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    Beginner's Guide by galaxy

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    Worms2 Beginner's Guide
    by: Luis Dumlao, luigi4u@dangerous-minds.com
    Gamefaqs boards name: galaxy
    Worms2 Beginner's Guide
    version 2.0
    *FAQ Introduction*
    Well, this is my first successful FAQ ever. I tried making a FAQ once but it
    wasn't successful. Now, after studying other FAQs and reviewing the "making
    a FAQ help" section of Gamefaqs, I have finally made a sucessful FAQ.
    Worms2 is one of my most favorite games. Its also a big hit in our school's
    computer lab. So seat back and relax as I take you through the exciting and
    destructive world of Worms2.
    *Worms2 Introduction by the Author*
    What can be more fun than watching bazooka-wielding worms fight it out? That's
    exactly what this game is all about. You get to wield a massive arsenal of
    weaponry ranging from the conventional rocket launcher to the all mighty, all
    powerful super banana bomb. You can also customize your own personal
    battlefield and test it. You'll have loads of fun while trying to blow the
    brains out of your enemies while also trying to keep your worms away from
    potential dangers.
    About Myself
    Hi, my name is Luigi Dumlao and In from the the happy islands of the
    Philippines. Makati City to be exact. This is just my second FAQ, the first
    one wasn't accepted, the reason? I don't know. I did this FAQ during my
    Christmas break. All of this in just one day. I hope you enjoy this FAQ and
    it may help you to become a Worms2 master.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    (-=Table of Contents=-)
    I. About the FAQ
     a. FAQ Notes
     b. Versions History
    II. Worms2 Main Menu
    III. Gameplay
     a. Controls
     b. Need-to-Knows
     c. The Battlefield
     d. Weaponry
      -F1 Weapons
      -F2 Weapons
      -F3 Weapons
      -F4 Weapons
      -F5 Weapons
      -F6 Weapons
      -F7 Weapons
      -F8 Weapons
      -F9 Weapons
      -F10 Weapons
      -F11 Weapons					    	
      -F12 Weapons
      -Super Weapons
    IV. Copyright
    V. Credits; People/Things to Thank; Closing Remarks; some Additional Notes
    I. About the FAQ
    a. Notes
    This is only the 2nd time that I have written a FAQ. I do not expect it
    to be perfect in anyway (and neither should you). I cannot tell you every
    thing that comes and goes in The Worms2 World but I will try.
    I will try to update this FAQ as often as possible. Since it is still school
    season, I may have not time to finish this. I will continue this whenever I
    have time.
    b. Versions
    I. Version 1.0 - First Completed Version
     -December 13, 2003, Saturday
    II. Version 1.5 - corrected some few spelling errors; edited some little things;
                      added some more information
     -February 10, 2004, Tuesday
    III. Version 2.0 - corrected some few spelling errors again; added a ninja rope
                     mastery section and the "firing from the parachute" section;
                     edited a lot of stuff to make my guide more fun to read and
                     easier to understand
     -February 12, 2004, Thursday
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    II. Worms2 Main Menu
    Well the menus are self-explanatory, just put your mouse pointer over the
    option and an explanation of the option appears on the bottom.
     I.Start a quick single game against the computer.
      -You will use a pre-made team made by the Computer against 1 enemy AI
      -Default options will be used
     II. Play a quick two player game.
      -You will play a 2 player game using pre-made teams
      -Default options will be used
     III. Play a single or multiplayer game on your computer.
      -From here you can customize your own teams, weaponry options and
       gameplay options
      -You can either play multiplayer quick battle or single player missions
      -Team Stats are displayed here
     IV. Worms2 configuration options.
      -you can configure the graphics and sound from here
     V. Worms2 credits.
      -Do I even have to explain this?
     VI. Play a multi-player Worms2 game over a network.
      -From here you can play on LAN or over the net
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    III. Gameplay
    a. controls
    Arrow Keys left and right = Move left or right
    Arrow Keys up and down = Adjusts the angle of attack of currently chosen
    Tab Key = Choose worm to be used (this only works if you haven't moved
              or changed your weapon yet)
    Keys F1-F12 = Toggle between weapon classes (press same button repeatedly to
                  toggle between weapons of the same class)
    Space(fire button) = a. Fire (hold determine how far the projecile is
                         for missiles/rockets and grenades/thrown projectiles)
                         b. Detonate (for bombs that require remote detonation)
    Enter = Jump forwards or backwards (depending on slope)
    Backspace = Jump up (worm still retains original position)
    Double Backspace = Do a backflip (you have to enter the "backflip" cheat
                       to use this.)
    You can use the mouse to view the entire map anytime
    Right Click = View weapons by class
    b. Need-to-Knows
    Here are some stuff you have to keep in mind in order to survive the
    blood-stained world of Worms2.
    1. You are either with us or against us...
     There are no alliances in Worms2. Do not hesitate to send a worm to that
     big apple in the sky if you have a chance. In Worms2, Its either you
     are them. Show no mercy for you will have none in return.
    2. Three words to success: Location, Location, Location...
     You must try to have a good vantage point as soon as possible. Try to avoid
     the coast for you are a sitting duck if you stay there.
    3. Prioritize your targets.
     You must choose your targets during a battle. It is a good idea to take out
     other worms that have the potential to do a hell lot of damage to you as soon
     as possible.
    4. Its better to die with honor than to live in disgrace...
     Don't be afraid to kamikaze your worms. If there is an oppurtunity to
     take out a large part of the enemy but it calls for a sacrifice, take it.
    5. Worms that have little HP are just as deadly as worms with full HP...
     If 1 of your worms has little HP left, don't hide it away from the battlefield.
     They still have the potential to take on the enemy. These worms are best used
     for kamikaze.
    6. Utilize your weapons effectively...
     Each of your weapon has its own usage. If you want to do as much damage as
     possible to the enemy, use the right weapon for the situation. Its not a
     good idea to use high explosives in close range combat. Use the weapon that
     fits the situation.
    7. Your enemy has brains too...
     Don't expect to move your worm close to the enemy without him/her noticing.
     In Worms2 its not about sheer power and brute force. Its about strategy.
     Your objective is to be one step ahead of your enemy. Try to anticipate your
     opponent's next move. Its just like playing chess.
    And the most important rule...
    8. WORMS CAN'T SWIM!!!
     When your playing on a map with water and no bounderies, a more effective way
     of winning is by knocking oof enemies down to the water. In order to survive,
     you have to keep your worms high above on dry land and well away from the
     coast. Worms sitting on the coast are as good as dead. The water can be your
     enemy and your friend.
    Just keep these in mind and you will survive out there in the battlefield.
    c. The Battlefield
    It can be your friend or your enemy. Use it well and you will live.
    There are three things you must watch out in the battlefield:
    1. Mines
     -These are the green things you see lying on the floor. Once a worm makes
      contact with these, it explodes. You can set the timer of these mines at
      the options menu. Once a worm touches a mine, it will blink for a few
      seconds and then explode. Mines can do moderate damage to you if your
      not careful (it can be altered using the weapon option menu). You can
      also use them to serve your purpose. It is possible to have "dud"
      (non-functioning) mines.
    2. Napalm Barrels
     -They are like mines but they do not explode when a worm touches them.
      You have to shoot the barrels for them to explode. They give of fire
      that chews up anything on its path. Napalm Barrels don't have timers.
      You can also use these for your own purpose.
    3. Crates
     -There are 3 kinds of crates:
    a. Weapon Crate = Wooden crate containing additional weapons
                      They explode when fired upon.
    b. Health Crate = White crate with red cross in the middle
                      They provide you with extra HP
    c. Booby Traps = Same appearance as a Weapon Crate
                     Upon contact with a worm, it explodes like a mine.
                     It doesn't have a timer.
    You can create or customize your own battlefield or you can edit the pre-made
    battlefields to suit your purpose.
    d. Weaponry
    There is a huge variety of weapons in Worms2. In order to be successful,
    you must know how each one of the weapons can be use effectively.
    The damage, ammo count and other options of these weapons can be altered
    using the weapons option menu that can be found under the "Play a
    single or multi-player game on your computer" option in the main menu.
    I won't talk about how much damage a weapon can do for they can be easily
    altered via the "Weapon Options Menu"
    Note: All Superweapons are in the "Superweapon section"
    F1 Weapons
    You can adjust how far the projectile is fired by holding down the
    "fire" button (space bar).
    Its a weapon that can do some decent damage IF USED CORRECTLY. It
    can also be used in "long range excavations." The projectile can be
    affected by the wind.
    -Homing Missile
    This weapons is good for open maps. First you set a target, then fire.
    The projectile of this acts like a bazooka for a few seconds and then
    homes in at the target. This weapon is not affected by the wind. This
    weapon is good to use to knock off some enemies sitting on the coast.
    If used by experienced hands, this weapon can be very deadly. It works
    just like a bazooka but when the projectile comes into contact with any
    object, it releases little "bomblets" that go straight down. This weapon
    is affected by the wind.
    -Homing Pigeon
    This weapon works like the homing missile. First you select a target
    and fire. But, unlike the homing missile, the homing pigeon ,when fired,
    homes into the target immediately. This weapon rarely misses, unless of
    course there is something in its path.
    F2 Weapons
    You can adjust how far you throw this grenade just like the way you adjust
    the F1 Weapons. You can also adjust the timer of this weapon by pressing
    numbers "1-5" (doesn't work on the numpad).
    This weapon is useful in the first few missions of the game, but it gets
    lame and un-needed as you go on. Use this weapon only if you need a grenade
    to fit the situation and there is no other grenade-type weapons available.
    -Cluster Bomb
    This weapon works like a Mortar. When the timer reaches zero, it explodes
    into small bobmlets.
    -Banana Bomb
    This is a fun weapon to use. It works just like the cluster bomb. When
    timer reaches zero it will release more bananas which will explode upon
    contact to anything.
    -Homing Cluster Bomb
    Cross a Homing Missile and a Cluster Bomb and you get a Homing Cluster
    Bomb. When the timer reaches zero, the bomb explodes into small bomblets
    that home in on the target.
    F3 Weapons
    I dont normally use this kind of weapons for they are utterly useless.
    Note: If you fire these weapons to close to yourself, you will recieve
    damage and your turn will end.
    Dont fire this to close to your self or you'll suffer some damage as well.
    It can be used 2 times per turn.
    Multiple bullets can be fired from this weapon.
    Cute. It can fire multiple shots.
    Same as the Uzi, only more macho.
    F4 Weapons
    Martial Arts, Worms2 style.
    -Fire Punch
    A good way off knocking enemies off ledges or cliffs. You can also hit
    enemies on top of you with this. You can only use this at close quarters.
    You can't change the angle of attack.
    -Dragon Ball
    This can be used as a long range weapon (change the settings). You can
    not adjust the angle of attack on this weapon.
    Very funny way to knock an enemy off a cliff or a ledge. You can't change
     the angle of attack of this weapon.
    Your worm will launch it self and explode. A kamikazeing worm will be able
    pass through any barrier. Any worm who in a kamkazeing worm's path will
    be damaged. You can choose straight, upward or backward as the angle of
    F5 Weapons
    Assorted Explosive Weaponry
    Once you press the fire button (space), the worm will place the dynamite
    infront of itself not below it. (common mistake) A timer will start and
    once it reaches zero, it will explode.
    This weapon is like the dynamite. Once you press the fire button (space),
    you are given a few seconds to runaway. This works just like the normal
    mine you find in the battlefield.Once a worm makes contact with this,
    it will blink for a few seconds then explode.
    A very cute weapon. When you press the fire button (space), your worm will
    unleash one sheep. That sheep goes forward. If the sheep bumps any obstacle
    it will bounce. You can detonate the sheep by pressing the fire button
    again. If you do not detonate the sheep for a certain amount of time, a
    timer will begin and when it reaches zero the sheep will explode.
    -Super Sheep
    It works just like a sheep at first but when you press the fire button it
    launch it self up and fly. You can control the sheep while its flying by
    pressing the left and right arrow keys. You can detonate the sheep in
    mid-air or you could direct it towards your enemy and ram it.
    F6 Weapons
    Death from the skies. All of these weapons require you to first select your
    target. All munitions of these weapons will be dropped down via airplane,
    (airstrike) so it is only good in open battlefields.
    Note: If you used a "cavern" type map or if you enabled the "border" option
    in the options menu, these weapons will not be available.
    After choosing your target a plane will drop multiple missles at the target.
    This weapon is not very accurate so be careful.
    -Homing Airstrike
    This works like the airstrike. The only difference is that the plane will
    drop homing missiles that will home in on the target.
    -Napalm Strike
    Same as the Airstrike. But, the bombs dropped by the plane will explode in
    mid-air and it will unleash a blanket of fire that will chew throught anything
    in its path.
    -Mail Strike
    Same as the airstrike but instead of bombs, the plane will drop letter
    envelope which will explode upon contact to anything. These letter envelopes
    are greatly affected by the wind therefore giving them poor accuracy.
    F7 Weapons
    Construction Kit & Baseball bat
    -Blow Torch
    You can use this weapon to go through any obstacle. Once you press the fire
    button the worm will start going through the obstacle. You cannot change the
    direction of where your going while usin the blow torch. It will automatically
    stop after a period of time or if there is nothing left in your way to blow
    torch. You can stop it manually by pressing the fire button again. This can
    damage other worms also.
    -Pneumatic Drill
    Works just like a blow torch but it only goes down. It will stop after a
    period of time. It will still continue going down even though there is
    nothing to drill. You can stop it manually by pressing the fire button again.
    Use left or right to adjust its angle and size. It has many uses. You can use
    it as a barrier or a bridge. It can easily be destroyed though.
    -Baseball Bat
    This is a close range weapon. You can choose the angle of attack. If you want
    height aim high, if you want distance aim low. This baby is used to send a
    worm flying towards the open ocean.
    F8 Weapons
    These are tools that will help you get from one place to another. They will
    help you deal with the terain and get to your desired location.
    -Ninja Rope
    The most useful tool in the game. First you need to adjust your angle of
    attack. Then press the fire button and a rope will be fired and will attach
    to any obstacle it makes contact with. If the platform you are going
    to attach your rope to is too far away, the ninja rope will come back. Once
    attach your ninja rope, you can use your arrow keys to manuever your worm.
    Pressing "up" will bring you nearer to the end of the rope. Pressing down
    will bring you farther. Pressing left or right will make your worm swing.
    You can detach from the ninja rope anytime by pressing the fire key. Using
    the ninja rope takes a bit of practice but if you master it, you willbe able
    to go where ever you want.
    Ninja Rope Mastery:
    Here are some things I think you should now about the mighty Ninja Rope.
    Your turn doesn't end if you use the ninja rope. You can also use the ninja
    rope in succesion. When you let go of the ninja rope you can again use it
    by pressing the fire button. You can do it up to nine times (according
    to the options). It can also be fired while your on mid-air. It can save
    your life! If your plummeting towards the water, quickly hit F8 then fire.
    If your lucky your trusthy ninja rope might cling on to something and save
    your life.
    You can also fire while your still hanging on your ninja rope. You must press
    "Enter" to fire not the spacebar or else your going to detach from the ninja
    Note: Some weapons or tools cannot be fired while hanging on the ninja rope.
    Warning: Make sure you there something to land on below or near you because
    after firing from the ninja rope, your worm will automatically detach from it
    after a couple of seconds.
    It is safer and more effecient to use the ninja rope than to use this tool.
    Only use this tool if you are out of ninja ropes. Once you equip this when
    you walk off a high ledge. A rope will stop you from falling. It is hard to
    manuever while using this. You can detach yourself from the rope by pressing
    the fire key.
    It is also safer to use the ninja rope so use it only when you run out of
    ninja nopes. This will not automatically trigger if you walk off a ledge
    unlike the bungee. You have to press the fire key to launch the chute.
    It is a bit hard to manuever while using it so be careful. You can detach
    from the chute by pressing the fire key again.
    Firing while on a Parachute:
    While your on a parachute you can fire some weapons. Like the ninja rope, you
    must use the "Enter" key not the spacebar to fire.
    Note: Some tools or weapon cannot be fired while on a parachute.
    F9 Weapons
    Super Grenades. These thrown weapons are more powerful than normal grenades.
    -Super Banana Bomb
    It is the "Mother of all Bombs". Use this if you want to make sure that you
    "finish off" your opponent.Once you fire it, pres the fire button again to
    detonate it. Once detonated, it will release many more bananas that you can
    detonate also by pressing the fire key. It is like the banana bomb only more
    accurate and powerful.
    -Holy Hand-Grenade
    One of my favorite weapons. It works exactly like a normal grenade. When the
    timer reaches zero, (funny sound effects) it will explode. Its a very funny
    weapon indeed.
    F10 Weapons
    Other Explosives
    -Petrol Bomb
    It works just like a grenade but once it touches anything, it will unleash a
    blanket of fire that will chew up anything. It has no timers.
    -Ming Vase
    It works just like a dynamite but it releases some explosive broken pieces of
    china when it explodes.
    Walking Explosives (I can't think of a better name!)
    -Mad Cow
    You can set the number of cows tobe launched by pressing numbers 1-5
    (not in the numpad). Once fired, the cown will go straight until it bumps
    something and explode.
    -Old Woman
    Once you press the fire button, your worm will launch a noisy old woman that
    has a timer. Once the timer reaches zero, KABOOM! If the old woman bumps into
    something, whe will turn the opposite way and continue on so be careful.
    F12 Weapons
    -Skip Go
    Skip a turn. This can only be usefull in Single Player Missions.
    REMEMBER: Make the most out of your turns as often as possible, especially on
    multiplayer games.
    REMEMBER: To die with honor is better than to live in disgrace!
    Super Weapons
    Very nice secret weapons. The only possible way to unlock this is enabling
    the super weapons cheat- supershopper. I have heard some people saying that
    they can be accessed without using the cheats. Can somebody verify this for me?
    -Salvation Army
    Once launched, it works like an old lady, only the timer goes on after a certain
    amount of time. You can detonate it by pressing the fire button. When detonated
    it will releases explosive tambourines.
    -MB Bomb
    This weapon requires you to choose a target area first. When you have chosen a
    target area, a big snowman like thingy will will slowly descend from above. It
    is greatly affected by the wind. Once it touches ground it will explode.
    -Confused Sheep Strike
    Very Funny Weapon. A flying truck(?) will drop some explosive sheep on the
    target area. It works pretty much like an airstrike.
    -Mike's Carpet Bomb
    Another very funny weapon. A flying moving truck(??) will drop some explosive
    carpets on the target area. Upon contact with anything these explosive carpets
    will not be vaporized immediately. It will take some time before the carpets
    are gone. It works somewhat similar like an airstrike.
    -Cloned Sheep
    This works just like the madcow weapon. The only difference is that you get to
    detonate the sheep. You can change the number of sheep launched just like the
    madcow weapons.
    -Concrete Donkey
    Ultimate Super Weapon. Once you choose a target area, a giant concrete statue
    of a donkey will fall from the sky and wipe out anything (and I mean ANYTHING)
    underneath it.
    -Nuclear Bomb
    No, its not what you're thinking. A nuclear bomb will NOT fall from the sky.
    What this weapon only does is to raise the water level of the battlefield a
    little higher. It instantly drowns any worm that is on low ground. (very
    funny sound effects)
    -Patsys's Magic Bullet
    Works just like a homing pigeon, only stronger and more accurate.
    At last I have finished the weapons part of the FAQ. Man, it took me more
    than an hour of writing and experimenting. Ok now for the copywrite and some
    closing stuff.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    IV. Copyright
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance permission emailed to...
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display
    is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copright 2003, Luis Dumlao
    In simpler terms, if you want this FAQ posted in your site, just email me
    Don't forget to tell me the URL of that site.
    I may not be able to reply early because I don't check my email often, but
    don't worry. I WILL reply.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    V. Credits; People/Things to Thank; Closing Remarks; some Additional Notes
    My Short Thank You List:
    First of all I would like to thank God and then my parents for creating me.
    Also I would like to thank my parents again for taking care of me.
    Also for buying me a computer.
    I would also like to thank all the people or things that had made the
    writing of this guide by me, possible.
    I would like to thank my brother, Louis Dumlao, for some spell checks and
    corrections to my FAQ.
    Also my best friend, Franz Pantaleon, for introducing me this game and
    teaching me some stuff about the game.
    I would also like to thank my computer teacher, Mr Melvin Libunao,
    for letting us play Worms2 in the school computer lab after we did the
    required activities.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    If I have missed anyone who has helped me, please do not hesitate to email
    me. Also, if you would like to ask some questons, give reactions, make some
    corrections and etc. email me. Again my email adress is:
    I may not reply early for I don't check my email regularly, but just wait.
    I WILL reply.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Well, I guess this is the end. I hope you may have learned a thing or two
    about Worms2 from reading my FAQ. Don't worry more is still to come. If I
    have some free time, I will continue to update my FAQ. Once again thank you
    for reading my FAQ. Have a nice life.

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