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"Yuri has his own team and is back for more action!"

Wow. I picked up this game today and it is amazing. For all of the Red Alert 2 fans and veterans interested in picking up the game, you better get down to the store and pick it up.

The graphics for a RTS game like this cannot be compared to action and adventure games, but for this type of game the graphics are amazing. I give the graphics a 10.

The sound is something you don't pay attention to after a while. It gets a little monotonous, but the quality is good.
My score is 8.

The gameplay is spectacular. It is filled with suspense and action at every turn. They did a magnificent job on this one.
10 is my score.

The story is fascinating, just listen to it:

At the end of the Allied Campaign in Red Alert Two, Premier Romanov is imprisoned in the Tower of London. The Allies were swift and fast in their attack on on capturing Romanov, but they forgot about Yuri. In all of this mess he manages to retreat to his underground lair. In here he starts drawing up his plans for World Domination. He starts training what he calls his ''clones'' which are able to mind control as well. He benefit's greatly from the Soviets as he is able to take away numerous structures that were created and produced by him. Yuri realizes that the Allies and Soviets will also want to win this so he starts building up his ''mind control'' force and also starts getting more technology.

So two months after the war, Yuri shows himself. Eva tells you that Yuri has been secretly been planting what he calls ''Psychic Dominators'' all over the globe. The Allies try to overcome their differences and be friends with Yuri. They tell him that ''the war is over'' but Yuri immediately informs them ''don't be so sure''. The Allies quickly launch a attack on the first Psychic Dominators on Alcatraz Island. Although the attack failed, the pilots managed to destroy his power supply enough that the Psychic Dominator can't be activated.

There is bad news ahead though. 2 of the Psychic Dominators have been activated and more are close to this status. Although the one on Alcatraz Island is still underpowered, Yuri is capturing power plants to make sure it does get activated. You must stop the Dominator being activated! The way you can do this is go back in time using a new machine, called funny enough the ''Time Machine''. It allows you to send a assault force back in time and change the future. Use it comrade and make sure this menace doesn't activate those Dominators, or you will fall under control of him!

Is that exciting or what? I give the story a ten.

Overall score (not an average)= 100%, 10/10, A+

If you own CNC:RA2, you make sure to pick this one up. You won't be disappointed. Enjoy!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/17/02, Updated 06/17/02

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