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"I love you!"

Yeah, once I first saw this game, it seemed like a dream to me, since I love greek mythology... They even sold a collectors' pack which came with a book related to the theme, a cool Minotaur figure and some other stuff... Huh, of course I bought it as soon as I could, and even today I really enjoy this game, and as for what I've seen, more people I know also say that this game is quite good. So, this review was written for one of my university mates, Ines!

I'm not sure if you know about this, but this game is kinda like a sequel for the "Age of Empires" saga. I mean, the gameplay is quite like the one from that set of games, however in this one you will also be able to work with mythic creatures, more than just taking care of your army of different soldiers. You also get to pick a main god, who will surely make the difference between which upgrades you will have available or not. But apart from these things, the game seems like an "Age of Empires" game, I mean... you will have to gather resources so that you can build more things, which may vary from more more buildings, units or upgrades which may help your civilization. Finally, there are lots of modes you can enjoy, which vary from a huge campaign mode in which you can learn lots of thing about all the 3 civilizations included in this game (Greece, Egypt and Norse...), plus an interesting multiplayer game which you can use to play with your friends (or with anyone at all!) across the internet or even in a LAN. Oh, and did I already told you that you can check storic (or mythological) data for all the units that ever appear in the game?

The story in this game is the one that appears in what I can call the main mode, since it will be the one in which you will spend more time (well, at least I did!). Mainly it's like this... Our hero, Arkantos, will be defending his home town against some monsters... However, one of the city's most important items, the trident of Poseidon, was stolen during that battle. Now your task will be returning it to the place where it belongs, but that task isn't as easy as you can think, and it can take you into an adventure for more interesting that you can even imagine!

The graphics are really great, you can clearly see all the units, all the buildings and all the graphics from the natural resources (even lightning and fire) quite clearly, and all those don't become slower even if there are lots of units moving across the field, attacking or whatever... As for the sound, it is also good, since all the units have their "classic" sound, plus the musics that appear in the many events across the game sound really like ones that you could expect to hear in that particular time.

Play Time/Replayability
It will take you a long time to finish this game (well, unless you are a major cheater! :P ), and even when you do it, I think you will like to replay it in order to play some random maps or, even more interesting, to play some online games with some more people!

Final Recommendation
A really good game, and I think that everyone who likes strategy games (or even better, those who like mythology!) will enjoy it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/12/04, Updated 05/20/04

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