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    God FAQ by DarthMarth

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    Age of Mythology for PC 
    God FAQ
    Written by DarthMarth
    Version 1.0
    Started: Tuesday, January 21, 2003
    Released: Monday, January 27, 2003
    Last Updated:
    Hello and welcome to my God FAQ for Age of Mythology, another one of the great 
    Real-time strategy games. If you don't understand how to use a God Power or 
    want to know want to learn about a Myth Technology, you've come to the right 
    place, at least until someone makes a better Unit FAQ.
    2------Table of Contents
    3------Major Gods
    4------Greek Minor Gods
    5------Egyptian Minor Gods
    6------Norse Minor Gods
    3. Major Gods
    And without further ado, the Major Gods!
    -------------------------------------Greek Pantheon---------------------------
    Focus: Infantry, Heroes
    Myth Unit(s): Pegasus; flying scout
    Myth Tech(s): Olympic Parentage; increases HP of Heroes.
    God Power: Bolt; kills any unit except Transports and Ox Carts.
    God Bonus: Starts with 25 Favor, gains, Favor faster, can reach 200 Favor. 
    Hoplites move faster. Infantry do 150% damage to buildings.
    Zeus, king of the Greek Gods, is also one of the most recognizable. He focuses 
    on infantry and heroes. His Myth Tech, Olympic Parentage, increases the hit 
    points of Heroes. Like all 3 major Greek Gods, his Myth unit is the flying 
    scout, Pegasus. His God Power, Bolt, can kill any one unit, but must be used 
    wisely. Don't just use it on the first thing you see; save it until your enemy 
    is threatening you with a huge unit, preferably a Son of Osiris or Nidhogg.
    Focus: Cavalry
    Myth Unit(s): Pegasus; flying scout
    Myth Tech(s): Lord of Horses; increases line of sight for cavalry.
    God Power: Lure; creates a stone that lures a certain number of animals before 
    God Bonus: Cavalry and Stables cheaper. Militia appear at razed buildings. 
    Hippocampus appears at Dock. Market trade cheaper.
    Poseidon, Zeus' brother, is God of the Sea and focuses on cavalry. His Myth 
    tech increases all his cavalry's LOS. Once he builds a Dock and Temple, a 
    Hippocampus (naval scout) appears. It will eventually respawn if killed. His 
    God Power, Lure, creates a strange stone that lures wild animals to it. It 
    will disappear after it has lured enough animals. Lastly, any building of 
    Poseidon that is destroyed creates several Militia, weak soldiers that can 
    defend a base.
    Focus: Archers, Buildings
    Myth Unit(s): Pegasus; flying scout
    Myth Tech(s): Erebus Vault; provides a slow, steady trickle of gold.
    God Power: Sentinal; creates four animated statues to guard a Town Center.
    God Bonus: Buildings have more hit points. Archers and buildings have more 
    attack. Dead soldiers may return to fight as Shades.
    Hades, the shadowy God of the Underworld, focuses on archers and defense. His 
    Myth Technology, Erebus Vaults, provides a slow, steady trickle of gold for 
    the rest of the game. His God Power, Sentinal, creates four living statues 
    around an allied Town Center that automatically shoot arrows at any nearby 
    enemies. Also, each of his soldiers has a 30% chance to return from the grave 
    when killed as Shades, undead soldiers.
    --------------------------------Egyptian Pantheon-----------------------------
    Focus: Camels and Chariots
    Myth Unit(s): None
    Myth Tech(s): Skin of the Rhino; increases Villager attack and armor.
    God Power: Rain; increases farm gathering rate for whole map.
    God Bonus: Monuments cheaper; Chariots and Camels faster with more HP, Priests 
    can Empower, Pharaoh Empowers better.
    Ra, the Egyptian god of the sun, is a bird-headed god who benefits your 
    Chariots and Camels. His God Power, Rain, makes all villagers gather from 
    Farms faster, especially yours. His most noticeable bonus is that his Priests 
    can empower. This allows bases of Ra to be much more efficient at virtually 
    everything. Also, his Pharaoh(s) Empowers faster, making him still better than 
    the Priests.
    Focus: Economy
    Myth Unit(s): None
    Myth Tech(s): Flood of the Nile; gives a slow, steady trickle of food for rest 
    of game.
    God Power: Prosperity; makes your villager gather gold faster.
    God Bonus: Monuments shield from enemy God Powers; Town Centers provide +3 
    Population; all improvements are cheaper; Obelisks are cheaper and built 
    Isis is probably one of the most versatile gods in the game. She has a myriad 
    of bonuses that can be quite powerful. Her Monuments prevent all enemies from 
    using God Powers for 50 meters around them. All her Town Centers support +3 
    population. And best of all, every one of her improvements is cheaper.
    Focus: Archers
    Myth Unit(s): Animals of Set
    Myth Tech(s): Feral; increases the hit points, armor, and attack of all 
    Animals of Set.
    God Power: Vision; reveals large portion of map.
    God Bonus: Migdol Stronghold cheaper; Archers train faster; Slingers stronger; 
    Priests can convert wild animals; Pharaoh can summon Animals of Set
    Set, the malicious god of evil, focuses on archers for his bonuses. He can 
    train them faster, allowing him to build armies of them more quickly. His God 
    Power, Vision, is the only one that can be used in unexplored areas of fog of 
    war. It reveals a very large-sized area of the map. It can be used to check on 
    an enemy base or look for enemy troops. The most alluring ability of Set, 
    however, is his control over the fauna. His Priests can convert animals 
    (though it takes time) to be the eyes, ears, and claws of Set. Since there is 
    a limited supply of animals on the map, Pharaohs of Set can summon animals out 
    of thin air, for a minor Favor cost.
    --------------------------------Norse Pantheon--------------------------------
    Focus: Hill Fort Units
    Myth Unit(s): Raven
    Myth Tech(s): Lone Wanderer; increases Ulfsark speed.
    God Power: Great Hunt; multiplies animals
    God Bonus: Human soldiers regenerate; pair of respawning Ravens for scouting; 
    Hill Fort units have more health; villagers hunt faster.
    Odin, the chieftain of the Norse pantheon, benefits his Hill Fort units by 
    giving them extra health. All his human soldiers (but not Siege weapons) can 
    regenerate. They can heal faster when standing still. Odin also receives two 
    Ravens, Huginn (thought)and Munin (memory)which act as flying scouts for him. 
    They will eventually respawn if they are killed. Odin's God Power, Great Hunt, 
    can be cast on a group of animals to greatly increase their numbers.
    Focus: Dwarves
    Myth Unit(s): None
    Myth Tech(s): Pig Sticker; increases villager attack and gather rate for 
    hunted animals.
    God Power: Dwarven Mine; creates a gold mine.
    God Bonus: Can build special armory; starts with 2 Dwarves; Dwarves are 
    cheaper and gather food and wood faster.
    Thor benefits your Dwarves and Armory. His Dwarves are cheaper and more 
    efficient. His God Power, Dwarven Mine, creates a Gold Mine wherever you want. 
    The Mine has a different amount of gold depending on when it is cast (250 in 
    the Archaic Age, 1000 in the Classical Age, 3000 in the Heroic Age, and 6000 
    in the Mythic Age). His last bonus is his ability to build a special Dwarven 
    Armory, which can research a fourth tier of improvements regardless of Age.
    Focus: Myth Units
    Myth Unit(s): None
    Myth Tech(s): Eyes in the Forest; increases line of sight for infantry.
    God Power: Spy; lets you see what target enemy unit sees.
    God Bonus: Hersir summon Myth Units in combat; Myth Units cost less Favor; Ox 
    Carts are 50% cheaper, faster, and weaker.
    Loki, the Norse god of fire and trickery, focuses on Myth Units more then any 
    other. His God Power allows you to see what a target enemy unit sees. Use it 
    on a unit unlikely to die, such as a villager. Loki has an unusual bonus. As 
    his Hersir battle, they produce not only normal Favor, but also a hidden 
    supply of Favor. Once this supply becomes high enough, they automatically 
    summon a random Myth Unit, free of cost.
    4. Greek Minor Gods
    Focus: Infantry Defense
    Myth Unit(s): Minotaur; tough Myth Unit with gore attack.
    Myth Tech(s): Labyrinth; upgrades Minotaurs to Bull Minotaurs that are more 
    powerful but cheaper.
    Aegis Shield; gives infantry more pierce armor.
    Sarissa; improves Hoplite hack armor.
    God Power: Restoration; heals all units and buildings within area of effect
    Major God(s): Zeus; Hades
    Age: Classical
    Athena, Goddess of wisdom and warfare, benefits your infantry defense with her 
    upgrades. Her God Power can quickly heal all units and buildings within its 
    large area of effect, greatly increasing their lifespan. Her Myth Unit, the 
    Minotaur, is a giant bull man powerful against units and buildings alike. Its 
    special attack does large amounts of damage to a unit and sends it flying.
    Focus: Cavalry
    Myth Unit(s): Centaur; fast-moving archer with accurate shot attack.
    Myth Tech(s): Sylvan Lore; upgrades Centaurs to Centaur Polemarches, which are 
    faster with more health.
    Spirited Charge; increases cavalry speed and attack.
    Winged Messenger; makes Pegasi cost no food, makes them train faster, and 
    improves their line of sight.
    God Power: Ceasefire; prevents combat or building Towers and Fortresses for 
    about a minute.
    Major God(s): Zeus, Poseidon
    Age: Classical
    Hermes is the tricky god of thieves, messengers, and those who live by their 
    wits. His Myth Unit, the Centaur, is a very fast archer whose special attack 
    does double damage and never misses. His God Power prevents all combat on the 
    map, as well as stopping players from building Towers and Fortresses. It has a 
    number of uses. You can use it to have your units move into perfect attack 
    positions in your opponent's base unharmed. And if your opponent is trying to 
    attack you, you can use it to stall for time to move an army to intercept of 
    build one. The possibilities are almost endless. Hermes also benefits your 
    cavalry and Pegasi with his upgrades, making them both more cost-effective.
    Focus: Soldier Attack
    Myth Unit(s): Cyclops; powerful, slow Myth Unit whose throw attack instantly 
    kills an enemy unit.
    Myth Tech(s): Will of Kronos; upgrades Cyclopes to Elder Cyclopes, who train 
    faster and do more damage.
    Phobos' Spear of Panic: Increases Hoplite attack.
    Deimos' Sword of Dread: Increases Hypaspist attack.
    Enyo's Bow of Horror: Increases Toxotes attack.
    God Power: Pestilence; prevents all buildings within area of effect from 
    building any new units.
    Major God(s): Poseidon, Hades
    Age: Classical
    Ares is the Greek god of warfare, battle, and mindless carnage. His upgrades 
    all increase your soldier's attack. His Myth Unit, the one-eyed Cyclops, in a 
    very powerful Myth Unit that can quickly lay waste to buildings and units 
    alike and is heavily armored. Its special attack throws a human soldier, 
    killing it instantly and hurting any units it careens into. His God Power 
    prevents all buildings except Town Centers from buildings any new units.
    Focus: Archers
    Myth Unit(s): Manticore; archer Myth Unit whose special attack fires a volley 
    of spikes from its tail.
    Myth Tech(s): Oracle; improves line of sight for all units and buildings.
    Temple of Healing; Temple automatically heals all surrounding units.
    Sun Ray; increases archer, Centaur, Peltast, and Manticore attack.
    God Power: Underworld Passage; creates a tunnel that instantly transports 
    units between two entrances.
    Major God(s): Zeus; Hades
    Age: Heroic
    Apollo, the god of music, light, and reason, has several interesting upgrades. 
    The Oracle increases the line of sight for every one of your units and 
    buildings by 6 meters. If you worshipped Hermes, your Pegasi will become even 
    better scout with this upgrade. His Temples of Healing automatically heal all 
    units near them, one at a time. His MU, the Manticore, is a tough ranged MU 
    whose special attack volleys several spikes from its tail. His God Power, 
    Underworld Passage, creates a tunnel linking two points of the map together. 
    Its best use is for linking two distant bases together.
    Focus: Cavalry
    Myth Unit(s): Hydra and Scylla; land and naval Myth Units that grow heads as 
    they destroy units, raising their attack. Good against units and buildings.
    Myth Tech(s): Bacchanalia; increases the health of all units.
    Thracian Horses; increases cavalry attack.
    Anastrophe; Increases attack, movement, and training speed of Ramming Ships.
    God Power: Bronze; increases the armor of all units within area of effect for 
    one and a half minutes.
    Major God(s): Zeus, Poseidon
    Age: Heroic
    Dionysus, the merry god of wine and celebration, has the God Power Bronze, 
    which greatly increases the armor of all units within a large area for a 
    minute and a half. His Myth Tech Bacchanalia increases the health of every 
    unit by a small amount. His two Myth Units, the Hydra and Scylla, are 
    dinosaur-like Myth Units strong against human units and buildings. For every 3 
    or so units they kill, they grow another head, which multiplies their attack 
    power (for example, a Hydra with 3 heads has triple the attack of a Hydra with 
    one). The Hydra and Scylla are virtually alike, except that the Hydra walks 
    and the Scylla swims.
    Focus: Villagers
    Myth Unit(s): Nemean Lion; tough, fast Myth unit good against buildings. 
    periodically roars, doing damage to all units around it.
    Myth Tech(s): Divine Blood; makes villagers move and build faster and carry 
    Golden Apples; makes villagers get favor from Temple faster.
    Roar of Orthus; Upgrades Nemean Lions to Nemean Rexes, improving their armor.
    God Power: Curse; turns several enemy humans into pigs.
    Major God(s): Poseidon, Hades
    Age: Heroic
    The erotic goddess of love and beauty does not benefit your military but your 
    economy, making your villagers significantly more efficient. Her God Power, 
    Curse, is an extremely fun and funny one that turns several enemy human units 
    in the area of effect into pigs. They lose all aspects of their normal selves 
    and, like any pigs, can be eaten. Her Myth Unit is a real bruiser. The Nemean 
    Lion is powerful in every way: tough, fast, powerful against units and 
    buildings of all kinds, and heavily armored. Because of its high pierce armor 
    and crush damage, it is especially effective against archers and buildings, 
    but don't think for a second that they can't slaughter an enemy infantry or 
    Focus: Buildings, Myth Units
    Myth Unit(s): Medusa; archer strong against infantry and buildings, can 
    petrify most units at range.
    Carcinos; naval MU that does massive hack damage to all surrounding units when 
    Myth Tech(s): Athenian Wall; gives more hit points to buildings.
    Monstrous Rage; increases attack of Myth Units by 25%.
    Face of the Gorgon; upgrades Medusae to Medusa Matriarchs, with more health.
    God Power: Lightning Storm; unleashes a barrage of lighting in area of effect.
    Major God(s): Zeus
    Age: Mythic
    Hera, Zeus' spiteful and jealous wife and the goddess of the home, has two 
    powerful Myth Units and upgrades to boost them. Her Athenian Wall makes your 
    buildings tougher, and Monstrous Rage makes the attack of all your Myth Units 
    much more deadly. Her God Power is one of the most powerful in the game, 
    raining down lightning that can quickly lay waste to entire armies. It can 
    also do minor damage to buildings, although it does not automatically target 
    them like units. Her Carcinos is a crablike MU that can crush ships in its 
    pincers. The Medusa is a short-ranged archer unit that does good damage to 
    buildings. Its special attack its petrifies most units at range, effectively 
    killing them.
    Focus: Archers
    Myth Unit(s): Chimera; tough, fast melee unit that can spew a stream of flame 
    and do area effect damage.
    Myth Tech(s): Shafts of Plague; increases Toxotes and Peltast attack.
    Trierarch; makes Triremes more resistant to Siege Ships.
    Flames of Typhon; upgrades Chimeras to Chimera Tyrants, with more hit points 
    and attack.
    God Power: Earthquake; does massive crush damage to all buildings in a huge 
    Major God(s): Poseidon, Hades
    Age: Mythic
    Artemis is the goddess of the hunt and nature. Her upgrades benefit your 
    archers. Strangely enough, her Myth unit is not an archer but a tough melee 
    unit. The Chimera is tougher, more armored, and faster than the Nemean Lion 
    but does no crush damage. Its special attack shoots a stream of flame forward, 
    damaging all units in front of the Chimera. Artemis' God Power is probably 
    even more powerful than Lightning Storm, able to level an entire base in 
    seconds. The Earthquake can also do minor damage to units.
    Focus: Armory
    Myth Unit(s): Colossus; tough, powerful, slow Myth unit good against units and 
    buildings. Can east resources to regain health.
    Myth Tech(s): Hand of Talos; upgrades Colossi to Silver Colossi with more hit 
    Shoulder of Talos; upgrades Silver Colossi to Gold Colossi, with more hit 
    Forge of Olympus; reduces the cost of all Armory upgrades.
    Weapons of the Titans; improves the attack of Myrmidon, Hetairoi, and 
    God Power: Plenty; creates a vault at casting point that constantly gives your 
    resources. Can be captured by enemies.
    Major God(s): Zeus, Poseidon, Hades
    Age: Mythic
    Hephaestus, the grimy god of smiths, labor, and fire, is the proud maker of 
    the Colossus, quite possibly the most powerful Myth Unit in the game. While it 
    is extremely slow, it can quickly level buildings and kill any kind of unit or 
    MU. The Colossus if heavily armored and has 1,100 hit points, an amount which 
    can be boosted with his two Colossus upgrades. If damages, Colossi can eat raw 
    wood and gold to restore health. Try to use this ability near your opponent's 
    base to deprive him of resources. His Forge of Olympus reduces the cost of all 
    Armory upgrades by a large amount, but you will probably have researched many 
    of them already. It is your choice whether you hold the upgrades off and 
    reduce their cost or not. His God Power, Plenty, creates a Plenty Vault. The 
    Vault cannot be destroyed and gives you a constant supply of resources (but 
    not Favor), but can be captured by the enemy just like pigs and goats.
    5. Egyptian Minor Gods
    Focus: Villagers
    Myth Unit(s): Sphinx; fast, powerful Myth unit good against buildings. Can 
    turn into a whirlwind to avoid attacks and damage all surrounding enemies.
    Myth Tech(s): Criosphinx; upgrades Sphinx to Criosphinx with more health and 
    Hieracosphinx; upgrades Criosphinx to Hieracosphinx, with more speed and 
    Sacred Cats; increases villager efficiency at gathering food from farms.
    Adze of Wepwawet; increases villager efficiency at gathering lumber.
    God Power: Eclipse; global God Power that temporarily increases the speed and 
    power of all friendly Myth Units.
    Major God(s): Ra, Isis
    Age: Classical
    The catlike goddess of, you guessed it, cats and protection, benefits the 
    efficiency of villagers at gathering resources. Her God Power temporarily 
    prevents all other God Powers from working and makes all friendly Myth Units 
    stronger and faster. This complements the already strong and fast Sphinx, 
    which is powerful against units and buildings alike and as fast as cavalry 
    (after they are upgraded to Hieracosphinx). Their special attack turns them 
    into whirlwinds, damaging all units around them and protecting them from 
    Focus: Technology
    Myth Unit(s): Wadjet; snakelike archer that constantly regenerates health.
    Myth Tech(s): Shaduf; makes farms build cheaper and faster.
    Scalloped Axe; Increases Axemen attack.
    Leather Frame Shield; increases Spearmen pierce armor.
    Electrum Bullets; increases slinger attack.
    God Power: Shifting Sands; teleports all units in area of effect to target 
    Major God(s): Ra, Set
    Age: Classical
    Ptah is the tool-loving Egyptian god of creation. He provides you with several 
    useful inventions to make your Barracks units stronger. His God Power is an 
    interesting one. It teleports all units in one area to another. This can be 
    used to quickly move your units or kidnap enemy units and move them to a 
    tower-filled area. His Myth unit is the snakelike Wadjet, which spits venom at 
    range and constantly regenerates health, making it tough to kill.
    Focus: Infantry and Myth Units
    Myth Unit(s): Anubite; fast anti-melee Myth Unit that jumps into battle, doing 
    bonus damage.
    Myth Tech(s): Feet of the Jackal; upgrades Anubites to Guardian Anubites, with 
    more health, attack, and jump distance.
    Serpent Spear; increases Spearman attack.
    Necropolis; increases Monument favor gathering rate.
    God Power: Plague of Serpents; creates several allied serpents to guard and 
    Major God(s): Isis, Set
    Age: Classical
    Anubis, the god of death and judgement, offers a not-so-useful God Power 
    (Plague of Serpents, which summons several snakes that are on your side but 
    not under your control) and a deadly Myth Unit, the Anubite. The Anubite is 
    extremely fast and powerful in melee combat. Its special ability is a jump 
    attack which does extra damage. The distance of the jump allows Anubites to 
    quickly get to units kept in the back of the fight, like archers and siege 
    weapons (which they can make short work of).
    Focus: Buildings, Mercenaries
    Myth Unit(s): Petsuchos; bejeweled crocodile tat fires a powerful beam of 
    sunlight with 100% accuracy.
    Roc; flying transport.
    Myth Tech(s): Medjay; increases Mercenary lifespan.
    Crocodopolis; upgrades Petsuchos to Petsuchos Ra, with increases range.
    Sun-Dried Mud Brick; improves building hit points and lowers their cost.
    God Power: Locust Swarm; summons a swarms of locusts to kill enemy villagers 
    and destroy their farms.
    Major God(s): Isis, Ra
    Age: Heroic
    Hathor is the cavorting cow goddess of the sky, love, and fertility. Her 
    upgrades benefit your mercenaries by making them last longer and make your 
    already-strong buildings stronger. Her God Power kills your enemy's villagers 
    and farms, ruining their economy. Hathor also has two Myth Units. The 
    Petsuchos is a powerful archer that never misses and does huge amount of 
    pierce and crush damage. Once upgraded, it can be used as an artillery unit. 
    Her other MU, the Roc, is the game's only flying transport, able to carry 
    units virtually anywhere.
    Focus: Archers, Siege
    Myth Unit(s): Scarab; living ram, does damage to all surrounding units when it 
    Myth Tech(s): Bone Bow; gives Chariots +4 meter range.
    Slings of the Sun; lets Slingers do bonus damage to infantry.
    Stones of Red Linen; lets your Catapults and War Barges do extra damage to 
    Ram of the West Wind; Gives extra crush attack and hit points to Siege Towers.
    God Power: Citadel; turns an allied Town Center into a Citadel, with more 
    population support and more defensive capability.
    Major God(s): Ra, Set
    Age: Heroic
    The Egyptian Goddess of the desert and warfare benefits your archers and siege 
    units. Her Bone Bow increases the range of Chariots enough for them to be 
    siege weapons with burning pitch. Her Slings of the Sun make your Slingers 
    better against infantry, and her other two technologies make your siege 
    weapons even more powerful. Her Myth Unit is, fittingly, a living ram, even 
    more efficient than the dead kind. They can tear down buildings with 
    incredible speed, faster than any other unit. Unfortunately, they are quite 
    slow. Scarabs spew acidic blood when they die, doing damage to all units near 
    them. Her unusual God Power turns one of your Town Centers into a mighty 
    Citadel. The Citadel supports another 10 population and is much tougher to 
    destroy than a Town Center.
    Focus: Pharaoh, Priests
    Myth Unit(s): Scorpion Man; tough melee MU that can poison enemies.
    Leviathan; heavily armed naval transport.
    Myth Tech(s): Spirit of Maat; lowers Priest cost and increases their healing 
    Funeral Rites; increases Priest and Pharaoh damage against Myth Units.
    City of the Dead; makes Pharaohs stronger and return from the dead more 
    God Power: Ancestors; summons the undead to temporarily fight for you.
    Major God(s): Isis, Set
    Age: Heroic
    The Egyptians seem to love the dead, because Nepthys is one of 3 Gods honoring 
    them. She benefits your heroes by making them stronger and better at healing 
    with her Myth Techs. Her two Myth units are the Scorpion Man and Leviathan. 
    The Scorpion Man is a tough melee brawler that can poison enemies, slowly 
    doing hack damage to them. Her other Myth unit is the Leviathan. Although it 
    can transport units, it needs no escort; it is powerful enough to defeat 
    several human ships. Her God Power summons 13 undead Minions from the ground 
    to fight for you. The minions are moderately powerful and can do a lot of 
    damage to your enemy. They only last 45 seconds, however.
    Focus: Infantry
    Myth Unit(s): Avenger; nearly unstoppable melee MU that can do a spin attack 
    and damage all adjacent units.
    Myth Tech(s): Axe of Vengeance; makes Axemen do extra damage to buildings.
    Greatest of Fifty; increases Spearmen hack armor and damage against cavalry.
    Spear on the Horizon; improves Spearmen attack and hit points.
    God Power: Tornado; creates a swirling whirlwind that's sucks up everything 
    near it.
    Major God(s): Ra, Set
    Age: Mythic
    The bird-headed god of vengeance, Horus benefits your infantry with his 
    upgrades, making them much more efficient. Hit MU, the Avenger, is a melee 
    Myth Unit with significant hack armor and a huge attack, making it nearly 
    unstoppable in melee combat. The only way to take them down without suffering 
    many casualties is with archers and Heroes. Horus' God Power, Tornado, is one 
    of the most destructive. The swirling windstorm constantly does damage to 
    everything around it. Once a unit or building dies from the wind, it is sucked 
    into the vortex.
    Focus: Camels
    Myth Unit(s): Mummy; moderately powerful archer that can instantly kill enemy 
    units and turn them into Minions.
    Myth Tech(s): Atef Crown; upgrades your Mummies to Mummy Viziers, with 
    increased Minion lifespan.
    Funeral Barge; increases Kebenit damage against archer ships.
    New Kingdom; gives you a second Pharaoh.
    Desert Wind; increases the speed and attack of your camels.
    God Power: Son of Osiris; turns your Pharaoh into a Son of Osiris, with an 
    extremely powerful chain lightning attack.
    Major God(s): Ra, Isis
    Age: Mythic
    Osiris is the third and final Egyptian god of death and judgement. Fittingly, 
    his Myth Unit is the undead Mummy, whose special attack is to instantly kill 
    an enemy unit and turn it into a Minion. These Minions are identical to those 
    created by Nepthys' God Power, and have a limited lifespan. His God Power is 
    the unusual Son of Osiris, which transforms your Pharaoh into a demigod. Her 
    retains all his abilities but gains more health and a powerful chain lightning 
    attack which forks from unit to unit, hitting a maximum of up to four targets. 
    The last item of notice is Osiris' Myth Tech New Kingdom, which gives you a 
    second Pharaoh.
    Focus: Migdol Stronghold Units
    Myth Unit(s): Phoenix; flying unit whose attack does splash damage and is good 
    against buildings and units. Can be reborn if killed.
    Sea Turtle; arrow-resistant naval Myth Unit that flings enemy ships out of the 
    Myth Tech(s): Book of Thoth; makes your Laborers faster at gathering 
    Tusks of Apedemak; increases the attack and hit points of your War Elephants.
    Valley of the Kings; makes Migdol Stronghold units train much faster.
    God Power: Meteor; creates a meteor shower devastating to buildings.
    Major God(s): Isis, Set
    Age: Mythic
    The ibis-headed god of wisdom and secrets, Thoth benefits your elite Migdol 
    units. His Tusks of Apedemak make your War Elephants stronger and the Valley 
    of the Kings causes your Stronghold units to train almost instantly! Thoth has 
    two Myth Units. The Phoenix is the Egyptian's only flying attacker. It 
    breathes flaming breath that does massive damage to groups of units and 
    buildings. If the Phoenix is killed, it instead turns into an egg. The Phoenix 
    can be quickly retrained from the egg if you have the resources and the egg is 
    not killed first. The Sea Turtle is a tough naval MU that can shrug off arrow 
    fire because of its tough shell. Its does plentiful hack and crush damage, and 
    its special attack flings enemy ships out of the water, doing extra damage. 
    Thoth's God Power is probably the most visually impressive in the game. Meteor 
    calls down flaming rocks to crush enemy armies and buildings. The meteors do 
    lots of damage to units and send them flying, but they are even more effective 
    against buildings. The meteors down damage in a wide area and can destroy 
    several buildings at once. Although the impact points are random, reducing the 
    effectiveness of the Power, be aware that the first meteor will always hit 
    exactly where the God Power was cast.
    6. Norse Minor Gods
    Focus: Cavalry
    Myth Unit(s): Valkyrie; cavalry MU that heals allied units.
    Myth Tech(s): Aurora Borealis; upgrades Valkyries to Shieldmaiden Valkyries, 
    with more health and faster healing rate.
    Thundering Hooves; increases cavalry speed and health.
    God Power: Forest Fire; burns down target trees and all adjacent ones. Can 
    damage enemy units and buildings.
    Major God(s): Thor, Odin
    Age: Classical
    Freyja is the Norse goddess of love and beauty. Her upgrade benefits your 
    cavalry units by making them tougher and faster. Freyja's God Power is one of 
    my favorites. It sets several trees in the target area ablaze. The trees 
    eventually burn down, spreading the fire to other trees. In the end, the 
    entire forest ends of burning down. Any units or buildings too close to the 
    blaze suffer severe damage. This God Power can be used to deprive your enemy 
    of lumber or clear a path through forests. Her MU is the indispensable 
    Valkyrie. It is a fast, cavalry Myth unit good at fighting archers, like any 
    cavalry. It special ability is healing allied units. The Valkyrie is one of 
    only two ways to heal Norse units, so don't miss out on it!
    Focus: Ulfsarks and Hersir
    Myth Unit(s): Troll; archer MU that gains health as it damage enemy units.
    Myth Tech(s): Hamarrtroll; Trolls upgraded to Hamarrtrolls, with more health, 
    heads, attack, and range.
    Hall of Thanes; increases Hersir speed and health.
    Mithril Breastplate; increases Ulfsark Hack armor.
    God Power: Healing Spring; creates an indestructible spring that heals all 
    allied units around it. Can be captured by enemies.
    Major God(s): Thor, Loki
    Age: Classical
    Forseti, the Norse god of justice, has several upgrades that benefit your 
    infantry. His God Power creates a magical spring that automatically heals all 
    allied units around it. Unfortunately, it can be taken over by enemies just 
    like sheep. Forseti's Myth Unit is the Troll, the only Norse land unit doing 
    pierce damage. It gradually regains health as it damages enemy units with its 
    thrown rocks.
    Focus: Buildings
    Myth Unit(s): Einherjar; slow, tough Myth unit good against human units and 
    buildings. Special attack raises army's morale.
    Myth Tech(s): Elhrimnir Kettle; increases Einherjar attack and health.
    Safeguard; makes Towers stronger and cheaper; Walls tougher.
    Arctic Winds; increases Longboat speed and hit points.
    God Power: Undermine, collapses Towers and Walls under target. Can spread to 
    nearby targets. Also damages Town Centers and Fortresses.
    Major God(s): Odin, Loki
    Age: Classical
    Heimdall is the heroic god of vigilance. His Safeguard tech gives your weak 
    defensive structures a much-needed boost. His Myth unit is the personification 
    of "slow and steady wins the race." While extremely slow, the Einherjar is 
    heavily armored and can quickly tear down buildings as well as being good 
    against units. Its special attack is a horn blast that raises the morale of 
    nearby soldiers, increasing their attack power for their next attack. Hit God 
    Power, Undermine, is useful for opening a hole in your enemy's defenses. It 
    not only destroys the target but can spread to nearby Wall and Towers. It can 
    be used to damage enemy Fortresses of Town Centers.
    Focus: Ulfsarks, Myth Units
    Myth Unit(s): Battle Boar; fast Myth Unit that is heavily armored and good 
    against buildings. Special attack sends multiple units flying away.
    Myth Tech(s): Call of Valhalla; increases Ulfsark health.
    Swine Array; increases Ulfsark's bonus damage against cavalry.
    Thurisaz Rune; increases Myth Unit speed.
    God Power: Flaming Weapons; causes the weapons of all your non-Myth units to 
    burst into flame, increasing their attack.
    Major God(s): Thor, Loki
    Age: Heroic
    As the Norse god of poetry and skalds (poets), Bragi has several useful 
    upgrades, especially the Thurisaz Rune, which increases the speed of all your 
    Myth units. His God Power makes the weapons of all your non-Myth Units catch 
    fire, temporarily increases their attack power. Use it as you begin a huge 
    battle or siege. Bragi's Myth Unit, the Battle Boar, is extremely fast, well 
    armored, tough, and strong. Its special attack makes it go berserk, sending 
    multiple units flying away.
    Focus: Ships, Jarls
    Myth Unit(s): Mountain Giant; slow, lumbering brute who does massive damage to 
    units and buildings. Special attack does 120 crush damage to buildings.
    Kraken; sea MU good against ships and buildings. Special attack instantly 
    kills one enemy unit.
    Myth Tech(s): Long Serpent; increases Longboat attack and resistance to Siege 
    Wrath of the Deep; upgrades Krakens to Trench Krakens, with added health.
    Ring Giver; increases Jarl health.
    God Power: Walking Woods; animates several trees in target area to fight for 
    you. Trees are especially strong against buildings.
    Major God(s): Odin, Loki
    Age: Heroic
    Njord is the Norse god of storms and the sea. He is one of two gods who gives 
    you the mighty Mountain Giant, one of the toughest units in the game. Although 
    their slow speed makes them bad against units, but they excel against 
    buildings; their special attack makes them able to tear down even the toughest 
    buildings incredibly fast. Njord's other MU, the Kraken, down hack and crush 
    damage and is quite powerful. Its special attack instantly kills one enemy 
    unit. It can wrap its tentacles around a ship and crush it or throw an enemy 
    land unit, as long as it is close enough to the water. Njord's God Power is 
    one of the stranger ones. It brings several trees in a target area to life. 
    Although you cannot control them, they automatically attack enemies and are 
    especially good against buildings.
    Focus: Throwing Axemen
    Myth Unit(s): Frost Giant; huge, slow Myth Unit effective against units and 
    buildings. Special attack freezes an enemy solid, rendering it helpless.
    Myth Tech(s): Rime; upgrades Frost Giants to Frost Giants of Thyrm, with more 
    hit points and attack.
    Winter Harvest; makes Gatherers more efficient at gathering food from farms.
    Frost Axe; increases Throwing Axemen attack.
    God Power: Frost; freezes all units in target area solid, but increases their 
    Major God(s): Odin, Thor
    Age: Heroic
    Skadi is the Norse Goddess of winter and hunting. She is one of two Minor Gods 
    giving you the Frost Giant, an all-purpose MU that can freeze enemies solid. 
    She is the only one, however, that lets you upgrade them and increases their 
    hit points and attack. Skadi's God Power can freeze an entire army solid, but 
    the ice also acts as a shield, raising the frozen unit's armor to the maximum. 
    Although it is still possible to kill enemies that are frozen, Frost is mainly 
    useful for delaying an attack like Ceasefire, giving you time to respond.
    Focus: Siege, Cavalry
    Myth Unit(s): Fire Giant; flaming giant that throws fireballs good against 
    slow units and buildings. Heavily armored but slow. Special attack fires 3 
    fireballs that continue on after hitting a target.
    Myth Tech(s): Arctic Gale; increases Dragon Ship speed and resistance to 
    Hammer Ships.
    Sons of Sleipnir; increases Raiding Cavalry bonus damage against archers and 
    Throwing Axemen.
    Dwarven Augers; increases Portable Ram speed, training rate, and attack.
    God Power: Ragnarok; transforms all your Gatherers and Dwarves into Heroes of 
    Ragnarok permanently.
    Major God(s): Odin, Thor
    Age: Mythic
    Strangely enough, the Norse also have a god of beauty, Baldr. His upgrades 
    benefit your rams and raiders. Baldr is one of two Minor Gods that gives you 
    the mighty Fire Giant, possibly the strongest of the three. The Fire Giant's 
    ranged fireballs do lots of hack and crush damage, making the Fire Giants good 
    against units and buildings like the other two. Its special attack volleys 
    three fire balls that continue on after hitting a target. Baldr's God Power is 
    one of the most interesting in the game. It turns all of your Gatherers and 
    Dwarves into mighty Heroes of Ragnarok. These Heroes are good against Myth 
    Units but should not be confused with Hersir. Basically, you sacrifice your 
    economy to gain an instant army. You should only use Ragnarok if you are 
    preparing for a final battle and need even more troops. It can also be used as 
    a last-ditch effort to defend your base.
    Focus: Infantry
    Myth Unit(s): Fenris Wolf; slow, weak wolf that gains power if it is near 
    other Fenris Wolves.
    Jormund Elver; fast, unarmored naval unit with a lot of health. Spits steam at 
    range to attack.
    Myth Tech(s): Berserkergang; increases Ulfsark attack and health.
    Bravery; increases Huskarl damage against buildings.
    God Power: Fimbulwinter; summons packs of wolves near 4 enemy Town Centers to 
    attack enemy Villagers and economic buildings. Wolves are fast, heavily 
    armored against arrows, and do hack and crush damage. They cannot be 
    controlled by you but give you their line of sight.
    Major God(s): Odin, Thor, Loki
    Age: Mythic
    Tyr is the Norse god of warfare, valor, and strength. His two Myth Techs 
    increase the effectiveness of your infantry (Bravery makes Huskarls effective 
    buildings killers). Tyr also has two Myth Units. The Fenris Wolf is extremely 
    weak and should never be used alone, but gains power and speed if it hunts in 
    packs. Each other Fenris Wolf nearby increases its attack and speed, to a 
    maximum of five wolves. The Jormund Elver is a fast naval Myth unit. Although 
    it does have 800 health, it is almost completely unarmored. It attack from 
    long range by spitting powerful steam. Tyr's God Power is one of the best 
    economy-wreckers in the game. Fimbulwinter summons packs of wolves near up to 
    4 enemy Town Centers to wreak havoc by killing enemy Villagers and buildings. 
    The Wolves are allied with you, so you can use Fimbulwinter a scouting tool to 
    see what the wolves see.
    Focus: Myth Units
    Myth Unit(s): Mountain Giant; slow, lumbering brute who does massive damage to 
    units and buildings. Special attack does 120 crush damage to buildings.
    Frost Giant; huge, slow Myth Unit effective against units and buildings. 
    Special attack freezes an enemy solid, rendering it helpless.
    Fire Giant; flaming giant that throws fireballs good against slow units and 
    buildings. Heavily armored but slow. Special attack fires 3 fireballs that 
    continue on after hitting a target.
    Myth Tech(s): Rampage; greatly increases Myth Unit training speed.
    Granite Blood; increases Giant health.
    God Power: Nidhogg; summons the dragons Nidhogg to fight for you.
    Major God(s): Loki
    Age: Mythic
    More than any other Minor or Major God, the foreboding goddess of the 
    underworld focuses on Myth Units. She was so malicious that Christians named 
    their own underworld after her. Hel shows how much she loves the super natural 
    by providing you with not one or two, but all 3 Giants. She also gives you the 
    Granite Blood technology to make them tougher. Rampage causes all your Myth 
    Units to train 95% faster. That's right, you can now train Giants in under a 
    second if you have the Favor! Hel's God Power is one of the more unusual ones. 
    It summons the mighty dragon Nidhogg to fight for you. Although Nidhogg is 
    very slow and cannot be healed, he can fly and does massive damage with his 
    fire breath to units and buildings alike. To maximize his effectiveness, sweep 
    through where you want to attack beforehand with Raiders and Huskarls to 
    prevent attack on Nidhogg.
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