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"A great addition to any RTS fan's collection"

Well, I really never know what to say in the introduction. And I really hate whoever made intros customary. I have a review all planned out and then I have to spend 20 plus minutes thinking what to say first. Well, I guess I should stop my rant and just review the game.

Age of Mythology is made by Ensemble Studios, the same people who made the famous Age of Empires series. So, does it live up to the lofty expectations?

Age of Mythology runs on a 3D engine, much like Empire Earth. I see you EE players cringing out there, but don't worry, it's a whole lot prettier. While up close and personal, it isn't exactly beautiful, the normal view works well, and the god powers are absolutely stunning.
Score: 8

The sound is awesome. The clangs of swords and war crys of your soldiers are well done, and the voiceovers, while not of say, Kingdom Hearts quality, hold up well. During cinematics, everyone speaks in plain old english, while in battle they speak their native language. It has now effect on the game, but it sounds pretty cool. The music is awesome, but can get a little repetative after a lot of play throughs.
Score: 8

Not much to say here. The game controls just the same as all other RTS's, but you don't seem to have as much control over battles as you do in Empire Earth. There's of course a plethora of hotkeys to remember if you want to, you I found it easier to just click the right side of the screen than to press the W key.
Score: 7

Okay, in Age of Mythology there's 3 main ''races''. There's the Greeks, your average race, alot like the people of all other RTS games. Then there's the Egyptians, who have cheap to make units, but they're not quite up to par with other units. Last is the Norse, who have their own list of unique traits.(I recommend you check the FAQs if you want to see more about the specialties of each race) While the races aren't as diverse as Starcraft, they're all balanced good enough. You also worship gods, which will give you awesome god powers and special power ups. The god powers are, like I said earlier, awesome, and can completely change the tide of battle. Cast the Bronze power to give your troops super defense, or the Underworld Passage power to build a gateway to anywhere on the map.

The rest of the game is like almost all other real time strategy games: Build your city, make an army, destroy your opponent. The game also features a pretty good campaign mode. You play as Arkantos, the Atlantaen Admiral, as you journey form Troy to the Underworld in 31 scenarios. The story is surprisingly well done, and can really suck you in if you ignore some of the hokey cut scenes. Ensemble has just released another campaign for download, but it's not nearly as long or involving.

The multiplayer mode has no real unique traits, but it's easy to hop online and find a game. It's still just your run of the mill fight to the death battle though.
Score: 8.5

Overall, AoM is an awesome game, and while I sound like I didn't enjoy it much, it's really one of the best RTS's out there. If you love the genre, or are a fan of the Age of Empires series, you owe it to yourself to pick it up.
Overall Score(Not an average): 9

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/22/03, Updated 06/22/03

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