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    Acrobatics and Moves List by Heat

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/04/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                    | Acrobatics and Moves |
                            By  Heat
         +---- Version 1.0
                 I will try to include a lot of stuff in this
              version. I at least wanna go through more than
              half of the moves.
        ..::: Contents :::..
      1) Introduction
      2) Basic Stuff
      3) A Little More Advanced Stuff
      4) Difficult Stuff
      5) Blue Stance Moves
      6) Yellow Stance Moves
      7) Red Stance Moves
      8) Closure
       -^--- Introduction ---^-
    Alright, lets explain what this FAQ is for and what your
    going to learn. As the title says, you will learn Acrobatics
    and Moves. What kind of acrobatics and moves do I mean
    though? Acrobatics in Jedi Outcast can be most commonly
    be reffered to as flips and rolls. Things that move your
    body in a combonation of buttons would be reffered to as
    an acrobatic skill. Moves are things like lightsaber tricks.
    Special things you can do with a lightsaber for example. I
    know someone has already written a FAQ on Lightsaber
    Tactics, but I plan to go into explaining a little bit more.
    I will also teach you a couple of nice gun tricks to do
    whenever your in an all out Free For All (FFA). Thats what
    we are gonna cover in this FAQ!!
       -^--- Basic Stuff ---^-
    Ok, lets learn the basics that you just gotta know.
    Before we start, if you are a newbie please go into your
    controls and change everything you want to make it as easy
    as possible for you!!
             -- Crouch
    How To Use : Press the crouch button
    What It Does : The name says it all :)
    Helpful Tip : If you are trying to hide turn your saber
                   off and crouch beside a dark object where
                   you cannot be visible!
    Helpful Tip 2 : In multiplayer, it is of great respect
                     that you bow before a lightsaber duel.
                     Just crouch, then look down to the ground,
                     then look up again.
            -- Strafe
    How To Use : Press your strafe left and right buttons
    What It Does : Strafing is a main thing that keeps you
                    alive. Its a side-step. Use it often!
    Helpful Tip : Strafe in lightsaber duels so you can
                   move your feet faster, get out of tight
                   places, and dont have to take two seconds
                   to turn around.
            -- Roll
    How To Use : While running forwards or backwards, crouch
    What It Does : Lets you get out of tight places or
                    get behind your enemies quickly when
                    they least expect your escape
    Helpful Tip : Sometimes, jumping off of high places
                   can cost you at least ten health.
                   Try rolling off of those places and you
                   will land safely at ease!
    Helpful Tip 2 : If there is something like --__-- in the
                     ground try rolling over the low point.
                     You will fly from the side you are rolling
                     from to the other.
    !BE AWARE! : There are a couple of fast lightsaber moves
                  that can seriously damage you when you are
           -- Saber Throw
    How To Use : Press and hold your saber throw button
    What It Does : Level ---
                       1) The saber throws but doesnt go too
                       2) Saber turns faster and goes a bit
                       3) Saber turns much faster and can home
                          in on opponents ;)
    Helpful Tip : If your opponent is high up, maybe above
                   a place that your jump cant reach, but theirs
                   can, throw your lightsaber to attack them!!
                  lightsaber knocked clear off of course onto
                  the ground when it is in the air! If this
                  happens, press the attack button to use to
                  force and make it return. You are super
                  vulnerable without your saber and while it is
                  coming to you it can again be knocked off of
                  course! If that happens.. you can say your
           -- Jump
    How To Use : Tap your jump button quickly to do a nonforce
                  jump. Hold your jump button to do a force
    What It Does : Sends you flying in the air. As your jump
                    level increases, the height it can go
                    increases. SOME ACROBATIC TECHNIQUES REQUIRE
                    A CERTAIN LEVEL OF FORCE JUMP!!!!!
    Helpful Tip : Use a force jump to get you to high places.
    Helpful Tip 2 : In a duel or anywhere, be sure you flip
                     a lot to make you look cool and get you
                     a good speed worked up.
    !BE AWARE! : When dueling, I advise you not to jump right
                  into your enemies and attack. This can
                  be easily countered and you can die this way!
       -^--- A Little More Advanced Stuff ---^-
    Now that I have gone over the basics, lets go a bit deeper!
    In this section we will learn a couple of things that arent
    too difficult to do, but arent what I would call BASIC, lol.
    These moves require more than one button to do.
           -- Back Flip
    How To Use : Back + Jump
    What It Does : Read the name
    Helpful Tip : If you really want to be cool with a
                   lightsaber, learn how to backflip well and
          -- Side Flip
    How To Use : Strafe + Jump
    What It Does : Read the name
    Helpful Tip : You shouldnt use side flips as much as
                   you dont back flips. Try not to use these
                   too much because a lot of times they get you
                   into trouble. I know from experience =)
          -- Wall Side Flip
    How To Use : Strafe on Wall + Jump
    What It Does : Makes you strafe jump off of a wall
    Helpful Tip : Dont use this much either. Only when you
                   are seriously cornered and need to get
                   out of a space use this. That is only my
                   suggestion, you might be able to make a
                   strategy or something out of this.
          -- Wall Run
    How To Use : Strafe on Wall + Forward on Wall + Jump
    What It Does : Runs you through the wall
    Helpful Tip : Use this when you are in crammed up
                   hallways and things. It makes you go
                   unbelievably much faster.
        -^--- Difficult Stuff ---^-
    In this section, you will learn some hard stuff. Most of
    this stuff is hard for me to even do!
          -- Attack Flip
    How To Use : Attack With Saber in Yellow Stance + Jump-x2
    What It Does : Sends you flying in the air and sends you
                    back onto the ground doing a pretty strong
    Helpful Tip : Only use this if your a real ametuer..
    !BE AWARE! : Whenever you land, you are meant to land hard.
                  It takes about 3 seconds to get up. For that
                  three seconds, you are completely vulnerable.
    Rumor : You can avoid this landing if you make the flip
             a successful attack and take down a lot of health.
             ** CONFIRMED ** - The rumor is true.
          -- Wall Flip
    How To Use : Forward to Wall + Jump-x2
    What It Does : A straight wall flip!
    Helpful Tip : Never use this.
          -- Flying Jump
    How To Use : Forward + Jump-x2 + Let go of Forward
    What It Does : Makes you jump straight
    Helpful Tip : Use this rarely since most of the time it
                   is never really needed. NEVER use this trying
                   to show off.
           -^--- Blue Stance Moves ---^-
    The blue stance is the speed stance. In this section you
    will learn some speed moves.
          -- Spin Strafe
    How To Use : Strafe Left or Right + Attack
    What It Does : A spin attack that is pretty helpful!
    Helpful Tip : Use this commonly if you desire speed and
          -- Roller Kill (hey its the best name for it)
    How To Use : Strafe Left or Right + Down + Attack
    What It Does : A low saber attack. This is for those
                    people that you are fighting that roll
                    most of the time.
    Helpful Tip : Use this to your advantage. Dont use it
                   whenever someone isnt rolling or you will
                   be in bad shape because I can garantee you
                   will get hit!
           -- Jump Spiral
    How To Use : Jump + Forward + Attack
    What It Does : Your character spin attacks.
    Helpful Tip : Use this if you are positive that your
                   opponent has low health.
           -^--- Yellow Stance Moves ---^-
    Alright, here's the only move you can do with your
    normal, casual, yellow stance!! :)
           -- Backward Spin Thing
    How To Use : Back + Attack
    What It Does : Makes you spin, attacking, backwards.
    Helpful Tip : Dont try using this in a duel.
           -^--- Red Stance Moves ---^-
    There arent many special things with the red stance.
           -- Attack
    How To Use : Attack :)
    What It Does : Sends a super slow, but deadly, slash on
                    your opponent.
    Helpful Tip : Only attack with the red stance if you are
                   sure that your opponent is not in the blue
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