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"Bronze for a good game"

The goodness of Red Alert2 has returned with the question that every fan was asking ''Where was Yuri?''. Well here is your answer.

The game takes over just months after the attack on America.
While fighting the Soviets, Yuri was using the opportunity to establish his own army. Realizing that there doomed after a failed air strike AND there's more than one Dominator AND that free will was about to be eliminated forever, the Allies are going back to stop him before he does the damage. The Soviets are going to do the the same thing but also change the out come of the war. The story is abit stale because it is filled with corny jokes. Not good. But a really good character(No, I'm not telling you!) will make a surprise return.

Pretty good but it still uses the old engine but stick the visual details up to get it impressive. Pity it'll slow it down. One of the infantry deaths is pretty funny(Blows up all green).

This is what nearly bought the score down to 7. Most units will now have their own voice but some are plain irritating. Thankfully, you won't hear Yuri when you start as him, instead it would be a completely different voice.

This is the only worst bit. Rather than adding songs to RA2's soundtrack, it only has 5 songs only. There alright to hear at first but before long, you will be hearing the radio to escape the bad music unless you can put songs into the game instead.

Game play:9
Since Yuri is a completely new side, throw out all thoughts it's going to be the Soviets with a different color (As did in Command and Conquer: Firestorm). Also, new weapons have been added for better strategies then just rushing in and assume you'll win. Installing will be abit of an issue though so make sure everything is updated.

The only differences is that Yuri can be played and theres different maps. But there is a new mode to go with the battle and free for all mode: Team Alliance. Basically, you can team up with the computer and blast everyone else.

Because Westwood and EA merged, EA is supposed to maintain Westwoods servers but unless you have top of the shelf Broadband, expect lag.

Ok, Yuris face dominates the cover but the inside menu is the same.

The Big Question: Worth 45 dollars or waste of memory?
Worth it if you are into the game that's not to complicated or too simple. It's worth for a price like that. I would suggest you play all of Red Alert 2(Both sides) before you play this or you'll ruin it too quickly.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/12/03

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