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"Yuri’s Revenge is a god!"

I was thinking that this game is just new missions and no new units/buildings at all! I was wrong! Now that I bought this game called Yuri’s Revenge I realized that I did something very good and its well worth the £15 English pounds I gave to get it.
O.K now, did you finish Red Alert2? If No let me tell the story of RA2 and the story
Of Yuri’s Revenge:
In RA2 the Soviets decided to take revenge on the Allies for the
World War and started a huge campaign trying to destroy the states and the power of
The Allies. Choosing the U.S you have to defend your country from the Russian attacks and prevent them from conquering the world. On the other hand if you choose Russians you have to attack America and take revenge. The Soviet Union has a powerful force including Yuri a psychic maniac with the ability to control people’s minds. So with that unit (Yuri) Russia has the power to crash America. In the end Yuri became a traitor and created his own psychic army to destroy both America and Russia. You must destroy its forces and beat the game. Yuri’s Revenge is the RA2 expansion where Yuri is trying to take revenge on you!

New stuff in Yuri’s Revenge
In the campaign selection you can choose again between the Allies and the Soviets. Yuri builds Psychic special devices all over the world and it is taking energy and destroy the world. The Allies are getting together with the Soviets to take on Yuri forces. But in fact everyone has its own things to win and everyone is an enemy! America created a time machine and it lets you go back in time and destroy the Psychic special devices before being activated. Russia wants the time machine too and Yuri wants to destroy it. We have: Allies vs. Soviets vs. Yuri
What’s new in Yuri’s Revenge its not only the mission but some other thing and fixes. If you play Skirmish there are a lot a lot of new maps. You can also be an ally with the Computer and make Team Battles; not like RA2 which everyone was against you. Also you can choose from what point in the map to start the match. There are not big unit changes in Allies and Soviets. Spy planes, tanks etc. BUT you can choose Yuri Force too instead of Allies/Soviets and its completely new units! Here are some new units/buildings:
-New soldiers with machine guns
-All the war factory tanks and other things are completely new and v powerful.
-The ore collecting operation is different. You build the slave miner vehicle and it deploys near an ore field and 5 slaves come out of it and collect the gold for you.
-It has a fantastic rocket boat which is very powerful with a lot of range
-Psychic Radar, and others
-New soldiers like the machine gunners, Brute; a creature, Virus and Clone Yuri. Actually clone Yuri is normal Yuri like in RA2 but you can also built the Prime Yuri only once and he flies and he has very long range. You can carry your captured enemy’s until in anyplace you like on the map!!!
-You can put citizens, your soldiers or enemy soldiers (with Yuri’s help) in the Power Generator and increase your power
-You can put citizens, your soldiers or enemy soldiers (with Yuri’s help) in a building which it allows you to “smash” these units and get free money!
-And more…. Including Superweapons, Psychic Map reveal and other Crazy Psychic units/building/powers

*Graphics: 9/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Sounds: 9/10
Replay value: 10/10
Buy/Rent: BUY

OVERALL= 10/10

Yuri’s Revenge is a god!
*NOTE: I gave a lot of thinking to give out these scores. Don’t think I just tell a score that comes to my mind this very moment like some people…

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/05/02, Updated 02/05/02

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