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"Dude, this game is awesome"

Ever since I've gotten to lay my hands on a Command & Conquer game, I have played them off and on. A C&C game is a really cool thing. First, I played Tiberian Sun. I thought it was pretty cool, but could use some improvement. Then I decided to play some Red Alert 2. That game is pretty neat too, because you get cooler superweapons like nukes and lightning storms and the such. But man, when I played Yuri's Revenge, I played the most awesome C&C game that I've ever played. Before this one, the only armies I had played with were GDI/NOD and Allies/Soviets. I knew about Yuri, but I never even knew how cool Yuri's army would be. This game is mad awesome and now I'm going to get on with the review.

Gameplay (9.2/10):
This usually varies, depending on your computer, but with mine, the gameplay rocks. It stutter-steps on the framerate a little bit sometimes, but this game is so cool that you probably won't even care about a few minor framerate mishaps. Even so, that only happens when there is a lot of animation on the screen. Each army gets new units though, and everything is just freakin' awesome. Yuri's army is pretty neat, because you have a special something called a Slave Miner, which works just like the Ore Miner or War Miner, but this doesn't require an Ore Refinery, it's mobile, has a gun, and you have five slaves slaving away to produce your income. You can click on a slave and they'll say something a normal slave would actually say. It's pretty funny. If you've wanted a good war game, this is it.

Story (9/10):
Basically, the president was talking to some people and got interrupted by Yuri. Yuri threatened to take over, and the president resisted. After a little while, he tries to bargain with Yuri and give him some land, but Yuri refuses. Why would Yuri just want some land if he could take over the world? He activates his psychic dominators, which are located practically everywhere, and you must now stop him. It's really cool. What I just described is a somewhat-long movie that you get to watch before you play the game for the first time.

Graphics (10/10):
Yuri's graphics are awesome. Of course, this could vary depending on what kind of computer you have, but I'm giving it a ten because my computer displays some nice stuff. Keep in mind that my computer is over a year old and it's refurbished, so it's probably even older than that. Anyhow, the graphics are really great. All of Yuri's machines, buildings, and infantry are beautifully done, especially his air force. If you think you've seen perfection in the C&C series before, think again. This is it, as of yet. You've gotta see how the screen changes color when Yuri uses his superweapons!

Sound (8.8/10):
Ah yes, the sounds. The sounds in this game are really cool. Everything from the sound of your gunmen firing to the superweapons causing mass destruction, it's all very well-done. Anyhow, you should hear Yuri's voice as you buy stuff and make commands. It's all very good, and that's all I really have to say.

Challenge (8.9/10):
I can't correctly grade this section yet, as I haven't played the single player missions very thoroughly, but I'm judging this based on the fact that Yuri is not just against the Allies, but the Russians as well, as well as the fact that just about any Command & Conquer game has a pretty nice level of difficulty. As if that weren't enough, you can also choose between Easy, Medium, and Hard.

Replay Value (10/10):
The replay value of any game like this (a Command & Conquer game) is phenomenal, because you will never have the same battle twice. There is always something that will be different, if you choose so. That includes the color of your enemy, the difficulty of the enemy, which side your enemy is with (Allied, Soviet, Yuri), and which battlefield you pick. Those are all some of the variables that you will find in a battle in Yuri's Revenge.

Buy or Rent?:
All I have to say here is if you're a Command & Conquer fan in the least bit, especially if you've played the Red Alert parts of the series, BUY THIS! You will be satisfied without a doubt.

Points: 55.9/60
Overall Rating: 9.3

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/28/01, Updated 12/28/01

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