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"This game is just like the great Red Alert 2.......only better!"

Okay. To start off, I would like to say that Yuri's Revenge is better than Red Alert 2 (I gave it a 9) like said above. Why did I give Yuri's Revenge a 10? Well it has much better qualities than Red Alert 2. Read on to find what qualities.

There is definitely a story to this awesome game. Well the Soviets were beaten in Red Alert 2, but while the Allies were fighting the Soviets, Yuri, a psychic guy from the Soviets, ran away and created an army for himself, a third side to the war. Now Yuri has taken the role of trying to take over the world and will use his mind control technology to do so. The Allies are once again trying to defeat the evil forces of the Soviets and Yuri, and save the world. The Soviets are trying to capture the Allied time machine to go back in time to change the outcome of the last war and stop Yuri.

The graphics are just great. I mean, everything looks so realistic.......except the infantry units (you can't see there faces). Well except for that everything looks fine, the environments too. The other cool thing is that aircraft that are shot down in midair by anti-aircraft guns will actually fall out of the sky instead of just exploding in midair like in older games. That looks cool. Explosions are pretty cool too, but they could be better.

The controls fit this game nicely and are easy to learn. If you have played Red Alert or Red Alert 2, then you should know most of the controls for this game because all the controls are basically the same.

The sound affects are really good. Each weapon has its own sound. Also all the units in the game say different sayings unlike in Red Alert 2 where quite a few units said the same thing. The only bad thing about this game is the music. It is really boring and isn't even cool. In Red Alert 2, though, there were different songs and they actually sounded cool.

Game Play:10/10
The game play is awesome. Each mission is much harder than most of the missions in Red Alert 2. Each mission should take you at least thirty minutes or an hour to complete. The multi-player skirmish is the best part of the game. There are even more levels to play in than in Red Alert 2 and you can have A.I's helping you (finally)! Yes, you read right, you can make A.I's on your side. Also, you can play as a new team, Yuri. You can use a whole ton of new units (actually everything is new in Yuri's team) and you can mind control other units too!

Buy or Rent: I would say that if you liked to play the older Red Alert games, then you really should buy Yuri's Revenge. If you have never played a great action/strategic game, the rent Yuri's Revenge and see how it's like.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/07/05

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