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    Scripting Guide by DLeet

    Updated: 05/17/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                WRITING SCRIPTS
    Writen by Daniel Leet
    May 17, 2002
      I. Explanation
     II. Making A Script
    III. Advanced Scripts
     IV. Other Commands That Can Be Used In Scripts
      V. Other Stuff (version, copyright)
    More to come -- a lot more....
    First of all, your probably wondering what a script is,
    or does. A script is a .cfg file that you can execute
    from within the game. For example, say you wanted to run
    seven different commands quickly every time you started
    the game. Well instaed of having to waste all that time
    and energy, because wasting energy sucks, you can just
    write a script and then bind it to a key.
    Here's an example script:
    //start of script
    helpusobi 1
    give all
    setforceall 3
    sabercolor red
    //end of script
    when you run this script, it will give you everything,
    max out your force powers, turn your light saber red,
    and make kyle do his victory dance.
    By the way, the two slashes "//" are for adding a
    comment in your code. The game wont run anything on
    that line followed by the slashes.
    In order for the game to run the script the file has to
    have the file extension cfg (name of script.cfg), and it
    to be in the right place. You would have to put the file
    in: install directory\GameData\base. For me, the full
    directory was:
    D:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\
    Open a new text and copy the sample script in it. After
    you save it, rename the file to "sample.cfg"
    Then move the file into nstall directory\GameData\base.
    Now start the game. Once your in, press Shift + ~ to
    access the console. Type "exec sample.cfg"
    Now you should have everything, your force powers maxed,
    a red saber, and of course, the victory dance.
    Theres still more. Go back into the console and type:
    "bind h exec sample.cfg"
    Now when you hit h, it will execute the script.
    There are two functions you should know about before you
    start writing advanced scripts, echo, set and vstr.
    The echo command is pretty simplem it will output white
    text at the top of the screen.
    	echo <text>
    //echo example
    echo FIRE
    FIRE would apear at the top of the screen.
    SET & VSTR--
    You can use the alias command to define custom commands.
    	set <variable> <value>
    	-The variable would be the new comand and the
    	 value would be the effect (commands to exec).
    	vstr <variable>
    	-The variable would be the command you set with
    //Example Alias: Change Saber Color When You Attack
    set red "sabercolor red"
    bind m "vstr red"
    Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know there are easier ways this can
    be done, but this is just an example of how to use the
    set and vstr functions.
    //Saber Color Script
    echo Choose Saber Color
    echo F1=[RED] F2=[BLUE] F3=[GREEN] F4=[YELLOW] F5=[ORANGE] F6=[PURPLE]
    set color1 "sabercolor red; echo Saber Color Changed To Red"
    set color2 "sabercolor blue; echo Saber Color Changed To Blue"
    set color3 "sabercolor green; echo Saber Color Changed To Green"
    set color4 "sabercolor yellow; echo Saber Color Changed To Yellow"
    set color5 "sabercolor orange; echo Saber Color Changed To Orange"
    set color6 "sabercolor purple; echo Saber Color Changed To Purple"
    bind F1 "vstr color1"
    bind F2 "vstr color2"
    bind F3 "vstr color3"
    bind F4 "vstr color4"
    bind F5 "vstr color5"
    bind F6 "vstr color6"
    force_throw - use push force power
    force_pull - use pull force power
    force_speed - use speed force power
    force_distract - use distract force power
    force_heal - use heal force power
    +force_grip - use grip force power
    +force_lightning - use lightning force power
    +attack - attack
    +altattack - alternate attack
    +moveup - jump
    +moveleft - move left
    +moveright - move right
    +back - move backwards
    +forward - move forwards
    toggleconsole - bring console up or down
    There are many, many, many, many, many more......
    look in jk2config.cfg in /base
    Version 0.0.1 - First Release
    Version 0.0.2 - 
    -Fixed some spelling errors
    -Added stuff
    (c)2002 Daniel Leet. This document may be used and distributed
    for commercial use only. It may not be in any way edited/
    modified. If this document is not shown in its entirety, the
    information must be correctly cited.

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