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"Brief review of an excellent game"

NOTE--This review is for players who have experience in any previous "Age of..." games. It makes references to gathering resources for example.

Age of Mythology is a must buy for any "Age" fan. You play as the Egyptians, the Greeks, or the Norse. Each of these civs has different gods (Norse-Thor, Odin, and Loki, Egyptians-Ra, Set, and Isis, and Greeks-Zeus, Hades, and Poseiden) All of these gods have minor gods that go with them. Through these minor gods, you acquire different god powers from each. Example-When you advance to the fourth age, depending on which minor god you choose, Zeus might grant you meteor shower. (Used for destroying large armies or buildings) Myth units are amazing also. Some myth units include the Frost Giant and Kraken for the Norse, the Hydra and the Minotaur for the Greeks, and the Scarab and Mummy for the Egyptians. With all these mythological creatures at your disposal, the human soldiers are left forgotten. They are not as cool as the dragons and giants but are worth your hard earned resources. Using the god powers plus the human and mythological soldiers makes this game a must-have.

Game Play-10
You have control of every aspect of the game from using god powers to ordering soldiers to attack an enemies fortified stronghold. Excellent, easy to use controls. Win for Conquest, Wonders or Deathmatch modes. Play these modes out on many different maps. (See replay section of review)

Such beautiful graphics! One of the reasons this game is 10/10. In the water you see fish swimming about and the wild creatures on land and air. Human soldiers have almost perfect detail. The Myth units are also near perfect. The animation when using god powers is utterly amazing. The terrain is gorgeous. It is definitely the most realistic I have ever seen. Movement of the units is smooth. The best part of this is that flying units move across the screen as good, maybe even better than the land units. Sea units move smooth also. The game's opening scene tops all other "Age of..." openings. It runs smoothly and is actually quite interesting. This brings you to a gorgeous menu with myth units walking around in the background. This gives you a great first impression.

Same type of music as with the Age of Empires series. Could be better. When you use a god power such as a meteor shower the music turns to frantic horns which gets annoying after a while. Sometimes this overlaps with the normal game music too. Occasionally, the game music continues over into the menu causing you to have to restart the game. The menu music is brilliant. All other sound is excellent too.

Wow. What can I say? You play a thirty-two mission campaign that has very high replay value. You follow the path of the Greek hero Arkantos from Greece to Egypt to Scandinavia and even the Underworld. Won't give the story line away though...

I sadly have primitive dial-up internet which disables me from playing online. I have heard that it is really good though.

This game has the best replay value of any computer game I have ever played. The story can be played multiple times using different strategies. One of these is using humans for one mission then do it again with all myth units. This makes the game worth buying. Hours of fun. The random map game mode is way cool. The random landscape generator never creates the same map twice. Also the specific maps are great. Example-Migdol Stronghold Map-Animals and trees are abundant but the gold is protected by bandits who want the money for themselves. They put up a hard fight too. Another Example-King of the Hill Map-A plenty vault is on a hill top. The civ who controls it starts a slow countdown to victory. These maps, plus many others, give this game an excellent replay value score.

Age of Mythology is a great game with beautiful graphics and high replay value. Again, this is a must have for any fan of Age of Empires 1 and 2. I don't usually say this but I think this is the best computer game of all time. What more can you ask for?

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/18/06

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