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"It's hard to believe this is only an expansion!"

Until I got this game, I didn't even know about Real Time Strategy games. Luckily, my brother got it for his Birthday so I was able to see what I've been missing out on all these years.

Game Play

Yuri's Revenge plays exactly like Red Alert 2. You select the item you want to take and tell him to move somewhere attack something. You will be able to control a huge variety of Men and Vehicles from a normal G.I. to a Kirov Airship (Like a Blimp, only it has armor). My personal favorite is the Prism Tank. You'll be able to take control of 3 different sides; The Allies, the Soviets, and Yuri. Both Allies and Soviets let you choose a country from there side. Each country has there own special. For example, America gets Para troopers and Cuba gets Terrorist. Yuri is his own unique team. Each side depends on a different resource. The Allies depend on Technology, the Soviets depend on Brute Force, and Yuri depends on mind control. The game does a great job of making a perfect balance between all three teams. When you start, you can choose from either Single Player Campaign, a Scrimmage game, or an online game.

Single Player: Single player mode is basally a set a missions which have you doing stuff from Saving Hollywood to going to the moon. This is the best thing about single player because the missions have so much variety. There are no missions for Yuri though. Only the allies and soviets have missions. Although each side has a different set of missions, they both have one main objective; to stop Yuri. See the Story review for more information.

Scrimmage: Pretty much a regular match with the computer. You both build up your bases and attack each. In it, you can have 1 to 7 computers out at the same time. You can set up their difficulty, what teams everyone should be on, and the stage. These matches can go on for hours, so remember that you can save during them.

Online: This is the reason you want this game. Trust me. Single player is just there to train you for this. Once you play online, I guarantee you will never look at single player the same way again. It's incredible fighting against and along side human players! And since there is keyboard chat it won't just be a game with smarter enemies and allies. You and your team members will talk and set up strategies while you and your enemies will sit there and trash talk. I'll tell you, it is a lot more satisfying to save a real player from a fatal attack than it is to save some mentally challenged A.I. Just make sure you aren't a crate and/or money hog because your team can declare war on you any time they like. On the subject of A.I., you can even add a computer player to an online game, so if you and a human player just want to team up against the computer player, be my guest. Unfortunately, there are server problem right now. I think Westwood (the developers) have closed down, which means Westwood online is breaking down. Yes, it sucks. But if you have never played online and don't know what you're missing, the single player game should keep you perfectly satisfied. Overall, the game play is incredible!

Overall: 10/10

Graphics: First of all, the maps are beautiful. You will notice immediately a large amount of detail when you enter the games. There's vegetation, water, civilians, buildings (some of them are even named, like there's a restraint called McBurger Kong), and even animals which can attack your men. These extras in the environment aren't just for looks. They will actually help your troops in battle. For example, the Allied Mirage Tank (when it's stopped it is disguised as a tree) can use the trees to make the perfect ambush. And Yuri can mind control animals to have them on his team. And of course, the water can be used for Sea units such as Air Craft Carriers, Navy Seals, and Squid. The animations are fluid as well. Your tanks will actually have to back up to turn certain directions and your infantry won't just slide across the ground, they actually have to take steps. Each unit has goes at a realistic pace (but they will always be running so it won't be too slow). Everything else such as the tanks, men, explosions, etc, all looks great as well. Overall, everything looks great, but they don't seem like they're good enough to earn a 10. Still great though.

Overall: 9/10


I'll start with the voice overs (V.O.s). Each time you select a troop, he or she will say a certain line. For example, a common allied G.I. will say something like “sir, yes sir”, while other troops will say some more interesting lines (Yuri's Snipers: Flu Shots anyone?) Since each unit says several different lines, repetitive V.O.s shouldn't be that big of an issue (I guarantee you will laugh out loud when you hear the Demolition truck's lines). The V.O.s on each of them is excellent. To top it off, there accents are realistic. American Paratroopers have American accents, British Snipers have British accents, Iraq Desolaters have an Iraq accent, etc. If only the music could have been done as well as the V.O.s. I'm not saying the music is bad, but there are only several tracks throughout the whole game, and trust me, they get repetitive fast. You'll constantly find yourself switching between tunes about every ten minutes. Very annoying. Everything else such as the sound effects is good, but nothing outstanding. Overall, Great voice overs, good sound effects, and repetitive music. Need I say more?

Overall: 7/10


The story continues from Red Alert 2's Allied ending. While the Allies were fighting the Soviets in the last game, Yuri had been building Psychic dominators, a weapon which will turn anybody that it hits in to Yuri's slaves. He has set off Dozens around the world, but one hasn't been set off yet because it's low on power. The Allies build a time machine so that they can go back and stop this incident from ever occurring. You're probably thinking “wait a minute, but what if I play as the Soviets? Did they build a Time Machine too? No, but they do get one. There first mission is to steal the Allie's time machine (and in case your curious, the Allie's first mission is to bring power to the time machine before Yuri does). That's all I'll tell. I don't want to spoil the game for you. Overall, the story might be a bit cheesy, but it's still interesting and sucks you in.

Overall: 8/10

Game Length, Difficulty, and Replay Value

I'll start with the game length. Well, the Allies and the Soviets each have 7 missions each. Each of them should take you about 15 minutes-2 hours to complete. The scrimmage games are also going to keep you entertained for awhile thanks to its large amount of customization. The difficulty can be set from easy to brutal, so that helps the replay value quite a bit. Because of different difficulty levels you will find yourself playing missions and Scrimmage games over and over again, and as I mention before, online play will probably keep you playing forever. Overall, they're all Excellent.

Game Length: Long

Difficulty: Variable

Replay Value: Very High


I can't believe we get all of this just from an expansion. Come to think of it, it's hard to believe this game is just an expansion, because it's good enough to its own game. You must get this game, no excuses. It's one of my favorite games of all time, and if online starts working again, see you online!

Final Score: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/10/04

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