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"The greatest RTS game ever"

What can I say. I loved AOE, and was blown away by AOK. I thought that nothing could be better than AOK. After purchasing AOM, I realized how wrong I was. The game is beyond brilliant, and I love the way that Ensemble Studios did something completely new. You can build mythological units, which are strong against regular units, but weak against heros. Also, you can invoke god powers, which can only be activated once a game, but give you certain advatages for a time. Also, instead of stone as a fourth recource, you collect favor. Methods of favor gaining is different with every civ. Greek pray at the temple, egyptians build monuments, and norse fight.

Graphics: 9/10 I did see a big step up from AOK and AOE, but of course, this is an RTS game, and it concetrates on gameplay not graphics. However, AOM did an excellent job with graphics, making it a very realistic game, better than others.

Gameplay: 10/10: Now, for those of you who have played previous Age of Empires games, do not expect AOM to be like them. There is a huge difference in the game. There are three civilizations, which are all drastically different. You can be the Greeks, who's gameplay is similar to previous AOE games. They have the strongest units, but their units cost the most. They can build hero's, which are weak to regular units, but strong against mythical units. The Egyptians twist things a little, as their houses, graineries, mining camps, lumber camps, and markets are free, but all their other buildings cost gold. Their villagers work slower, but their units are cheaper but lighter. Their pharoh, their hero unit, can empower buildings, making villagers who drop off at the building drop off more. Then, we come to the Norse, who's gameplay is hardest to master. Villies don't build buildings, infantry do! Also, they can transform villies into infantry with one click of a button! Then, each race has three major gods, with different unique bonuses. The gameplay is excellent!

Sound: 9/10: Basically, we have the same sounds of AOE and AOK. However, there are differences, giving it a unique feel and sound. As usual, the units when clicked or move, speak in the language native to the civlizations. The sound is excellent.

Multiplayer: 10/10: ESO online's new multiplayer is excellent. Very easy to use, and can get you into games very quickly. This is where Age of Mythology is at it's best!

Replay Value: 10/10: This game will never bore you! You will be hooked for a long time!

So basically, stop reading. Get in your car. Drive over to your nearest store. BUY A COPY!!!!!

Overall: 10/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/08/03, Updated 01/08/03

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