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"Innovative RTS"

When I first bought Age of Empires in 1998, I fell in love with the RTS(Real Time Strategy) genre. I have followed the "Age" series all the way up to this game. For those of you that don't know, this series basically revolutionized the way the RTS games are made. After the tremendous success of Age of Empires, Ensemble Studios released the sequel Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings in 1999. They followed it with the conquers expansion, and then the gold edition. Released in 2002 is the latest installment of the "Age" series, Age of Mythology. Unlike the previous titles, Age of Mythology was set in a time of Magic and Mysticism. Considering that the previous titles were based off of real world history, it was kind of a gamble for Ensemble, but they got the better hand.

Gameplay: 9/10

The gameplay in this game is the same you would find in most RTS games. You know, build a base, create an army, kill the other players. The thing that keeps the gameplay from being extremely boring is the new additions. Unlike the previous games this game features strong and expensive Myth Units, which vary depending on what race you are playing as. There are three races in this game to be, the Greek, the Egyptian, and the Norse. Each race has 3 major gods and several other minor gods. Depending in which gods you choose, you will receive different myth units and bonuses. There are also heroes to use which are effective against anything, especially myth units. Since this game is set in Ancient times, you will mostly see swords and hand-to-hand combat weapons. Overall the gamplay is great.

Story: 10/10

This game takes place in ancient times, around the same time the Greeks captured Troy. You follow the story of Arkantos, the general of Atlantis. Your people currently worship Poseidon, and have deep trust in him. The rulers of Atlantis feel that Poseidon is angry, and that Arkantos is not doing enough to please him. So you are sent to troy to help with the siege, but at the end of the siege you meet up with a mysterious Cyclops who try's to destroy you. Thus the story unfolds.

Graphics: 8/10

The graphics aren't anything special, but they're pretty decent. Unlike the previous game sin the series this game runs in full 3D, meaning that everything has a complete 360 degree view. This makes the world much more vivid and interactive than the previous game. The detail and water effects are pretty good, but they could have been better. The lighting is pretty weak too. However, one thing that is particularly excellent is the special effects. The explosions and magic effects are magnificent. Overall the graphics are decent, but they could have been better.

Sound: 9/10

Sound in this game is exactly what you would expect from an RTS. Your not gonna hear songs by koRn, but you will hear brilliant tunes that fit the situation. The voice acting is pretty good too, but the death cries are pretty lame. All the environmental sounds are great too. You will here water swishing around in the wind, birds chirping and owls hooting.

Final Recommendation: If your a fan of RTS, pick this game up.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/19/04

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