Review by Sapphire Weapon

"Impressive, Westwood!"

Congratulations on a succesful expansion Westwood! This game was amazing. It has it's down points, but... what game doesn't?

Story: 9
Yes, it was slightly corny and unoriginal, however, it didn't ruin RA2's storyline really (Yuri survived that nuke! from the soviet side anyway). What I mean is: When you beat the allies, you'll notice Tanya never looks for Yuri. (The General Carville thing was a little too far though...)

Cut Scenes/Movie Scenes: 9
What happened to the cool rendered scenes at the end? With all the same actors, they're just as good as the first. (Does Kari, Tanya, ever look the same. Kari plays Tanya in all three Red Alerts and has different hair color every time!)One more thing-why did they even consider putting Dugan's ''Let's get along'' talk in there?!

Music: 8
This is one of those ''down points''. Not only was the soundtrack short, the songs weren't all that great-And they have an annoying habit of getting suck in your head. Luckily, there's a way to move the old soundtrack over to YR. (It says how on this site) It lacks the cool Redalert Theme. However, I believe Red Alert 1 had the best theme of any.

Graphics: 10
No different, they were good to begin with.

Online: ?
Couldn't tell ya, haven't gotten there yet. But it should be cool.

Multiplayer: 10
If you read my RA2 review, this is the same score (...I think...) If not, it still deserves it. The ability to choose where you start is great. But the best of all is described in one word: Alliances!

Campaign: 10
These are considerably harder which makes sense since people who play it SHOULD have beaten the first (hint hint). Allies and Soviets are pretty even. Yuri, though, has quite an advantage (those Yuri clones drive me out of my skull). It's good that Tanya can't be mind-controlled (Thank God!). The new units are cool, such as the Battle Fortress and the Siege Chopper(can anybody say: Starcraft?)

Sounds: 9.9
Great. The -.1 is that the Prism tanks are nerdy and the Apocalypse tanks are freaky. I now build Mirage tanks just to listen to them, they're pretty funny. ''Nobody here but us trees!'' ''Replanting'' ''Want some shade?'' And funny ones that (of course) I can't remember at the moment.

Artificial Intelligence: 10
I don't see a problem with it, it does seem better than the first.

Overall Average: 8.2

Recomendation (Rent/Buy): Personally, I see no logic in renting any strategy game, on top of that, this game's great. Buy it! (it's only $20)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/20/02, Updated 01/20/02

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