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    Greek/Hades FAQ by elbac

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    Age of Mythology
    In-depth FAQ
    Hades Strategy Guide
    Written by elbac2000
    Version 1.16
    Version History
    1.17: I no longer play AoM, and I haven't played for a long time 
    either. For this reason I can't answer any questions by e-mail anymore. 
    A new message is posted in Sources and Contacting info.
    1.16: The FAQ name has been changed to Hades Strategy Guide instead of 
    Greek/Hades FAQ.
    1.15: I have added a whole new section on how to win with a wonder. I 
    have also added a sub section on how to use Gastraphetes. Enjoy!
    1.08: I have added some line borders to make titles easier to see. The 
    Hades archers section has been added to, with three new sub-sections! 
    This is a minor update making it a plus .03 version increase.
    1.05 First update: I have fixed spelling and grammar errors and added 
    more info and rewrote some of the food getting section (number 5 of the 
    table of contents). The minor God Path section was totally redone, with 
    lots of more info added. It was also divided up into sections (ex.: 
    6.1, 6.2). This is a semi-major update making it a 0.05 version 
    Hello, this is an in-depth FAQ on the Greek civilization mainly 
    focusing on the God Hades. If you want to know about how to use the 
    Greeks and Hades strategy wise, then you have come to the right place. 
    You will learn why Hades can help you and why he has many advantages 
    over other Gods. This guide will help in multiplayer battles against 
    friends or on ESO. I will go through Hades bonuses, God Powers, Minor 
    Gods and units. Hopefully reading this guide will help you become 
    better with Hades. Please head on down to number 7 on the table of 
    contents to contact me. I would love to hear about how this FAQ has 
    helped you!
    Important! - This guide is written assuming you're playing another 
    person online. Some tips may not appeal to people playing the computer. 
    So thus it should help you in your online gaming, but feel free to use 
    the tips for campaign levels and single player games too.
    Table of Contents
    1) The Greeks in general and general strategy
    2) Hades in general
    3) Hades' bonuses
    4) Hades' archers
      4.1) Regular Foot Archers
      4.2) Peltasts
      4.3) Gastraphetes
      4.4) How to use Gastraphetes
    5) Good ways to get constant food
    6) Good Minor God path for Hades
      6.1) Classical Age
      6.2) Heroic Age
      6.3) Mythic Age
    7) Wonder Victory with Hades 
    8) Sources and contacting info
    1) The Greek in general and general strategy
    The Greeks are shown as the main civilization in the story line and are 
    frequently underestimated. Their superior technology and armor can be 
    used to your advantage all the time. Something very important to 
    remember is that the Greeks are the most well rounded group in the 
    Remember this: Greeks = Well rounded
                   Egyptians = Defensive
                   Norse = Offensive
    Some examples are walls. The Egyptians have four different stages of 
    walls starting at wooden walls and going to citadel walls. The Norse 
    have two stages and the Greeks have three placing them right in the 
    middle. The same with towers, Egyptians have four stages, Norse two and 
    Greek three. A Greek can defend themselves just as good, and even 
    better than the other races. 
    A Greek villager can get food, gold and wood at the same rate as a 
    Norse gatherer. The Egyptian laborers have a slightly slower rate so 
    thus they have the empowering ability. Greeks also build faster than 
    Egyptians and build at the same rate as the Norse. If you have ever 
    noticed, some Norse players are driven down to the last resort and turn 
    their gatherers into ulfsarks.
    Well you might be saying, well I want to be the Egyptians since they 
    have better defenses than the Greeks and since I am not that good, 
    defenses work well for me. Well I have the answer to that on how you 
    can get as defensive as possible with Hades, just keep reading.
    2) Hades in general
    As I said in the last section how the Greeks have well rounded 
    defenses, I also mentioned that Hades has even better defenses.
    Using Hades makes the Greeks even more well rounded. He includes 
    bonuses that help your defenses and offences equally. I even think he 
    is the best Greek God to use against the Norse. Hades is not useful in 
    the cavalry department, nor are the Greeks in general. What Hades is 
    best for is archers. Read the next section for the real reasons to use 
    3) Hades' Bonuses
    In my opinion Hades' God Power, Bonuses and technology are the best out 
    of all the Greeks. He has the perfect balance between offensive and 
    Hades God Power:
    Sentinels: This creates four animated statues that are slow but strong 
    archers. They can be used to protect your or an allies' town center. 
    Some people choose to not use it until they build other town centers in 
    the third age. I personally recommend it on your starting town center, 
    as this is your most important one. Sentinels can act as mini watch 
    towers in the archaic age. They can add extra damage to scouts and 
    against rushes. They are weak against hack and crush damage so watch 
    out and protect them as they don't do a good job of protecting 
    themselves. Overall this gives the enemy more work and a harder time 
    trying to take out additional defenses. If this God Power is used in 
    the archaic age it gives Hades the best defenses at the beginning of 
    the game! Perfect, there you go, something better than the Egyptians!
    - Important Question -
    Why is this God Power better than Zeus' Bolt or Poseidon's Lure?
    Well because it offers the most. When playing the game you can't be 
    concerned about the mythic age if you just started, so very rarely will 
    you be able to use bolt against Hel's Nidhogg or Osiris' Son of Osiris.
    For example if you are playing Thor or Odin you can try to take out his 
    ulfsarks at the beginning which will set him at a big disadvantage, but 
    the chances of that happening are not one hundred percent. Poseidon's 
    Lure is not that useful especially if you are on a map that has a 
    bounty of animals already and the walk to them is not too far. You 
    might also want to fish or farm instead of hunt. Poseidon's Lure is not 
    bad but not essential and not always needed. 
    So after reading this, Hades has the best God Power. Sentinels are good 
    anywhere and anytime!
    Hades' Bonus #1
    All buildings have increased hit points and increased attack.
    There you have it, an upgrade in itself. All building have 25% more hit 
    points. This may range from 100 to 1000 hit points. There is an 
    advantage and a slight disadvantage. The advantage is more defense more 
    you. It will take you opponent longer to take down your buildings 
    making them last longer. The disadvantage is that since they have more 
    hit points they take longer to build. This is not so bad since it is 
    free defense and the extra building time is only a few seconds.
    The other half is increased attack for ranged buildings. This includes 
    town centers, towers, fortresses and even sentinels (but it's kind of 
    included anyways for sentinels). This is great since a lot people rely 
    on buildings like their town center for protection.
    Hades' Bonus #2
    When human units die they have a 20% chance of returning as a shade.
    Great bonus! This gives the ability of free extra units. They count as 
    myth units and regular bonus damage against human units like regular 
    myth units. They are great to keep at your base while your army is 
    attacking or send them with your army. Any way you use them is a great 
    bonus to yourself. A unique Greek ability!
    Hades' Bonus #3
    All archer units do more damage.
    This is the main bonus of Hades. Archers should now always have a part 
    in your army. All archers have 10% increased attack. I will cover the 
    archers in the archers section.
    Hades' Technology
    Vaults of Erebus
    This technology gives you 0.75 of gold every second. It is great to 
    have this but you don't have to! Good for long games where gold runs 
    out. It costs 200 food so don't get it unless you have a lot of extra.
    Like a mini plenty vault that cannot be stolen.
    4) Hades' archers
    Greek archers are the only true foot archer in the game. Egyptian 
    slingers are close but they use a different weapon and serve a 
    different purpose than archers. Archers should always be in your army.
    There are three different types. Archers, Peltasts and Gastraphetes 
    which is only available to Hades. Archers counter infantry; Peltasts 
    counter archers and Gastraphetes also counter infantry but are also 
    effective against buildings. 
    Never have an army of all archers. They do not destroy buildings very 
    well as most buildings block 95% of pierce attacks. Archers are used to 
    take out the infantry your infantry is fights (if that makes sense). 
    They remain at the back of the army so they don't get harmed easily by 
    infantry. Archers don't come with a lot of armor so get them some hack 
    right away if your playing Norse and Pierce first if it's another Greek 
    or Egyptian. The copper weapons upgrade is not needed as Hades provides 
    archers with extra attack. Get that upgrade when you have a surplus of 
    If your opponent is Norse, archers will counter their units if they 
    don't use cavalry. Throwing axmen and ulfsarks are very weak to arrows 
    if they don't have shields. 
    4.1) Regular Foot Archers
    These are the main archer unit for the Greeks. These units have a bow 
    and arrow and have a pretty good range. 
    Below is a table on how you should consider archers in your army.
    If you are against...
    Another Greek: Archers should make up one third to one half of your 
    main army. Greeks usually don't use too many horses, so your archers 
    stand more of a chance. Your archers will help get rid of his infantry, 
    so defiantly have them.
    Egyptian: You will not need as many against these opponents. They 
    automatically get guard towers in Classical and your archers are 
    useless against them. Their starting archer unit will be a slinger. 
    These are like Peltasts; they will counter your archers. Have some 
    archers but much more infantry. Priests will also counter archers.
    Norse: Archers should be at least half of your main army. Feel free to 
    add even more! Throwing Axmen and ulfsarks will fall to your pierce 
    attacks! Watch out for cavalry, so include hoplites too.
    4.2) Peltasts
    Peltasts become available at the Heroic Age. These are counter archers 
    who have a weak pierce attack against all units except archers. 
    Peltasts throw a long wooden javelin. Use Peltasts against other 
    archers; these include: Greek archers, chariot archers, Gastraphetes 
    and even throwing axmen. Since Peltasts are good versus numerous units, 
    include them with your archers.
    4.3) Gastraphetes
    Gastraphetes are only available in the Mythic Age at the fortress. 
    These archers, attack with a crossbow type weapon, which has a slower 
    reload time than the other archers. Gastraphetes are the only archers 
    who have a crush attack; giving them bonus damage versus buildings. 
    They can be used to counter all types of infantry as well. I find 
    Gastraphetes cannot replace your archers, but they are great backup and 
    are good in helping at destroying buildings. These are very useful if 
    you can afford to make room for them in your army. Gastraphetes can 
    outrange buildings making them great for attacking!
    4.4) How to use Gastraphetes
    When playing quite a few games in the Mythic Age, I have learned 
    something; Gastraphetes are your best friend! They are the perfect 
    siege weapons. With their crossbow type weapon they can inflict massive 
    damage to buildings. It is very important to get the Burning Pitch 
    upgrade at the armory that makes your archers do more damage to 
    buildings and ships. 
    I would get around 14-20 Gastraphetes as soon as you can. Always put 
    them behind other units, so include them in your main army. While your 
    front infantry defends them, you destroy and buildings you want. You 
    will watch town centers go down in seconds! This strategy works best 
    when going for a Wonder Victory, as they can attack your opponent 
    quickly to waist his time!
    5) Good ways to get constant food
    This is my food guild for the Greeks focusing on Hades' but can be used 
    with Zeus and Poseidon if you leave out his God Power, Lure.
    - At the at the start -
    When you begin, on no matter what level, always send your villagers for 
    the chickens first if not than berries. Meanwhile get you horse scout 
    to get as many of the herding animals as possible (goats, cows and 
    pigs). When your chickens or berries are out use those food gatherers 
    to build a temple. Then send them to the herd animals. At the same time 
    have about 4 on wood and 3 on gold. Advance to classical when ready 
    which is about 15-20 villagers and of course when you have the food. 
    - If the map has water with fishing -
    If the map is a water one, with fishing, then build a dock closest to 
    an area with fish. Don't build your dock just anywhere, search around 
    for at least 1 to 3 schools of fish and have your dock built there. Do 
    this for additional docks too! The best fishing maps are Mediterranean 
    and Anatolia. Midgard is okay for fishing but there fish are not always 
    grouped together like the first two. 
    Be careful as you might get attacked by enemy arrow ships. Don't panic, 
    try to counter them and if you can't beat them then forget about 
    fishing and go to farming. I don't recommend starting a water war but 
    if you can handle it, go for it. Also, scout for if he has any docks so 
    you know to make arrow ships.
    - Desert maps -
    If there is no water but lots of food, such as Savannah, get nearby 
    animals but don't go too far. Go to the biggest herds of animals and 
    then go to farming. You will see it is a waist of time to keep on 
    moving you gatherers around the map.
    - Regular maps -
    If it is a regular map with no fishing and not that many animals, it's 
    farming time. Build 7 to 8 farms around you town center and get the 
    farming upgrade. I find this delivers the most constant supply of food.
    - Wood is most important for food getting -
    No matter if it is farming or fishing, you must get a ton of wood, as 
    they both require wood. So concentrate on wood as mush as possible. 
    Wood is important for buildings and archers too!
    6) Good Minor God path
    6.1) - First Minor Gods, the Classical Age -
    I would choose Ares. He gives you one more upgrade than Athena and has 
    a better God Power. He gives you upgrades that make you units stronger. 
    * His God Power *
    Pestilence, his God Power, stops military building from producing 
    & His Myth Unit &
    His myth unit, the Cyclops, is my favorite! They can throw units as 
    their special attack. They do crush damage along with hack damage. 
    !!!Important note about Cyclops!!!
    Make sure to get Elder Cyclops who has twice as much attack! This is 
    great when attacking his base! With doubled crush attack your 
    opponent's buildings are in danger.
    ???Why is Ares better than Athena???
    Athena's restoration isn't that useful as you can wait for the heroic 
    age and get Apollo's healing temples. Athena does include some good 
    defense technologies but getting armory upgrades can do the same thing. 
    These technologies would only be useful in longer games where you have 
    the time and resources to research these technologies. The Minotaur is 
    cheaper and weaker than the Cyclops. (You get what you pay for!) The 
    Cyclops has crush attack which the Minotaur lacks. Meaning the Minotaur 
    has no other purpose than a giant overpriced melee unit.
    6.2) - The Heroic Age -
    In Heroic, go Apollo, hands down. His upgrades help your archers, which 
    is perfect. You can also research temple of healing which makes temples 
    heal units that go to them. It only heals them one at a time though. He 
    also gives a research that can give units and buildings improved line 
    of sight
    * His God Power *
    His God Power, underworld passage, can be a game deciding factor or may 
    not be used at all. It creates a two way portal that transports units 
    instantly. It is most effective when cast at the back of your 
    opponent's main base.
    & His Myth Unit &
    The Manticore is a great archer who benefits from Hades. It is a great 
    addition to your archers. The Manticore has a special attack in which 
    it launches 6 darts which do 15 pierce damage each. If your wood supply 
    is good, getting one of these won't be a big problem.
    ???Why is Apollo better than Aphrodite???
    While Aphrodite has very good researches, her God Power and myth unit 
    aren't as useful as Apollo's, especially when using Hades. The Nemean 
    Lion is another expensive melee unit. The Manticore is best because it 
    is an archer, meaning it doesn't take damage form the front line. It 
    also takes Hades' archer bonuses making it even stronger. Her God Power 
    Curse is not as effective and only makes about 10 to 12 pigs from 
    experience. It is not as much a game deciding factor like Underworld 
    6.3) - The Mythic Age -
    It's up to you in the Mythic Age. I will list the good and bad of each 
    Minor God and you can make the decision because they are both good 
    decisions. Artemis has one good attacking God Power but the rest is 
    useless. Hephaestus is more balanced and has a much better myth unit. I 
    would lean more towards Hephaestus.
    * Hephaestus *
    God Power: Plenty
    This creates a Plenty Vault which gives you food, wood and gold every 
    five seconds. This will give you a great advantage as gold mines start 
    to run low. This can help you create a massive army. The bad part is 
    that it can be stolen from you. If you're beaten in the area near your 
    opponent will gain control of it. Be sure to protect it and place it in 
    a safe area.
    Myth Unit: Colossus
    It is one of the best myth units in the game. It has a very strong 
    attack and tons of hit points. Its unique feature is that it can heal 
    it self by eating from gold mines and trees. Maybe you can try to eat 
    your opponent's gold mine! They can be upgraded to Silver Colossus and 
    Gold Colossus.
    Technologies: Forge of Olympus which makes armory upgrade 75% cheaper.
                  Weapon of the Titans which makes unique units have 10% 
    more attack.
    These technologies are great for those upgrades you haven't yet got.
    * Artemis *
    God Power: Earthquake
    The God Power can decide a game or it can add the finishing touches. It 
    deals a crazy amount of crush damage to buildings, so cast it around 
    his military buildings. It does very little damage to human units. This 
    is the most damaging God Power to buildings for the Greeks.
    Myth Unit: Chimera
    A melee lion type unit that has a special attack that can blow fire. In 
    terms of melee myth units this one doesn't match up against the 
    Colossus. You can research Flames of Typhon which gives them 30% more 
    attack, 20% more hit points and their special attack does 30% more 
    Technologies: Plague Arrows: this gives archers 15% more pierce attack.
                  Trierarch: this gives Triremes 20% more crush armor. 
    Plague Arrows is not necessary because I would think your archers are 
    strong enough by now. Trierarch is only necessary if you are going to 
    be doing naval battles; otherwise it is useless since you don't always 
    have a map with water on it.
    Wonder Victory with Hades
    A great way to win a game is by a Wonder. This type of game is for 
    players who have sometime to a longer game, which lasts about an hour.
    Using this strategy can give you the opportunity to frustrate your 
    opponent and have a little fun instead of always going for a military 
    victory, at which you have a better chance of losing. I will run you 
    through the tasks on how to win with a wonder.
    Archaic Age
    Your main goal is to get to the Mythic Age as fast as possible. You 
    will need to farm or fish in order to get the necessary food in time.
    Lay down your Sentinels at your main base. 
    Classical Age
    I would get Athena instead of Ares because her God Power will help heal 
    your Wonder or buildings later in the game. When you reach Classical, 
    get watch towers and their upgrades, build a few more. If your opponent 
    rushes in Classical, try to hold him off and building towers will help 
    you. Concentrate on your resources and favor. No upgrades at the armory 
    are required.
    Heroic Age
    Get Aphrodite, as Curse will help get rid of invaders and her 
    technologies, Golden Apples and Divine Blood are very important.
    Golden Apples makes your villagers gather favor 15 percent faster and 
    Divine Blood makes your villagers build and move faster as well as 
    carry more resources. Build three fortresses and more towers, but leave 
    room for your wonder. Start making walls too.
    Mythic Age
    Get Hephaestus as the Plenty Vault will give you resources to help get 
    you wonder faster. You don't have to start your wonder yet; I would get 
    everything you need first, such as TONS of fortresses and towers. Now 
    upgrade your towers fully and your walls too. Build multiple layers of 
    walls, but not to close to each other as they will take splash damage 
    if they are to close. Start your wonder and keep creating villagers 
    that are rallied to the wonder. Get the two technologies at the town 
    center that will give your buildings more hit points and make them more 
    resistant to siege damage. Now make an army, you cannot defend with out 
    one! Get the units that you like best. I would recommend hoplites and 
    Gastraphetes as well as all the heroes. Gastraphetes can attack your 
    opponent to get rid of his buildings really quick. Check section 4.4 on 
    how to use them. Once the wonder is complete keep building anything you 
    can. Towers, fortresses, town centers and walls will all do. Don't 
    stop, keep telling your self that you don't have enough defenses. Don't 
    forget your army. I hope you win and you probably should unless he has 
    a sick amount of siege and maybe even Gastraphetes. I have only lost 
    once when building a Wonder, I have also won at the last second and 
    only because may wonder lasted because of the extra hit points, so 
    remember that. I hope this helps.
    8) Sources and contacting info
    I hope you have enjoyed this in-depth FAQ and have learned a lot on how 
    to use Hades. Information for this FAQ was found on AOM Heaven at 
    Edited note:
    Sorry, but I don't play AoM anymore, so I'm afraid I can't help you 
    anymore by e-mail. My FAQ is as much as I can help you, so I hope it 
    helps you. 
    Thank you.

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