossus.  Then
    use your siege to destroy any buildings the enemy may be thinking of creating
    by the temple.  There is much gold on this island but for now you must
    destroy the dock which will give you command of the two pirate ships.
    Allow all units to board them, explore if you wish, and then head to the blue
    flag through the channel.  You do not have to worry about anyone attacking
    Once you land begin to create villages and a granary to upgrade farms which
    you also need to create.  Stay back and build economically.  Do not worry
    about offense until Kamos' scouts have detected you.
    IMPORTANT: Advance to Heroic using Hathor.  You will save yourself a lot of
    trouble using the Rocs to transport your troops by air!
    Build up an army of heavy slingers, spearmen and myth units.  As mentioned
    create a Roc or two as well.  Using these you may send villagers back to
    the first island at any time without worrying about clearing the channel of
    pirate ships and Towers!  It will also allow you to bring back the Gold
    Colossus that the allied temple will give you.  Make sure to keep these
    guys healed and you will do well by this mission.
    When you are ferrying villagers to the south island you may also be
    interested in the south-most corner.  Here lie 2 artifacts as well as another
    two gold mines!
    Make surgical strikes on the enemy base.  To get rid of the Migdol Strong-
    hold on the very top mountain into a Roc place two upgraded siege Towers
    and a collection of upgraded spearmen and slingers.  You should advance
    to Mythic Age before attempting this.
    The southern route to the top is not the most advantageous BUT is less
    dangerous.  You do not have to destroy everything on the map though
    remember.  Once you have 5 or more gold colossus plus a good collection
    of troops and myth units simply fill up 3 Rocs and drop them off at the very
    top where Kamos lies.  Use the colossus to drain about half of Kamos' energy
    and this mission will be complete.
      [8.20] Where They Belong
             Artifacts (6)
    The heroes rendezvous in Abydos and attempt to reunite the Pieces of Osiris
    so that the god may return from death and defeat Gargarensis.
    This is a wicked level.  You may be destroyed by the enemy but if so regroup.
    There are many places on the map where you may rebuild your forces that the
    enemy has a difficult time getting to.
    As it is at the start of the scenario you will be attacked on two fronts.
    Scout ahead and note where the gates are but keep back from them.  Organize
    your military just out of range.  Try to boom (create many villagers) and
    take all the resources you can.  On each side out of range of the gates you
    should build a Migdol Stronghold as well as a temple on the right-hnad
    section of troops.
    Gold is very scarce at the start.  When you are able to build a market.  Only
    use gold for siege and monuments.  Create myth units that do not require gold
    to fend off the attacks.  Between waves of attackers heal your troops.
    IMPORTANT: There is useful artifact between your two forces but you will be
    unable to get to it unless you boat over or cut through the trees.  It will
    provide a small trickle of gold once recovered.
    Continue to fend off attacks and build myth units until Arkantos arrives.
    Once he does it is time to take the offensive.  Luckily where Arkantos comes
    in you willb e able to build a town center and harvest the rich gold mine
    Create siege Towers and catapults and slowly force your way up to the pyra-
    mid.  As you progress bring villagers to build additional temples and Migdol
    strongholds!  This will secure your foothold.
    Once you break a path to the pyramid myth units will come out of the under-
    world passage.  These must be dealt with as they arrive until you are able
    to bring all of your Osiris Pieces to the location.
    Once you achieve victory you will get a very nice video clip and off we go
    to the north!
      [8.21] Old Friends
             Artifacts (5)
    While in hot pursuit of Gargarensis, Arkantos is waylaid on an island where
    he must rescue some old friends from becoming bacon.
    "Hey pig... yeah you..."
    Anyhow you start off in your current state.  Kill the villager who comes
    along to kill the pig.  You will likely lose one but this will not affect
    the outcome greatly save you will be missing one unit later.
    Bring you and Ajax forward and free all the pigs.  If you see a villager,
    attack him or her and they will retreat to a sentry Tower.  Continue to
    advance and save all the pigs.  If you haven't figured out how to open the
    fence just ATTACK it.
    Now bring all your pigs and yourself past the castles.  They won't attack
    you so no worries.  Arkantos will mention Circe's Fortess which you will
    need to eliminate later.  For now bring all the pigs and yourself to the
    temple of Zeus!
    Presto chango!  Back to normal.  Wasn't that a good time?  Build a town
    center on the settlement nearby and begin to harvest the nearby resources.
    You will be bothered by attacks from the south so try to do the majority
    of your gold mining and woodcutting to the north of your position.  Once
    you have advanced to the Heroic age begin to create myth units to deal with
    the enemy.  Also create two pegasi and scout out the rest of the island
    quickly using way-points (right-click each point).
    Continue to build and once you advance to the Mythic age you will now begin
    to be able to build even more powerful units.  From here you have two choices
    either stockpile myth units and then just head on in or take a more elabor-
    ate approach taking over the settlements on the island and slowly crushing
    the enemy.
    Concentrate your forces to destroy Circe's Fortress and you will achieve
    victory.  Ensure you bring a large force as her "spells" will destroy some
    less-powerful units.
    Once you are victorious we are into the Norse portion of the campaign.  If
    you haven't used them before watch the tutorial to help you (it's short and
    will show you the interesting uses of their military).
      [8.22] North
             Artifacts (4)
    The heroes have almost caught up to Gargarensis in the mysterious and frigid
    north lands when the Cyclops lays a trap for them.
    Amanra DOES look kind of cold.  This isn't egyptian skirt wearing weather
    that's for sure.
    When you start this mission you may be thinking to yourself "what's a couple
    of wolves?" but you will quickly discover that none of your units are
    terribly useful against them except for Amanra and Arkantos!
    Move Arkantos' group south to meet up with Amanra's.  Do not move the other
    groups and instead make Arkantos come to them.  This will prevent loss of
    units due to the wolves in the area.  Know that you do not have to fight
    every wolf right now either and if you see one you can often skirt around
    it.  Leave the first settlement alone but remember to take the artifact here
    for later.
    Once you have everyone together in a group build a Town Center over the lower
    middle settlement (you should have uncovered three now).  Remember that since
    you are Norse now it is your soldiers who do the building!
    While it is building remember that dwarves are best used to mine gold only.
    Create gatherers to collect wood and food!  Boom (create 10-12 gatherers) and
    fend off any attacks until you are able to advance to Classical.  A more use-
    ful minor god for this scenario would be Forseti.
    Create walls around your settlement COMPLETELY.  Use the mountains and trees
    to allow yourself to create a strong defense.  Otherwise it is too tempting
    for the enemy to attack you from random directions.  You have a number of
    medium throwing axemen who can use their ranged attack overtop the walls you
    build.  You should also build a gate on each side.
    As soon as you advance to the Classical age cast the healing spring spell and
    make sure everyone is at full health.  Then build a Longhouse and create more
    troops (primarily Throwing Axemen for now as you would be wise to save your
    food until you reach the Heroic Age).  Trolls will also be useful to create
    as they are a ranged unit.
    Create another 5 to 10 gatherers and get them to create farms around your
    base.  Ensure you have researched Plow (don't look for a granary!  All of
    the economic upgrades for the Norse can be found by single-clicking an ox
    Continue to build up and try to max out your population limit.  Build houses
    with your soldiers as you get a chance.  Advance to the Heroic Age when you
    have a sufficient amount of food between being attacked.  It doesn't matter
    which minor god you choose as each has it's own advantages depending on your
    playing style.  As soon as you advance to Heroic use the Dwarven Mine god
    power for free gold.  This power gets stronger as each age passes but in
    this scenario you are limited to the Heroic Age anyway.
    By now you should have discovered that there are three temples you are to
    destroy on the map.  Seek them out starting with the purple one to the left.
    This temple is fairly protected so build a hill fort out of range of the
    gate and create a few portable rams to destroy the gate and hill fort beyond.
    When you destroy the gate expect to be attacked by a large mass of units.
    As you have been fighting your favor will have increased.  Remember that
    Norse gain favor this way.  Use it to create additonal myth units!
    Take back all your units (also bring back that artifact by the purple temple)
    and heal everyone up as well as add reinforcements prior to heading out
    again.  Next head for the green temple.  Use the same strategy to build a
    Hill Fort near the gate, create a few portable rams, and destroy all within.
    Another artifact is located between green and red which you may wish to
    pick up and cart to a temple.  One of the nicer features about the Norse is
    that their heroes (who of course are infantry) can pick up an artifact, then
    build a temple right beside it to store the artifact!!
    With green gone head for red -- the most defended location.  Along the way use
    your soldiers to build town centers on settlements you come across and
    consider creating more Longhouses and temples to quickly replace your troops
    who fall.
    Break down the gates and destroy all buildings and enemy who get in your
    path.  There's an artifact here you may take if you wish.  If you have
    trouble with the Town Center and Hill Fort combination try to bring additonal
    portable rams to bear and take it down.  OR ignore this defensive position
    completely and concentrate on locating and destroying the red temple to win
    the scenario.
      [8.23] The Dwarven Forge
             Artifacts (3)
    In order to reach Midgard, Chiron suggests the heroes pass through some
    dwarven mines after liberating them from giants.
    Alright so head north and claim the settlement by building a Town Center
    overtop it.  Keep your heroes close as you will be raided by myth units on
    a regular basis.  If you use a few ulfsarks to scout out you will see there
    are three passages leading into the mines.
    You can guess nothing but trouble will come out of them so wall 'em up BUT
    leave one empty -- this will channel nearly all of the bad guys through it.
    Make gates to allow your heroes to deal with the myth units that will roll
    out from time to time and concentrate on building a sizable army of Hersir.
    Build a dock on the pond to the west (note it also connects to another way
    in via a river.  Build fishing ships to assist with food gathering.
    Advance to Heroic when you are able and afterwhich it is time to concentrate
    on offense (you should have created 10 or so Hersir and many gatherers,
    dwarves, and fishing boats to mine the resources nearby).
    IMPORTANT: Build a temple and create a Valkyrie or two to heal your troops!
    Keep those Valkyries out of battle; save them for healing.  Assign all your
    heroes to one group and all of your Valkyries to another.
    Now to assail the inside you may want to send longboats up the river and
    clear the way and then send up transports.  The advantage to this is that
    you can build along the way.  If you head through the tunnels instead don't
    advance until you are at your population limit AND have upgraded nearly
    everything at the blacksmith.  You may be interested in 3 artifacts hidden
    in the eastern portion of the cavern.  When you locate several enemy miners
    at a gold mine a wall will break open revealing a few mummies, snakes and
    the three artifacts.
    Once you push your way up far enough you will be able to build additional
    Longhouses and temples there.  Then you can concentrate on assaulting the area
    where the forges reside instead of worrying about if you will get attacked
    at home.  To win you will need to fight your way through and bring your
    heroes to the center.
      [8.24] Not From Around Here
             Artifacts (0)
    The heroes meet Skult, whose Folstag Flag can unite the Norse clans, if the
    heroes can get him through the giant lands.
    Gather your four heroes and assign them one hotkey.  Gather your hoplites
    and throwing axemen and give them another.  Now move ahead both of these
    leaving Skult and the flag bearer at the Aqua Hill Fort.
    When you come to an intersection do not head too far north.  Instead...
    head to the left and slowly clear out every giant and temple you come
    across.  Use your heroes to kill giants and your regular troops to destroy
    the temples.  If a giant starts to attack your human troops then run them
    around -- don't allow them to be attacked!  Your heroes will come back to
    life when killed but human troops will not.
    IMPORTANT: Use the Healing Spring God Power near the center so that if your
    human troops need they can be brought back to full strength.
    Once you've cleared out both the left and right areas THEN head north.  You
    will see a path of boulders that you must use siege to destroy.  Now build
    a settlement with you throwing axemen.  Use the resources there and advance
    to the Heroic Age.
    Now build a Hill Fort and create a minimum of four Portable Rams.  Use them
    to begin attacking the center of the wall.  Research Draft Horses at the
    Hill Fort to speed up the process.  Once a certain amount of damage has been
    dealt to the boulders a large contingent of giants will begin to converge on
    your town.
    No sense in fighting them as they will use Earthquake on your town when they
    arrive and destroy most of it quite easily.  So head all your troops to the
    north keeping your heroes in front to deal with giants.
    When you come to a part which is blocked off by a forest and a river you will
    need to bring your heroes as close as possible to the trees.  Through the
    "luck of the Gods" the trees will burn down and the river will freeze.  Then
    get everyone north.  You will need to bring Skult and the Flag Bearer to the
    flag in the far north to achieve victory in this scenario.
      [8.25] Welcoming Committee
             Artifacts (0)
    The Norse Clans are fighting each other and the heroes must use the Folstag
    Flag to unite them.
    You will be thrown into battle.  Pull up your archers and you should be able
    to make short work of them.  Next you are instructed to build at least five
    Towers.  You are on a nice hill which will add a bonus to your attack.  So
    using your Throwing Axemen place three along the lower right side and one
    on each of the others.
    Your hill should now look similar to this:
     ..  T ..
    ..      ..
             T  <--- Towers
     T       T
       .. ..
    Next cast Healing Spring in the middle to keep your troops refreshed.  Heal
    anyone who needs to be healed by bringing them close to it.
    IMPORTANT: Use your hot-keys to assign types of troops into groups.  For
    instance select all heroes and press control-1 to assign them to group 1,
    then give all infantry groups 2 and 3, all long ranged weapons group 5, etc.
    Now bring your Flag Bearer and send him out to go meet Green.  You will need
    to get very close to the enemy gate.  Do not retreat until you see the clan
    leader begin to move!  Then head back to the Healing Spring!  This first
    battle will be the most "damaging" so cast Bronze when the enemy gets near.
    If the leader has moved then that's good!  Wait until he gets within range
    of the Towers and then instruct all Towers and long-ranged units to attack
    him alone!  Also instruct your heroes to attack the clan leader.  Your other
    infantry troops should occupy themselves solely with keeping the enemy away
    from your archers which are very useful in this scenario.
    If the leader has not moved then you will need to defeat any armies that
    approach your hill.  Remember the counters:
    1) Archers and Towers work best against infantry.
    2) Infantry typically work best against cavalry.
    3) Cavalry typically work best against archers.
    Once the leader has been disposed of all his troops are yours to command.
    This should also include some shiny new ballista.  Now heal up your troops
    at your Healing Spring and build more Towers along the north and/or west
    part of your hill.
    Bring the Flag Bearer up again and this time head out for Purple.  Keep the
    same strategy in mind -- do not retreat until the leader begins to move!  As
    the clan leader approaches the hill this time make sure that all long ranged
    units (including the Ballistai) and your heroes target the clan leader.
    Once he dies his troops will ALSO be yours to command.  Perform the same
    strategy on Red now (after healing) and you should achieve victory with a
    huge population!
      [8.26] Union
             Artifacts (0)
    In a final attempt to unite the Norse clans, Arkantos and his companions
    undertake a series of tasks for the clan jarls.
    Expect things to move fairly quickly in this scenario.  Very different from
    the last that let you set your own pace.  At the start attack the nearby
    trolls and follow the Green troops until you are given access to use their
    Town Center and Longhouse.
    You will notice that your norse troops in this scenario have "forgotten" how
    to build houses.  This is a nice touch that forces you to concentrate on
    strategy throughout this scenario.
    Assign all your heroes to one group and the Valkyries to another.  As you
    battle trolls keep the Valkyries out of the fray.  Only use them to heal and
    chase down single units (like siege).
    Create a few more gatherers and make sure everyone is busy doing something.
    Check for idle villagers using the "." key (or whatever hot-key you may have
    assigned it to).
    Create additional Hersir and try to advance to the Heroic Age while fending
    off Troll attacks.  You may find it useful to build Towers towards the mine
    entrance.  Once you have reached your population limit now as is good a time
    as any to head in.
    Destroying the Underworld Passage will gain you the rest of the Green camp
    and additional population room.  Also destroy the gate to free the dwarves
    and ox cart so that you may begin to mine the extensive gold here.
    Now that you have advanced to the Heroic Age create two Hill Forts back at
    Green's base and then continue through the mines and out the other side.
    Cross the river and eventually you will come upon an Aqua camp who will
    request that you build some Towers for them.  There are five you must build
    and place them right over the flags you see.  But first however create two
    Longhouses and one Hill Fort at this location.  You will need to reinforce
    your troops when you are attacked.
    IMPORTANT: Research technologies at the Blacksmith as you are able.  Try
    to research them all and you will pass this scenario much more easily.
    In between attacks by giant forces begin to build the Towers.  Start with
    the two at the top and continue down until you are complete.  Create more
    Hersir from the Longhouse you have just built as well as two or three
    Portable Rams from the Hill Fort.
    Now advance to the south and destroy the enemy Towers, Hill Fort, and Temple
    as quickly as possible.
    Next you will need to cross the river into Purple's land where you will be
    asked to save his daughter trapped in a Tower to the south.  Head closer and
    you will see that it is defended by a gate and various other buildings.
    If you have not cast Healing Spring now would be a good time to do it.  Place
    it near the gate (but not blocking it) so your troops can take it down and be
    healed at the same time.  You may also wish to build a Hill Fort at this
    location to create more Portable Rams -- they will be invaluable to destroy
    the enemy Town Center and Hill Forts to the South.
    At this point your first base may come under attack.  If you've built a Hill
    Fort or two near that location you should be fine.  However losing them at
    this point in the scenario is not a huge factor -- just break down the final
    gate and destroy the Tower to achieve victory in this scenario.
      [8.27] The Wall of Urd
             Artifacts (3)
    To reach the Norse Underworld and stop Gargarensis, the heroes must capture
    the well of Urd.
    First use the god power Great Hunt near the herd of animals to the right of
    your Town Center.  Then assign the majority of your gatherers to hunt them
    with a few instead starting in on the wood.  Create an ox-cart and dwarves
    to mine the nearby gold mine.  When the time comes do not create new farms,
    rather create an ox-cart and gatherers to take over the nearby farms to the
    You can either keep getting attacked periodically from random directions or
    decide to wall off the passes near to your area.  Concentrate on advancing
    to Heroic and then taking a force to the west where you may locate and take
    down an enemy Town Center and other buildings.  Build a new Town Center over
    this Settlement and consider also walling off this area to keep it free from
    the majority of attacks.
    Build Hill Forts behind your walls and slowly begin to push forward.  The
    enemy will throw a lot of infantry and cavalry at you so create Throwing
    Axemen and Huskarls to counter.  Advance to the Mythic Age when you are
    able.  It does not matter greatly which minor god you choose (Baldr or Tyr)
    however keep in mind that if you choose Baldr and use his God Power Ragnarok
    you will seriously hamper your economy as all your gatherers and dwarves
    become Ulfsarks!
    Create a temple if you haven't already and add several Fire Giants or Wolf
    Brood (depending on which minor god you chose prior to advancing).  The
    majority of the troops you will fight in this scenario will be human and
    myth units are quite effective against these!
    Collect all three relics on this map.  You will find one in the west corner
    near the first enemy settlement.  A second is located just to the north on
    a hill behind the first enemy wall.  A third is far to the east within a
    group of trees.  All will be useful and help you finish this scenario in a
    timely fashion.
    If you're looking for a place to use your Forest Fire god power take one of
    the Ravens which spawned after you created your temple.  Use it to scout the
    area along the north-west side of the map until you see a group of houses
    with a forest standing nearby.  Target the god power on the forest to destroy
    it as well as a few of the houses to reduce the enemy's population limit.
    When you push towards the enemy circle around from the left and head all the
    way up.  You may wish to build a few Portable Rams to assist you in destroy-
    ing the walls and Hill Forts circling the Well of Urd.  However if you make
    most of the upgrades at the Armory you tend to plow through any walls and
    gates that get in your way.
    Destroy any enemy building you find.  Create large groups of troops and do
    not advance until your population limit allows you to create no more.
    Once you break down the final gate between you and the Well of Urd several
    Myth Units will appear.  Defeat them with your heroes and you will be
      [8.28] Beneath the Surface
             Artifacts (5)
    Gargarensis is about to open the Norse Gate, but do the heroes have enough
    troops to stop him?
    Start off by sending you gatherers and the ox-cart west until you locate
    some berry bushes and several Elk you may harvest for food.  Send the second
    ox-cart and dwarves into the mine by selecting them and right-clicking the
    Well of Urd.  Research Pig-Sticker at the ox-cart to assist your villagers
    as they hunt for food.
    Within you will find much gold -- send the dwarves to the nearest and begin
    to mine it.  Use the heroes to explore the mine a bit but do not cross the
    bridge with the torches along its path yet.  Instead locate three relics
    and cart them back to your temple.
    From your Town Center create several more gatherers (say 8 or so) and send
    them over to also harvest food and chop trees.  Once the two Ulfsarks have
    built the temple and Longhouse use them to create another Longhouse as well.
    Next create a total of 8 Ulfsark and head them north.  Build houses along
    your way if you are near to your population limit.  Keep heading north until
    you locate an enemy town.  They are in the progress of building it but by
    striking now you should be able to prevent them from creating any outer
    buildings!  This will slow them down considerably and allow you time to
    advance to the Heroic age after creating an Armory.
    Continue to skirt around the perimeter of the enemy Town Center's range to
    raid villagers and continually destroy any buildings.
    If you arrive at the enemy base too late to raid them you may wish to set up
    a wall nearby along with Longhouse and a Hill Fort to ensure they don't
    distract your efforts at the gate.
    Now that the enemy is contained make sure all your gatherers and dwarves are
    busy.  Reassign them as required -- plenty of gold to be had in the mines and
    you may wish to send in additional dwarves to help mine it.  It is likely
    that you will want to start farming soon.  Consider researching additional
    economic technologies to be found at the ox-cart.
    Build all your houses, create another 5 to 10 gatherers to create new farms,
    and build a market.  Hold off on armory improvements until you reach the
    Mythic age.  While you are waiting to advance send all of your heroes across
    the bridge with torches and let them deal with any Myth Units on the other
    Now be scout with them but beware of large groups of enemies.  Just follow
    the wall north of the end of the bridge to find one artifact or south to
    find another.  If the enemy tries to engage you just retreate for now back
    to the temple and drop off the artifacts.
    By the time you advance to Mythic Age the gate should be around 50% damaged.
    Now build two or so more Longhouse and begin to create an army.  Upgrade to
    Champion Infantry and research all that you are able at the Armory.  Send
    everyone into the Well of Urd and bring them across the bridge.  Once every-
    one is assembled and your population limit has been reached send them to
    the passage ahead of the gate to destroy all enemy troops.  Strike no later
    than when the gate is 80% damaged and you will achieve victory.
      [8.29] Unlikely Heroes
             Artifacts (0)
    Arkantos has been driven away from the Gate and all seems lost unless the
    Dwarves can reforge Hammer of Thor in time.
    The trick on this scenario is not to mine the Taproot too quickly at the
    start.  You see the faster you mine gold the faster you will get reinforce-
    ments whereas the faster you chop taproot you will be attacked by enemies!
    You do the math.
    So for starters assign all your dwarves to the nearest gold mine.  Use the
    Dwarven Mine god power nearby to create an additional mine which they may
    start in on after.  You may want to have a few chopping at the Taproot but
    as mentioned it will only get you in trouble if you do it too quickly.
    When Eitri arrives send him and his Hersir up the passage to the west.  Stay
    near the top of the passage to avoid getting near the gate and great suffer-
    ing.  Destroy any enemies you come across and break down the wall to free
    the dwarves.  Then heal everyone up with the Valkyrie and begin to mine the
    nearby gold mine you passed.  Head the Hersir slowly up the passage to the
    north but take it slow so you don't draw too many enemies.  Continue until
    you locate a second gold mine which you may start at once your dwarves
    finish with the other one.  You may bring the Hammerhead up to this point
    but go no further.
    When Nidhogg shows up attack him with Reginleif and try to draw back the
    rest of your troops.  She can take him 1 on 1 if given time.
    Protect the dwarves, just mine the gold for now.  Once they have cleared
    out all of it then get to work on the Taproot.  Gather all reinforcements
    to the north of the Healing Spring and separate the Valkyries plus give them
    their own group so they are kept out of the fray and can concentrate on
    healing the wounded.
    Once you begin to recieve giants as reinforcements head north.  Gargarensis
    will use the Ancestors god power twice.  You can flee and hope they don't
    follow you or destroy them with your considerable army.
    Continue to head north and free the Hersir you find trapped behind a wall.
    Work at getting through to Eitri's forces.  When the Taproot is below 1000
    or so the enemy will break through the wall.  Providing none of your dwarves
    have died you should have plenty of time to finish chopping though. Then
    bring Thor's Hammer Haft to meet the Hammer Head and you will achieve
    victory!  Easy right?
      [8.30] All Is Not Lost
             Artifacts (6)
    With the help of an old friend, the heroes try to withstand the fury of
    Gargarensis' counterattack.
    Head up the hill quickly and locate the nearest settlement where you may
    build your Town Center.  Prior to doing this you may wish to wall around
    the Towers leading up the hill and begin to hunt the nearby Elk.  Once your
    Town Center is complete you will have 10 minutes before Gargarensis' army
    attacks so it is to your advantage to build up a bit before that time.
    Once you are into the 10 minute time limit don't focus on military.  Instead
    work hard on your economy and do not stop creating dwarves to mine gold and
    gatherers to chop trees, farm and hunt.  Without a proper economy you may
    not be able to defeat the enemy.
    Scout using your heroes and locate the two relics and additional settlement.
    Use your Ulfsarks to create additional houses, four or more Longhouses, and
    two Temples.  Wall up the two passes to the north east and consider placing
    additonal Longhouses at that location.
    Once you advance to the Heroic Age place Hill Forts at the top of the pass
    with the Towers as well as along each wall you have built to the north east.
    Create a second Town Center on the settlement near the second relic you
    found.  Place the Healing Spring near the Hill Fort you have built at the
    top of the path with Towers.
    Now begin to create a mix of units keeping in mind that you will need to
    advance to the Mythic Age soon as well as upgrade technologies at the
    Longhouses and Armory.  When your 10 minutes are up you will need to defend
    for an additional 20.
    Throughout this time the enemy will come from various directions.  You may
    even get an Underworld Passage used against you (which you should destroy
    asap!!)  Counter intelligently the forces that attack you.  Heroes and
    Hersir to combat Myth Units, Throwing Axemen and Troll to counter infantry,
    etc.  If the enemy takes out a wall then put it back up after you have
    cleared them out.  Retreat to the Healing Spring to recharge every now and
    In time help will arrive in the form of Odysseus and several troops.  From
    here you must fight your way to the Yellow flags.  Along the way you may
    want to attack and destroy the enemy city to the north west.  However this
    isn't truly necessary -- if you proceed to the Yellow flags avoiding or
    engaging troops as you go you will find victory very quickly thanks to
    Odysseus' army!
      [8.31] Welcome Back
             Artifacts (2)
    Arkantos must evacuate the citizens of Atlantis before they fall before
    Gargarensis' army.
    Locate the transport containing your hero characters and drop them off on
    the nearby island to pick up the artifact.  Then return them into the
    transport and scout ahead with your Pegasus.  Note that if you group the
    Pegasus together they will last longer when fired upon by towers, etc.
    This level has a lot of freedom to enjoy and various strategies can be
    If you would like, head straight ahead and empty all transports near the
    lighthouse.  Send Scarabs ahead to be used as siege weapons and take down
    any Fortresses in the area.  To assist them you may like to use the
    catapults.  Bring down any enemy buildings in the area and use the rest of
    your troops to guard these siege weapons.  Some units will be destroyed by
    Gargarensis' god powers but your army right now is a real mix of units that
    don't compliment each other well anyway so don't worry about losing them.
    Now using your villagers create a Town Center over the nearest settlement.
    You will need to farm or create a dock and fish before gaining the necessary
    resources to advance to the Heroic Age.  You will need a significant number
    of villagers to gather the necessary resources for this scenario.
    Create a second Town Center on the settlement directly to the north and
    continue to create villagers to harvest resources.  Build a Military Academy
    and begin to create Hoplites to add to your armies.  Generally attacks will
    sweep from the north and east.  Follow this route back with your armies
    destroying anything that gets in your way.
    Once you are blocked by a gate build a Fortress prior to attempting to push
    through.  You should be close to advancing to the Mythical Age and a good
    choice would be Hephaestus for his Plenty god power as well as the Armory
    One advantage of Zeus is that Hoplites do bonus damage to Hoplites.  So after
    advancing work towards getting Champion Hoplites.  Research Forge of Olympus
    at the Armory and recieve a discount on all the other upgrades there.  Create
    four or five Military Academys and create swarms of Hoplites.  If you find
    yourself running low on resources ensure you have researched all the farm
    (or fish), lumber, and gold upgrades and have sufficient villagers!
    Once you have created swarms (say groups of 20 or more) Champion Hoplites it
    is very easy to send them in on a target and watch them take it down quickly.
    To prevent the varied Myth Units in this scenario from killing too many of
    the Hoplites remember to send along your hero characters!
    You will need to rescue 15 prisoners.  To do so each group of them will have
    a nearby building which you must destroy.  Be that a Citadel Town Center,
    Temple, Fortress, or Tower(s).  Once you have destroyed the building in
    question the walls around the prisoners will typically fall.  It will then
    be up to you to navigate them safely back to your home base where they may
    board a transport and be dropped off at the small island with a flag to the
    Once you drop off 15 you will achieve victory!
      [8.32] A Place In My Dreams
             Artifacts (3)
    The final showdown between Arkantos and Gargarensis occurs at the Temple of
    Poseidon in Atlantis.
    Begin by assigning all your villagers to the farms to the south.  Upgrade the
    related farm technologies at the granary.  Do not plan to force your way up
    to the Plenty Vaults too early -- doing so will simply stir up extra trouble.
    Instead... keep all your forces near the pass directly to the north of your
    town.  When you get healing units (such as the Valkyrie and Son of Osiris)
    protect them!  Do not let them be attacked by enemies and hold them back.
    The Son of Osiris unit cannot be healed so gueard him or lose him.  Do not
    be concerned with defending the Norse and Egyptian Town Centers.  Concentrate
    only on your own for reasons which will later become apparent.
    Create an extra 20 or so villagers and assign them to mine gold and chop
    wood to the south behind the Egyptian Town Center.  They will be protected
    their from the frequent raids you will have on your town in this scenario.
    Use your God Powers as often as you want.  The Meteor God Power will return
    after a while so use it!  Build a market behind your town to keep it out of
    harm's way but do not create trade caravans -- there is plenty of gold to
    be found on this map for your gold miners anyway.
    You may wish to create more Myth Units but do not bother creating other
    military structures as any human troops will be butchered by the upgraded
    enemy Champion Hoplites and Hippikons!  Concentrate on advancing to the
    Mythic Age and choose the Minor God Hephaestus to get there.
    Once you achieve Mythic Age status it is likely that the Norse town will be
    destroyed by now.  Use the God Power "Plenty" and create a vault near to your
    first town.  Keep all your villagers busy, creating eztra farms if you find
    yourself running short on food and assigning many to gather favor at your
    To create a Wonder you will need 1000 food, 1000 wood, 1000 gold, and 50
    favor.  Create it behind your base so you will be able to work on it
    undisturbed.  The more villagers you assign to build it the faster it will
    be constructed -- have a minimum of 10 working on it.
    Once the Wonder is constructed cast the Blessing of Zeus God Power on
    Arkantos and watch him turn into a much more powerful hero.  From this
    point all you must do is destroy the Poseidon Statue.  It is an option to
    simply take Arkantos up by himself and win the scenario very quickly -- he's
    THAT powerful now.  For an even stronger Arkantos research Olypic Parentage
    at your Town Center or Temple.
    For the most "fun factor" though take over the Norse and Egyptian Settlements
    when they become "vacant".  Use Arkantos as a forward unit wiping out any
    buildings or units he comes across.  Build a few Armorys if you haven't
    already and get your technology up to Champion Hoplits who are fully
    upgraded.  Take over every Town Center on the map capturing the artifacts
    along the way.
    You will find one artifact to the west north of the Norse camp, one artifact
    along a grassy path to the far north west and another artifact to the north
    and east of your base near enemy buildings.
    If you want an EXTREME amount of challenge forgo building a wonder and try
    to attack the Statue of Poseidon with hordes and hordes of upgraded champions
    and varied other human units.  It can be done and you can still achieve
    victory but due to how quickly the Statue regains health you will need to
    constantly be bringing forward new troops to replace those that fall to his
    mighty attack.
    Once you complete this scenario a short movie will display followed by the
    ending credits.
    You have beaten the game!  Congratulations!
              [9.0] -=M U L T I P L A Y E R  S T R A T E G I E S=- [9.0]
      [9.1] Forward
    Everyone has their own strategies that they need to develop.  The problem
    with many players as they first get into the Real Time Strategy genre is that
    they do not develop enough of an ECONOMY to support them while they begin to
    experiment and play around with their strategy!
    So it cannot be stressed enough -- when you first start out on a map begin
    to concentrate on your economy!  This is key.  In Age of Mythology you should
    have 17 to 25 civilian units before you even THINK about advancing to the
    next age.  There is a balance; create too many and your will be attacked by
    your opponent before you are ready, create too few and you will not be able
    to support your military later in the game!
    Age of Mythology has given us an incredibly balanced game.  Prior to playing
    your god of choice READ about their bonuses which are listed above in this
    walkthrough.  Then you may begin to exploit those bonuses and in so doing
    gain an advantage!
      [9.2] Tips For All Cultures
    - Learn which units counter others.  Generally speaking:
    MYTH UNITS are good versus any other human troops
    - Create a dynamic army.  What I mean by that is don't feel the need to
    concentrate only on one unit!  If you see your enemy has infantry then
    make archers.  If you see your enemy has cavalry then make infantry.
    - Attack first but only fight battles you can win.  If you find yourself
    agaainst a stronger opponent and can flee then do so!  Whoever has the
    most amount of forces will win battles.
    - 6 toxotes can kill 20 hoplites IF the hoplites come one at a time.
    The lesson from this is to not send your troops in small groups unless
    it is absolutely necessary or you stand to gain from it.
    - If your villagers are raided then move them.  If possible use them to
    attack a small force otherwise get them to begin harvesting resources
    at a far off location.  Once an enemy finds you in a location they will
    tend to come BACK to that location so spread out!
      [9.3] Basic Culture Strategies
    Culture:                Tips:
    Zeus                    - Save Bolt for Nidhogg / Son of Osiris if you are
                              playing Norse or Egypt.  Otherwise use it on a
                              hero or particularly annoying myth unit.
                            - Create armies composed of Hoplites and Myth
                              Units and use them effectively versus enemy
                            - When you fight a Norse or Egyptian opponent use
                              the Myrmidons as they get a bonus versus these
                              types of civilizations.
    Poseidon                - Cast Lure immediately near your Town Center.
                            - Use your cavalry bonus -- create Hippikons early
                              and often.  Use them to raid your enemy's economy
    Hades                   - Don't cast Sentinel until a Town Center is under
                              attack.  This way you may be able to use it on a
                              different Town Center later!
                            - Do not fall into the trap of building only armies
                              made up of archers.  Mix it up, build towers and
                              use the Gastraphetes unit to help take down enemy
    Odin                    - Use the Great Hunt power only once you spy a large
                              herd of animals.
                            - Try advancing quickly to Heroic.  To do so hunt as
                              often as possible until no more animals can be
                            - Build Hill Forts near enemy resources and create
                              many infantry to help defend them.
    Thor                    - Do not create a Dwarven Mine until Mythic Age as
                              it will provide the most gold then.
                            - Create less Gatherers and primarily Dwarves as they
                              are better at gathering food and wood.  In fact you
                              can start from the beginning of the game and build
                              nothing but dwarves -- move your first Ox Cart to
                              the nearest gold mine and create only dwarves to
                              save food resources and mine gold quickly.
    Loki                    - Cast Spy on an enemy scout when it passes by your
                              village to see what it sees.
                            - Loki can count on more numerous Myth Units than the
                              other Norse civilizations but still needs a strong
                              infantry and throwing axemen combination to back
                              them up!
    Ra                      - Save Rain until after you reach Classical (or when
                              you click the Classical button) and have as many
                              farms as possible.
                            - Advance to the Heroic Age quickly, create a Migdol
                              Stronghold and create armies primarily composed of
                              camels and chariot archers.
    Isis                    - Use Prosperity on a gold mine with 10 or so of your
                              labourers mining gold on it.
                            - Flood of the Nile is very useful and will provide
                              you with free food.  Use it earlier in the game to
                              gain the most benefit from it.
                            - Create monuments in scattered locations to prevent
                              your enemy from using a God Power on you.  If you
                              are forward building but have built all of your
                              monuments simply delete an existing monument and
                              rebuild it at your new location!
                            - Create obelisks in remote locations to provide
                              information on enemy troop movements.
                            - Use your extra population wisely to either out
                              force your opponent or create a stronger economy.
    Set                     - Use Vision mid Classical to see what type of troops
                              your enemy is building and then take steps to
                              counter them.
                            - Use your priest to convert animals which you can
                              save for later, eat, or use to raid the enemy early
                              in the game.
                            - Research the Feral technology for stronger animals!
                            - As each age passes your animals will get stronger.
                            - Many buildings cost less so build numerous barracks
                              and siege camps.  Slingers and Chariot Archers are
                              also trained more quickly and can be used to good
                              effect by attacking your enemy with large groups
                              of these types of units early in the game.
                            [10.0] -=O T H E R=- [10.0]
    This section will deal with miscellaneous items.  Any odd questions and their
    respective answers I think you might find useful, as well as cheats if you
    need entertainment for a few minutes.
      [10.1] Cheats and Secrets
    To enter a cheat code simply press enter, type the code, and press enter.
    All of the below are CaSe SeNsItIvE so make sure to enter them in UPPER CASE.
    These will -NOT- work in multiplayer unless you and the person you play
    agree beforehand to enable cheats.
    Code:                      Effect:
    ATM OF EREBUS              1000 Gold
    TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE      1000 Wood
    JUNK FOOD NIGHT            1000 Food
    MOUNT OLYMPUS              Full favor
    LAY OF THE LAND            Reveal Map
    THRILL OF VICTORY          Win game
    CHANNEL SURFING            Skips to the next scenario in the campaign
    L33T SUPA H4X0R            Fast build
    DIVINE INTERVENTION        Allow you to use a previously used god power
    PANDORAS BOX               Gives you several random god powers
    WRATH OF THE GODS          Gives you the Lightning Storm, Earthquake,
                               Meteor and Tornado god powers
    GOATUNHEIM                 Gives you a god power that turns all units
                               on the map to goats
    FEAR THE FORAGE            Gives you a walking berry bushes god power
    BAWK BAWK BOOM             Gives you a chicken-meteor god power
    I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!1!    Gives you a bunch of monkeys
    WUV WOO                    Gives you a flying purple hippo
    TINES OF POWER             Gives you a collosus-sized boy with a fork
    O CANADA                   Gives you a bear that shoots lazers from eyes
    ISIS HEAR MY PLEA          Gives you the heroes from the campaign
    CONSIDER THE INTERNET      Slow down units
    SET ASCENDANT              Reveal all animals on map
    IN DARKEST NIGHT           Changes to night
    RED TIDE                   Makes water red
    MR. MONDAY                 Increases AI strenghth (handicap to 1000%)
    ENGINEERED GRAIN           Fully fattens any herd animals you own
    CONSIDER THE INTERNET      Slows the game speed
    LETS GO!  NOW!             Speed up the game
                               (**NOTE TWO SPACES AFTER "LETS GO!")
    * Watch the credits and listen to the "out-takes" at the end.
    * Leave the main menu up and note the odd things that appear from time to
      [10.2] Miscellaneous Questions
    Q. What other games came before Age of Mythology?
    A. The "Age" games are:
    AoE - Age of Empires
    RoR - Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome
    AoK - Age of Kings
    AoK:TC - Age of Kings: The Conquerors
    AoM - Age of Mythology
    Q. What are the minimum requirements for my PC to run Age of Mythology?
    A. You can run it on anything above a computer with the following:
    450 MHz Processor
    128 MB RAM
    16 MB Video Card or better (not all old ones are supported by the way)
    Q. So which cards are not supported then?
    The following is from the AOM Demo Readme.
    AoM does not support the following video cards:
    3D Labs Permedia 1
    3Dfx Voodoo Rush
    3Dfx Voodoo Banshee
    3Dfx Voodoo
    3Dfx Voodoo 2
    ATI Rage II
    ATI Rage II+
    ATI Rage IIC
    ATI Rage LT
    ATI Rage Pro
    ATI Rage LT-PRO (RAGE PRO based)
    Cirrus Logic - all versions
    Matrox G100
    Matrox G200
    Matrox Millennium
    Matrox Millennium II
    Matrox Mystique
    nVidia Riva 128
    nVidia Rica 128 zx
    S3 Virge_VX
    S3 Virge_MX/MV
    S3 Virge_MX+
    S3 Virge_MX
    S3 Virge_GX2
    S3 Virge_DX/GX
    S3 Trio64V2_DX/GX
    S3 Trio64UV+
    S3 Aurora64V+
    S3 Aurora128
    S3 Savage 2000
    Intel i740
    Rendition - all versions
    Number9 - All versions
    Oak Technologies - all versions
    Chromatic Research - all versions
    Tseng Labs - all versions
    Neo-magic - all versions
    ps: I had an ATI Rage II wired into a Voodoo 2 so imagine my shame!  It was
    time to upgrade anyway.  lo-freakin-l... :D
    Q. Where can I go to find more information?
    A. Try these sites (not responsible for broken links):
                          [11.0] -=C L O S I N G=- [11.0]
      [11.1] Special Thanks To
    - Microsoft and Ensemble Studios for making the game.
    - The God of Christianity.
      [11.2] Copyright and Legal Information
    This Age of Mythology FAQ/Guide is Copyright © Jonathan Galloway 2002. This
    Guide may not be altered, published or reproduced in anyway, especially if it
    makes profit or have any advantage to you in anyway. Legal action will be taken
    if you breached any of the above.
    All the contents of this Guide is Copyright © Jonathan Galloway, unless
    otherwise stated, as the Guide may use information from other sources and
    people who had contributed to this Guide.
    Age of Mythology®, Age of Empires®, Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome®, Age
    of Kings®, Age of Kings: The Conquerors® are Copyright © Ensemble Studios
    and Microsoft.
    Software pirating reduces the quality of games and just makes the prices
    rise.  Don't be a jackass - pay for the product!
    Visit AoM's homepage at: http://www.microsoft.com/games/ageofmythology/

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