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Reviewed: 03/30/03 | Updated: 03/30/03

The Gods have praised us with this great game !

To start of,I have been a AoE fan from the beginning. I have played every one of 'em, and I am proud to say that Ensemble has made the greatest series of strategy games ever.
After AoK, and it's expansion I wanted another AoE game to satisfy me. But when I heard AoE3 was coming out I was amazed ! Sadly I heard wrong: AoM, a game based on AoE was coming out,with stories from all sorts of mythology ! So I quickly checked it out and I was amazed. Here is my review for AoM:

Gameplay: 10. Why ? Well to start off the game had amazing gameplay.You had nine civilizations to pick from: 3 Greek,3 Egyptian,3 Norse. They are all fully different unlike the past AoE games.The resources were also changed a bit. There was still Food,Wood, and Gold, but stone was taken out for Favor. Favor is your resource that you gain in a unique for unhuman like things such as a minotaur. Every single culture gains favor differently. For Example: The Norse gain it by combat,the Egyptians get it by building Monuments to their gods, and the Greeks get it by praying at their temple. As you advance in ages you have to pick a god to praise, an example would be that would you pick Ares over Apollo? Well if you did you would get a special unit like the Cyclops,some researches, and a godpower. God Powers are special powers you get from the god that you picked and will help you in the outcome of your battle. Researching things will improve you civilization. So a good research to upgrade your Hoplite is just what you need.The units were very nicely made, from Toxotes(A melee unit from the Greeks)To a Slinger(From the Egyptians)The units were very nicely balanced. Speaking of balance there was an interesting thing in this game like other games called rock-paper-scissors. Now you may freak out when you hear this but don't. It's not a major part of the game anyway. Since there are three types of units which are Heroes,which counter Myth Units, Myth Units which counter Human Units, and Human Units which counter Heroes. I'm not saying that you shouldn't do it anyway around but it wouldn't be as effective.You also get you basic buildings from AoE such as the Barracks, the Granary, the Dock and mostly the Town Center. Now if you only have one town center and you lose it,you lose the game, but if you have more than one then you still might hold a chance against the enemy.

Graphics: 9. The graphics were superb ! From the awe-inspiring beginning movie, to the in-game graphics I was stupendefied.The units looked very good in-game and seeing a unit's special attack was always fun. The god powers looked great also, from the time a meteor is about to shine down on a civilization and leave it to pieces,to the wonderfully looking Nidhogg, a dragon you can summon from Norse mythology.

Singeplayer: 8. I kinda lowered it down a bit here, Don't get me wrong or anything, the single player game was great, just ended up kind of short. Still from the first time you meet Arkantos and follow him on his journeys through Greece,then Egypt,then Norse. But when it came to a random map, the game was super.

Multiplayer/Editor: 9. The multiplayer is great, especially with all the tournaments, expert players, and unlimited gameplay. The editor as included in every AoE game was improved greatly. Though hard to use in the beginning,with a little help you'll be on your way to making great maps.

AI: 9 He he. AI... Well the AI was pretty good. When it came to Easy,it was easy, when it came to Moderate, it was moderate, when it came to Titan, kiss your butt goodbye !

Sound/Music: 9 Well I have always enjoyed the sound/music of an AoE game. The themes are always great,the in-game music was always great, along with the sound. But the great part was when you move a unit it says something. For example, when you move a villager, it pretends to say something in either Greek or Norse or Egyptian. When it comes to a Myth Unit they sometimes snarl and make noises. Though the sounds they make is limited, they sure are great.

Replayability: 10. The game's replayability is far greater than other games I have played. When you want to play a singleplayer random map or online you could also record your games to see what you did wrong if you lost the match, or what to do again if you won,or to mix your strategies. Since there is a Editor the replayability is as I said before:Unlimited.

Well that's my review for the Great Game called: Age of Mythology.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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