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"A real time strategy"

I'm a devoted RT strategy gameplayer and I believe I have a pretty good grasp of the difference between a bad, good, and great game. That said, I've found Age of Mythology to be one of the best RT strategy games to date. Overall, I don't think this game can be beat by any of the major heavyweights on the market right now.

Story (10/10):
Great storyline associated with the Campaigns. The one thing that really stands out is that the usual cheesy dialogue is replaced by conversational banter that actually makes sense. While some people may argue that it's inconsistent to have a hero from ancient Atlantis talking like a your everyday Joe-on-the-street, it's refreshing to see cinematics that don't make you roll your eyes every time the characters speak. As far as I'm concerned, anything that keeps you from skipping past the cut-scenes is a good thing.

Graphics (10/10):
Excellent! The 3-D graphics are rendered in such a way that it enhances the gameplay without being distracting or impractical (a problem I found with Warcraft III). Don't misunderstand me, though... the graphics in the game are outstanding. There is a fine balance between the graphics detail of a game and the practical application of those details, a balance which this game has acheived with stunning success. The programmers left the really fine and meticulous graphics details to the part of the game that it matters the most: the cut scenes. I was REALLY impressed with the way characters actually moved in logical ways when speaking during the cut scenes (crossing their arms when angry, shoulders moving when laughing, etc.), and the variety of movements the programmers used for each situation (not just the same generic poses or movements for every cut scene).

Sound (9/10):
Great sound. I particularly liked how the characters acknowledge your commands in the language of their homeland (which I assume was the case since I don't speak a foreign language). The sounds DID get a little monotonous after a while, though. The voice actors for the cut scenes were very good, as I said in the story section.

Music (N/A):
I can't really give a good rating for the music quality since I usually play my RT strategy games without music. From what I did hear from the CGI scenes, the music is very well done.

Re-playability (9/10):
Great replay value. What's nice about the replay value on this game is it's great no matter what type of player you are. Obviously, if you are into the multiplayer aspect, there's infinite replay value there. For the casual or ''hack and smash'' player who likes to simply beat the living daylights out of the computer, there's a great deal of re-playability for two reasons: first, the three groups are different enough to give even an experienced player a challenge to try and master. Second, because of the choice of Gods given to you when advancing tech levels (which can change the upgrades and units available), there are dozens of possible variations to the three separate groups.

One of the best overall games I've seen in the RT strategy genre. Even if you've never played Age of Empires series before, if you're a strategy game player this is a must-have. You will not be disappointed!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/11/02, Updated 11/11/02

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