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"Westwood's Masterpeice Expansion Pack"

I got Yuri's Revenge the very first day it came out, and I have been playing it since. I couldn't wait to get it, and it lived up to my full expectations.

Gameplay:9-Yuri's Revenge gameplay is very intelligent, and complex. It is a strategy based game on war. One of the best things about this games gameplay, is that there is so many options. Single player is challenging and pretty fun, but after that you have so many options with multi player. The multi player function really builds the shell for this game. The game is very fun win or loose you always learn something and will get better every game. On single player it all depends on what difficulty you set it to. But if you are a veteran to Command and Conquer games, than the single player will be just a tad bit challenging a couple of times. Other than that it's not too difficult. The controls are very simple. This being because about 80% of the game you will be using the mouse. You can do the same functions with the keyboard that you can on the mouse, except move around. Overall the gameplay is excellent.

Story:8-Well if you liked the other Command and Conquer stories, you will probably like this one. Most of the Red Alert stories, and Command and Conquer stories are Sci-Fi related. This one is right in that category. Well, as you know this is a expansion of Red Alert 2, and Yuri basically takes his Soviet funds and builds a psychic army. He plans to take this army, and control the world. You as either the Allies or Soviets, must stop Yuri. It is a pretty good story for a expansion pack which most people only expected expanded multi player.

Audio/Video:7-Yes, graphics don't make the game, and Yuri's Revenge graphics aren't the greatest. The graphics for this game are decent so you can tell the difference between everything, and tanks and units are detailed enough. The audio is above par and at times can be very detailed. In my opinion the audio is pretty good.

Re playability:10-Once you have completed the single player mode you have many choices. One choice you have is that you can replay it again with the side you didn't choose the first time. After that you can increase the game's difficulty. Once you think you are fully done with single player mode, you can then move onto multi player mode and play people online as long as you want. In multi player there are many options and different things to do. Multi player will keep you hooked on Yuri's Revenge until the next sequel comes out.

To buy or to rent?-Buy. If you rent this game, you will not have nearly enough time to complete all the features of Yuri's Revenge. I also advise that you do not burn from someone else because of the key code. If you do this, you will both not be able to compete online, and this is the biggest function of Yuri's Revenge. So I greatly advise you to buy this game.

Overall:9-A very good game, with good features, and a good online community. I think in the future if they work on the Command and Conquer's graphics, this would make the game terrific. But this game is already terrific with its gameplay. Go buy it now!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/20/02, Updated 07/20/02

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