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"Classic feel but yet NEW"

The game has a great graphics engine for a RTS and the gameplay/playability factor is just awesome. The game took 3 years to make, every penny worth it. It contains the classic age of empires/aoge of kings feel while it delivers a massive array of new features: heroes, new editor which empowers the player with new tools, new town expansion system, and lots of other stuff. The game has changed and some players that have followed the series since the beginning my frown at the changes made in the game, but most will agree that they were for good. I think the only part of the game which I really felt confused is the unit editor, but that is only due to ''operator air'' and not the editor itself. I think it is less ''user friendly'' for ME.
On to the review:

It seems like age of mythology based part of it's gameplay from Warcraft 3, which i still believe its true, W3 revolutionized its series by bringing an 8-bit graphics engine that blows you away. Well AoM brings a 16-bit! The graphics are amazing, from the waves in the coastlines to the flies in the mummies. Every single graphic in the game is breathtaking; while some people may think that the graphics are rather simple from a zoomed perspective, the game played from afar, as it is intend to be, has a lot of detail, and the battls look amazing. There's a lot more to say, too. The game plays well under max graphs and it supports every person's computer(by today's standards).

Sound, sound , sound. Some people think that a game is all about graphics and gameplay. Some believe that gameplay is the core. Every aspect of the game is important and it improves the player's expirience. Sound is no exception. The sound in AoM is good. The 3D audio is GOOD, hearing the warcry from Arkantos from far away or enjoying the sounds of animals or birds everything is nicely done. The music fits the game very well, the artists decided to make the music more..natural, so they used very little synthesizers if none. Some songs were even composed with an 85(or something like that) member orchestra.

A RTS is all about how effective can I be, either organizing my town or micromanaging a battle. Controls will aid you on this. I am not crazy enough to mention all of the controls in this review but I'll mention some of their effects. The 3D engin allows you to easily scroll with your mouse and rotae the camera, as well as zooming in, out, selecting your units into teams are now displayed with banners which are easier to manage and they allow you to select them from your screen if you are not a keyboard techy kind of guy. They are good overall.

What is a good game without good gameplay? A movie... the fact that you interact with the game is a vital part of videogames. AoM has one of the greatest gameplays ever in a RTS rivaled only by a few other games. Micromanaging is made simple(heroes auto-cast their powers), although this can be a little troublesome. The fact that they removed stone from the game is a blessing from ensemble studios. Favor is much more useful and eventually a battle or game can be decided by how much favor you had. Some players don't like favor because they end up regenerating it slowly while getting bashed. Well.. not to be disrespectful, but either get better or don't complain. The gameplay fits the game..not good, not excellent.. but perfectly. Battle are good, building is easy, and fortunately they fixed the fact that you can only build town centers in settlements, adding more strategy and eliminating frustrating rushes.

In conclusion, if you like RTS... buy this... don't hesitate. This is a biggy. I don't give a 10 to this game just because i didn't play the game to its full capacity due to economic reasons, and because im a little to strict. The game.. is SICK! BUY IT.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/28/03, Updated 05/28/03

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