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"ESSENTIAL to anyone that liked Red Alert 2"

If you beat the original RA2 then you would be right to be suspicious that they never showed Yuri getting killed or captured. Well, he's back and is plotting to take over the world. It's not as corny as it sounds, he has placed physic devices all around the globe and plans to mind control everyone on earth. All the original actors return as well.

The allies only hope to stop Yuri’s plot is to go back in time before the physic devices were completed, and take them out. This story makes for interesting game play because you get to battle in so many unique locations; From San Francisco, to Egypt, to Antarctica.

If you play on the soviet side you hi-jack the time machine and fight to change the course of the war in your favor. I was very impressed with the thought that went into each mission, especially one particular where you have to destroy Einstein’s lab in Germany. Anyone that beat RA2 may notice they have played this mission before, but they played it from the allied side in the original RA2! It's little things like this that really show the thought Westwood put into this expansion.

Overall this expansion goes a long way to smoothing out the balance and game play of RA2. The soviets get more long term staying power, and the allies get some units to round out their already brilliant balance of units. The soviets no longer have Yuri’s, cloning vats, or the physic tower. They never really fit with the soviets anyway, but without the cloning vats the soviet infantry go from semi-useless to totally useless. The soviets still suck, but you if you are tired of playing allies you can now play as Yuri. The Yuri side is very popular and at an even footing with the allies, possibly even stronger than the allies.

The soundtrack is only about 6 tracks long, but they make up for it in quality. Personally I like that they got away from that crap in RA2 and got back to their C&C roots.

Nothing overly special about the new unit sounds, but there is nothing bad about them either. Every unit has it's own unique acknowledgements now, and all the voices are well done. They even gave many old units new voices.

There is really no room to improve the graphics in an expansion pack, but all the new units are well done and there was nothing wrong with RA2's graphics to begin with.

Yuri's revenge doesn't improve performance. In fact, it has a serious decrease in performance over RA2. LONG load times, slower in general, and frequent crashes/lockups in both online and solo play.

It has blown away my expectations in almost every way. I'm not just referring to my expectations for Yuri's Revenge, but for all expansion packs in general. It adds so much to game play that you simply cannot pass it up for a mere $20-$30.

Honestly I thought the original RA2 was simply average in terms of game play, and I didn't play online for more than a few games. Now Yuri's revenge is my new addiction for online games. This definitely adds that extra something that was missing from RA2. It's downright essential to anyone that even remotely liked RA2.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/03/01, Updated 11/03/01

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