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"The Hammer of Thor"

I read a lot about Greek and Norse mythology and I wanted to play a game that had one of those in it. So, I asked a guy at the store and he told me about Age of Mythology. I then bought it a year later and I have played it everyday since I bought it. I can't keep myself from playing it.

Game Play: 10

If you want to throw lightning bolts, you can. If you want to summon the Sphinxes, you can. If you want to beat your enemies mercilessly, to please the gods, you can. You can use the original powers of the gods and crush your enemies. You can make armies, derived from three different materials, gold, wood, and food. The powers that the gods use make some things very easy, if you use them correctly. Somewhere between the meteor shower and the lightning storm I thought of giving this a ten. Then I used the plague of serpents and the ancestry (brings forth an army of the dead) powers. But it needs more levels.

Graphics: 9

Computer graphics are not always the best, but I was proved wrong the second I turned on the game, the video sequence was awesome. The characters are easily distinguished from one another, and the landscape looks very good.

Sound: 10

I play this game with headphones on and tune everything else out. It is like I am transported to Greece, or Egypt, or Scandinavia. It is very well in the sound department. The war cries of the soldiers are great and the sound of the god powers rule.

Plot: 9

You are a Greek hero who battles during the Trojan War, but he finds out that there is something afoul with it all. It just so happens that there is a Giant Cyclops trying to gain immortality by breaking the gates to Hades so Poseidon can take over. It leads to several battles, some being true in the legends. He travels far to become acquainted with the Egyptian and Norse gods.

Difficulty: 6

Not a walk in the park, but not mission impossible either. Its just the difficulty that you would want for a game like this. Some of the beginning levels are quick but some take well over an hour, but none of it is so hard you would cover yourself in bacon over. I think it is perfect for this game.

Multi player: 9

I am not a big fan of multi player real time games but when I played this I screamed ''PENGUIN'' out loud.(I don't know why) Either way, you can compete against each other using different armies of different places around the globe. Trust me it is really, really good.

Replay Value: 8

Don't play the entire thing over, just play certain levels differently. I did one level with all mythological creatures and then did the level over with archers and axe men. There are many ways to do beat levels. You can attack on land, by water, or by air (rarely).


+Great Story
+Not too hard
+Very fun
+Good graphics
+Lots of ways to play


-Need more levels

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/05/03, Updated 06/05/03

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