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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Heat

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/06/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                    Jedi Outcast Demo
                     Written By Heat
       +---- Version 1.2
                 Added ignore the imposter at closure.
       +----  Version 1.0  *<FINAL>*
                 This FAQ will never ever be updated again.
             We are at the final version!
        CONTENTS :
       1) Introduction
       2) Walkthrough
       3) Closure
                    ^^^*** Introduction ***^^^
        Alright, im going to make this guide short and broad.
    This is for those of you who do not really have the game
    yet. There is a demo stage included in the Jedi Outcast
    demo and I thought that I would write about it.
                     ^^^*** Walkthrough ***^^^
        At the start you should come out of a box dropped by
    Jan. Some stormtroopers should start shooting at you so
    use force push and make them fall to their death. Kill
    every single stormtrooper there is. There should be a lot
    out there and I suggest that you use your lightsaber to
    reflect their bullets! After you kill every stormtrooper
    in the building and outside, go up an elevator in a left
    door in the building **you might want to collect the
    bio-canister and thermal detonaters first. They are on
    a shelf on a wall. Use Force Pull to get them**.
    Once up the elevator you should see an imperial and two
    stormtroopers. Use force push to push the troopers out
    the window (its funny :). As for the imperial, reflect
    his bullets until he dies. Once he dies, walk over to him
    and you should pick up a key card. Now, go back into the
    main room and press CTRL while by the button thing beside
    the red door. You can now enter the door. You should now
    be in the main barrier room. There should be a movie now
    where imperials and storm troopers kidnap Jan. You gotta
    help her. Shut down the barrier in the room by
    deactivating all of the computers you can by walking up
    to them and pressing CTRL. Once every barrier is down
    you should be able to enter a door. Now, go through the
    hallways killing every Stormtrooper in sight. If you kill
    an imperial make sure they dont have a key card. Finally,
    you should reach an orange hangar where a reborn fencer
         =======================  On this guy, dont use your
          DEMO BOSS               gun. He has a lightsaber and
          Reborn Fencer           will reflect your shots. Move
          Dark Side Saber User    quick while fighting this
         =======================  guy.
    After you beat the Reborn Fencer there is a door on the
    wall you need to enter. A ton of stormtroopers and some
    imperials should come out. Kill everything. Finally you
    should reach Jan tied up by an imperial. Jan will
    instantly kill the imperial and she will say to remind her
    never to do something like this again. A new screen
    should now pop up showing about 5 screenshots of the real
    game. This will confirm that you have completed the Star
    Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Demo!!
           Ignore The Imposter :
            An imposter is going around saying that he is
            me etc. The e-mail address of this imposter
            is burntmetal@hotmail.com. Please ignore the
       CONTACT :
        Dungeon Siege Main ID : Jadeheat
        Zone Main ID : General_Heat
        E-mail Address : bcglheat@hotmail.com
        MSN : bcglheat@hotmail.com
        AIM : Heat54911
        ICQ : 161294365
        Yahoo : Heat54911

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