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"Great expansion, but could have been more..."

Yuri's revenge offers new units for the Allies and Soviets, as well as a completely different army for Yuri himself. The main problems I had with this game are that you can only play as Yuri in Skirmish mode, and Yuri has no missions of his own.

Some say that by watching the opening cinema, if what happened would have never happened, then Yuri would already have complete control. My idea would be that the allies or soviets went back in time and you have to stop their attempts to thwart you...anyway, enough about my bash on how I could have made it better, onto the game itself.

Yuri's Revenge, aside from what I mentioned has a solid story. It may seem a little too...''sci-fi-ish'' but it still holds pretty well. Yuri activates his Psychic Dominators but the Allies damage a power plant and send the last Dominator off-line. Good ol' doc Einstein created a Time Machine and you have to supply power to it. Yuri tries to get his dominator back online, and you have to capture civilian power plants to activate the time machine. Once you activate it, then you start the main story. The soviets side is a little different...but I dont want to get too much into the game. Each side has roughly 10 missions that lead them to victory.

Gameplay - 9/10

I'd expect nothing less from a C&C game. Its a lot more ''interactive'' (if you want to call it that) than the preceding games. You can blow up just about anything from your enemy's construction yard to mailboxes, garrison buildings (and now see how many troops are inside), capture civilian buildings for your war effort and more. The gameplay is smooth and fast, just what C&C fans want. The game really keeps you on your toes. I did think that some of the units could have had more abilities, like setting traps on the ground, but hey, you cant have everything.

Sound & Music - 5/10

The music, in my opinion is what really brought this game down. Yuri's Revenge has its own soundtrack, thats the good news. The bad news is that you can't listen to the original Red Alert 2 sound track without downloading MP3's and playing them through something like winamp or whatever. Some of the tracks are catchy, but Hell March 2 was just too good to give up. The original game tracks should have been with the expansion. Music gets a 0.
The sounds on the other hand are great. All the screams (especially from the grinders lol) sound lovely (my twisted humor). Just like the original command and conquer. Also, instead of every tank saying the same thing, every unit has a different voice now. Sound gets a 5.

Graphics - 7/10

Well, they look almost identical to Tiberian Sun. Its a RTS game though, you have to have a wide birds-eye view. What disappointed me was the ''show hidden objects'' option that marks buildings and units with an icon that moves around in a circle. (this really comes into play with tall buildings like civilian buildings or the Allied Tech Center) They get annoying. I like Age of Empires unit outlines much better. It lets you look at the game easier instead of glancing back at whatever is moving. Half the time its a false alarm, and chances are (especially in online games) if you look to see what it is, you leave yourself open. When you have a lot of units behind a tall building, or have a lot of smaller structures (like pill boxes) it gets hard to tell what is behind it. Also, enemy units have the same color icon, so suppose a Chrono Legionaire teleports behind a building, you see the icon, you dont know what it is, so you assume its your own, and ignore it. Now you have the enemy in your base. That makes it sound a lot worse than it may seem in the game, but when it costs you a bunch of buildings, it can get a little frustrating. You can turn that option off, but that makes it even worse because then theres NOTHING to tell you that there is something behind that building. You can make a strong unit have it stop behind a building, get sidetracked and then completely forget where you put it. Thats my only major complaint about the graphics, other than that, theyre good for a RTS game.

Replay Value - 10/10

The missions can be played over at your command. You can also play unlimited skirmish missions as well. Get used to playing as Yuri for a change because you cant in the solo player missions. You can always make another game. No problems here.

Additions - 8/10

This is an expansion. Expansions add, that took a lot of brain power to figure out. lol. Anyway, I was impressed at what the game added. (aside from my dislike, mentioned earlier)

The allies get several new units such as the Guardian GI who can use machine guns as well as an anti-tank/anti-air weapon when deployed. Tanya now sets C-4 on vehicles, etc.
The soviets actually got bashed a little bit. No more phychic sensor, no more cloning vats...but they compensate with the Battle Bunker which is like a repairable garrison friendly building for that player only and an industrial plant that reduces the cost for vehicles and the like. (works similar to an ore purifier without increasing your income)
Yuri has a whole army, with an innovative power and ore mining system.

Aside from the factions you can play as, there is more to discuss in the addons to the game. For example, there are more civilian buildings you can capture and control. Since there is a new faction to play against, allied spies can steal new technology and so on and so forth, see for yourself.

All in all, Yuri's Revenge is a solid expansion to a great game that will have you playing it for quite some time. If you're ever bored, this can give you some good ol' fashion C&C entertainment if youre in the mood.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/17/02, Updated 12/17/02

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