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    Multiplayer FAQ by ELau

    Version: 0.69 | Updated: 07/18/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    focusing on infiltration mode
    FAQ written by Eric Lau <azzkicar@nirshrine.com>
    Date: July 18, 2002
    Unpublished work Copyright 2000-2002 Eric Lau
    This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright
    Convention of 1976. It is for private and personal use only--it cannot be reprinted
    in part or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any form (written or
    otherwise). It is a free document that cannot be used in any sort of commercial
    transaction, including selling it or giving it away as a gift. This FAQ cannot be
    referenced, altered, or used by anybody (including webmasters, publishers, and
    magazine staff) without my express written permission. This FAQ was created and
    is owned by me, Eric Lau (nicknames: azzkicar, Ding Chavez). It can be found at
    (www.GameFAQs.com). All copyrights are reserved. I will proceed with legal
    action to the fullest extend of the law should plagiarisms or copyright violations
    have occurred.
    I thank Chris MacDonald (Kao Megura) for his well written FAQs in the past. I
    am borrowing his well designed format to write this FAQ.
    This particular FAQ is geared towards Soldier of Fortune version 1.01.
    	- Revisions
    	- Abbreviations
    	- Blue team
    	- Red team
          - Special Thanks
          - To do list
    This is not meant to be a definitive guide, but rather an elaborate guide to help so-
    called newbies or noobs get better at Soldier of Fortune 2. Let me make this clear -
    are many things you must learn on your own through experience and observation.
    However, I promise you that once you apply the tips in this FAQ into practice,
    your game will improve considerably.
    This FAQ is specifically geared for infiltration, but many tips are useful for
    of Fortune 2 players in general. It assumes that friendly fire is on, and since I
    believe that is the way infiltration should be played, I will assume this for the
    of the FAQ.
    My nickname on Soldier of Fortune 2, by the way, is Ding Chavez.
    P.S. Yes, it is the Ding Chavez from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six.
    Note: All revisions are marked by ***. If you have already read the 0.666 version
    you can find all the new materials by search ***.
    0.69 CHANGES
    - Added new weapon, MP5, and reviewed it.
    - Modified my opinion of the M60 machinegun.
    - Added/modified leaning and grenade use tactics.
    - Added tip on how to support your teammates.
    - Added tip on combat knife use.
    Soldier of Fortune 2 - SoF2
    Friendly fire - FF
    Team killers (aka lamers) - TKer
    Team killing - TK
    Rather than elaborate on the difference, I will simply state things in multiplayer
    that are different than single player.
    - Weapon inaccuracy (or recoil) is less significant than single player, but it is
    there. Hence you can run and fire, jump and fire, or hold the fire button down for
    sometime with OK accuracy. However, if you need to fire accurately, stand still and
    fire burst.
    - You cannot prone in multiplayer.
    - There are no items that can heal you (this applies to infiltration).
    - Enemy players are not superhumans (single player AI blows).
    - You will need to do the jump/crouch combo manually.
    - You are not Rambo. You are not the Terminator. You are not God. A few well
    placed bullets will hurt you bad, if not kill you outright.
    - Never, and I mean never, point your gun at a teammate. I have been killed by
    teammates numerous times because they didn't heed this advice. Enemy ambushes
    us, my teammates gets trigger happy and kills me. Even if FF is off, your gun is far
    better off pointing at open space.
    - Do not get yourself into battles one after another. You need time to reload and to
    collect yourself.
    Patience is a virtue. Stake out a joint and assess potential threats whenever
    - There are no health items in infiltration. Move cautiously and value your life.
    - Lean often. This is especially important for sniper rifle users, who are very
    vulnerable if rushed by enemies. Learn to shoot a few bullets at a time, then hide.
    you are using an assault rifle or machine gun, consider changing your weapon
    mode (press the \ key), to burst mode. You will do more damage this way than if
    you hold the button and fire.
    - If you are leaning to anticipate enemy advance, generally it is not a good idea to
    stay leaned out until you see an enemy. Good players can counter. Some amazing
    players I've met can actually kill you by the time you see them. What I do now is I
    would lean. If there are no enemies I would lean back, count to 2, then lean again.
    This way it's harder for enemy to see you first, plus you can catch them while they
    are running forward (they are vulnerable in that state).
    - Reload only when you are sure you are safe. Death is guaranteed if enemy
    attacks you while reloading.
    - Aim for the head or neck. They hurt a lot more than regular shots.
    - If a head shot is not possible, go for the arms. I find that if I am hit in the
    arms, I
    have a harder time aiming.
    - You are defenseless when you are changing weapons. Retreat and do it in a safe
    - When using rifles, do not hold the button down for more than 1-2 seconds unless
    the enemy's close to you. Due to recoil, you will more likely miss. Worse, if you
    need to reload mid-battle, often or not you are toast.
    - If you are attacking someone, and your first few shots miss the person, do not
    hold the button down. Release the mouse, re-aim, then fire.
    - If you are running out of ammo, or you want a different gun, remember that you
    can drop your weapon and pick another one up. This can really make a difference
    between winning and losing, particularly if your enemies expect you with one type
    of gun and you show up with something else. Once I got 3 extra kills by dropping
    the M4 assault rifle for the USAS-12 auto shotgun. They never expected it.
    - If you use the mouse wheel or the next/prev weapon button to cycle weapons, I
    suggest you ditch the knife and the pistol at the beginning of a round. This can
    make cycling weapons faster and easier.
    - You should walk when you suspect enemies nearby. You make virtually no noise
    while walking, hence giving you a chance for a surprise attack.
    - Get familiar with the range of a grenade throw. Good grenade use can change the
    tide of a round.
    - If you see a group of guys camping, and they haven't seen you yet, hide.
    Detonate a grenade and throw it at them.
    - If someone is chasing you, or you have the case, often it is beneficial to hide
    behind a crate or in a room. They may walk pass you, giving you a golden
    opportunity to kill them.
    - If you accidently kill or hurt a teammate, say sorry. Especially on public servers,
    with the occasional presence of TKers, your teammate does not know if you do it
    intentionally or not. A simply apology will go a long way to keeping the peace.
    - Do not go for the difficult when the easy will do. The best players I have seen
    rarely go into the open and engage in long standoffs. If they see a standoff
    happening, they find alternate routes, sometimes taking a route that allows them to
    run up behind the enemy standoff position. You catch somebody by surprise like
    that, you can rack up a lot of kills.
    - When you have been killed, observe guys that are doing well. Watch how they
    move, where they go, what weapon they use in what situation. I learn a lot of stuff
    this way alone.
    Infiltration is a team game. Coordination and teamwork will go a long way to
    victory. Whether you are team blue or red, these tips will help you.
    - Enter any passage or route in groups of 2-3. More than three I find to be of little
    use, and it increases your chances to be killed by a well placed grenade. It also
    inhibits movement since there is a chance you will bump into each other while
    - In a 2-3 person group, the players should keep some distance between each
    other. This prevents enemy from killing the entire group with an ambush.
    - If you find yourself alone in a passage while both sides still have 5+ players left,
    go back and find out where your teammates are and support them.
    - If you are not the front runners in the group, do not stand close to the front
    runners in a firefight. They need room to move and hide if enemy snipes or throws
    a grenade. Nothing frustrates a person more than trying to get away only to be
    blocked by a teammate.
    - If you are the person at the back, move backwards and watch the six. I have seen
    an enemy kill five of us because no one was watching our six. If you want to leave
    and look for alternate route, make sure your teammates know this so someone else
    can cover the six.
    - Unless you are a front runner in the group, do not use grenades that does
    damage. I have died before because I was about to run up the hall and some
    teammate decided to throw a grenade in my path.
    - If you are a front runner, you should throw grenades to hamper enemy advance.
    If you run out of grenades, you may want to move back, and let someone else take
    the front runner position.
    - Use the voice binds (press G by default), particularly when you are outnumbered
    or your team is looking for the enemy.
    Blue team's objective is not to kill enemies, but to grab the briefcase and bring it
    home. While it may be obvious, I have seen players running around and not getting
    the case at all when time's running out. That is not what the game's about. If you
    want to play that, go play elimination.
    Since killing all red players brings victory, some may ask - what's the difference?
    To illustrate the difference, I will provide an example:
    Suppose in a 7 vs 7 game, blue grabs the case and makes a getaway with 5 players
    remaining, and red team has 5 players remaining. This scenario favors BLUE for
    the following reasons:
    - Blue has enough players to fully support the carrier and provide cover to prevent
    red from ambushing the carrier. Blue team knows what routes are safe, hence the
    carrier can quickly pass through certain areas without worry.
    - Red has to be on the offensive, which means they cannot afford long standoffs,
    nor do they have time to scout ahead and assess potential threats. Even if you kill
    the carrier, it is very likely other blue players can hurt you and grab the case.
    Now suppose that in another round, blue grabs the case with only 2 players
    remaining, and red team has 2 players remaining. This scenario favors RED for the
    following reasons:
    - Blue does not have enough players to cover routes, which means both players
    can be attacked from all sides. They have little clue where the red players can be,
    but red knows where you are headed, so they can either intercept, or retrace your
    steps and attack you from behind.
    - Red can move freely because blue cannot adequately cover routes. They can also
    take a defensive position near the extraction point and force blue to make a move.
    With this knowledge I can provide some concrete tips to help blue team succeed (I
    assume that each side has at least 5 players):
    - If the case room/area itself is not well defended, a group of 1-2 players should
    to grab the case and get out. Another group of 2-3 players should be near the case
    room to escort the carrier. If red tries to chase after the carrier, your escorts
    kill them. Unless blue suffers significant casualties, they will gain a major
    - Constantly change and control the tempo of the game. On some rounds you may
    want to quickly rush 1-2 routes to surprise red, while on other rounds you wait for
    red to come to you. If red is not expecting the tempo change, you can win some
    rounds rather easily.
    - Constantly change the route you take. This again can surprise the red team and give
    you the upper hand.
    - If you are the designated case carrier, carry incendiary grenades and do not use it
    until you have the case. Incendiary grenades are best used to prevent enemy
    - Refrain from throwing grenades very early in a round, unless you suspect enemy
    is rushing a particular passage. Even then 1-2 grenades will suffice. I have seen
    team members throw 6-8 grenades in the first minute, only to get beaten badly
    later on when grenades would have made a difference. However, there's an
    exception, as noted below.
    - Grenades and snipers are key, particularly for blue, to prevent red from setting
    their defenses up the way they want it. This is especially important in maps where
    if red hangs back, it's very difficult to penetrate (e.g. Finca Housewarming). Use
    grenades to prevent red from moving freely.
    - If red team turtles themselves in, the best strategy is to coordinate a
    group attack from 2 directions. Since the enemy does not know which routes you
    are taking, you have the element of surprise.
    - Conversely, if red loves to rush for the kill, either grab the case very early and
    run, or simply get set for them to come.
    Red team's objective is to defend the case. So defend the case. The worst type of
    playing I've seen is when no red team member defends the case and blue grabs it
    quickly. As soon as that happens, 99% of the time blue wins. So to help people
    defend the case better, here are some tips:
    - A group of 2-3 players should stay near the case and protect it. Other players
    need to protect them by intercepting them and/or letting the players near the case
    know where blue may attack.
    - If you are not in the vicinity of the case itself, please resist the urge to rush
    early. You are far more useful leaning at choke points and stalling their advance.
    - If time is running out, I suggest red to leave the case room and either hide, or
    travel as a group to the extraction point. Since blue does not know that the case
    room is empty, they must waste valuable time to case the joint. In the meanwhile,
    you know they must rush back to the extraction point, so you can ambush them
    - If you know that blue team does not have the time to make it back to the
    extraction point with the case, hide. As long as a red team member survive, blue
    must carry the case to win.
    - Resist the temptation to throw grenades very early in the game. While you may
    get some lucky kills, it wastes valuable grenades and it alerts the blue team where
    you are. Better to lean at choke points. Good players tend to go for the case in mid
    or late game, so having a grenade then is invaluable.
    - If you are sniping, I strongly recommend you pick up another weapon later on in
    the game. As teammates get killed, sniping becomes less useful, and you are also
    more vulnerable to a sneak attack.
    Different weapons are good for different jobs. Here I will address each primary
    and secondary weapon (no I won't go over the pistols, since they are utterly
    useless in infiltration.). The knife, though, deserves special mention and I will do
    so at the end.
    I will address each weapon's pros, cons, usage tips, and counterattack tips.
    Note: To select your weapons and accessories, access the load-out window (press
    B by default).
    AK74 assault rifle
    Pros: Versatile. Accurate. Good firing rate. Low recoil.
    Cons: Alternate fire, (bayonet) use limited since it takes 2 stabs to kill. Longer
    reload time than most weapons.
    Usage Tips:
    - Best for medium and long range combat.
    - Low recoil makes AK74 usable even in close range combat.
    - More accurate that most weapons when you hold down the fire button.
    - Avoid jumping while in combat.
    Counterattack Tips:
    - Try to get him to waste bullets to force him to reload. AK74 takes longer to
    reload that most.
    - Occasional crouching may work.
    - If you have a shotgun, get close and move in circles around him.
    M4 assault rifle
    Pros: Alternate fire mode (grenade launcher) very useful. Short reload time.
    Cons: More recoil. Defenseless when you use a grenade launcher.
    Usage Tips:
    - Best for medium and long range combat.
    - The recoil is great enough to make close range combat non-feasible.
    - As soon as you activate the grenade launcher, run or hide to wait for it to reload.
    - Avoid jumping while in combat.
    Counterattack Tips:
    - Get close to him if possible, especially if you have a shotgun.
    - Constantly strafe to avoid being nailed by the grenade from the M4.
    - Do not crouch and attack - you will get killed by the grenade.
    MP5 sub-machinegun
    Pros: Silent. As accurate as the M4.
    Cons: No grenade option. More recoil than the M4.
    Usage Tips:
    - Useful when stealth is needed.
    - If you can hit the enemy by surprise, enemy has little sound clues to help him
    determine your location.
    - The recoil is an issue. I would use this weapon in burst or single shot mode.
    Counterattack Tips:
    - Same as the AK74
    USAS12 auto shotgun
    Pros: Can dish a lot of damage in a very short amount of time. Less aiming
    Cons: Consumes ammo very quickly. Does little damage at medium range. Useless
    at long range.
    Usage Tips:
    - Do not go outdoors with this weapon.
    - For best effect, ambush someone and fire point blank.
    - Hold the button for a very short time. This weapon dishes shells very quickly.
    - Go towards the enemy while strafing (and the occasional jump) to minimize head
    Counterattack Tips:
    - Move away from him.
    - Retreat towards open areas.
    - Force him to reload, or switch weapons.
    - If you are using the M4, use the grenade launcher and shoot ahead of him. They
    usually try to rush you and will get killed by the grenade.
    M60 machine gun
    Pros: Lots of ammo. Quick firing rate. Can last a long time without reloading.
    Cons: Low accuracy. Useless long range, somewhat useful medium range. Very
    long reload time.
    Usage Tips:
    - Although the M4 and AK74 are better in most situations, the M60 can be lethal.
    Skilled players with the M60 are difficult to kill, since they hardly need to reload.
    M60 bullets do more damage as well.
    - It is pretty effective when used at relatively close range. However, most skilled
    people I know prefer either the USAS12 or the M590 shotgun for close range
    Counterattack Tips:
    - Engage that person long range. He cannot hit you very well from afar.
    MSG90A1 sniper rifle
    Pros: Great accuracy. Very long range. Zoom feature.
    Cons: Utterly useless at close range. Single shots only. Must re-aim after each
    Usage Tips:
    - The sniper rifle is only useful for certain situations. I suggest you learn at
    one other weapon besides the sniper rifle.
    - Lean a lot, and make sure no part of you is exposed when you are not leaning.
    - Don't spend too much time on the zoom. Be aware of your surroundings.
    - Reload time is long. Do so at a safe place and be aware of enemy rushing you.
    Counterattack Tips:
    - If you have smoke grenades, use them. Then rush him.
    - If not, try to find a way around him.
    - If you are within grenade throwing range, lean and throw.
    - If none of the above ways are feasible, lean and shoot quickly. Then hide. Make
    sure you try to lean at a spot he does not suspect.
    M590 shotgun
    Pros: Lots of damage close range. Less aiming required.
    Cons: Does little damage at medium range. Useless at long range. Reload time can
    be very long.
    Usage Tips:
    - As a secondary weapon, this is by far my favorite. Complements AK74 and M4
    very well.
    - If you wait until the weapon is empty before reloading, the reload time is quite
    - You can hold the button down till the enemy dies, but some deliberate aiming
    will help.
    Counterattack Tips:
    - Stay away.
    - Get him to waste ammo.
    M3A1 sub-machine gun (also known as grease gun)
    Pros: Accurate, lots of ammo.
    Cons: Huge recoil.
    Usage Tips:
    - Unless you are using USAS12 auto shotgun as your primary or you intend to
    fight only in wide open areas, do not select this. The recoil is a real killer,
    making it
    only useful for very short, controlled burst.
    - Most people I talk to recommend the Micro Uzi instead of this, but I personally
    hate the Uzi. You may want to test them and find out which one you like.
    Counterattack Tips:
    If you are using a primary weapon or the M590, you will most likely win.
    Micro Uzi sub-machine gun
    Pros: Low recoil. Short reload time.
    Cons: Low accuracy.
    Usage Tips:
    - While the Micro Uzi has less recoil than the M3A1, I find that I could not hit an
    elephant with this thing unless I am at close range. Others will argue about this so
    maybe it's just me. At any rate, unless you have nothing left, don't use it.
    Combat Knife
    Pros: Silent. Reusable.
    Cons: Very short range. Only useful when enemy does not see you.
    Usage Tips:
    - The combat knife actually has more use than some of the secondary weapons.
    Although this game doesn't reward stealth per se, killing something without
    making a sound gives enemies no clue where you are.
    - A backstab at the neck or head area will guarantee a kill.
    - For maximum piss off value, try killing someone by throwing knives.
    - If your health is low, you may try hiding behind a room or crate, and sneak up for
    the knife kill. 2 throwing knives will almost always kill.
    For primary weapon, the clear favorites are AK74 and the M4. You cannot go
    wrong with either one, although the grenade launcher, in the hands of a skilled
    player, gives the M4 a slight edge. I personally am not very good with the grenade
    launcher, so AK74 is my choice.
    The USAS12 auto shotgun and the MSG90A1 sniper rifle are only good at certain
    situations. Fortunately, since many peeps use AK74 and M4, you can always pick
    one up from a dead body during a round if you need to switch.
    The M60 can be a viable option, but realize that if you use it, you lose the ability
    engage enemies from afar. In some maps, this is not a big deal. Experiment with it.
    As for the MP5, although its implementation is appreciated, I do not think the
    weapon will make a huge impact on multiplayer because stealth is not a big
    element in this game. In other game types, such as CTF or demolition, I can see
    the MP5 play a bigger role.
    The best secondary weapon is by far the M590. If you like something else, go
    ahead and use it. It's your choice. You can probably find a M590 somewhere on
    the field if you need it.
    Unlike weapons, almost all grenades I find useful in certain situations. Here I will
    following the same format as Comparison of Weapons (although there is no
    counterattack option).
    Note: ALWAYS hold the attack button for about two seconds before releasing it.
    This will make the grenade detonate upon hitting the ground.
    SMOHG92 fragmentation grenade
    Pros: Often lethal. Instantaneous damage.
    Cons: Very short duration.
    Usage Tips:
    - If you need to kill a guy, this is the grenade of choice.
    - Practice bouncing it off a door or wall.
    - Get familiar with the arc that it travels.
    - My grenade of choice.
    M84 flash grenade
    Pros: Area of effect farther than any other grenade. Can surprise enemies.
    Cons: Non lethal. Limited situations where it is useful.
    Usage Tips:
    - The flash grenade affects enemies by blinding them. This last for a couple of
    seconds, depending on how far they are from the grenade when it detonates.
    - Remember that enemies far away are not effected. They can see clearly and can
    kill you.
    - Virtually useless outdoors, can be very useful in tight areas.
    - Unless you have some specific plan or strategy that requires flash grenades, I
    would not select them in the load-out.
    M15 smoke grenade
    Pros: Wide area of effect. Serve as distraction for long periods of time.
    Cons: Non lethal. Only useful if you are blue team or enemy has lots of snipers.
    Usage Tips:
    - While it is tempting to throw a smoke grenade and run through the smoke, you
    will most often die without accomplishing anything. Enemies will watch the smoke
    carefully and hit anything that comes out. Furthermore, they may throw a grenade
    in the smoke area, which means death for you. Don't do that.
    - Instead, either throw the smoke grenade at them or between them and you. Then
    either go to another spot and engage them, or do a fake out, where the smoke
    grenade is really just to distract them while your real attack comes from elsewhere.
    - If a lot of enemies are camped in a room too large to flush out with frag grenades
    and too small to go in guns blazing without massive casualties and FF damage (an
    example of this is the case room in map The Shop Under Seige), throw 2-3 smoke
    grenades in there, at various directions, and go in with thermal goggles turned on.
    You can see them, but they can't see you.
    - Do not use them if you are red team. Absolutely pointless. Better off grabbing
    something else.
    ANM14 incendiary grenades
    Pros: Good duration and area of effect. Blocks enemy advance.
    Cons: Damage dealt over time. Not as lethal as the frag grenade.
    Usage Tips:
    - Use it primarily to block enemy advance. If you can throw the grenade in the
    middle of a group of enemies, it will force some of them to run forward, while
    some run backwards. Essentially you split up the group, making them easier to
    take out.
    - Definitely use it if your team needs to focus on an area and you are afraid of a
    possible sneak attack from behind.
    - Use it on the case itself, and it is protected for a few precious seconds. This can
    stall enemy attempts to snatch the case quickly.
    - Blue team should never use it until the case is grabbed. Then it should be used to
    block enemies from pursuing you.
    This is my first FAQ, so feel free to make comments. The email address is at the
    beginning of the FAQ.
    First I would like to thank my clan, Niten IchyRyu Ronin, for being there and
    joining me to the world of SoF2. They piqued my interest in the game, making this
    possible. Particular people I want to thank:
    Wasabei, Border Patrol, Optimus, Dia-menz,
    I would also like to thank gamefaqs.com for their kick azz website. Freedom
    forever, and screw the multi-million dollar media companies for giving us pathetic
    game guides while having the gall to charge for them.
    I would also like to thank Lethal Warriors [LW] for their time. The clan is going to
    CAL and I am sure they will kick butt.
    - As more people get familiar with SoF2, I may decide to write some map specific FAQs
    that will help players improve their game.
    END OF FAQ. Copyright 2000-2002 Eric Lau

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