"More fun than the Original........."

Well let me start by saying that this game is excellent but not perfect.

The storyline is moderate at best. The charecters make way to many jokes and and don't seem to be really serious. Now while the plot is fun it has no real depth. You will spend half your time watching the briefings while making a sandwich.

The missions are not like Ra2's in most parts. You spend most of your time completing an annoying objective only to find that the base you have been avoiding for half an hour must now be destroyed. Almost every mission consists of destroy target A now destroy base B. These missions could be better.

The graphics are the same as before save for a few new animations but there really wasn't anything to complain about in the first place.

Well the Allies have aq few new units to speak of I.E. THe Gaurdian G.I., the Battle Fortress, and that's it. Soviets now have Boris the soviet equivelent to Tanya, the Bunker for their troops, and of course the Industrial factory. Now Some people consider the spy plane and the mig as new units but ya don't actualy use 'em. Yuris side is very cool. But it can be a severe pain in the butt. Fighting them is like fighting a brick wall with a jackhammer. You can win but it will be a big pain and ya gotta make sure it does not crush you first.

Sound is the same save for the new units and everything that shared a sound with another thing. Music is cool I suppose though it can be pretty annoying.

Re-Play value
The game is not one that I would really cosider replaying very many times since the single player is kind of weak. The Skirmish mode is a wonder on it's own. Now you get to chose starting positions and teams so now you and your soviet allies can kick some Yuri butt in skirmish mode. The main problem with this and Ra2 is that there is no map editor that comes with the game. Your only editor is a random map generator which bites to all hell. Also your random map editor does not generate anything but temperate a snow maps. No urban, desert, or lunar maps makable with the random generator. You can download a map editor from Westwood.com but it takes forever and half a century to design a simple map.

All together it is good but it was not as good as many had thought it would and could be better it has the same fun factor as Total Annihilation: Kingdoms it can be very addictive but not as good as it could be. I would suggest that if you had to decide between this and TAK (See reference above) I would buy TAK and Yuris revenge because I am sure you love stratagy games and both together would cost about 37$.

Overall: 8-9

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/05/01, Updated 12/05/01

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