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Reviewed: 10/16/02 | Updated: 10/16/02

A well rounded game with great new buildings, and units

What do you think of when you hear Command and Conquer?
After playing this game, I think it’s one of the greatest real time strategy games I’ve ever played.

If you’ve played Red Alert 2 then you know who Yuri is, but if not let me tell you. In Red Alert 2 Yuri was Premier Romanov’s second in command. He would advise Romanov, and he would give his own technology to the Russian cause. With his psychic powers Yuri could control almost all unit, and infantry on the battlefield. Also he was able to perfect cloning technology, and laterally grow clones of him self. And not only that, but with his cloning vats you were able to clone any of the soviet infantry.

Well, almost all of that has changed. He was never actually working for Romanov. All along he has been building his Psychic Dominators all across the globe. His psychic dominators can control the minds of a great number of people, and turn them over to Yuri’s will, and he was able to detonate two before you know what hit you. And this is just the beginning.

You will have to defeat Yuri’s many forces to stop him. With new units to torment the world you have to pull out all the stops. His Initiates are his psychic soldiers, and his genetic monstrosities the Brute, are only a couple of things you will have to worry about.

But you have not come unprepared. As the Allies, you can now train Guardian Gis, who have the ability to use a rocket launcher with Anti air capability. And a Battle Fortress, basically a heavy armored transport that the occupants can fire out of, and Robot tanks, that have no drivers so they can’t be mind controlled.

As the Soviets you lose the cloning vats, but gain Boris (my favorite character), he is Tanya’s counterpart. With a high-powered machine gun that can literally tear a tank the pieces, but instead of C4 charges, Boris can call in an air strike, of MIG fighter jets to destroy the target. You will also get a battle bunker that you can fill with Conscripts to defend you base.

You may think that all this could destroy Yuri no problem, but your wrong. He has some brand new toys that he is waiting to show you. For example Yuri’s Gattling technology. Yuri’s answer to Prism, and Tesla technology. These guns are equipped with dual .50-caliber machine guns that can rip through not only flesh, but also they are the most effective anti-air weapons around. One unique thing about them is the longer they shoot the stronger they become.

Graphics: 9/10-This game has great visuals, with the addition of Yuri’s buildings you will not be disappointed
Game play: 9/10-with the new missions, and new units to contend with you will have a good time
Sounds: 8/10
Replay value: 10/10 I found myself playing through the Allies campaign, then the Soviet Campaign, and then back to the Allies.
Buy/Rent: BUY


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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