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"Could be considered a stand alone game execpt you need RA2 to play it"

STORY- The Soviet psychic Yuri has betrayed the Soviet Union in his plan to take over the world with his Psychic Dominator which can mind control people in a big area forever. The president of the U.S.A. hears this and orders an air strike on it. The planes get shot down by Yuri’s Gattling cannons but landed on a power plant and the psychic dominator was shut down. Then Yuri activates the other dominators in the world. Then you can play as the Allies or Soviets to save the world first with the Allies’ secret weapon: a time machine (the Soviets most steal it if you play as them).

GAMEPLAY- Like Red Alert 2 but different. There are 2 campaigns; one for Allies and Soviets focused on destroying Yuri and his army. The most fun starts in skirmish though when you can control Yuri's army and the other 2 teams with a few new units. Yuri’s army is different from the Allies and Soviets of course. One of his buildings, the grinder can make you money. You send any unit into it (most likely someone mind controlled) and you get money for it. One of his units the floating disk looks like a common UFO. It can shut down power as long as it is above a power plant and will steal cash above an ore refinery. With 3 teams it is more like StarCraft which makes very fun Internet games. As for the Internet games you can now have 6 human players instead of 4 despite the back of the box says only 4 human players. Also you can chose teams and starting positions before the game starts which makes team games more fun and easy to set up. The only bad part about Internet games is when you play a Quick Match it counts for your rank and of course lag from slow players.

SOUND- Not much changed from RA2 but I noticed in RA2 all the tanks had the same voice. Now the instead of the grizzly tank, IFV, Prism tank, Chrono Miner, ect having the same voice they each have unique voices.

CONTROL- Same as Red Alert 2 basically. Now when you use a super weapon it shows the range for it. RATING-9

GRAPHICS- Nothing eye popping but they are good

Final Score (NOT Average)- 9.8
Rounded Score-10

One final note if you experience long loading times put a CD in all your CD drives (including burners) it makes loading time much faster :)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/22/01, Updated 10/22/01

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