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    Multi-to-Single Player Model Conversion FAQ by Cloud Leonhart

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/07/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            JEDI KNIGHT 2 : JEDI OUTCAST
    v 1.00
    This document is Copyright 2003 William 'Cloud Leonhart' Cain. It may be not be
    reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use.  It may
    not be placed on any web site outside of GameFAQs.  It may not be distributed
    electronically or physically outside of the GameFAQs' web site, and it may not
    be distributed otherwise at all.  Any person who infringes these rules violates
    various copyright laws and will be punished to the full extent of the law. 
    This document is for private use only.
    Table of Contents
    II.Getting Started
    III.Replacing Kyle
    IV.Replacing NPCs
    V.Advanced Techniques
    Well, by now most of you probably have Star Wars Jedi Outcast(JK2).  The game 
    has been out for quite some time and the single player experience is probably 
    getting boring.  Well, this FAQ/Walkthrough teaches you how to replace all the 
    characters within the game to other models or skin that you have.  It's an easy 
    process, as I will guide you through your first conversions, and onto other 
    things like making backward conversions to multiplayer.  To find a section of 
    the walkthrtough, just type CTRL+F, and then type the name of the section you 
    want to find.
    Alright, so you want to replace the characters, well, you will need a few 
    things to be able to do this.  The materials are listed here:
    1)Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 : Jedi Outcast
    You of course have the game dont you?  Why else would you be here?
    2)A program that zips and unzips files, for this FAQ I will be using Winzip, 
    but you can also use PKZip or Pakscape.
    3)A character skin or model that you want to use in single player.  It will be
     a .pk3 file.
    4)A glass of water and some chips, youll need it to pass the time while JK2 
    loads up. :)
    Alrighty, you are ready to make the replacement of Kyle are you?  I cant blame 
    you, he really does look likea  bantha herder or something, Yuck!  Anyway, for 
    this tutorial, I will be using the skin Lord Katarn, found at 
    After you have downloaded the file(or if you have one of your own), unzip it 
    and get to the pk3.  In this case, it is lordkatarn.pk3.  Now it is possible 
    you will make a mistake when you start out, so first make sure you have a back 
    up of either the pk3 or the zip file.  Ok, take the copy, and rename it to a 
    .zip file, that means just right click, hit rename, and then delete the .pk3 
    and call it .zip.  Your computer should recognize it is a zip file now.  Unzip
     it to a empty folder so you dont get any files mixed up.  You should find the
     following folders after you unzip : "botfiles" "models" and "scripts."  Some 
    models will not have bot support, and will just be a simple P model, in this 
    case you will probably just find the "models" folder.  In any case, all we 
    need is this models folder.  Open up "models" to get "players" open that to 
    get "darkkyle", this name varies however, it may say padme if you are using the
     padme model for instance. Whatever this folder is named, rename it to "kyle",
     NO CAPITALS.  Alright, we are almost finished replacing kyle.  Now that you 
    have renamed it, open it up, you should find alot of files, mostly pictures.  
    Scroll and find the file "model_default.skin" and rename it to 
    "model_default.txt" your computer should recognize that it is a .txt file.
     Open it up in notepad and then youll get alot of text that wont look very 
    pretty, dont worry, this is simple.  Take not that in the text strings, 
    youll find the name of your original folder.  "darkkyle" will be the name 
    you find many times, rename this to kyle on every line that it is there.  
    After you are done, save the file and then rename it back to 
    "model_default.skin"  Alright, good job, you finished the hard part.  Go 
    back to your folder set, the one with models in it.  Zip it up into something
     like "darkkylesp.zip" after it zips remove the other folders, you dont need
     them anymore.  Rename your .zip file to a .pk3, then move it into your 
    C/program files/lucasarts/jedi outcast/gamedata/base directory!  When you start
     play you will be playing as the character you just edited!  
    NOTE:Make sure you start a new game, or else the lightsaber, among other 
    things, will be messed up.
    Well, if you replaced Kyle, then you should have no trouble replacing NPCs!
    Take any multiplayer model you want, just as before, now repeat all the steps 
    listed in the above walkthrough, except instead of using the name kyle, use the
     name of the corrosponding npc.  They will look like this:
    Now, your not done with this one yet though, in the space where you have 
    botfiles, scripts, models, make a new folder called "ext_data" in this folder 
    you will need to place the npc.cfg file from the assets0.pk3 in your base 
    folder.  To do this, COPY your assets0.pk3 from 
    c/program files/lucasarts/jedi outcast/gamedata/base to a safe place, like 
    my documents.  Now, rename it to .zip and then extract.  This file is 510MB, 
    it will take a LONG time to unzip, this is where that snack and glass of water 
    will come in handy :).  After its finished, open the folder and find the 
    "ext_data" folder and open it.  copy the single file inside, the npc.cfg file 
    and then paste it in the "ext_data" folder you made in your npc replacement.  
    Now, I suggest you keep a copy of the npc.cfg file on your computer for any 
    future npc changes, otherwise, delete the rest of that COPY of assets0.pk3.  
    Zip up your folders and name it something like "janspreplace.zip" and then 
    rename it to a .pk3.  Put that into your base folder and then you have the 
    replacement!  Have fun!
    Alright, so lets say you want to keep a MP model, but you are bored of having
    that one as a character.  It is possible to split the files into two parts,
    allowing you to switch out who plays who with a quick file switch and little 
    editing.  All you have to do, is open a .pk3 file with winzip, go to the
    models/players/"name"/ directory.  Dont bother renaming anything.  Just copy
    the model.glm file and the model_default.skin file and paste them somewhere
    else for your next file.  You dont need the copy of the zip file you got, so 
    delete it and take the original pk3 back.  Now make a new folder called models
    inside it make a folder called players.  Inside it make a folder with the name
    of the character you want to replace, go inside that folder and paste that 
    model.glm and model_default.skin from earlier.  If it is a npc then remember 
    to placethe npc.cfg file in a seperate "ext_data" folder. Zip this folder up 
    and then rename it to a .pk3.  From here just put the model and the new pk3 
    you just made into the base folder and you will be able to use them in single
    player. When you dont want them in single player anymore, just delete the pk3
    you made and then it will become a strictly MP model!
    Also, you can put multiple NPCs into the same pk3 with the above technique.  
    Just instead of using one name, put multiple names inside the players
    folder.  Make sure you place the right model.glm files and model_default.skin
    files in, they are not all the same!
    FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)
    Q:Can any of the processes listed above harm my computer?
    A:No, as long as you follow what I say to do nothing bad can happen, just be 
    careful about messing with files in program files, and make sure you have a 
    backup copy of things like the assets0.pk3.  If you mess up and then dont have
    a backup your game may not play correctly, if at all.
    Q:My character has invisible parts on them, what happened?
    A:Make sure you have named everything correctly in the model_default.skin
    file, if you mess up something in the names, it cant find the images that
    make up the skin.  To check this during gameplay, just hold SHIFT and tap
    ~ and check and see if you have any yellow messages that say a file cannot be
    found, in which case, solve as nessacary.
    Q:How can I check if I replaced a NPC like Desann right?  If I have to satrt a 
    game, I dont want to get to the end and find I did it wrong!
    A:Yes, this is easily solved.  Just pull up the console(SHIFT+~) and type
    "devmapall" aafter that type "npc spawn name" where name is the npc you want
    to spawn.  Be careful!  Spawning someone like Desann early in the game will 
    have you and Jan killed quickly, as you dont have the lightsaber to defend
    Q:Ah!  Kyle's saber is coming out of his butt and the game freezes alot!
    A:You didnt start a new game, failing to do this will result in the above.
    Make sure you start a new game!
    Q:Will you do one for me?
    Probably not, but IM me and be real nice and I might help out :)
    Q:I have downloaded a Single Player model, but want to use it only for MP.
    How do I take out the Single player aspects and make it MP only.
    A:Some of my favorite models, like the Vampire Hunter D, have Single
    player encorporated.  This is not too much trouble to berid of.  For the
    most part it is the same as converting to SP, except the naming will be 
    different.  Just unzip the file, open it up and change the name of "kyle"
    folder to something like(in the case of the vampire hunter D) "vamp"
    From there just change the name in the model_default.skin file to vamp,
    or a name to corrospond to your folder name.  Then zip it back up and
    put it in your base folder.  Make sure you dont include the ext_data
    folder.  Voila!
    If you have a question not answered here, then please email me!
    Well, I doubt there is a reason you would have to contact me, but I am still 
    going to provide you with my contact information for a nice chat, or if I 
    missed something.
    EMAIL : Jedimastercain@aol.com
    AIM   : Jedimastercain
    No spamming, no attachments, please include a subject, like "Replacement FAQ"
    I would like to thank all the people at JK2files.com for helping me figure this
    out in the first place, I have since then figured out better ways to do it.
    So, a big thanks to all the people out on the net!  I would also like to thank
    MegaBelmont for helping me out, as this is my first FAQ and he helped me out
    on more than one aspect.  He also showed me how to do my Copyright, and he
    knows what he is talking about, so thank you MegaBelmont!  Finally, I want
    to credit the authors of the Dark Kyle skin and the Vampire Hunter D model,
    as I referenced them in this FAQ.  If you want download links, you can
    find both of these excellent peices of work at www.massassi.net and 
    www.jk2files.com, respectivly.
    This FAQ was made by Cloud Leonhart. All Star Wars information
    is respectfully owned by Lucasarts. This FAQ is ONLY found on www.gamefaqs.com.
    You cannot post/rephrase/plagiarize ANYTHING on this FAQ without without my
    permission. If you see this FAQ posted anywhere outside of GameFAQs, please
    inform me immediately at jedimastercain@aol.com. If this FAQ is found anywhere
    outside of GameFAQs, that person will be held to the highest extent of the law.
    You may print this out but CANNOT distribute it anywhere and can only be for 
    personal use. Thank you.

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