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    *Age of Mythology      *
    *  The Titans Expansion*
    FAQ v1.0 by BrknPhoenix
    	This FAQ is not intended to be a comprehensive guide, by rather a FAQ
    to list what The Titans expansion adds to the game.  A common issue with
    expansions is whether or not they are worth buying, and hopefully this FAQ will
    make it easier for you to make your decision!
         12/23/03  v1.0    First Release of FAQ
    **~The Atlanteans~**
    	The Atlanteans are a new culture introduce in the Titans expansion,
    complete with their own major and minor Gods.  After the fall of Atlantis,
    the Atlanteans were set adrift without a land to call their own.  Betrayed
    by Poseidon, they had no God save their leader Arkantos.  However, with the
    return of the Titans, the two outcast groups have formed an alliance, and
    now seek to come to power once again.
       _(Unique Atlantean Traits)_
    [[(-> Atlanteans begin the game with several Oracles, scouts whose line of sight
    increases as they remain stationary.  This allows you to simply move your scouts
    to a certain place on the map, and forget about controlling them as their view
    of the land automatically expands, leaving you to worry about more important
    [[(-> Atlanteans gain favor by merely possessing settlements.  After the loss
    of their homeland, they need to rebuild their empire, and your Titan Gods will
    grant you more power as you conquer new territories.
    [[(-> One of the most amazing Atlantean abilities is that ANY unit can be
    upgraded to hero status, for a price.  It can be expensive, but when your
    opponent is heavy with myth units, an army of Atlantean heroes can be
    devastating.  Even mere villagers can become heroes!
    [[(-> Speaking of villagers, the Atlanteans have the most unique ones yet.  They
    come at a much greater price than the standard villager, but are allowed to
    gather from a resource and deposit it directly for your use.  There is no need
    for them to transport it to granaries, town centers, etc.
    [[(-> Reusable God Powers!  Yes, the Atlanteans have many God Powers that they
    are allowed to use more than once, sometimes even up to four times!  While they
    aren't always as powerful as single use God Powers, their multiple uses still
    make them formidable.
       _(Atlantean Units)_
    >>> Citizen (Trained at the Town Center)
    Always traveling with their pack mules, Atlantean villagers allow faster
    production by gathering resources and making them immediately available.
    >>> Oracle (Trained at the Temple)
    Send oracles to the outskirts of your town and hold them still, then watch
    the landscape slowly reveal itself to you.
    >>> Destroyer (Trained at the Palace)
    A mighty warrior with a great shield and vicious trident, trained to eliminate
    enemy fortifications.  Not an effective melee fighter.
    >>> Fanatic (Trained at the Palace)
    Though lightly armored, Fanatic's wield two sword and are strong against any
    military unit except archers.
    >>> Katapeltes (Trained at the Counter Barracks)
    Bring with them a great mace, the Katepeltes are trained to destroy cavalry.
    They are, however, not very effective against anything else.
    >>> Murmillo (Trained at the Barracks)
    The typically grunt, Murmillo's are very strong against cavalry, yet are
    capable against any unit.
    >>> Arcus (Trained at the Barracks)
    Armed with a longbow and a small buckler, the Arcus is especially strong
    against infantry, but still capable against any enemy.
    >>> Contarius (Trained at the Barracks)
    The Contarius rides an armored warhorse, carrying along with him and shield and
    great sword.  While they are skilled against any units, they are especially
    brutal to archers.
    >>> Turma (Trained at the Counter Barracks)
    Attacking by heaving short spears at enemies, the Turma is strong only against
    archers, and only has moderate armor.
    >>> Cheiroballista (Trained at the Counter Barracks)
    Light and fast for siege weaponry, the Cheiroballista is very effect against
    infantry.  However it doesn't have much effect on other units, especially
    >>> Fire Siphon (Trained at the Palace)
    The fire siphon fires a deadly stream of fire capable of burning any building
    to a crisp.
    >>> Bireme
    A large, swift arrow ship that's strong against hammer and fire ships.
    >>> Fireship
    Basically a naval Fire Siphon, strong against siege ships.
    >>> Fishing Ship
    The same as all the other races fishing ships...  I'm sure you can guess what
    it does.
    >>> Siege Bireme
    A slow but powerful ship strong against buildings and arrow ships.
    >>> Transport Ship
    Need I really say?
      _(Atlantean Major Gods)_
    >>> KRONOS
      King of the Titans and god of time as it affects the course of human life.
    [GOD POWER] Deconstruction
      Select an enemy building to deconstruct it.  Resources from deconstructed
    buildings are returned to the builder.
      Moves the buildings of Kronos's followers to alternate locations at a cost
    of resources.
    >>> ORANOS
      Original ruler of the Titans and the father of Kronos.  His body was the
    solid dome of the sky.
    [GOD POWER] Shockwave
      Target a location on the map to hurl enemy units into the air and briefly
    stun them.
      Builds sky passages.  Any unit garrisoned in a sky passage can exit from
    any other sky passage.
    >>> GAIA
      Mother of the Titans and the embodiment of Mother Earth.  Called the
    Foundation of All, as she supports even the dome of the sky.
    [GOD POWER] Gaia's Forest
      Select a location to cause a forest to spring into being.  Resource gathering
    from it is faster and more lucrative than normal forests.
      Lush greenery surrounds all buildings, healing them and preventing enemy
    buildings from being built nearby.
      _(Atlantean Minor Gods)_
    >>> PROMETHEUS Titan-God of Forethought
    [BENEFITS] Heroes
    [GOD POWER] Valor
      Targets human units and converts some of them into heroes.
    [MYTH UNIT] Promethean
      Men of clay that divide in two when killed.
    >>> OCEANUS Titan-God of Water
    [BENEFITS] Infantry
    [GOD POWER] Carnivora
      Spawns a giant, man-eating plant.
    [MYTH UNITS] Caladria
      Flying myth unit that heals allied units.
                 Servant of Oceanus
      An oceangoing elemental myth unit that can heal other units.
    >>> LETO Titan-Goddess of the Unseen
    [BENEFITS] Automaton
    [GOD POWER] Spider Lair
      Seeds the ground with giant trapdoor spiders that attack enemies.
    [MYTH UNIT] Automaton
      Men of metal that can repair and rebuild each other.
    >>> HYPERION Titan-God of Watching and Observation
    [BENEFITS] Heroes
    [GOD POWER] Chaos
      Targets an enemy group to make it hostile to all.
    [MYTH UNITS] Satyr
      Can saturate an area with thrown spears.
      Seagoing myth unit that is strong against other myth units.
    >>> THEIA Titan-Goddess of Sight
    [BENEFITS] Cavalry
    [GOD POWER] Hesperides
      Creates a tree in a selected location that will allow you to train Dryad
    myth units.
    [MYTH UNIT] Symphalian Bird
      Attacks units from the air.  Can only be attacked by ranged units.
    >>> RHEIA Titan-Goddess of Fertility
    [BENEFITS] Favor
    [GOD POWER] Traitor
      Targets an enemy unit to convert it to your side.
    [MYTH UNIT] Behemoth
      Living siege weapon that can regenerate health.
    >>> HELIOS Titan-God of the Sun
    [BENEFITS] Siege
    [GOD POWER] Vortex
      Targets a location to immediately transport all of your military units there.
    [MYTH UNITS] Heka Gigantes
      A mighty giant who pounts the ground to knock enemies back.
                 Man O' War
      Seagoing myth unit that attacks with bursts of chain lightning.
    >>> HEKATE Titan-Goddess of Witchcraft
    [BENEFITS] Myth Units
    [GOD POWER] Tartarian Gate
      Summons a portal to chaotic Tartarus that continuously pours forth demons
    that attack all nearby units until the portal is destroyed.
    [MYTH UNITS] Lampades
      Underworld nymphs.  Uses ranged attack to evoke chaos in enemies.
    >>> ATLAS Titan-God of Daring
    [BENEFITS] Buildings
    [GOD POWER] Implode
      Targets a location to do massive damage to units and buildings.  Most
    effective against large groups of enemy troups.
    [MYTH UNIT] Argus
      A shapeless blob that can kill instantly with an acid attack.
      _(Atlantean God Powers)_
    >>> Deconstruction
    Kronos grants the power to target an enemy building and cause the structure
    to flow backward in time, reversing the building process, until all that remains
    is unbroken ground.  The resources used will be returned to the player who
    built the building.
    >>> Gaia's Forest
    In the area targeted by this power, Gaia's blessing will cause a forest to
    spring into being, granting additional trees for harvesting or an effective
    roadblock.  Wood from such forests is more plentiful and gathered more quickly.
    >>> Shockwave
    Target a location to have Oranos's rage burst forth in a great concussive blast
    that sends enemy units hurling into the air and stuns them for a short time.
    >>> Carnivora
    Target a location to cause a single plant to seed and bloom into a terrible
    man-eating plant.  The Carnivora is intelligent enough to distinguish friend
    from foe and will only attack enemies.
    >>> Spider Lair
    Leto, the Titan-goddess of the unseen, causes a patch of ground to become
    infested with the hidden lairs of huge trapdoor spiders.  Enemy troops that
    pass will be grabbed and pulled inside to be devoured.
    >>> Valor
    The generosity of Prometheus can be channeled into your human units.  A portion
    of them will be imbued with his favor, turning them into heroes.
    >>> Chaos
    When the power of Hyperion is turned against your enemies, some of their minds
    will become clouded.  In this chaotic state, they are unable to tell friend from
    for and will attack any nearby unit.
    >>> Hesperides
    The blessing of Theia takes the form of the Mother Tree, a mighty oak that
    acts as a barracks for Dryad myth units.  The tree protects the area around it
    from God Powers.  Unfortunately, the Mother Tree can be captured by enemies.
    >>> Traitor
    Rheia's granted power will convert a single enemy unit to your side.  A
    converted unit's clothing changes color to match those of your culture.  Only
    myth units and combat units can be converted.  Heroes and laborers are not
    >>> Implode
    The might of Atlas, when unleashed on your enemies, conjures forth a singularity
    that will irresistibly draw to it any enemy unit or building, slaying the eak and
    leaving only the strongest alive.
    >>> Tartarian Gate
    The craft of Hekate will tear a rift between this world and the demonic plane
    of Tartarus, spilling horrors onto the battlefield.  These demons will attack
    any being they see, friend or foe, and will continually pour from the portal
    until it is destroyed.
    >>> Vortex
    Through the grace of Helios, a great whirlwind can be summoned that will
    transport all of your combat units to the location you select.  Use caution,
    for all combat units are affected, leaving none behind to defend your city.
      _(Atlantean Myth Units)_
    >>> Automaton
    The Automaton is a forged construct in the shape of a man.  They are stronger
    and sturdier than any human soldier and, since they can repair and build each
    other, are particularly dangerous in a group.
    >>> Argus
    A fearsome and powerful beast, the Argus appears as a large blob covered with
    eyes.  The corrosive slime of it's body can be expelled forcefully at an enemy,
    leaving only melted remains.
    >>> Behemoth
    These dinosaur like beasts of war are covered in thick, segmented plates, making
    them difficult to injure.  They attack by ramming enemies with their powerful
    tusks.  The Behemoths can also regenerate health, making them effective battle
    >>> Caladria
    Beloved servants of Gaia, the Caladria are valiant healers of the wounded.
    Gifted with flight, but unable to attack in any way, they hover over the
    battlefield and spread their healing powers to friendly units.  The Caladria
    can only be hit by ranged attacks.
    >>> Dryad
    Born of the great oak gifted to mortals by the Titan Theia's most potent
    blessing--the God Power Hesperides--the Dryads are capable fighters and will
    battle tirelessly for whoever controls their tree.
    >>> Heka Gigantes
    The mightiest allies of the Titans, the Heka Gigantes are powerful, four-armed
    giants who can pound the ground will all four fists and knock back whole groups
    of enemies.
    >>> Lampades
    These dark, mysterious nymphs of the Underworld will come to serve the
    followers of Hekate.  From the chaos of Tartarus, they bring the power to
    simply look at an enemy and fill them with madness, attacking friends and foes
    >>> Man O'War
    This massive myth unit appears to be a giant jellyfish, but when ordered,
    it will unleash blasts of chain lightning at enemies.
    >>> Nereid
    The Nereids, or sea nymphs, are a shy but powerful race.  They do battle
    mounted on giant sharks and can, in addition to their attacks, direct their
    mounts to take great bites out of their foes.
    >>> Promethean
    A living mound of clay, the Promethean is a powerful myth unit whose body,
    when mortally wounded, will split into two smaller versions of itself who will
    then fight to the death.
    >>> Satyr
    Unlike the playful fauns, the warlike Satyrs are vicious fighters, and are
    capable of throwing multiple spears at approaching enemies, hitting several
    at once.
    >>> Servent of Oceanus
    The Servant of Oceanus appears as a being formed solely of water.  The Servant
    is the greatest blessing of Oceanus to mariners, as it heals naval units or
    any other allied unit near the water.
    >>> Stymphalian Birds
    Vicious and flesh-eating, the Stymphalian Birds appear as metal-clad avian
    beasts.  In battle, they can shower enemies with a barrage of razor-sharp
      _(The Mighty Titans!)_
    Along with the titans being the Gods of choice for the Atlanteans, they are
    also a new victory condition for every race.  Once any culture has researched
    the mythic age, they will gain the ability to research the Secrets of the Titans!
    This will catapult the culture into the Titan Age, upon which a mighty titan
    can be released to wreak havoc on all enemies.  The titan is a nearly
    undefeatable foe that spells certain doom for your opponents.
    The steps to get a Titan:
    #1) Get to the Mythic Age
    #2) Research Secrets of the Titans at the Town Center
    #3) Place the Titan Gate
    #4) Assign villagers to the Titan Gate.  It first needs to be dug from the
    #5) When the Titan Gate meter reads 100%, you will have unleased a titan!
       Neither Age of Mythology or AOM: The Titans are my property.  They belong
    to Microsoft Game Studios and Ensemble Studios!  I write this FAQ merely as a
    fan and get no profit or personal gain, but should the creaters of AOM
    want me to remove parts of this FAQ I will gladly abide.
    And um... blah! 

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