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"They carry on the series with this great game"

Age of Mythology – The review

The next edition of the classic strategy series created by Microsoft, this game has a lot to live up to as well as adding a new element which was not present in the other two games (for those who don’t know Age of empires 1 + 2). But they still had to keep the Key points that made the other two a success.

Build your own empire and destroy anyone that comes against you, create an army big enough to destroy any tribe, make a solid industry to be rich enough to buy anything you desire, or build a defense impossible to breach and withstand any attack!

Graphics 7/10

These Graphics have made a huge jump from the cardboardy and 2d’ish graphics of 1 + 2. The fire looks nice, the water is smooth and the landscape is also very detailed. The good thing also is that these are not too powerful graphics and most new’ish computers should be able to handle the graphics with ease.

Controls 9/10

Having almost the same controls as Age of Empires 1 + 2 makes it very simple for people who played any one of those games. A simple point and click for moving your troops around and a single click to engage.
The Units you selected have a highlighted distinctly so even in the heat of battle you can find them easily. You would have the jist of the controls within a few minutes of playing it.

New Stuff 7/10

No-one is going to buy a game that is almost exactly the same as the last so they had to add new features. The whole point of this game is the gods, you choose which god you want to worship, and each one will give you mythological warriors and god powers which help you in times of need, or when you are attacking the enemy.Also some minor changes e.g. they have scrapped having to get stone so now you need only get gold, food, Wood. In my eye makes it simpler and also Farms last for ever.

Sound 10/10

Each person; warrior , creature or humble villager has their own sounds when you select them most of them are not annoying, but what’s great and has always been great about this series is the background music, although quite bland it’s soothing music that really helps you feel as if you are building a huge empire. The songs have something in them which makes the game strange to play if on mute.

Online 8/10

The online mode lets you into a whole new world for age of mythology with being able to meet and play with, or against Age of Mythology players. It will teach you new strategies, and playing against real people means your enemies can be better (or worse) at reacting to a situation than a bot. Although it isn’t all great, I’m sorry to all 56k’ers but I wish they had made it broadband only because when one person is lagging it lags the whole server and playing real-time strategies in major lag isn’t very fun especially when it takes like a minute for your troops to move.

Conclusion 9/10

So should you buy this? , I would say yes, and if you are a strategy fan I would say “stop reading this review and go out and buy it!” It’s a great addition to the already fantastic Age of Empires 1 + 2. In my opinion this is the best strategy game I have ever played, you’ll be playing it for hours on the Campaign, random map or on a Deathmatch.

So is this game a classic …. YES!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/04/04

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