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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DMasters

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    "Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast" - the complete walkthrough
    	version 1.5 (January 2005)
    	Special thanks to Matt Rorie and his exceptional FAQ.
    (http://www.matthewrorie.com/), also at http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    	This file may be distributed anywhere on the Web provided that it is not
    altered in any way, and no fee is charged.
    	This file is entirely my own idea and has in no way been sanctioned or
    authorized by LucasArts LLC (http://www.lucasarts.com/) or any other persons
    responsible for the creation, production, and distribution of the game.
    	Any errors contained herein are entirely my own; use at your own risk.
    The Intro - giving a basic background of the game and characters
    Recommended Systems - what kind of computer you need to play
    Computer Stuff - screen capturing, multi-tasking
    Console Commands
    More Basics - general game play and information
    ***Multiplayer for Singles
    ++Mods++ [now as a separate file, "nightwolf-academy_skins.txt"]
    The Weapons
    The Force
    The Lightsaber
    The Good Guys
    The Neutrals
    The Bad Guys
    Binding - creating your own macros and hotkeys
    ---The Walkthrough
    	Full game
    Just Curious
    The Cast - the actors who lent their voices to the game
    The Cheats
       Cheats in Multiplayer
       Mapping the Game
    Spawning - bringing people to life
       Spawning in the Demo
    Desann vs. Tavion
    				THE INTRO
    	There are probably some of you out there who have never played any of
    the previous "Jedi Knight" games, so maybe a brief introduction to the
    characters is in order.
    	Back in 1995, LucasArts put out its first "Star Wars" game that was a
    first-person shooter, called "Dark Forces". The graphics were okay (it would
    run on a 486), and the music was frankly trash. It starred Kyle Katarn, a
    former Imperial agent who brought the Death Star plans to the Rebellion,
    presumably after "many Bothans died" - in fact, the first mission of the game
    is the retrieval of the Death Star plans.
    	Kyle's companion is Jan Ors, a mercenary pilot who flies his ship, the
    ^Mouldy Crow^. Through various missions in the game - Jan only appears in the
    intros to each level - Kyle searches out clues to the "Dark Troopers", a super-
    powered droid menace being backed by ol' Darth Vader himself... in the end Kyle
    destroys the facility manufacturing them and stops an invasion.
    	There's no use of the Force at all in "Dark Forces", and no Lightsaber.
    	Then in 1997 LucasArts came out with "Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II"...
    again, Kyle and Jan get to wend their way through various levels, this time in
    search of the Dark Jedi named Jerec who murdered Kyle's father, Morgan Katarn -
    a former Jedi. In the end, Kyle gets his father's Lightsaber and becomes a Jedi
    himself, saving the Valley of the Jedi from Jerec's depredations.
    	The music was much better, as were the graphics... and the cutscenes
    (the graphic interlude between levels) were actual movies - real actors, real
    sets, real orchestrated music (by John Williams, no less). It was like having a
    new "Star Wars" movie on your desktop... even nicer, there was a 'cheat'
    (actually, just a bit of file editing) available so you could watch all of the
    cutscenes, even for those levels you didn't actually do.
    	The game was so big that it came on 2 CDs - hey, this was only '97,
    remember? - which could be a pain when you had to switch out the disks to move
    on to the next level. On the other hand, switching the CDs and allowing them to
    autoload - without clicking the 'OK' to continue the game - gave you a chance to
    stretch your legs, take a break, use the can...
    	In 1998 came the expansion pack, "Mysteries of the Sith"... the
    cutscenes were just standard graphics instead of beautifully rendered movies
    (understandable... those movies were expensive, and took a lot of time to do -
    especially the F/X (special effects) - and time is not something you have a lot
    of when everybody's clamoring for the sequel and rumors are running around about
    a new "Star Wars" movie in production).
    	It's a two-part game... through the first four levels Kyle-the-Jedi
    saves a Republic base under attack from Imperial forces, then heads off to check
    out rumors of a Sith temple. The rest of the game is played as Mara Jade, a
    smuggler recruited to the Republic by Kyle (about time they had a character that
    wasn't recruited by Luke personally)... she too becomes a Jedi, and at the end
    she turns Kyle away from the Dark Side.
    	The Force powers setup in "Jedi Knight" and "Mysteries" was a little
    confusing... going through "Jedi Knight", you had the choice of whom to kill -
    kill all the civilians as well as the Imperial troops and Dark Jedi, and Kyle
    becomes a Dark Jedi himself, eventually defeating Jerec and becoming the next
    Emperor. If you play it the 'proper' way, of course, Kyle becomes a Light Jedi,
    defending the forces of good from the nasty Dark Jedi.
    	Finding the secret areas on each level gave you a number of stars, which
    could be applied towards your next Force powers (kind of like a home loan)...
    and you got to choose which Force powers you were going to use, meaning there
    was no way to get them all unless you cheated. "Mysteries" continued the same
    trend with both Kyle and Mara.
    	In between "Mysteries" and "Jedi Outcast", Kyle - fearful of what he
    almost became - hangs up his Lightsaber and renounces the Force, returning to
    his blaster-toting mercenary ways. For a cute - if a bit hokey - reading break,
    check out the "Jedi Outcast Back Story", included in the "readme" file that
    comes with the game (\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\Install\readme.txt)...
    apparently Kyle isn't well loved by some of the Republic forces.
    	And now there's "Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast" - mondo 3D graphics,
    orchestral music, lots of enemies to kill... have fun.
    	The sequel to "Jedi Outcast" is "Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy", due out in
    the fall of 2003... according to the LucasArts website, you not only get to
    design your own character (race, height, weight, etc.), but you also get to
    design your own Lightsaber - including the two-bladed beast used by Darth Maul
    in "The Phantom Menace". Cool!
    	Update: September 2003. "Jedi Academy" is out, and the demo is out as
    well... download it from LucasArts; it's 191 Meg.
    	If you've played the other "Jedi Knight" games, then you know the
    basics... explore each level, kill everyone, check out the secret areas, solve
    the puzzles.
    	This game is a little different... for one thing, it's 3D (which looks a
    lot like claymation, actually... at least in the cutscenes where somebody is
    talking). The *minimum* needed for the game is:
    	Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
    	a Pentium II, 350 Mhz
    	64 Meg of memory (128 Meg for Windows 2000 or XP)
    	a graphics card capable of Open GL and AGP, with at least 16 Meg memory
    	a decent sound board (preferably not PCI)
    	a mouse
    	minimum of 640 Meg of hard drive space, plus 200 Meg for the Windows
    		swap file and for saves
    	DirectX 8.0
    Personally, I wouldn't recommend playing the game on anything less than:
    	a Pentium 4, 1 Ghz
    	256 Meg memory
    	a graphics card with at least 24 Meg of memory (and OpenGL and AGP)
    	at least 1.5 Gig of free hard drive space
    	plus, of course, a sound board and mouse
    Also note that the "readme" and "troubleshooting" files have a list of what
    video cards work with the game, and which don't. For the most part, any nVidia
    GeForce card will work well, as long as it has the memory. Most ATI cards will
    work, but there's a list of them and their problems in the files. I wouldn't
    recommend trying to run the game with Matrox or Voodoo.
    	If you have an nVidia GeForce 3 or higher, and you have at least 32 Meg
    of memory on it, then everything in your setup can be set to "high" or
    "maximum"... set all your textures, etc for their highest level.
    	If you have an ATI - especially any of the Radeon series - then it's
    recommended that you set the Shadows to "Simple", and the Texture Filter to
    "Bilinear"... and most everything else must be set at it's minimum as well. This
    is true even if you have 64 Meg or more of video memory. Also, the ATI Radeon
    series may cause some problems under Windows XP or XP Pro... you may get an
    occasional game lock up, or a message asking if you want to send Microsoft an
    error report (don't) -- if you've got an ATI Radeon series board, make sure you
    save often.
    	On the other hand, ATI boards (32 Meg and up) seem to produce crisper,
    sharper images.
    	The settings as I've used them (no crashes or lockups):
    	Computer systems:
    	  [custom-built desktop] Pentium 4 (2.66 Ghz), 512 Meg memory, 80 Gig
    		hard drive, Windows XP Pro.
    	  [Toshiba Satellite laptop] Pentium 4 (2.4 Ghz), 512 Meg memory, 60 Gig
    		hard drive, Windows XP 'Home Edition'.
    	The video:
    	  [desktop] ATI "Sapphire" (Radeon 7000 series) with 64 Meg
    	  [laptop] nVidia GeForce 4 (DetonatorFX) with 32 Meg
    			ATI			nVidia
    			~~~			~~~~~~
       Video Quality:	Custom			Custom
       Video Mode:		800x600			800x600
       Color Depth:		16-bit			32-bit
       Full Screen:		On			Off
       Geometric Detail:	Medium			High
       Texture Detail:	Medium			Very High
       Texture Quality:	16-bit			32-bit
       Texture Filter:	Bilinear		Trilinear
       Detailed Shaders:	Off			On
       Video Sync:		Off			Off
    --More Video--
       Shadows:		Simple			Volumetric
       Dynamic Lights:	On			On
       Dynamic Glow:	Off			On
       Light Flares:	Off			On
       Wall Marks:		On			On
       Anisotropic Filter:  50%			100%
    	Note that even though the nVidia has only half the memory of the ATI -
    and on a slightly slower machine - the settings are at maximum, with no lockups
    or crashes. I also usually run a text editor (PFE 1.01) and a paint program
    (Paint Shop Pro 4) at the same time as the game, with no problems... something I
    wouldn't dare try on the ATI; even changing just one thing - such as turning the
    Dynamic Glow to "on" - on the ATI is enough to cause a lockup or crash in
    graphically intense areas (such as the "Yavin Swamp" level).
    	A suggestion: keep a copy of the configuration file backed up somewhere
    (after you've got it set up to your satisfaction)... if the game ever goes
    screwy and you need to reinstall (very rare, but you never know with Windows),
    it'll be easier to just copy the configuration back into the original directory
    (...\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\Base\jk2config.cfg) instead
    of setting it up all over again - especially if you're like me and have a ton of
    	If you haven't done so already, hit the LucasArts site
    (http://www.lucasarts.com/) and get any patches for "Jedi Knight II: Jedi
    Outcast" - the latest (as of this writing) is 1.04
    	1.03 is the patch for Single Player, 1.04 is the patch for
    Multiplayer... but 1.04 contains all the previous patches as well, so you might
    as well grab that, even if you don't do Multiplayer.
    If you have any problems running the game, read the "readme" and
    "troubleshooting" files in your game directory... if all else fails, contact
    support at http://www.lucasarts.com/ -- LucasArts support is exceedingly
    excellent, and they'll get back to you in less than a week (presuming your
    question isn't answered by Yoda in the first place).
    	You can't task switch out of this game... unless you set the screen to
    'windowed' rather than 'full' - if you do that, you can click on your task bar
    or the Start button as needed... though I wouldn't recommend it. Note that when
    you go windowed, the game screen might not be centered... check your Windows
    manual to find out how to center it.
    	Unlike the previous games, hitting your PrtSc (Print Screen) key doesn't
    leave a pcx graphic in your game directory... if you want to screen capture in
    the game, you'll need to go into setup and shut off the 'Full Screen', changing
    it to 'windowed'. This way you'll be able to access your taskbar and Start menu;
    open your paint program and paste the screen cap you just took.
    	WARNING! Do not try any of this if you don't know what you're doing! If
    you're not sure how to use your computer or Windows, then don't play with any of
    this. LucasArts, Raven, and all the rest (including me) aren't responsible if
    you screw up your computer.
    	If you do decide to go 'windowed' rather than full screen, here's what
    you need to do: before you even start the game, right-click anywhere on an empty
    section of desktop in Windows... don't click on an icon or any taskbar. In the
    context menu that pops up, left click on 'Properties'... on most systems, this
    will bring up your Display screen. If not, then go Start menu, Settings, Control
    Panel, Display.
    	There, hit the 'Settings' tab and increase your screen size to at least
    one size higher (if it was at 800x600, bump it up to 1024x768), Apply and OK.
    Start the game, and under Setup, go through your Display settings and turn off
    'full screen' (running it windowed), and make sure that the display size is
    smaller than what you just set Windows for (if you set Windows to 1024x768, set
    Jedi Outcast to 800x600).
    	Now any time you want to switch away from the game while you're playing,
    do the following:
    	1) hit your Esc key to get to the main game menu
    	2) hit the Windows key on your keyboard (it looks like a four-pane flag
    		waving) - this will give you your regular mouse cursor instead
    		of the Jedi Outcast cursor; don't click anywhere in or on the
    		Jedi Outcast window / screen or you'll return to the game
    	3) use your taskbar, quicklaunch bar or Start menu to kick up whatever
    		program you want, such as Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop
    	4) to go back to the game, just click on its button in the taskbar, or
    		move the cursor over the game screen and click
    	Now any time you want to screen capture (or consult a walkthrough), just
    kick out to the game menu (your 'Esc' key), hit the Windows key, and use either
    your taskbar or Start menu to get to the program you need.
    	Your controls in this - unlike the previous games - are almost
    infinitely configurable... set them up however you want, but the following is
    how I have mine.
    	Note that to change any of your controls or setup, just click on the
    appropriate line, then hit the key you want to use for that command/movement...
    to 'erase' whatever they have set for a control, click on it and hit your
    Backspace, then click on that line again to set it for exactly what you want
    (which frees up a lot of keys for Binding... see further down)
    Attack		= Mouse1
    AlternateAttack = X
    Walk Forward	= Mouse2 or Up
    Crouch		= C
    Use		= Enter or Mouse3
    ForcePush	= F1
    ForcePull	= F2
    ForceSpeed	= F3
    (binding)	= F4
    (binding)	= F5
    ForceGrip	= F6
    ForceLightning	= F7
    (binding)	= F8
    QuickSave	= F9
    QuickLoad	= F10
    (binding)	= F11
    (binding)	= F12
    Weapons		= 1-0
    ForceHeal	= Home
    SeekerDrone	= PageUp
    PAS		= PageDown
    ForceMindTrick	= End
    ForceJump	= Space
    ForceUse	= F
    ForceNext	= ,
    ForcePrevious	= .
    Inventory	= [ ]
    ElectroBinoculars = G
    LightAmplificationGoggles = O
    ViewSwitch	= P
    LightsaberStyles = L
    UseBacta	= B
    UseHeldItem	= \
    	Everything else on the keyboard - I use a laptop - is set for binding...
    	Other than actual gameplay, one of the most important parts of the game
    is the Console... hit Shift~ (the 'tilde', to the left of the 1 on a regular
    keyboard) to open the Console. Type in a command, and hit Enter... type in a
    cheat and hit Enter, type in a spawn, etc. During a Multiplayer game it can also
    be used to send messages to the other players. Note that gameplay does not stop
    while the Console is open, so be careful... to close the Console, just hit
    Shift~ again. Also note that you can use the Console in the main menu, before
    you even begin a game.
    	If you're unsure of a particular command - it may have several
    parameters - just type in the base command, such as "bind"... the variations on
    that command will appear in the Console, telling you how to input them and what
    they do. Cheats and spawns are also Console commands, but they're listed in a
    separate section of this file... the only Console commands I'll list in this
    section are the ones which don't require the cheats to be enabled.
    	Also in the Console window you'll see other odds & ends of the game...
    'Connected to server' messages, trisurfs, flares, errors, etc. To clean up all
    of that mess, just type in (without the quotes) "clear" and hit Enter.
    	Other Console commands:
    bind [key] [command] - create a hotkey for a command string (usually a cheat),
    	such as "bind f noclip" or "bind t npc spawn tavion"
    bindlist - lists all of the binds you've made, which also includes all the Setup
    	and Controls
    clear - cleans up the Console
    mapname - tells you the name of the map you are currently playing, such as
    	"ns_streets" or "duel_bespin"
    	Multiplayer-only commands:
    kick [player name] - boot that particular player/Bot from the game, such as
    	"kick desann" or "kick lieutenant_cabbel" (without the quotes). Note
    	that it doesn't need to be capitalized - none of the commands (cheats,
    	binds, etc) need to be capitalized
    kick all - kick everybody (except yourself) from the game, allowing others to join
    kick allbots - kick every AI Bot from the game, leaving human players in place
    	Most of the enemies are the same - Imperial troops (called the
    "Remnant") and Dark Jedi (the apprentices are called the "Reborn"). Most of the
    weapons are the same, though a new one is the Stun Baton (absolutely useless,
    as far as I'm concerned - except against one particular foe).
    	The Lightsaber is a bit different, too... this one has several modes of
    attack, and you're going to need all of them by the time you're finished.
    There's "medium" (standard), "fast" (lots of quick sweeps that don't do much
    damage, but multiple attacks are possible), and "strong" (carve a mountain, why
    don't you?). There are also various colors available for your Lightsaber via the
    cheats, but they don't do anything to your performance... they're just for fun.
    	This is a two-player game with one player... you, of course, get to play
    Kyle Katarn - but as a companion you have Jan Ors. While you can't really
    control her, you do need to watch out for her... at least for the first few
    levels - after that it doesn't matter (well, not until later).
    	In the walkthrough further down I don't have *every* area listed... just
    those you really need to get to. There are usually more areas than I have
    listed, and more rooms to explore - plus alternate routes to some areas once you
    have the doors unlocked. Explore everything - there are no time limits in the
    game and you can always (almost always) find toys to pick up. Also in this game,
    unlike its predecessors, you don't have to hit the secret areas... but they're
    always a good idea as you can find helpful items in them.
    	Just like the previous games, there are certain people that you can't
    (well, shouldn't) kill... doing so will end the game for you. They're rare,
    however, so don't spare the Ammo. Keep an eye on your crosshairs, though...
    when they're red, you're facing an enemy; when green, you're facing a good guy;
    when blue, whatever you're aimed at can be affected by the Force. Obviously you
    can affect just about every being in the game with the Force (such as PUSHing
    them). Note that the crosshairs will not show Force-affected items or beings at
    the higher difficulty levels.
    	Every time you start a new level - and quite a few times during levels -
    a message will pop up on the screen saying that your Datapad has been updated...
    it's in your best interest to check out your Datapad often, especially after you
    get your Jedi powers back. When you do, don't just check the Mission... make
    sure you check through your Force powers as well, as they may have updated.
    	If you get frustrated at any point, hit your 'Esc' key to pop out to the
    game menu, take a deep breath and relax...
    	What exactly is Multiplayer for Singles? It's when you're playing a
    Multiplayer game without being connected online.
    	It's easy enough... launch the game and choose "Multiplayer" rather than
    "Single Player".
    	Go through your Setup and Controls, getting everything just the way you
    want it - fairly obviously, your configuration from your Single Player setup
    will not be copied over to Multiplayer. Also under 'Setup' you have your
    'Player' setup... name your character (do you have a favorite online handle or
    nick that you use?), choose your Lightsaber color (wish you could do that in the
    Single Player game without cheating), and choose your character avatar - this is
    what your character will look like in the game; personally, I prefer using
    Tavion, but there are plenty of avatars (good and bad) to choose from.
    	Once that's done, click on the 'Play' menu, and click on 'Create
    Server'... this way you don't need to be connected online in order to do a
    Multiplayer game.
    	From here, choose the type of game you want to play... click on 'Type'
    to cycle through the list of seven different types of Multiplayer game. In
    order they are:
       "Free for All" - you against everyone else in a killing frenzy.
       "Holocron FFA" - a variation of the Free for All (FFA) game where nobody has
    	any Force powers until they grab any of the Holocrons found scattered
    	throughout the level. There are 16 total; 5 'core' powers, 4 Light, 4
    	Dark, and 3 Lightsaber. In the settings you can choose the amount of
    	Holocrons that a player can hold at any one time, from 1 to unlimited.
    	Grab the Holocron cubes scattered throughout the level, or kill someone
    	to steal their cube(s). Scoring is still the same, though - the number
    	of people you kill, not the number of Holocrons you grab.
       "Jedi Master" - a variation of FFA where there's only one Lightsaber in the
    	level, and no points are scored for killing until someone grabs the
    	Lightsaber and becomes the Jedi Master; also, you won't have any Force
    	abilities until you get the Lightsaber, and your only weapons will be
    	what you can find scattered throughout the level.
       "Duel" - just what it sounds like... you against another character in a fight
    	to the death; every time you kill someone a new victim... er, challenger
    	will appear until you've hit the kill limit. Sometimes you'll end up
    	fighting the same character more than once.
       "Team FFA" - a variation of FFA where you're divided into two teams, yours
    	against theirs.
       "Capture the Flag" - capture the other team's flag and bring it back to your
    	base to score.
       "Capture the Ysalimari" - a variation of "Capture the Flag" where the object
    	is a Ysalimari - a Force-negating creature - rather than a flag.
    	The ones that are probably the most fun to play are "Free for All" and
    "Capture the Flag"... but don't hesitate to try them all.
    	One oddity about the Multiplayer games is that your Lightsaber movements
    and fighting don't seem to be a smooth as the Single Player version, but you can
    still get a lot of use out of your Lightsaber. Also, you should have all 3
    Lightsaber styles available to you, so don't hesitate to switch between them
    during a fight.
    	Keep in mind that some of the FFA levels can be *huge*... especially
    ones like "Nar Shadda Streets" (that first level in the Single Player version
    after you got your Lightsaber back... and yes, it's all out in the open on
    narrow walkways and bridges) or "Bespin Streets"; you may spend a lot of the
    match just running around looking for someone to kill.
    	Once you've chosen a type (don't bother with the 'Server Name' at the
    right - it's unnecessary since you're not connected online), choose which
    particular map you want to play from the scrolling list on the left... most of
    them are recognizable as levels or places from the Single Player game. Next, go
    through the setup for the game... that column in the center of the screen. Most
    of it you don't need to change, and some of it won't apply since you're not
    actually connected online; just move the mouse cursor over a setting to see a
    brief description of what it does. However, you'll want to change the 'Minimum
    Players' setting... otherwise, when you join the game you'll be all alone.
    Usually I set the 'Maximum Players' setting to 12 (just click on it, type the
    number, and hit Enter), and the 'Minimum Players' to 10, but you can set them
    for whatever you want. You might want to set the 'Force Mastery' setting to
    'Jedi Master'... this will allow *you* the maximum number of points for your
    Force powers. Don't bother with creating a Password... again, since you're not
    connected online it doesn't apply.
    	Also don't bother with the column on the right (1. Human, etc), unless
    there's somebody specific (such as Tavion or Desann) that you want to hack on...
    with the 'Minimum' setting above 0, the computer will automatically fill the
    positions with 'AI Bots' - computer controlled players. The 'Skill' setting at
    the bottom of that right column applies only to the AI Bots in the game...
    anything from 'Initiate' to 'Jedi Master' - in other words, how much Force power
    will a 'Bot have available, and how good will they be?
    	Don't bother with the "Advanced" selection at the bottom of the
    screen... most of that contains items that you don't need to play with. The only
    two you might want are 'Friendly Saber' (if set to 'Yes', your Lightsaber can
    injure or kill anyone else on your team as well as the other team), and 'Allow
    Saber Lock'. You *really* don't want to set that 'Friendly Saber' to 'yes',
    though... it'll cost you a point each time you kill a teammate, and once set,
    'Friendly Saber' won't unset (even if you set it to 'no') until you exit the
    	After you've got everything set up to your satisfaction, click on
    "Begin" to start the fun... once you've done that, the next screen/window that
    pops up will allow you to set your Force abilities, which is a crucial part of
    Multiplayer. If you made sure to set the 'Force Mastery' at 'Jedi Master' in the
    previous screen, then you'll have the maximum points available for your Force
    	Note that you need to choose a side... Light or Dark. What powers are
    available to you depends on this setting... if you choose 'Light', then all the
    Force powers you used in the Single Player game will be available (Heal, Mind
    Trick, etc), whereas if you choose 'Dark', you can use all of the same abilities
    that Desann and Tavion did in the Single Player game, including Drain (literally
    drain someone's life force), and Rage (it's the Dark Jedi version of Speed
    combined with Protect... you'll be faster than normal, and you won't be as
    easily damaged - however, it reduces your Health points by quite a bit).
    	There are some basic or 'core' Force powers that can be used by anyone,
    no matter what their alignment is... these include Speed, Push, Pull, and
    	There are several new Force powers available to you that can't be found
    anywhere in the Single Player game, one of them a 'core' power and the other two
    Light: Seeing is the 'core' power, which will let you keep track of someone who
    tries to use Mind Trick on you (seemingly disappearing in front of your eyes),
    and will allow you to spot enemies and items (such as weaponry or Health) for
    quite a distance. The new Light powers are Absorb and Protect; Absorb allows
    you to soak up Force energy thrown at you (such as Push or Lightning), keeping
    you from being damaged by it (for the most part). Protect will protect you from
    physical harm... blaster fire, Lightsabers, etc - though it won't protect you
    from explosions such as a Missile Launcher or a Thermal Det.
    	Some of these 'new' powers may seem like fun, but essentially they're
    worthless... Drain especially (I wouldn't bother with Grip either). If you want
    to go Dark, your best bet is to put some power on Dark Rage and Lightning - fill
    them both if you can. Seeing you won't need much on... just enough so it works,
    allowing you to see those people who are trying to Mind Trick you. Pull also
    might not be that handy, but Push certainly is... and you'll want full power on
    both Saber Attack and Saber Defense (Throw isn't worth as much). If you go
    Light, you'll definitely want full power on Heal... MedPacks and Shield Boosters
    aren't always easy to find, and don't even exist in some types of games.
    	You'll also note that you have 'Team Energize' and 'Heal Other'
    available (both Light and Dark can use these)... they're just what they sound
    like: 'Heal Other' will let you partially heal a teammate (you need to be quite
    close), while 'Team Energize' will let you empower your teammates slightly
    (again, you need to be quite close).
    	Once they're set up to your satisfaction, click on 'Filename' and type
    in a unique filename... since each game version can use a different file, you
    can do so, depending on personal tastes - for example, in the "Capture the Flag"
    / "Garrison 27-D" game you'd want a filename like "ctf-27d". Save the file, and
    click on 'Apply Powers'... now whenever you choose this particular game to play,
    all you need to do at the beginning is select the filename from the list, and
    click on 'Apply Powers'.
    	Of course, if you always play with the same type of Force setup in every
    game, just save it as "Custom" (without the quotes, obviously), and it will
    automatically be in place when you start a game... just click on 'Join Game'
    without even fiddling with your Profile.
    	At the bottom of the screen click on any of the selections... 'Join
    Game' will randomly place you on either / any team, while the others should be
    obvious (I prefer being part of the Blue - Rebel - team rather than the Red -
    Imperial - team, but it doesn't really matter). If you choose the 'Spectate'
    selection (not available in all games), you won't actually be part of the game
    in progress - you can wander all through the map without getting hit, watching
    all the action... but you also won't be able to pick up anything or do anything
    other than watch.
    	I've got a bit of a love/hate relationship with Tavion... you've got to
    hate the character, because she is *not* nice - but at the same time, there's
    just something about her that you like. So during an FFA where Tavion is one of
    the players, I either spend the level killing her, or killing anyone who manages
    to kill her. Or else I spend most of the game running through the level, blowing
    Luke to pieces. ;)
    	After that, just have fun...
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    	Most of the things you can do in the Single Player game can also be done
    in Multiplayer... one of the few things you can't do is Spawning (see the
    separate section on that), but you don't need to. Some of the same cheats are
    available in Multiplayer; see the separate section on that.
    	One other toy you have available that isn't in the Single Player game is
    the Stationary Shield... and just as the name suggests, triggering this (you
    pick it up just like any other weapon or ammo) pops up a forcefield wall that
    other players can't get through (though explosives such as Thermal Dets and the
    PMS can breach the forcefield after a couple of hits). You also have the
    Ysalimari, a small yellowish animal that negates *all* Force powers within
    range... grab that (it's only found in a few maps, such as the "Nar Shadda
    Streets" FFA) and nobody will be able to touch you with Force powers as long as
    it lasts; on the other hand, you won't be able to use any Force powers either.
    	One thing you can do that can be a bit of fun is 'jumping': start up a
    map - such as any of the "Free for All" maps - and once you get bored with that
    particular map, you can 'jump' to a new one without going back to the main
    menu... you can even 'jump' to a map from a different type of game, such as any
    of the "Duel" or "Capture the Flag" games. Note, however, that jumping to a map
    from a different type of game will keep the same rules - that is, if you start
    (via the main menu) in a "Free for All" game and then jump to a "Capture the
    Flag" map, the FFA rules will still apply... there are some cases where you
    definitely *don't* want to do that; for example, if you start in a "Capture the
    Flag" game and then jump to a "Duel" (or any FFA) map, you'll be stuck - because
    there won't be any flags (or Ysalimari) in the "Duel" or FFA maps.
    	How to: open the Console, and type in (without the quotes, obviously)
    "devmap ffa_bespin" to jump to the "Bespin Streets" FFA map. If you're not sure
    what the name of a map is, just open the Console and type (again, no quotes)
    "mapname", and it will tell you. You can also bind any of these jumps if you
    wish, which will make things go much faster... instead of opening the Console
    and typing "devmap ffa_bespin", just bind a key (such as 'H') to that command.
    	A list of all the Multiplayer maps available can be found at the end of
    the "Mapping the Game" section of this file.
    	'Jumps' that you *can* do:
       "Free for All" (any type) ---> "Free for All" (any type)
       "Free for All" (any type) ---> "Duel"
       "Free for All" (any type) ---> "Capture the Flag / Ysalimari"
       "Duel" ---> "Duel"
       "Duel" ---> "Free for All" (any type)
       "Duel" ---> "Capture the Flag / Ysalimari"
       "Capture the Flag" ---> "Capture the Flag"
       "Capture the Ysalimari" ---> "Capture the Ysalimari"
    (Oddly enough, most of the Multiplayer stuff I learned playing "Jedi Academy"...)
    	Some Multiplayer maps will have Holocron cubes in them, while others
    will have Ysalimari... any of these can be an aid to you. Holocron Cubes can be
    'Light Enlightenment', 'Dark Enlightenment', 'Force Boon', and 'Sense' - even if
    you yourself can't use a particular type of Cube, grabbing it denys it to
    others. The 'Dark' and 'Light' Enlightenment Cubes will temporarily give you
    Force powers you don't have, depending on which side you're on. For example, if
    your alignment is set to 'Dark', and don't have any numbers on Rage or Drain,
    then normally you'd never be able to use those powers... walk through a 'Dark
    Enlightenment Cube', and you will, if only as long as the Cube lasts.
    	The 'Force Boon' Cube is a Force restorer... walk through it (it doesn't
    matter if you're Light or Dark), and your Force points will be restored much
    more quickly (as long as your not currently using the Force). For instance, if
    you're set on Dark and you walk through the 'Force Boon' Cube, spray Lightning
    (presuming you have it) at someone until you run out of Force... release the
    key, and watch your Force powers restore rapidly.
    	For a little bit of twisted fun, start an FFA map (any one), then use
    the cheats to 'jump' into the Duel map "Jedi Battleground 2.0" - as soon as
    you're in, turn on God mode, and use the 'give all' cheat. Get up on top of that
    one plateau (at the top of the ramp) or one the one across the way (with the
    Force Boon on it), and standing at the edge, keep tossing Trip Mines down to the
    valley below. When someone hits multiple Trip Mines and blows up, they'll blow
    *way* up... fly the friendly skies. Note that you can only place a maximum of 10
    Trip Mines in any one location.
    	Another one for twisted blow-up fun is the "Shadow Pit" (duel_pit) --
    this one is good for Detonation Packs... especially if you get someone in that
    center pit.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
       The Characters in Multiplayer: Avatars and others
    	When you set a Profile, you get to choose a character that you want to
    represent you in the game... this is your Avatar. I usually choose Tavion as my
    Avatar, but there are plenty to choose from. Note that not every character
    available in a Multiplayer game can be used as an Avatar.
    Bespin_Cop		Chiss (bartender on Nar Shadda)		Desann
    Galak			Gran			Imperial
    Imperial_worker		Jan			Jedi
    Jeditrainer		Kyle			Lando
    Luke			Monmothma		Morgan (Katarn, Kyle's father)
    Prisoner		Rebel			Reborn
    Reelo			Rodian			Shadowtrooper
    Stormpilot		Stormtrooper		Swamptrooper
    Tavion			Trandoshan		Ugnaught
    	During the game itself, some of these will have different names... a
    Gran, for example, will be called "Ree-Yees", while a Swamptrooper will be
    "SW-967". This will only matter if you have to kick anyone (see the "Console
    Commands" section above); then you'll need to type the name rather than the
    	One thing you can do with the various characters is stack the deck, so
    to speak... as soon as you've entered an FFA (or other) game, or as soon as you
    respawn in a new game, hit 'Esc' - not only does this pause the game, but it
    also brings up the top menu. Click on 'Add Bot', and cycle through the various
    names... when you find one you want in the game, click on 'Add Bot' at the
    bottom of that little screen. Then hit your 'Esc' key and do it again, and
    again, until you have all the characters you want in the game. Just remember
    that you count as one character... so if you have 'Minimum Players' set to 10,
    you'll only be able to add 9 Bots to the game. If you have the maximum amount of
    characters already and you want to add someone, you'll need to kick someone else
    (see the separate section on "Console Commands").
    	When adding characters to any team game, such as "Capture the Flag" or
    "Free for All", make sure you also select the team they'll be part of, Red or
    Blue - trying to add too many characters to one team will end up with those
    characters being kicked by the game (if you have it set up so teams will be
    even). Just remember that at the end of that particular match, most players will
    switch sides at the start of the next match.
    	The Bots are divided into two groups: Good Guys and Bad Guys. The Bad
    Guys will have a red Lightsaber and can use any Dark Force power, while the Good
    Guys will have a blue Lightsaber and can use any Light Force power. For whatever
    reason, Ree-Yees (the Gran) appears as a Good guy...
    	What, you might ask, are "mods"? That's short for "modules" or
    "modifications"... maps and scenarios you can add to a game. Mods are usually
    for multiplayer games, and they've been around in one form or another since the
    original 16-color "Duke Nukum" (and possibly even earlier).
    	I usually don't do mods... for the most part they're made by fans, and
    while some can be good - or even excellent - they're not official.
    	However, if you're interested in doing mods, you can find plenty at
    LucasFiles (http://www.lucasfiles.com/) - download a mod, unzip it, and place
    the "pk3" file in your "Jedi Outcast\GameData\base" directory... you'll see
    other "pk3" files in the same directory, such as "assets0.pk3"; these are ones
    that came with the game.
    	If you want to make your own mods - not all that easy, but possibly
    worth it in the long run - you can get the tools on the web as well, probably at
    the same place where you got the bonus maps. The file will probably be called
    "Jedi Outcast Tools" or some such, and it'll be about 6 Meg in size. It'll also
    include the public SDK (Software Developers Kit) files that you need to
    'publish' the maps.
    	The very best place to find mods, skins, tools, etc on the web for most
    any Star Wars game is at LucasFiles... http://www.lucasfiles.com/
    	One of the worst places to get *anything* from is FilePlanet... another
    place to avoid is jediknight2.filefront.com
    	WARNING! If you have previous versions of this file, IGNORE the sections
    on editing... do *not* alter the "assets0.pk3" file. See my separate text file,
    "nightwolf-skins.txt" for instructions on editing and modifying the game.
    	Most of these you'll remember from the previous games... see the
    separate section for the Lightsaber and its moves.
    	Most of your weapons have a secondary fire mode, which can come in handy
    in some cases. The default key for secondary fire is your "Alt" key, but you
    might want to remap it to something else. In some cases, you can shift your fire
    by 'leaning'... hold your 'use' key and hit the strafe keys while firing.
    	The numbers in front of each weapon below are the top row of your
    keyboard... hit that to automatically switch to that weapon. There are, however,
    more weapons than can be handled by the numbers... scrolling through them is a
    good idea (if a little slow at times).
    1 - Stun Baton... pretty much useless
    	primary: shock
    	secondary: N/A
    1 - Lightsaber - this replaces the Stun Baton in your inventory
    	primary: slash
    	secondary: saber throw (quite handy, actually)
    2 - Bryar Pistol... good for conserving Ammo, but not good against a crowd
    	primary: single shot
    	secondary: charged shot - how charged depends on how long your hold down
    	the secondary fire key; releasing it fires
    3 - E-11 Blaster Rifle (Stormtrooper Rifle)
    	primary: automatic fire, slow rate
    	secondary: rapid fire (uses lots of Ammo, aim is worse)
    4 - Tenloss DXR-6 Disrupter Rifle
    	primary: single high-speed shot
    	secondary: scope zoom view, use the Primary button to fire
    		(unfortunately, the scope doesn't zoom like the older games
    		did... it just provides a targeting reticle)
    	Warning - your Lightsaber *cannot* defend against this!
    5 - Wookie Bowcaster
    	primary: single shot, hold down the fire button for a spread shot
    	secondary: clustered shot straight through the crosshairs
    6 - Destructive Electro-Magnetic Pulse (DEMP) 2 Gun... useful only against
    	   droids and mechanicals (such as gun turrets)
    	primary: energy ball
    	secondary: fast attack energy ball
    7 - Imperial Heavy Repeater... your basic chain gun, uses Ammo very fast, not
    	   very accurate
    	primary: rapid-fire solid projectile
    	secondary: concussion grenade
    8 - Goban Arms FC-1 Flechette Weapon
    	primary: shotgun style blast of flechettes (little metal razors)
    	secondary: dual explosive mines
    9 - Merr-Sonn PLX-2M Portable Missile System (PMS)
    	primary: fire & forget rocket
    	secondary: homing missile - hold the secondary fire key to lock onto a
    		target (watch your crosshairs), release it to fire
    	Your Lightsaber cannot defend against this... hitting the projectile
    	will just get you caught in the explosion; however, PUSH works very
    	nicely if you time it right
    0 - Thermal Detonators
    	primary: delayed explosion; hold the fire button down to throw it
    	secondary: impact blast... toss it far enough so you don't get hit also
    0 - Laser Trip Mine
    	primary: uses a trip laser; anyone breaking the beam sets it off
    	secondary: uses a proximity sensor
    0 - Det Pack (Detonation mines)
    	primary: place the Det Pack on any surface (as many as you want)
    	secondary: detonate them all
    Note that the 0 on your keyboard represents all the 'throwing' and oddball
    items... just keep hitting the 0 to cycle through them all.
    	Note that you can actually place a Det Pack *on* a person if you're
    careful enough; usually on top of their head.
    	These other two items aren't weapons per se, but they might come in
    handy (I've never used them other than to check them out, but who knows?)
    Seeker Drone - just like the little silver flying ball that Luke sparred against
    in the original "Star Wars" on the Millennium Falcon. Activated with the
    'PageDown' key on your Keypad (that's the default) - it will follow you around,
    attacking anyone in range (other than you) until it's energy is exhausted. It
    works best against anyone other than Stormtroopers. It doesn't actually do much
    damage, but it can distract a foe (such as a Reborn) temporarily during
    battle... be ready to take advantage.
    Portable Assault Sentry - the PAS is basically a gun turret at your command...
    activate it with the '5' key on your Keypad (default) to set it up and get it
    firing. Note that while it doesn't fire at you, it still lays down a good stream
    of fire... try not to get in the path of it. Don't bother using this against
    Reborn or Dark Jedi... they can just Push it over, which is something that you
    can't do.
    	A note about views and aiming: there are two different views in this
    game - first person and third person (switch from one to the other using your
    'p' key, which is the default)... in a first person view, your aiming is
    slightly more accurate, so if you're in a situation where you can snipe at
    someone, you might want to use the first person view. The way the game is
    originally set up, you automatically switch to a third person view when you use
    the Lightsaber, and a first person view when you use any other weapon... both of
    these can be shut off in your Setup. (Setup / Options... 3rd Person Lightsaber,
    1st Person Guns)
    	Personally, I prefer a third person view at all times... but there are a
    few instances when a first person view comes in handy.
    	One cute note about the Trip Mines: you might not always find a use for
    them in the regular game, but they come in quite handy in the Free-For-All
    Multiplayer games... they work even better when clustered. When placing a Trip
    Mine, figure out where it should go so that when a character breaks the beam (or
    triggers the proximity sensor), they'll be closest to the Mine - and if you
    place several together, they'll all go off at once in sympathetic detonation,
    making a much bigger explosion and almost guaranteeing a kill. Just remember
    that other characters - whether human or AI Bots - aren't all that stupid, and
    will find ways to avoid the beam if they can.
    	For example: in the FFA "Nar Shadda Streets", there's that split ramp
    across the chasm from the ledges with the glass walls - place three or four Trip
    Mines at the bottom of the lower ramp (against the wall rather than on the
    ground), and I can guarantee that you'll nail somebody coming down that ramp. In
    "Nar Shadda Streets", the Trip Mines can be found at the top, way above the area
    with the two square holes in the ground.
    				THE FORCE
    	Most of your Force powers should be familiar to you... each power has
    three levels; as you go through the game you'll get each.
    (F1) - PUSH
    (F2) - PULL
    (F3) - SPEED
    (F4) - MIND TRICK (just like it says... what Obi-wan used against the
    	Stormtroopers on Tattooine back in the original "Star Wars")
    (F5) - HEAL
    (F6) - GRIP
    (F7) - LIGHTNING
    	To scroll through your list of Force powers, use the comma or period on
    your keyboard (whatever you have them set as), and hit your 'F' key to activate
    the selected power. For the most part, though, you'll just use your hotkeys.
    	Note that JUMP doesn't have a hotkey assigned to it... that's because it
    uses the regular 'jump' key. The longer you hold down the 'jump' key, the
    further you'll go. On the higher difficulty levels, you'll have to hit your
    'use' key on the way down in order to "stick" your landing and not fall over.
    	The other Force powers in the game are all associated with your
    Lightsaber... "Saber Throw" is handled by your secondary fire key, and it does
    use Force mana, so watch yourself - while it may be fun, it can drain your Force
    mana quickly enough, and you're vulnerable until the Lightsaber returns to your
    hand. And finally there's "Lightsaber Defense" which has three levels... see the
    next section for all of your Lightsaber needs.
    	Unlike previous games, you don't have a choice of what Force power to
    get when... at the beginning of each level (after you've restored your Force
    powers and gotten your Lightsaber back), check your Datapad (default key is
    'Tab') to see what your powers have been augmented to. In the walkthrough, at
    the beginning of each level I'll list the Force updates.
    	See the beginning of Level 19 (Doomgiver Shields) for various odds &
    ends about GRIP.
    	A note on MIND TRICK: depending on what level you've got, and how much
    memory is being chewed up, and what your graphics capabilities are, you might
    see this activated in different ways. As you acquire the different levels and
    become more powerful, you'll be able to control someone for a longer period, and
    can even take on Reborn... just aim your crosshairs at whomever you want to take
    over and use MIND TRICK... you'll see blue 'sparklies' appear around their head,
    meaning that they're under your control (in a way). If there are enemies of
    yours in the area, your new Mind Tricked ally will fight them... just be
    warned that they will always use rapid fire with their weapon and will quickly
    run out of ammo... and someone who is Mind Tricked cannot pick up more
    weapons or ammo; they also can't open doors or use switches.
    	If you use the cheats and set your MIND TRICK to higher than level 3
    (which is the highest you can legitimately get in the game), then when you Mind
    Trick someone, you'll actually appear to *become* that person... just run around
    and do whatever it is you want to do, remembering that you still won't be able
    to pick up new weapons or ammo, nor will you be able to 'use' anything.
    	Also remember that Kyle is vulnerable until the MIND TRICK fades or is
    canceled (hit your F6 key - whatever you have it set as - again to cancel it).
    	One silly thing about the MIND TRICK: if you're using it just to use it
    (such as taking control of a Stormtrooper), then you're probably running around
    using the Stormie (or whatever) to kill off his snow-hat buddies... once you end
    the MIND TRICK (presuming the Stormie doesn't die), you'll hear something like
    "Hope I get a commendation for this."
    	For historical purposes, it's noted in the manual that because Kyle went
    Dark at one point, he can use Force powers - such as GRIP and LIGHTNING - that a
    regular Light Jedi wouldn't be able to use... don't worry about it; just use
    what you've got.
    	It looks like the same toy you've used before, and for the most part it
    acts like the same toy... but there are a few changes. For one thing, the
    Lightsaber is *much* more deadly and accurate than it was in the previous two
    games... for another, you can actually throw your Lightsaber in order to cause
    damage (just like Vader did in "The Empire Strikes Back", when he's fighting
    Luke on Bespin) - and unlike the previous two games, you don't have to cheat to
    get the Saber Throw... it's automatic once you finally retrieve your Lightsaber
    from the Jedi temple on Yavin IV.
    	The Lightsaber has several 'styles', including 'fast' and 'strong' --
    you'll have to advance through the game to get each style.
    	Hit 'L' on your keyboard (default) to cycle through the various
    styles... in your ammo meter on the right, when using the Lightsaber, the upper
    curve will show which style you're using: yellow for 'medium', blue for 'fast',
    and red for 'strong' (yeah, they listed that wrong in the manual).
    	After you get the Lightsaber back, you'll have 'Medium' style... the
    basic Jedi fighting technique. You'll be able to 'chain' up to five attacks -
    that is, you can do five attacks (different or the same) in a row and they'll
    all go smoothly, flowing from one to the next. Medium is also the best mode for
    going up against multiple enemies... like a room full of Stormtroopers.
    	'Fast' style can chain unlimited attacks, but the damage isn't much.
    	'Strong' style is a heavy, slashing strike... lots of damage, but the
    stance and follow-through can leave you vulnerable for a moment.
    	Get used to fighting with the Lightsaber... 'throw' (your secondary fire
    key) can be fun, and it's actually needed occasionally - just remember that
    you're vulnerable until the Lightsaber returns to your hand, and also remember
    that Saber Throw uses Force mana. Both Lightsaber Attack and Lightsaber Defense
    have three levels.. the higher, the better. On Defense/Offense 3, you can
    actually 'direct' your Lightsaber when you throw it, carving a swath through the
    enemies. One thing you can do with Lightsaber Throw, even on level 2, is to hold
    down your secondary fire key and move around - the Lightsaber will be trying to
    return to your hand, but it's being held out there... kind of like a remote
    control chain saw. This will last as long as your mana does.
    	Check out the manual for the various types of attacks you can make...
    get used to them and practice them, because some day you really will need
    	Get used to using your Jedi powers and the Lightsaber at the same
    time... if Luke and Obi-Wan can do it, so can you. In fact, there are times when
    you will *need* to use SPEED and your saber together... especially against
    Reborn and Shadow Troopers.
    	Your sidestep moves (default keys are 'A', 'D', and 'V') can come in
    very nicely during a fight... if you're quick enough, sidestep just as they
    swing at you, and you should be in a good position to slash through their now-
    open defenses. If you miss, however...
    	There are various moves you can make with the Lightsaber during your
    fights... with the beautiful graphics (and using a 'third person' view), they
    look very nice - and have the additional benefit of being deadly. Play around
    with your Lightsaber and learn them all...
    	Some include: JUMP towards or over an opponent, and while in mid-air
    wiggle the mouse around and slash - Kyle will flip over in mid-air, slashing
    downwards on the unprotected opponent.
    	Run towards you opponent, and while running crouch and slash - this one
    brings you in low, under their defenses.
    	To stab backwards, you need to be facing away from your opponent (be
    careful!) - hit your 'Back' key (default is the down arrow) and slash.
    	Move the mouse to turn while slashing... Kyle sweeps in a big circle,
    which can sometimes get an opponent unawares (but it also leaves Kyle wide open
    for retaliation).
    	If you decide to keep swinging as you run (just hold down both your
    primary attack key and your run key), Kyle will do a kind of destructive ballet,
    spinning around as he runs, sweeping and slashing with the Lightsaber. This can,
    of course, leave you wide open to retaliation... but it can also work against a
    small tight crowd of Bad Guys.
    	And you might want to note that swinging your Lightsaber as you SPEED
    around the place can be a little disconcerting - because of the slight graphics
    distortion caused by Force Speed (especially the highest level), your aim might
    not be as good as usual... practice, practice, practice.
    	There are many more moves you can make... basically, as many different
    movements you can make with the mouse (or joystick) - experiment with them all,
    try out your own styles, etc. Just remember that the Lightsaber - while
    beautifully defensive as well as offensive - is not a shield.
    	There are a pair of cheats that aren't really cheats... they won't let
    you win the game or protect your butt from incoming fire; all they do is let you
    change the way things look. One of the is "saberColor"... as it sounds, this
    lets you change the color of your Lightsaber. Open the Console (Shift+~), and
    type (without the quotes) "saberColor green" to change the color of your
    Lightsaber to green instead of the standard blue. Note that you must have the
    cheats enabled in order to do this. You can change your Lightsaber's color at
    any time, as many times as you want... just remember that the Bad Guys all use
    red Lightsabers. The six colors available to you are blue, green, red, orange,
    purple and yellow.
    	The other Lightsaber cheat just removes the PG rating of the
    Lightsaber... normally when you slash somebody with your Lightsaber, you just
    kill or injure them, but nothing appears to happen to them - they're not split
    wide open. Type in (without the quotes) "g_saberRealisticCombat 1" to remove the
    PG rating... now when you slash at someone, their arms or legs or head will come
    off (no blood or guts, obviously). Again, it doesn't actually affect the game,
    just the way you see it.
    	In either case, make sure you type in the cheat exactly as listed, with
    the appropriate capitalization and spacing.
    	As with any other cheat, they only last as long as the current level...
    if you want to use them again in the next level, you'll need to type them in
    again. The easiest way is to set up a couple of hotkeys with binding (see
    further down in this document).
    	One final note: remember that your Lightsaber makes noise... if you're
    trying to sneak up on someone (or just be stealthy), shut off your Lightsaber by
    hitting your '1' key.
    	And a sillier note... in the 'extras' section of "The Phantom Menace",
    it was mentioned that Ewan McGregor (who plays the young Obi-Wan) was having the
    time of his life filming the Lightsaber duels - in fact, he was making
    Lightsaber noises throughout the first few takes, and they had to re-shoot...
    	Despite the game being what it is, there are still a few good guys
    around... these are characters that you can interact with in one way or another
    during the game, usually only for a short while.
    	The main thing to remember is that with the good guys, you need to keep
    them alive (for the most part)... letting them get killed will end the game for
    Jan Ors - your pilot and friend... she'll be with you for the first several
    	levels, and you need to make sure she stays alive. She fires the
    	Stormtrooper Rifle at a rapid rate, but isn't that great a shot.
    Mon Mothma - the leader of the Rebellion; only in two cutscenes.
    Artus Prisoners - one will give you information; the others you need to keep
    Morgan Katarn - the ghost of Kyle's father; you'll meet him only in one
    Luke Skywalker - for the most part you'll meet him only in cutscenes, but there
    	is one area where he battles alongside you... and he is quite good.
    	However, you do need to make sure that you keep him alive.
    Lando Calrissian - you'll need his help in Bespin and other places.
    Lando's R5 - it's got the codes you need to navigate Bespin, so keep it 'alive'.
    Cloud City Guards - they can be somewhat helpful, but if they die, they die.
    Republic Troops - again, they can be helpful... but otherwise don't worry.
    various Jedis and Apprentices - found on Yavin in the Jedi Temple... they can be
    	great fighters, but in the end you'll have to go it alone.
    	Guess what... there aren't any. The closest anything comes to being
    neutral are some of the droids; the R2, the R5, the C3 and the 'mouse' droid -
    there are times when you'll need one of these droids, so it might not be a good
    idea to 'kill' them immediately. There's also the Gronk Droid - but these are
    more for noisy decoration than anything else; kill 'em all if you want.
    				THE BAD GUYS
    	Most of these guys you already know... Stormtroopers of all types, and
    various Imperials - all of these are part of the "Remnant" (sounds like an old
    couch). There are also various Dark Jedi, called the "Reborn"... their leader is
    a beastie called Desann, and he ain't pretty. His apprentice Tavion *is* pretty,
    as far as that goes... but she's still deadly.
    	The Reborn have various levels... from the weak Orange to the stronger
    Blue, up through the mid-level Red and higher.
    	You'll also run into enemies like the Shadow Troopers, who aren't
    exactly wimps (you'll see... you'll see).
    	The Remnant:
    Stormtroopers - three or four different types
    Imperial Officers - Brown and Black, some will have Keys
    Swamp Troopers - the water version of the snow hats
    Shadow Troopers - Stormtrooper Jedis, basically... armed with Lightsabers
    Admiral Galak Fyyar - leader of the Remnant and a sniveling snot
    	The Reborn:
    Orange Reborn (weakest)
    Blue Reborn
    Red Reborn
    Green Reborn
    Red & Dark Gray Reborn... the Reborn "Boss"
    	Dark Jedi:
    Tavion - Desann's apprentice (interesting outfit and tattoos)
    Desann - lizard breath, mondo nasty
    Probe Droids
    Sentry Droids - rapid-fire circular flying machines... watch out
    Attack Droids (Mk I) - Robotech!
    Seeker Drone
    Interrogation Droids
    	Stupid things that Stormtroopers say: "Identify yourself." (When you're
    running at them with a Lightsaber). "Who are you?" (While they're watching you
    slice & dice their buddies).
    You can bind commands to a key to form a macro... for example, in your setup,
    you can change the key that allows you to jump. Binding is for those commands
    that aren't listed in your setup (okay, the cheats). This way you can create a
    macro (hotkey) for any command you can think of, providing you don't run out of
    keys on your keyboard.
    	The only regular key that you *cannot* use for Binding, as far as I can
    tell, is your BackSpace (plus, of course, the Escape key).
    How to... open the Console (Shift+~) and type:
    bind [key] [command]
    	this will bind that command to a single key, such as:
    bind h helpusobi 1
    	this will bind the command "helpusobi 1" to the 'H' key... to issue this
    command, just hit your 'H' key. Note that none of it needs to be capitalized,
    except for letters in the command itself, such as:
    bind f12 npc spawn Tavion
    	Note that "Tavion" needs to be capitalized, but that F12 does not. That
    is... I *think* that capitalization is important - well, maybe not... but the
    capitalization does help you when you're typing in a long and complex phrase.
    	Any key can be bound... just type in the name of the key, such as alt or
    end (and all the others, such as pgup, tab, pgdn, home, del, ctrl), as in:
    bind end npc spawn StormTrooper
    	However, you can't distinguish between Shift keys (or Alt, or
    Control)... you can bind any of them, such as:
    bind shift npc spawn probe
    	but you can't tell it "bind rshift npc spawn probe"... the game will
    just tell you that 'rshift' is not a valid key. Your best bet is to save your
    Ctrl, Alt, Shift, and other 'named' keys for actual moves/uses you can setup in
    the 'Controls' section of setup. Even better, use your keypad keys (presuming
    you're using a full size keyboard) for commands and controls in your Setup,
    freeing up a slew of other keys for binding.
    	Personally, I've bound "helpusobi 1" to 'h' and
    "g_saberRealisticCombat 1" to 'r'... that one is a lot of fun, especially in
    third person view. I've also bound "saberColor yellow" to F11, and "npc spawn
    Tavion" to F12... and I've got two dozen different binds - basically, I've got
    the entire keyboard used. Most of it is for spawning...
    	Obviously, you'll only need to bind commands that can't be found in your
    setup (in other words, cheats... or 'non-player' commands).
    Cheats are listed at the end of this document.
    	Note: words in all caps throughout the walkthrough - such as PUSH - are
    Force powers... get to know your hotkeys. I'm not going to list every time you
    should save; kick out to the game menu (your 'Esc' key) often enough to save a
    level, and use your Quicksave (default 'F10') at many points during a level in
    	This walkthrough was written using the "Padawan" and the "Jedi Master"
    difficulty levels (the easiest and the hardest), but there's not too much
    difference between the difficulty levels. Higher levels will have tougher
    enemies (they won't die as quickly), and fewer items scattered about the area. A
    few things will be slightly different... for instance, when using "Jedi"
    difficulty or higher, the Light Amplification Goggles will be found inside the
    small crate, not on top of the large one (during the first level, after Jan has
    played with the first control panel). You will also start out with less Health
    and Armor (Shields) on the higher levels, and you'll only be able to increase
    them to a certain level. At the "Padawan" (beginner) level, you'll be able to
    bring your Armor all the way up to 100... at "Jedi" difficulty, it will only go
    up to 75... at "Jedi Knight" and "Jedi Master" difficulties, it'll only go up to
    50 -- the same applies to your health.
    	The Demo available for "Jedi Outcast" should be considered as a
    completely separate level, as it's not part of the game like previous Katarn
    demos were. The Demo is 69.7 Meg in size, which would take 4 or 5 hours to
    download on dialup (obviously faster with DSL or cable) -- if you want to do
    that, then hit http://www.lucasarts.com/products/outcast/html/demo.html (you'll
    need Internet Explorer 5.5 or Netscape 6, or a higher version of either... the
    site also has Flash, but that's not required). You'll have to go through several
    pages (and ads) to download the Demo (in IE you'll need to accept the "gigex
    delivery agent"), or you can get it sent to you on CD for $4 (U.S.) - credit
    cards only.
    	Even though the Demo is quick and very easy, I'll explain it thoroughly
    for those of you who have never played a "Jedi Knight" game before.
    The Demo>>>
    [1 Secret Area]
    	>>Force powers in the Demo: PUSH (level 2), PULL (level 1), MIND TRICK
    		    (level 2), HEAL (level 1), JUMP (level 2), SPEED (level 1),
    		    Saber Throw (level 2), Lightsaber Defense (level 2), and the
    		    'Fast' style of Lightsaber Offense.
    	>>Objectives: Make your way through the remnant base to reach Jan and
    			the Raven's Claw.
    		      Engage remnant forces in the area.
    	Your only weapons are the Lightsaber and the Bryar Pistol (to start).
    	Note: fastest kills are achieved with head/helmet shots, and kill any
    officers first.
    	From where you start, head down the walkway... or wait for the
    Stormtroopers to come to you. Those brown/orange things next to your crate are
    fuel tanks, and will explode when hit, so be careful. Watch out for snipers on
    the walkways and in the guard rooms to either side. As you approach the door
    you'll hear a mechanical sound and an electronic voice saying "Man the
    defenses"... that's a Probe Droid which will rise up on your right.
    	When a door is green-lit like that, it will open automatically when you
    approach it... a red-lit door is locked, and will need either a Key or it needs
    a switch to be thrown. In this next room, kill everyone... that red-lit door
    ahead of you is where you need to go, but it's locked - go through the left
    arch, up the ramp and through the small gray door and on to the lift. This
    particular lift will run automatically as soon as you get on, but others will
    need a switch thrown. At the top, notice the switch next to the lift... this
    will summon the lift back up to this level.
    	{an interesting side-note} If you JUMP up on the roof of the right guard
    post (from the outside walkway) before that door opens, you can slash through
    the grate and down into the room... after killing off the Stormie(s) in here,
    shut off your Lightsaber (if you're using it), and edge towards the door -
    you'll be able to overhear a bit of Stormtrooper chatter, about one of them
    going to Cairn installation. You'll run into that place about halfway through
    the full game, when you're hot on the trail of... well, find out for yourself.
    	In the guard room up here, kill the Imperial Officer and get his
    Security Key... all you need to do is walk over the corpse, and you'll be
    notified that you have it. You can blow out the windows in this room, but it's a
    long way down...
    	"Mon Mothma was right, Jan - Imperial troops are crawling all over this
    place." "Well that should bring the Republic running."
    	Back out to the lift, and hit the switch to summon it... through the
    small gray door, down the ramp, and take a right through that next small gray
    door. There probably won't be anyone in here (now), but you'll see a green-
    glowing machine... this is an Armor Regenerator. Just aim your crosshairs at it
    and hit your 'use' key, and you'll see your Armor meter (the green section of
    your Health meter on the left) increase.
    	In the outer room you'll notice a pair of racks on the wall containing
    weapons... you can find these throughout the Demo and throughout the full game,
    which comes in very handy. The little red and white object in the rack is an
    Instant-Use MedPack, used for restoring your Health a bit at a time.
    	Through the right arch (as you entered this first room) is the other
    guard room, and this one has an orange Ammo Regenerator in it - again, just aim
    and hit your 'use' key. Note that the Ammo Regenerator is only works on certain
    weapons, such as the Bryar Pistol or the Stormtrooper Rifle.
    	There's a crate on the floor just through the right arch with a blinking
    red light on the side... this is a Supply Crate. Sometimes they're unlocked,
    sometimes they need a Key... just crouch at the red side and hit your 'use' key.
    In this case, this one is locked.
    	Note: if you really want to, you can get up on the roof of one of the
    guard rooms... in through the right arch, and into the guard room... up in the
    ceiling you'll notice a hole with a grate in it; throw your Lightsaber at it
    (secondary fire), then JUMP up through. There's nothing up here, but it can be
    	Kill off everybody in this area - watch out for the gun Turret in the
    room to the right of the ramp, then go to that locked door... aim at the
    circular lock at the side of the door and hit your 'use' key to unlock it; you
    don't have to cycle through your Inventory to find the Key, it's already there.
    As soon as you go through it... whoops. A short cutscene of Jan being captured
    and a forcefield going up over the entrance to the hanger bay she's in.
    	There's nothing in this next room, but as soon as you go through the
    door you'll get a message saying your Datapad has been updated... check it out
    (default is your Tab key), and under 'Mission' you'll notice it's expanded - not
    only do you need to do all you had before, but now you've also got to kill the
    forcefield holding the ^Raven's Claw^.
    	Straight ahead through the door is a fuzzy viewscreen... just walk up to
    it and hit your 'use' key to check out the view. Hit your 'use' key again to
    cycle to the next view (if there is one), etc. Hit your 'jump' key to back out
    of the viewscreen. You'll find these scattered throughout the game, and they can
    come in handy... not only for showing you what lies ahead, but you can also get
    small hints about the game that way (if you watch closely enough) - and
    sometimes they're nice for mapping your trail of destruction.
    	Circle around the room - those circular control panels on either side
    can't be used - and through the next door (you'll notice it has a switch next to
    it that is red, meaning that it's a locked door... yet the door itself is green,
    meaning it's unlocked. This is a small goof in the Demo... the door really is
    unlocked and you don't need to touch the switch to go through). Kill everyone,
    and slash those black vertical pipes on either side... to your right is an
    alcove with fuel tanks in front of it, to your left is another alcove, and
    around on the other side of the room is a lift up.
    	Go to the alcove on the right and blow up the fuel tanks (from a
    distance)... go in and slash the black pipes in here. JUMP up on the green
    energy conduits (they're safe) for the Demo's only Secret Area.
    	[Secret 1] - in this area, JUMP up on top of the green pipes to claim
    the Secret Area (a Seeker Drone and possibly a Large Shield Booster).
    	You can 'kill' the R5 droid if you want, but why bother? Note that
    throughout the game you'll find all sorts of droids... most of them hostile. The
    basic R5, R2 and C3 types are non-hostile, and in some cases can aid you in your
    journey, so it's a good idea not to slaughter them all. Smash/slash all the
    dark gray pipes on the other side of the room as well (not necessary, but why
    not, since you're here?), then head for the lift at the back of the room. This
    one has a pair of switches, one red and one blue. The red one summons the lift
    if it isn't down here, while the blue one runs it... just get on the lift and
    hit that blue switch.
    	Immediately at the top of the lift is a small gray door on your left...
    go in through that, kill, in through the next - a room full of control panels in
    alcoves. None of the circular ones work, but over in front of the window - to
    your right as you enter - is one that does... go over to it (small and
    rectangular with a small screen on it), aim at it and hit your 'use' key. "It's
    powered down". Again, you'll note your Datapad updating.
    	Go around the rest of the level and kill everyone you encounter (the
    brown Imperial Officer will have a Supply Key that unlocks that Crate down on
    the first floor if you feel the urge, but all that's in it is a BioTech Bacta
    Canister), then head to the lift on the opposite side of the room from where you
    	On this next (and last) level, the alcove around to your right has a
    pair of doors, one is small gray and unlocked while the big one appears to be
    unlocked, but it's guarded by a forcefield. Go in through the small gray door
    (kill everyone, of course), and hit the switch on the panel in front of the
    window... this shuts off the forcefield on that central pylon.
    	JUMP across to the central pylon, kill the Impy Officer, and in through
    the now-unblocked door... hit the switch on the panel in here to shut off the
    forcefield on that big door in the alcove. However, there's no need to jump
    back... at either 'end' of this central structure is a bridge in the up
    position - JUMP up and slash the silver support struts holding it, and the
    bridge will crash down, allowing you to cross it. It's just faster to JUMP back
    across the chasm. Head through that big door.
    	More Ammo and MedPacks in here, then a small gray door... through that,
    kill the Impy, and you can smash that red glass if you want. If you look through
    the window in this room, you can see a hangar with a mirrored floor, which is
    where you'll run into... well, you'll see.
    	Through the small gray door on the right, kill everyone - there's an
    Armor Regenerator in here as well as weapons - and through the next door.
    There's a window overlooking the hanger where the ^Raven's Claw^ is being held,
    a lift, and several Stormtroopers... do your usual and then down the lift (Ammo
    Regenerator at the bottom).
    	At the next door, you'll need to hit the switch next to it to unlock
    it... "I sense a disturbance in the Force, but there's something strange about
    it." Through the door and get ready to party. You'll notice a message saying
    "Checkpoint"... these are places in the game that save automatically; if you're
    killed or otherwise fail the level, the game will automatically reload to the
    last Checkpoint.
    	A graphics note: Matt Rorie said in his FAQ that this next room - the
    hanger with the mirrored floor - might give some people some graphics problems
    on slower machines (I didn't have any on mine, but this thing is brand new)...
    in that case, go down and challenge the Reborn, then lure him up to the walkways
    where the reflection won't be so up close and personal.
    	Okay... this puppy - if you haven't played the full game yet - is a
    Reborn, a Dark Jedi wannabe... they come in several different flavors, with this
    Blue one being about level 2 (fairly low end). You might want to save your game
    before fighting him, just so you can try again and again to learn your dueling.
    They can use various Force powers, so watch yourself... and if you get in a
    saberlock - your two Lightsabers locked together as he tries to force yours down
    - keep hitting your primary fire (attack) key as fast as possible, while also
    trying to PUSH out of the saberlock.
    	On the higher difficulty levels - "Jedi Knight" and "Jedi Master" -
    you'll face off against the Reborn Boss (Red & Dark Gray) as well as a Green
    	Once he's dead, the door at the back of the hanger will open - kill any
    Stormies that rush out. Through the next room (more Troopers), then through the
    big gray door... there's Jan, and she's never helpless. Keep up with her as she
    runs towards the front of the ship, and it's the end of the level (and Demo).
    	You're treated to some not-so-high-quality screen shots of the full
    game, then it's out to the main game menu. Try again if you want...
    	Note that while all of the 'cheats' are enabled in the Demo, there are
    some you don't want to use... using "give all" or "give weapons" can have some
    disastrous results; since certain weapons (and items) aren't in the Demo, trying
    to get them or use them will result in you being kicked out to the main game
    menu. If you're lucky, that's all that will happen.
    	See the section on "Spawning" at the end of this document for a cute
    little quirk about the Demo.
    	The Demo is quite short, even if you explore everything... I timed
    myself the second time through, and even with exploring all the rooms and
    killing all the Impys (plus Mr. Reborn), the whole thing only took me 7
    The Full Game>>>
    	A note: your first time through the game, you really should watch all of
    the various cutscenes... as hokey as some of them are, they will give you
    information you need to know.
    	Names in braces such as {kejim_post} are the devmap names (see the
    cheats at the end).
    	The game saves itself automatically at the beginning of every level, so
    there's actually no reason for you to do any saving yourself... but of course
    saving your game at various spots is always a good idea. The game also has
    "Checkpoint" positions (it will say that on the screen) in each level where it
    will save itself as well... if you get killed (or your traveling companion
    does), or anything else that results in the message "Mission has failed", just
    click your fire button and the game will restore at that last Checkpoint.
    However, while a Checkpoint save does save to a file on your hard drive (in your
    game directory -- LucasArts | Star Wars JKII Jedi Outcast | GameData | base |
    saves), it only uses one file (auto.sav), and each new Checkpoint will overwrite
    that save file. You cannot, however, load a Checkpoint save from the regular
    Load menu. (More than you wanted to know, huh?)
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    1) Kejim Post [2 Secrets] {kejim_post}
    	>>Objectives: Investigate the abandoned Imperial outpost.
    		      Engage Remnant forces in the area.
    	Yes, if you use the cheats you can get your Lightsaber and all Force
    powers from the very beginning... and while it can be cute slicing & dicing
    Stormtroopers, it certainly isn't the way the game is supposed to be played -
    and you'll get to hack & slash plenty of Stormies later in the game.
    	You start - along with Jan Ors, your faithful Indian companion (Hi-yo
    Silver, away!) - on a landing field on Kejim, hiding behind a Tydirium Shuttle.
    Use this opportunity to fine-tune your controls, especially movement... you
    probably won't have much time in the later levels.
    	"This is my last day on this shift." (Stormtrooper chatter) "Oh, yeah?
    Where you moving?" "Sector 7 had an opening so I applied." "Not bad - should be
    a quiet last day." Yeah, it's his last day all right.
    	Throughout the game you'll hear chatter from various Remnant (and other)
    forces, especially when they can't see you or don't know you're there... some of
    it can be a bit silly, and most of it is basic "Star Wars" hokey - but it's
    still neat.
    	Around to your right - to the right of the shuttle as you face it - is a
    stack of barrels and crates; if you get up close you can look between them, and
    spot a pair of Stormtroopers approaching from the left. Take them out with the
    Bryar Pistol (your default starting weapon) as fast as you can. In fact, if you
    aim your crosshairs (in first person mode) right at that crack in the rock face
    across from you, you'll be aiming right at the first Stormie's head when he
    comes into view.
    	{Firing tip: aim for an enemy's helmet/head for the fastest kills...
    otherwise you'll take a while, and probably some damage. Adjust the sensitivity
    on your mouse until it moves quickly and smoothly... and just realize that the
    enemies won't sit still while you're trying to target them. Also, try and kill
    any officers first... not only does it help disorient the troops, but they
    usually use rapid-fire weapons which can severely damage you.}
    	After they're dead, go back to the rear of the shuttle where Jan is
    waiting... with the shuttle on your right, straight ahead is a door in the rock
    (not the red one on the left... I have no clue where that goes; possibly it's
    where you entered this level) - the first Secret Area is behind that door.
    Again, note that Secret Areas aren't *required* in this game... skip them if
    you don't need any items or you don't feel like jumping around to get them.
    	[Secret 1] - jump up to the top shelf and make your way around the back
    of the crates for a Bacta Tank and a Battery.
    	Down in the alcove (blow away the Laser Trip Mines from a distance)
    is a rack with an Instant-Use MedPack and 3 Ammo Packs. All throughout the game
    you'll find racks like this... they always contain Ammo, and sometimes new
    	Go around the front of the shuttle and jump up on top of those crates
    you fired from before... it'll take a little finagling, but you can get up on
    top of that concrete ledge (yes, you can get on top of the Tydirium shuttle if
    you want, but there's nothing up there). Carefully edge your way around the
    rock wall and you can snipe on the Stormies before they see you. Shoot at the
    octagonal (orange/brown) fuel tanks by the Blaster Cannon to blow them up and
    take out several Stormtroopers. Watch out for the Stormies on the ledge above,
    and make damn sure you keep Jan alive!
    	Once they're all dead (and more will probably appear from around the
    corner), explore a bit... that big door is, unfortunately, shut... and the
    controls are blasted - you'll have to find another way to open it.
    	To the end of the ledge and through the small door... in here are a
    couple of crates and an Armor Regenerator (the green machine) - to use the
    Regenerator (and the orange Ammo Regenerators scattered throughout the game),
    just aim your crosshairs at it and hit 'use'. Each Regenerator has a limited
    supply of whatever, and will beep and go dark when it is exhausted.
    	"The Remnant usually has pretty tight security - make sure you search
    any officers for keycards." (Jan)
    	Through the small gray door, kill the Imperial Officer, and walk over
    the corpse to get a Key. Bodies will disappear shortly after they're dead, so if
    you need a Key to something and you don't have it, look around for an Imperial
    (Remnant, actually) Officer's corpse that is still hanging around. Keys
    (Security and Supply) are automatically added to your inventory, and you don't
    have to do anything special to use them... just go up to the door lock (or
    Crate, or whatever) and use it as normal; no searching through your inventory to
    find the Key.
    	Take the circular lift up, then into the next room and take the
    rectangular lift up. At the top, hit the switch at the front of the room...
    whoops, you just turned on the base defenses. "That do it?" "No, but you managed
    to get everyone's attention."
    	Back down this lift, along the ledge & kill the Stormtroopers - after
    you can duck into their alcove for Ammo & Bacta (two Bacta canisters on lower
    levels on either side of the crates, one on higher levels). There's also a fuzzy
    gray viewscreen in this alcove - just aim at it and hit your 'use' key. Hit
    'use' again to cycle to the next view (if there is one) or 'jump' to exit. These
    viewscreens can come in handy - they can show you what lies ahead, give you clues
    about what to do next, or just allow you to map your trail of destruction.
    	Back down the circular lift, and use the Blaster Cannon (aim at it and
    hit your 'use' key) to blow open the door. (Yes, you can go down another level
    on that circular lift, but it won't do you any good right now, and there's a
    ceiling Turret waiting down there) If you want, you can even shoot out the
    windows of the control room above with the Blaster Cannon.
    	Inside, get on the grated lift, and get off at the next level... note
    that this door is green, meaning it should be unlocked and will open when you
    approach it - but it actually isn't; this is a slight goof in the game. The
    switch next to the door will open it, but you don't want to do that - it's
    not just the fact that plenty of Stormtroopers will come out of side rooms to
    challenge you; if you go through this door, there's a door up ahead on the left
    that is locked... you need to open it from inside the room.
    	Note that when you get on the grated lift, the word 'Checkpoint' will
    briefly appear on the screen... these are spots at which the game will
    automatically save; if you die or otherwise fail the level, the game will
    restore automatically to the last Checkpoint. They are also semi-important
    points on each level... hitting a Checkpoint means that you've passed some kind
    of hurdle and are well on your way.
    	"Stay here, Jan - cover our back." "Okay, I'll wait here... don't take
    all day."
    	Drop into the lift shaft, through the small door. At the left end of the
    corridor is a glowing red machine... you can shoot it if you want, but then be
    prepared to *run* down the other way. If you don't shoot it, go down to the
    other end of the corridor and use the wall switch to shut it off. Note that in
    the next room - beyond the switch - there are a pair of grates in the ceiling,
    one of which has a fuel tank sitting on top of it; you can blow that away from
    below, but it just alerts the Troopers to your presence unnecessarily.
    	Circle around the red machine, and take the square lift up to the red
    room. There are 'oxygen tanks' at the top of the lift which you can shoot if you
    want (they explode). Shoot the grate and drop through, kill the Impy and get the
    Key. Facing down the length of the room, there are switches on the right... use
    all of them to unlock doors in the area.
    	Jan will run in to join you - don't shoot her! (I did once... silly me)
    "I think this is a primary control console." There's really only one way to go
    from here in order to continue the level, but if you want to do some additional
    killing then skip this next paragraph and go on to the next.
    	{continue as normal} Go through the door... go left and straight through
    that door, through the right door, go left - Gronk Droid (and several Troopers)
    in the next room (you can kill the droid if you want).
    	{for some additional killing} Out through the door, turn right...
    straight ahead of you is the door leading out to that grated lift, to the left
    is a storage room with a few Troopers inside - go ahead and punch their tickets
    (TDs - Thermal Detonators - and a Battery in here behind one of the crates). If
    you shot at the fuel tank sitting on a grate from below (the opposite end of the
    corridor from that red machine)... this is that room. Out of that room, turn
    right... straight down to the end and through that door, turn left and through
    that door. Kill everyone in here, then back out through the door - go through
    the door straight across from you, turn left (Gronk droid and circular lift in
    this room), and continue the level.
    	{continuing as normal} Up ahead on the right is a circular lift, and
    around to the left is a large and small Crate... open the small Supply Crate
    (face the red side, crouch, and hit your 'use' key) for a Bacta Tank, and get up
    on the large crate to get the Light Amplification Goggles (defauly key for these
    is capital O). The Light Amp Goggles will only be on top of the big crate in the
    "Padawan" difficulty; on all other difficulties they will be in the smaller
    Supply Crate.
    	Take the lift to a darkened area below; use your Light Amp Goggles
    (default key is capital O) and work your way around the crates on the right for
    Secret 2.
    	[Secret 2] - Bacta Tanks... there's a small Mouse droid in the area
    which might lead you to this Secret Area.
    	"Kyle - the schematics show that the base is divided into three
    	Get into the next room (you can shut off the Goggles now), open the
    small door and crouch through it. "There was a disturbance in Sector 10 this
    morning." "What sort of disturbance?" "A droid set off the security system on a
    lower level. That's the third time this month." "It won't be the last time
    either." "Guess it was a scurrier." (I have no idea what they mean... perhaps
    the Mouse droid?) Kill the Impys, and get the Blue Code Key (the blue symbol on
    the wall... get close enough and you'll get a message about your Datapad
    updating), then use both unlit switches on that panel. Look closely at the
    graphic on the wall... that's a map of the base. The 'cross' at the right
    (almost looks like a bullseye) is the walkways you'll be out on in a moment...
    you'll see the one walkway goes straight off to the right into nothing; that's
    the 'hidden' section of the base, which you take care of in level 2.
    	Through the arch door, shut off the forcefield and up the stairs - the
    door straight ahead leads back to the room where you found the Light Amp
    Goggles. Go left, down the corridor... the view slit in the wall (that corridor
    on the left) looks out over the walkways. At the end of the corridor, get out on
    the walkways.
    	Go through the green insignia door (watch out for ceiling Turrets - on
    the lower levels if you're fast enough, you can run past them without getting
    hit), through the door, through the small door on the right and up the stairs.
    Hit the switch in the control room (this shuts off the ceiling Turret in the
    room you just passed through) and pick up whatever you need (Ammo, Armor
    Regenerator, Bacta).
    	Back down these short stairs and go straight... past the stairs going
    down, past 2 locked doors, left (at the base of the stairs going up), through the
    door, and down. Down the stairs, kill, and on the right is another of those
    semi-circular control panels... this one is coded, so you yourself can't use it.
    However, Jan can... 'use' the control panel, then escort Jan down here -
    quickly, she's under fire.
    	The fastest way to get back to Jan: when facing into the control panel's
    alcove, turn left... head down to that end of the room, and on the left is a
    door. Through that, up the stairs, right, and through the door on the right (not
    the small gray one straight ahead). Through here, back out to the walkways, take
    the right-hand walkway, down this hall and in the first door on the left.
    	Back to the second control console... Jan does her thing. Note that even
    if you run all the way back, she'll follow you, even if she does drop behind.
    Once you get into the room, stand next to the alcove containing the control
    panel - don't get right in it.
    	Up the stairs and through the door, turn left, and up those stairs...
    first go in the small gray door straight ahead, hit the switch on the panel (to
    shut off that Turret). From here, you can check out the green door on the
    right (as you exit this small control room)... behind the green door you'll find
    that circular lift you were on earlier - through the small gray door in here
    (past the lift) is a Supply Crate with a Bacta canister in it. The other
    unlocked door in this corridor has a weapons rack hidden behind a pair of fuel
    	Down the stairs, jog left into the corridor, and the first door on the
    left is the one that Jan just unlocked for you (across from the red console).
    Inside, kill the troops (for fun, shoot the glass panels), and get the Green
    Code Key (again, your Datapad will update). Continue through the stairs section
    of the room (Bacta and a Large Shield Booster in here), through the door... look
    	Go left, past the stairs and through the door at the end (on the right)
    and back out to the walkways... go through the red insignia door (more Turrets),
    through the small door on the right and up - use the switch, then back out and
    up the next set of stairs (straight ahead and on your left).
    	There's a semi-circular ledge which gives you a view of the room where
    you would have ended up if you had gone past the stairs. Go left and up the lift
    (Small Shield Booster in here on the left) and hit the switch (shoot out the
    windows if you want). Go out on the narrow ledge and hit the switch out there to
    activate the computer at the walkways. Back to the control room, kill the Impys
    coming up the lift and get the Key.
    	Back down the lift, down the stairs, go left and through the door
    (through the room you saw from the semi-circular ledge). There's a red glowing
    column... to the left are 2 Bacta Crates, to the right is a control panel. Use
    the panel (the blue one under the graphic of the satellite dish) for some
    foreboding... use it a total of 4 times. Note the suspended corridors in the
    viewscreen - you'll be there soon.
    	Down the corridor - past the locked door - and Regenerators are on the
    left. Through the unlocked door (watch out for the fuel valves, get the
    Batteries), and out into the suspended corridor.
    	Run down the tunnel... as you get to the end the game will break to a
    short cutscene - the tunnel collapses behind you. There's a door up ahead on the
    right, then stairs going down... there are 3 Probe Droids at the bottom.
    	There's a square lift on the other side of the glass panel... don't use
    it yet. Use the other lift instead (Ammo & Regen at the top), through the door
    to the other tunnel arm and some Thermal Detonators. This tunnel will blow as
    well, so back down to the Probe Droid room and take that square lift up.
    	Watch out for the Probe Droids out here. You can't destroy the dish, but
    on the same ledge as the dish is a Large Shield Booster (look past the dish and
    you'll see the control booth where you turned on the base defenses way back
    when). Along the top of the tunnel - you can shoot into the control room from up
    here - and drop down into the control room. Through the door on the other side,
    kill the Impys, and get the Red Code Key.
    	Through the grey door - the red column room is on the right. Through it
    and back out to the walkways. Enter the codes at the appropriate consoles (kick
    out to your Datapad occasionally)... you'll have to go back and forth between
    the three switches for each Code Key. After all the codes are entered, go around
    to the fourth side and hit all three switches.
    	Across the new walkway and through the door to end the level.
    	At the end of each level is a stats screen, showing how many Secret
    Areas you found (out of how many there are), how many shots you fired, your
    'favorite' weapon (the one you used the most in the level) and how accurate you
    were (basically, how many shots it took to kill each person). The only thing
    they don't list is how long it took for you to complete each level...
    2) Kejim Base [3 Secrets] {kejim_base}
    	>>Objectives: Investigate the hidden section of the outpost.
    		      Engage Remnant forces in the area.
    		      Rendezvous with Jan and the Raven's Claw.
    	Shoot the glass up ahead on the left and blow away the 'oxygen tank'
    behind it to kill a few of the Impys, then kill the rest. The rooms on either
    side have Ammo and Light Amplification Goggles. Get the Key from the Impy,
    unlock the door and through - watch out for the Turrets. The door on the right
    is locked; go through the left. Hit the switch on the panel to raise the blast
    shield; shoot out the window and as soon as you go through the window, turn
    sharply left and kill the Impy, getting his Key.
    	Hit both switches on the panel... "Looks pretty cold in there." Shoot
    out any of the windows on this side of the Ice Chamber (the furthest right is
    the best), and drop through it. Straight across the floor of the Ice Chamber and
    out the small door. Hit the switch on the right-hand wall, then the one in the
    room revealed. Up the stairs and hit the switch for the door.
    	On the other side of the door is a set of stairs straight ahead, and a
    sealed door down on the left... there will also be a pair of flying, round
    Sentry Droids - be very careful. You can only damage and 'kill' the Sentry
    Droids when they 'open up' just prior to firing, so watch yourself. After
    disposing of them, there's a pair of Stormtroopers on the grated walkway above.
    	Back into the Ice Chamber, but this time instead of dropping to the
    floor of the Chamber, walk along the narrow ledge just inside the window to get
    to the manipulator arm. Jump up the various sections of the manipulator arm, and
    to your left is a narrow ledge circling the Chamber (leading to Secret 1) and
    straight ahead is the grated walkway (leading to Secret 2 and the rest of the
    	[Secret 1] - walk along the narrow ledge until you get to a small bridge
    and a doorway... Batteries and a Small Shield Booster in the Crate.
    	Back out to the top of the manipulator arm, go straight along the
    grate... jump to the ledge on the left for Secret 2.
    	[Secret 2] - an Ammo Regenerator and Thermal Detonators. When trying to
    jump back to the grate, watch the steam that comes out of the pipe, and stand on
    that section of the pipe... when the steam pours out, jump back across.
    	There's a Sentry Droid in the next room, a lift down the ledge to your
    left, and that water below is electrified - don't drop into it. Work your way
    along the outer ledge to the right until you can shoot through the two square
    windows; kill the Impys then blow the fuel tank inside to extend a bridge out
    here. Across that, in the door, pick up Ammo, throw the switch. Down the lift,
    into the next tunnel and throw the switch there... neat, huh?
    	Back up and out to the central control room (electric water), and work
    your way around to that lift... take that down to the next level. If you want to
    check out the room you just changed the floor on, go ahead - it's down that
    ramp... a funny bit here: turn the corner and there are Stormies that will shoot
    at you - but at the same time they'll back into that room, where a Turret will
    take them out for you. Work your way around this ledge to that platform you just
    extended and across into the central tower.
    	Drop down the lift shaft, and crouch through the passage. Yeah, it's a
    weird room... to your left is an Armor Regenerator - which you can't get
    to yet - to the right is a Bacta Tank and a door, and at the left end of the
    room (from where you are right now) are two sets of stairs - one up, one down.
    Hit the switch on the Bacta panel to raise 4 suspension chambers from the
    floor... not necessary, but interesting. Go up the stairs and hit the switch in
    there... you just rearranged the floor again (also note the new Turret alcoves
    that opened up).
    	Back in the suspension chamber, go through the unlocked door on the
    ledge - many Troopers, and a Turret on your immediate right. Get the Key from
    the dead Impy (in the glassed-in alcove... hit the switch on the panel to shut
    off that ceiling Turret), go left (away from the Turret), and kill the Impy at
    the end; get the Key.
    	Back in the room then down the stairs to the cell block; you'll see
    bodies in some cells which you can't do anything about. Sometimes there are a
    pair of Interrogation Droids in here (if you smash them up close, you'll only
    take about 4 points of damage on the lower difficulties). At the end of the
    cell block on the right is a lift; take that up & through the small door. Go
    left, kill the Impy, hit the switch, and go back out. Through the other small
    door (opposite where you entered this room) and up the stairs. Hit both switches
    in here then go back out and through the now-unlocked door. There's a Turret in
    here on the right, but it doesn't seem to work (because of one of the switches
    you hit). Going left takes you back where you came from, and going straight
    takes you back to the Ice Chamber.
    	Get back down to the cell block - go up the stairs and hit the switch to
    kill the forcefield on the door leading back to the electric water area (not
    that you need to). On the far side of the cell block is a pair of rooms (now
    unblocked) that have Ammo and other toys in them. Back into the 'suspension
    chamber', and through the door on the ledge - head left and unlock the door down
    there. There are 2 switches down on the left... hit the right switch first (just
    once), then hit the left switch 3 times - that chamber will blow, allowing you
    access to the Armor Regenerator.
    	Through the door, around the corner - there are Turrets at either end of
    the room. Blow the fuel tank at the far end, crouch through that corridor, blow
    the grate and head left. Hit the switches in here, then back out and left
    through the small door. To the left is the door leading back to the room with
    the 2 Turrets, straight ahead is a locked door, and down to the right is a
    locked door. A window in the corridor overlooks the crystal room. Approach the
    locked door in front of you then get out of there quickly - Trip Mines on the
    other side will blow and unlock the door.
    	Through the now-unlocked door, kill 'em all, get the Key. Just for fun
    you can blow up the three green machines. Up the stairs and through the arch,
    hit the switch for the final change in the floor plans. Use the Key on the small
    door and through - there are Trip Mines on the other side, so toss a TD or two
    to the right side of the room... there are more on a bench in the room. Take the
    lift down to the floor change room. Get anything you want - kill the Turrets -
    then out the now-unlocked left door which takes you back out to the suspension
    chamber room and the Armor Regenerator.
    	Get back into the room where you blew up the 3 green machines, and go
    through the small door which is apparently forceshielded. Arched window ahead
    opens, several Troopers including one in a Blaster Cannon at the far end. At
    that end, hit the switch and then have some fun... use the Blaster Cannon on the
    approaching troops. The forceshield openings on the left are open now, so get in
    there... this room will be a little tricky.
    	In the alcove there are 2 switches... hit them both (left then right)
    and then watch out - the machine will be spitting lasers. Avoid the beams and
    duck through the opening in the wall that the lasers blew - as soon as you're
    through, the machine will blow up.
    	Down the stairs - there's a locked alcove, a tiny door next to it, and a
    small door down at the other end of the room. Go through the small door, get the
    Key, and get out quick! Use the Key to unlock the alcove (Bacta inside), and use
    the panel... you're a Mouse Droid!
    	Zip down to the other end of the room and open the tiny door down there
    (just hit your 'use' key). Through the radiation room and through the blue
    tunnel... down the ramp and hit the switch. Back through the tunnel, making sure
    you hit the switch on the right to open Secret 3 (if you're having trouble
    getting close to it, get as close as you can and hit your 'p' key... hit 'use',
    then hit 'p' again and head out of the tunnel). Back to your starting place and
    hit your 'jump' key to return to Kyle.
    	Go into the now-safe radiation room and down to the right... that Ammo
    Regenerator is Secret 3.
    	[Secret 3] - crouch and enter the alcove.
    	At the other end of the rad room, next to that grill on the floor is a
    small door - go through that and start shooting. Kill all the Impys... you can
    shoot all the crystals if you want, but it's not necessary. In the next room is
    an Armor Regenerator... head down the oval corridor to end the level.
    3) Artus Mine [1 Secret] {artus_mine}
    	>>Objectives: Infiltrate the mining facility.
    		      Cripple the mining operation.
    	As noted in the cutscene before this level, there is meteor activity...
    it seems to be somewhat random, but I don't think you'll be hit. At one point in
    this opening run you'll come across a downed Probe Droid (you can actually walk
    through it) which is probably the victim of a meteor.
    	Just walk down this valley until you come to an open canyon... staying
    to the right, drop down to the ledges (do *not* get on that platform) and hug
    the right wall until you get the Bowcaster. Head back towards the circular
    platform, staying to the right... at the top of the slope just below the
    platform, wait for the searchlight to pan across the area and then across the
    platform... run to the tower the searchlights are mounted on. Dodge into their
    tower and turn them off; if you *don't* dodge the searchlights, then the alarms
    will sound, Probe Droids will come after you, Turrets on the other side of the
    river will open up... and most importantly, a door you need to get through on
    the other side of the river will refuse to open - so don't get in the
    searchlight beams.
    	Back outside, Quicksave and cross the pipes - you'll have to go back and
    forth on them, and watch out for the parts that fall off. Once you get on the
    catwalk on the other side, Quicksave again. Edge along the catwalk and shoot at
    the Stormtroopers up above - they'll come charging down, and most of them will
    fall off the catwalk and into the slimy river below (now you know why handrails
    are necessary).
    	Into the room from either side, kill all, get the Key from the Impy up
    above, and unlock that big door at the slope. There's an Ammo and Health
    Regenerator on the other side - use them if needed and Quicksave again.
    	As soon as you go through this next door you'll hear an Impy say "Get
    security." - if you head left and defend that other door, you won't be
    interrupted by Stormies... on the other hand, you'll need to get the Security
    Key from one of the corpses to unlock this door.
    	As soon as you get on the lift, turn around and look down - there's a
    red corridor partway down; crouch into this for Secret 1.
    	[Secret 1] - crouch all the way through for Thermal Dets. At the end,
    you can toss TDs at the troops below. "Which levels have been infiltrated?"
    "We're not sure, but we could be next." "Is it the Rebels?" "Probably."
    	Back out and down the lift - through the door and kill all. There
    are several doors in here, but only one is unlocked (at the far left)... take
    that and head for the lift. It'll go up before you get there, and come back down
    with troops on it... have a TD ready and secondary fire at them.
    	Up the lift - from here you can go left or right... left is actually the
    way you need to go right now (down to that rocky area), but if you go right you
    can take out some of the problems you'll encounter later. Well, not really...
    but what the heck.
    	{if you go right} - through the door at the end (you'll hear a Trooper
    yell "Find cover!"), and in this room there are Batteries immediately to the
    right of the door. Go down to the other end of the room and the ramps... hidden
    alcoves will open behind you and Stormtroopers will come pouring out. Once
    you've killed them all (there's Bacta and a Bowcaster in the alcoves), go
    through the door at the end... through the next door and you'll be greeted by a
    pair of ceiling Turrets - be careful. Once you've checked out this Tram station,
    head back to the rocky area.
    	{go left and continue} Down the slope and cross the rocky area (you can
    explore the rocky area if you want, there are several Impys in here and a locked
    Crate - be careful in here, because if you fall into one of those cracks in the
    floor and down into the green slime, you're finished) and up the other slope. If
    you go left here, you'll end up on the catwalk above that room you were in
    	Head right and through the door (Checkpoint), kill all (& shoot the
    glass), get the Key (which unlocks that Crate down in the rocky area if you're
    interested)... there are Bacta Tanks and an Armor Regenerator in here. From
    where you entered, there's a door on the right (go through it to shoot a Gronk
    Droid, but otherwise don't bother - yes, if you know your way around here, you
    could get through that door and up on the concrete arches now... but the
    smelting machine would still be live and you'd be dead), a viewscreen farther
    on (use it - it'll give you hints on what to do next if you watch it carefully),
    and a pair of doors at the end of the room.
    	Go out either door and around to the middle... get out on the edge of
    the catwalk, look down, and Quicksave. (If you head to the left side of this
    ledge, you'll see the pipes you crossed at the beginning... go down the slope
    and far enough to the left and you'll have a Turret firing at you)
    	When the pipe extends, drop on to it, crouch, and drop off on the small
    ledge below. Get in the pipe (crouch) and go all the way to the end. Blow away
    the four power conduits on the wall, then shoot out the smelting machine in the
    middle. When the smelter drops, get on it and ride it up... at the top, get off
    and climb either concrete arch and wait for the next ore car.
    	Drop onto the ore car and crouch... ride along until just after the
    turn; there will be a green glowing ledge on the left - jump off there. You
    don't really need Light Amp goggles in here, but watch out for the little
    Mine Monsters - they move too fast to hit with the rifle... but the Stun Baton
    actually works fairly well. Just follow the corridor... at every split go right
    until you come to a four-tube machine and dead slaves.
    	Activate the machine, and when it crashes through the openings, go there
    and snipe at the troops below. Drop on to an ore car, and jump to the catwalk.
    Through the door & out the other side, take the lift down. The two big sets of
    doors are locked, so circle around to the other side of the room (collect the
    TDs along the way) and through the small door.
    	Kill, and get to the ledge at the end of the room... when the smasher
    drops, jump up on it and quickly jump off at the top. At one end of the catwalk
    is an Armor Regenerator, at the other end is a small door... mondo troops
    through the door. Kill 'em all, go down the lift, and head for the control panel
    at the end of the room. Down on the right at the end of the room is a locked
    Crate; the brown Impy Officer has the Key. On the right side of the control area
    is what looks like a viewscreen with a red symbol at the top; use it.
    	Cutscene... the mining equipment blows up.
    	Go through the red-rimmed door at the far end... this room should look
    familiar. Straight across and through the other door, up the lift, and right.
    Back in this room again... kill 'em all, through the door at the top of the ramp
    to the TramCar station. Get in the back of the TramCar - just walk into the
    railed area - hit the switch to activate the car and end the level.
    4) Artus Detention Area [1 Secret] {artus_detention}
    	>>Objectives: Rescue the miners from the prison. Release the prisoners.
    	Kill the Troopers, and head to the front of the TramCar - there's a
    rocky ledge off to the left that you can get down to. Head around to the end of
    the catwalk where there's a locked door... a support will fall from above,
    giving you an access ramp to the control room above - hit the switch in there to
    unlock that door below.
    	Through that door there's a long slit window in front of you - you can
    shoot the guy inside - a locked door to the right and a locked door down the
    corridor to the left. There's also more slit windows to your left... fire
    through the last one, and turn around - the door behind you is now open and
    Troopers come pouring through (if you've got Trip Mines, get in front of that
    door, crouch and look down at the floor, and use a Trip Mine... back away
    quick - *then* go down the other end of this hall and kill the Stormie through
    the slit). Inside this room, kill everyone and get everything (there's some
    items up top as well... and a Stormtrooper corpse that you didn't kill, oddly
    enough) - at the far end is a switch; hit that to open the other door out in the
    	Through this next door is the detention center... just keep going
    around, through doors and up stairs (killing lots of Stormtroopers and Imperials
    on the way) until you get to a control room at the top (watch out for the flying
    Sentry Droids - anywhere from 2 to 6, depending on your difficulty - as you get
    to the top level of the detention area). Keep going up to the top, and in the
    control center, kill the Imperial Officers (no Keys)... if you check out the
    viewscreen in here (on your immediate left inside the room), you'll see four
    different prison cells, two of which have prisoners in them... and one of those
    prisoners is being killed by a Mine Monster. Oh, well... flip the switch under
    the fan graphic, and then hit the switch on the other side of the room... "Not
    very subtle, but it seems to have gotten the job done."
    	Head back down the stairs to that other door that was locked (don't
    worry about that one prisoner dying as he comes through the door from the
    detention area... he's supposed to die) - watch out for the ceiling Turret just
    around the corner... make your way through the next several rooms until you run
    into the talkative prisoner. He'll tell you that you need to find the Base
    Commander in order to get the main doors open.
    	In a side note: there are a few spots in the game - such as this one
    with the prisoner - where someone will give you information... every time that
    happens, they seem to yak and yak and yak... You'll also note that during these
    monologues, Kyle is unable to move (he can turn, but not move forwards).
    Unfortunately, you can't just hit your 'use' key to skip through these
    monologues like you can the cutscenes...
    	Hurry through the next door (or through that octagonal glass tunnel) and
    into the hanger - kill the Stormies before they kill the prisoners. In the
    hanger, to the left of the door you came in, there's a lift leading up to the
    catwalk... not too far along there's a door on the right that is unlocked -
    through that and the next, onto a catwalk above the stairs. Straight ahead is an
    unlocked door that leads back to the control room where you turned on the fan,
    but you don't need that. To the right of the catwalk is a loose grate in the
    wall; blow that away and crouch through it.
    	Follow the vents, up a lift, more vents, and you're at the top of the
    airshaft - jump in and float down to the bottom. On the lower difficulty levels,
    there will be a big grate covering the fan... on the higher ones there won't, so
    make sure you land on the small vent grate or else you'll be chopped to bits.
    Obviously, you could try and drop to those tiny ledges and continue down that
    way... but with the fan to give you a lift, why bother?
    	Out into the rocky area (you could look down and see it from the bottom
    of the detention area earlier), and circle to your right... there's an open vent
    that you need, but first get to the next grate to the right - this is Secret 1.
    	[Secret 1] - inside the grate you'll see a Small Shield Booster and
    Thermal Dets - blow the grate away and enter for Secret 1.
    	Into that open grate - watch out for the Mine Monsters - and follow it
    to a broken section. JUMP out to your left and into another glowing crystal
    	Just keep heading uphill... run past all the Mine Monsters if you want.
    At one point you'll come to a split in the trail where both of the new paths
    look like they go downwards; instead, make a U-turn to your left and continue
    uphill. At the top is a break in the wall; crouch through and into a room where
    Mine Monsters are chewing on Stormtroopers (couldn't happen to nicer people).
    Get any items in here and head out the door. Quicksave.
    	There are two doors out here... go through the left one first and kill
    the Stormies, then flip the switch on the panel in the inner room. The door at
    the bottom of the slope in the outer room is now unlocked, but you don't need
    	Back out to the corridor and take the right door... kill everyone
    inside, but don't go down those stairs yet (they're red-lit). Head for the other
    end of this room and through the door... there's a set of long stairs; kill
    everyone in here. At the top of the stairs is a switch you can't use... back
    down and down the red-lit stairs; the Base Commander is in here.
    	The BC will surrender immediately, and he won't do anything without you,
    so don't worry... search the room if you want - there are a few items. If you
    hit the switch in here, it'll just unlock the doors at the rear which lead out
    to a hallway (the same one you could've gotten to from that ramp in the other
    room) and eventually out to the hanger.
    	Stay behind the BC... as long as you keep the crosshairs on him, he'll
    keep walking (don't get too close) - if you need to stop and get Ammo or other
    items, go right ahead... he won't move at all unless your crosshairs are on him.
    At this point you should probably switch to the Stun Blaster - you'll need it.
    Get him up those long stairs, and he'll use that switch that you couldn't -
    watch out, because when the door opens Mine Monsters will come pouring out...
    and you need to kill them all before they can chew on the BC (yeah, you need to
    keep him alive... for now). "You won't get away with this, Rebel scum." "I
    think I already have." As soon as the BC starts speaking (before he hits that
    switch), you should turn and position yourself at that door, aiming the Stun
    Baton down...
    	Once they're all dead, 'walk' the BC into the next room, where he'll
    give his speech and do something to a green and red panel (which doesn't look
    any different than any other you've seen)... as soon as he does, he'll turn on
    you and fire (*now* you can kill him... but don't shoot too soon), and
    Stormtroopers will come pouring into the room. You can always set Laser Trip
    Mines in front of the door if you want (before the BC does his thing), but they
    aren't always effective - if you do decide to place any, make sure you use at
    least 2. For something really cute, set a Det Pack near the panel where the BC
    will end up, and set 2 at that door... back off far enough so you won't get hit,
    and as soon as the BC has finished his speech (the crosshairs go red) and that
    other door opens, trigger the Det Packs.
    	Kill 'em all, out the next door and take the lift down, kill, through
    the next door... this is the Stormies locker room, apparently. Kill everyone in
    here, but don't go out that other door - that just leads back to the hanger.
    	Blow away either grate at the end of the room and crouch through... head
    right to end the level.
    5) Artus Topside [1 Secret] {artus_topside}
    	>>Objectives: Disable the external defenses to allow evacuation of the
    		      Rendezvous with Jan and the Raven's Claw.
    	As soon as the level begins you'll come under fire from an AT-ST - so
    watch out!
    	This level is a royal bitch at "Jedi Master" difficulty... especially
    trying to keep the prisoners alive.
    	The best way to avoid getting splashed is a method from Steven Roy (as
    listed in Matt Rorie's FAQ)... since the prisoners won't start dying until you
    get up to the top of the canyon wall, what you need to do is avoid the AT-ST
    down here:
    	Run down to the other end of the canyon, dodging and weaving... once you
    get to the end, get against the right wall (facing back the way you came) - the
    AT-ST should have followed you, so once it gets down to where you are, run back
    up the canyon, hugging the right wall... keep dodging and weaving, and the AT-ST
    should get stuck against the wall at that one point.
    	Now you can get topside... duck into that building, kill everyone, get
    the Key, and activate the elevator then head outside and ride it up. Quickly
    circle around to your left (around the elevator building up here) and 'use' the
    Blaster Cannon... quickly turn it around and start blowing away Stormtroopers on
    top of the wall. An AT-St will come out of that big door, so as soon as it
    appears take it out with the Blaster Cannon and continue killing the Stormies.
    	{warning} Note that on "Jedi Knight" and "Jedi Master" difficulties, the
    Blaster Cannons will only last about half as long as they do on the lower
    levels, so you might want to think about taking out the Troopers on the ledges
    with your own weapons and leave the Blaster Cannon for the AT-ST. It won't be
    easy, though... you need the Blaster Cannon to take out the AT-ST, because none
    of your own weapons will scratch it - but if you use just your own weapons on
    the Stormtroopers, you might not kill them fast enough to save the prisoners.
    Before you even start this level, make sure you have as much Bacta as possible,
    and that both your Stormtrooper Rifle and Wookie Bowcaster have full ammo (there
    is some ammo in the little elevator buildings at top and bottom, but not much).
    You can actually take out at least a few of the Stormies up on that ledge with
    your Blaster Rifle... concentrate on the ones at the left (closest to the
    prisoners), but don't forget the others. You yourself shouldn't be in too much
    danger... the Stormies up on that ledge will be firing at the prisoners, not you
    - it's the Stormtroopers that come pouring out of that little tower down here
    that will be aiming at you. As soon as you see the hanger doors opening, get on
    the Blaster Cannon and take out the AT-ST... once it's down, the Stormies will
    be no problem.
    	If you did the canyon run correctly earlier, the AT-ST down there won't
    be able to fire up at you... if you didn't, the AT-ST down below will fire up at
    you, draining most of the energy from the Blaster Cannon - if that happens, you
    won't be able to save the prisoners. You can always take out the AT-ST below
    with the Blaster Cannon if you're quick enough, but by that time the Troopers
    are killing prisoners...
    	Once they're all dead (the Stormtroopers obviously, not the prisoners)
    up here, move towards that big door where the AT-ST came out - more troops will
    appear; kill them quickly. There's also a little building here (on the right as
    you face the hanger where the AT-ST came out - not the one at the top of the
    elevator), and in there is a Crate with a Large Shield Booster inside.
    	Duck into that little building next to the Blaster Cannon, kill all, get
    the Key, and activate the elevator. Ride it back down, and *run* down the canyon
    to the other end... there are Stormies here now, plus that AT-ST you avoided
    earlier - don't get squashed, don't get shot. At the far end of the canyon
    another AT-ST will emerge... duck into that area and through the small door on
    the right. Up the lift, out the door, and kill everybody.
    	Head along that concrete ledge to the right (towards the red glow) for
    Secret 1.
    	[Secret 1] - blow away the grate and duck inside for items.
    	Head down the edge of the canyon wall, skirting the Ion Cannons as you
    go... watch their firing cycle first, and don't be on the metal catwalk just
    before they fire or you'll get fried. You can use the Blaster Cannons up here to
    blow away the Troopers and AT-STs below. At the end, duck inside, kill everyone,
    and work your way through the various rooms - Turrets in some - until you come
    out on the upper level of the Repair Bay. Past the lift is another door leading
    to a small room, which leads out to the catwalk on the far side... the door at
    the end of the catwalk is locked.
    	Ride the lifts down - yes, there's a Crate down here if you feel like
    playing with it - and kill everyone, get the Key, through the door into the
    next room... kill everyone and get the Key. Shut off the forcefields for the
    Ion Cannons, and head back topside.
    	Once outside, use any of the Blaster Cannons to destroy the Ion Cannons
    and any AT-STs down below (you'll get a message about the Walkers if you haven't
    destroyed them yet).
    	Oh, and one other odd thing I've noticed... once you get up on the
    canyon wall (the side with the Ion Cannons), the prisoners become irrelevant -
    I've actually used the Blaster Cannons up there to blow away the fuel tanks
    surrounding the prisoners, and some of the prisoners themselves. Of course, you
    do want to Quicksave first... just in case.
    	Get back inside the Repair Bay, and that door at the far end of this
    upper level will now be unlocked. Make your way through these rooms - more
    Turrets - and keep going until you get the foot of the stairs leading up.
    	Jan's in trouble... she's been captured by Desann and Tavion (a Dark
    Jedi and his apprentice) - and there's nothing you can do. Tavion will take Jan
    inside the ship and kill her, and Desann will beat the crap out of you.
    	End of level, several cutscenes... it's Jedi time again.
    5a) Valley [0 Secrets] {valley}
    	For those of you who have never played any of the previous Kyle Katarn
    games, the Valley of the Jedi is the resting place of Jedi souls... and all the
    power they contained. Kyle standing on top of that mound is like charging a
    battery directly from a lightning bolt... damn near pure power.
    6) Yavin Temple [0 Secrets] {yavin_temple}
    	>>Objectives: NONE (once the C3 droid talks to you, your objectives are
    		updated to "Meet with Luke Skywalker.")
    	You're greeted by a protocol Droid... Master Luke is waiting for you.
    For now, just look around... through that door (up the slope/steps) to see a
    room highly reminiscent of the war room in the original "Star Wars". No surprise
    that it's here... after all, the Rebel base under attack by the Death Star in
    the original "Star Wars" was on Yavin 4 - which is where you are now.
    	One thing you'll notice in this level is that you have no weapons...
    none at all. However, you do retain all the items in your Inventory that you
    picked up before, and since one of the purposes of this level is to get your
    Lightsaber back, don't worry about weapons. Anyway... there's no enemies at all
    (or anything else to kill) in this level.
    	Take the lift up to the next level - a locked door in front of you, and
    a locked door around the corner... so up the next lift. Through the door in here
    are catwalks overlooking a training area for Lightsaber... rooms on either side
    are Lightsaber vs. Seeker, and students playing with the Force powers of PUSH
    and PULL. Once you get bored with all of this (and the chatter), take the next
    lift up... down the hall to your meeting with Luke.
    	[cutscene] Oh, how cute...
    	Back out the door and down two levels... that door across from the lift
    (into the Lightsaber training area) is still locked, but the one around the
    corner is now unlocked.
    	Into the ruined temple... through the arch up ahead on the left and into
    the next section. Up those steps and on the left is a hole in the wall... go
    into it as far as you can to move to the next section. I have no idea why it
    lists Level Stats here, as you've barely started this level. Oh, well...
    6a) Yavin Trial [1 Secret] {yavin_trial}
    	This entire level is not only designed to 'test' you, but also to get
    the main Jedi powers of PUSH, PULL, SPEED and JUMP... you'll also get your
    Lightsaber here. You need to know your hotkeys to use your Force powers... the
    defaults are F1 for 'PUSH', F2 for 'PULL', F3 for 'SPEED'... 'JUMP' doesn't have
    a hotkey; you just use your regular 'jump' key. In the later levels, when you
    have higher Force powers, just hold down your 'jump' key for higher distances.
    You'll also note that 'JUMP' is not in your Force powers 'menu'.
    	In the higher difficulty levels - "Jedi Knight" and "Jedi Master" - your
    crosshairs will not show Force-affected objects and people... this particular
    level, however, is an exception; since you're regaining your Force powers,
    anything that you need to affect will show up in blue when you aim at it.
    	Up ahead on the ledge on the left is a glowing blue and purple cube, but
    you can't do anything about it right now. Go through the door on the left...
    there's another glowing cube on the altar; this is Force PUSH (your Datapad
    will update). Through the next door, and panels on the wall will rotate
    ("Padawan" difficulty only) - on the floor are two-section panels with glyphs on
    them, and a pair of arrows pointing to the other end of the room. You'll note
    that the bottom half of your health meter is now in blue... this is your Force
    'mana', and when it's empty (it replenishes itself over time) you will be unable
    to use any Force power. You'll also note that your crosshairs have a new color
    now: blue. When you're aimed at anything (or certain special characters) that
    can be affected by the Force, the crosshairs will turn blue and swirling (your
    crosshairs won't change to indicated Force-affected objects or people on the
    higher difficulty levels).
    	Compare the glyphs on the floor to the one on the wall directly next to
    them... use PUSH to change the panels on the floor to match the glyphs on the
    wall, so the glyphs on the floor - in a line between the arrows at either end -
    match the glyphs on the walls; once you get them right, the door at the other
    end will open. The way to change the sliding stones on the floor is to aim at
    the symbol you want to move and hit PUSH; for instance, to change the second
    stone, aim at the symbol on the right (it looks like an umbrella, somewhat) and
    hit PUSH. Since the glyphs don't rotate on "Jedi" difficulty or higher, here are
    the only ones you need to change:
    	1st - don't change
    	2nd - change to 'umbrella'
    	3rd - change to circle & curve (though this symbol is highly reminiscent
    of a weapon you had way back in the game "Dark Forces")
    	4th - don't change
    	5th - change to double half-circle
    	6th - don't change
    	7th - don't change
    	8th - change to circle with three lines
    	On an altar in the next room is Force PULL (F2)... through the door into
    the next room. Around the edges of the room you'll notice rectangular blocks
    flat against the wall... use PULL on each one to pull it out, forming a stairway
    up to the door - you can either PULL them all out from the water, or as you go
    along up the 'stairs'... there's no wrong way to do it. Once you get to the
    door, you'll notice a slit in the wall to the right... this is Secret 1.
    	[Secret 1] - from the door platform, PULL out each stone... they'll go
    back into the wall quickly enough, so you'll have to do one at a time and move
    fairly quickly. Once you're at the slit, use PULL to get the items, then use
    PULL on the stones again to get back to the door (or just fall down into the
    water). The stone under the slit will stay out (just getting on the stone at the
    slit is enough to claim this Secret Area).
    	Through the door on the altar is Force SPEED (F3)... this is the room
    where you started, and this Force cube is the one you saw from below. That door
    to the right is locked or broken, so go to the other end of the ledge and go
    down through the hole. There are two doors here, both of which make funny sounds
    when you try to open them... next to the door on the right is a small raised
    platform; stand on that to open the door. In this next room is a raised pressure
    plate; get around behind it and face back towards the way you came... step on
    the pressure plate. As soon as all the doors are down - you'll see a cage at the
    far end - use your Force SPEED and run all the way to the cage. When you get
    there, the cage and the pillar it's on will rise up, but don't worry... you'll
    see them later.
    	Up the ramps and stairs, and there's Force JUMP on the altar. Through
    the door and you're back in the room where you started (after you fell down the
    'rabbit hole'). To your right is a set of broken pillars... use JUMP to get up
    on each and then to the ledge above the door you just came through. Note that
    these pillars differ slightly in the higher difficulty levels... at "Padawan"
    level, that first rock (fallen pillar) will have a level section sticking out of
    it - on the higher levels it won't. The battered door straight ahead doesn't
    work, but the one on the left works just fine.
    	Down the stairs and through the next door... along the left wall are a
    series of four gargoyles, and across the sunken floor is what looks like a
    wooden platform - at the far end is a set of bars. Drop down to the floor and go
    along the line, using PULL on each gargoyle... once you've hit all four, get
    back to the ledge just inside the door where you entered and face down towards
    the bars. The platform will rise, and so will the bars at the far end... once
    both the platform and the bars are fully up, hit SPEED and race down the length
    of the room, using JUMP to get through the bars before they close. Once through
    the next door, wait for your mana to fully restore before continuing.
    	The door at the bottom of the stairs is broken, but as you examine the
    cracked wall to your right you'll notice your crosshairs turn blue... use PUSH
    on this section to get through, then drop down through the hole. Down the ramp,
    through the door... "I think they put the door in just a little too high." Look
    carefully at the carved symbols on the walls... just below each is a small cube
    with the Force PUSH symbol on it; use PUSH on all three. The carved stones will
    drop down... JUMP up on the one on the left, then JUMP up on the stone guide
    rail it slid down - continue this until you're at the door (this can be somewhat
    neat if you use the 'third person' view).
    	To your left is a pressure plate, to your right there are 2 openings...
    one of them is high up above some water with another opening across the way; the
    other opening in here leads down some stairs. Go down the stairs if you wish,
    but what you need to do is this: work you way around behind the pressure plate
    (without touching it) and face down the hall towards the opening. Hit SPEED and
    run across the plate, down the length of the hall (it helps if you do JUMP while
    you're running down the hall)... get on the moving platform and JUMP to the next
    opening. "Pretty tricky."
    	As you go through this next door, you'll notice a pair of weights (one
    on either side of the door) drop down... across the room is another door with
    like weights - that's the exit. Ahead and slightly to the left is the pillar
    with the cage on top, and to the left of that is a ramp going down. On the left
    side of that pillar - facing the ramp - are a series of 'pins'... use PUSH on
    each one to drop the cage down to floor level. Hey, there's your Lightsaber in
    the cage! "That's what I came for... now how do I get it out of there?"
    	JUMP up on the ledge above the ramp, and look straight ahead... you'll
    see a block slightly raised above the level of the ledge - get right up in front
    of it, and Quicksave. Jump up on the block and turn around quickly, hit SPEED.
    Before the block even hits the ground, run straight ahead (up the ramp) and use
    PULL on the Lightsaber before the cage closes again. This will probably take
    several attempts, which is why you saved.
    	Once you've got your Lightsaber, play around with it... get used to it.
    It's a bit more powerful than in the previous games... and your secondary fire
    for it is now 'throw'. Use the small gray pillars around the room as targets...
    but don't hit the ones on either side of the exit door; you'll need them. (Yes,
    you can destroy the cage)
    	When you're ready to exit, throw your saber at the ropes holding the
    weights on either side of the exit door (you'll have to stand on the small stone
    pillars on either side). The next door is locked, but just slash it with the
    Lightsaber to cut through the lock. Cutscene with Luke...
    	A note on doors that are locked like this: obviously, you can slash
    through the lock... but you can also do it from the other side. If you encounter
    a locked door, go ahead and try slashing through it... you might get lucky.
    There aren't many doors like that in the game, though.
    	You'll see that your level stats now include 'Lightsaber use' and
    'Force use' - though it won't list Force Jump, since it seems unable to
    differentiate between a regular jump and one that is Force augmented.
    	Note that the Lightsaber replaces the Stun Baton in your weapons
    array... not that the Stun Baton was worth a damn, except against mine Monsters.
    If you want, you can change the color of your Lightsaber (which doesn't affect
    the game in any way) by opening the Console (hit Shift + ~) and typing (without
    the quotes) "saberColor #####" -- make sure that you use the proper
    capitalization as shown, and replace the ##### with the color of your choice.
    	Your default Lightsaber color is blue, but the ones available to you are
    red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. So you'd type (again, without the
    quotes) "saberColor green" to change your Lightsaber's color to green. Note,
    however, that your Lightsaber defaults back to blue at the beginning of each
    level (and will still show as blue in all cutscenes)... you'll have to change
    it again if you want it some other color. I went ahead and bound the command
    "saberColor yellow" to my F11 key (see the section on "Binding" near the top of
    this document).
    	Another Lightsaber 'cheat' you might want to use is the "Realistic
    Combat" cheat... in your Console, type (without the quotes, of course)
    "g_saberRealisticCombat 1" -- what this does is kill the 'PG' rating of the
    Lightsaber... now when you slice & dice someone, you *really* slice & dice - lop
    off heads, hands, etc. No blood, of course, but you can cut your enemies into so
    many tiny pieces... it looks especially neat in the 'third person' view. This
    one I bound to my 'R' key. Oddly enough, they forgot a chop... when you hack
    someone, their head, hand(s), leg(s) or arm(s) will come off, or they'll
    separate at the waist - but when you chop straight down (or up from the ground),
    they don't spilt in two...
    	With either cheat you'll need to have your cheats enabled (see the Cheat
    section near the end of this document).
    	You also need the "Model Dismemberment" option turned on... kick out to
    the game menu, click on 'Setup', and click on 'Options'. To turn the
    RealisticCombat cheat off again (you need to turn it on at the beginning of every
    level), you'd type the same thing, except with a 0 instead of a 1. 
    	One final note about the Lightsaber... when you switch to it, your view
    automatically switches to 'third person'... when you switch back to another
    weapon (and you will need other weapons), you automatically switch back to a
    'first person' view. If you want to change either one, kick out to the game
    menu, click on 'Setup', and click on 'Options'... the two lines you'd want to
    change are the 4th and 5th. Personally, I prefer 'third person' view at all
    times except for certain specific situations, and in any case, you can switch in
    and out of 'third person' view by hitting your 'P' key.
    7) Nar Shadda Streets [6 Secrets] {ns_streets}
    	>>Force Note: no additions or upgrades to your abilities. You currently
    			have: PUSH level 1, PULL level 1, SPEED level 1, JUMP
    			level 1, Saber Offense level 1 ('Medium' style), and
    			Saber Defense level 1 (Saber Throw level 1)
    	>>Objectives: Track down the gangster Reelo Baruk.
    	You'll note - when you check 'Force' on your Datapad - that you have the
    various Lightsaber abilities of "Lightsaber Throw" (level 1, handled by your
    secondary 'fire' key), "Lightsaber Defense" (level 1), and "Lightsaber Offense"
    ('Medium' style - represented by the yellow arc above the Lightsaber symbol on
    your weapons gauge). Make sure you read through the Force information on your
    Datapad for the variations on your Lightsaber abilities.
    	If you played "Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II", then you've seen this city
    before... Nar Shadda, the "vertical city". It's open to space at the bottom and
    top, so be careful where you fall... in fact, this fly-through opening is
    somewhat like the one in "Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II".
    	There are all sorts of distractions in this level, so I'm only going to
    list what you need to do... one note, however: watch out for snipers any time
    you're out in the open. At the beginning here, if you try to use a weapon or any
    Force power, Kyle refuses... "Better try not to attract too much attention." -
    don't worry, though... you'll be able to attract plenty of attention soon
    enough. The same with your Lightsaber... try to start it up, and Kyle says "I
    don't want to start a fight... yet.".
    	You start out just to the right of a square opening in the ground... a
    Speeder (a taxi?) will come hurtling up out of the hole. Straight ahead under
    the 'arch', to the right of another square hole, and turn left... that door
    straight ahead is the bar (cantina?) where you start things off.
    	Inside they want you to check your weapons, which is fine as you don't
    have any (other than your Lightsaber). As you go in the bar, you'll see a pair
    of critters in a booth straight ahead at the other end of the bar... that's
    Secret 1, but don't hit it yet; to your left you'll see a large arch, which is
    Secret 2 - again, don't hit it yet. Go up to the bar and talk to the bartender
    - just getting close enough will trigger a short cutscene.
    	{silly stuff} Before confronting the bartender, wander around and check
    out some odds & ends... to your left as you enter is a small pit in the floor
    with a couple of locals looking down into it - get close enough, and you'll see
    that they're watching a fight between a pair of Mine Monsters. Wander around the
    bar... just getting close enough to someone will usually trigger speech - not
    much, though; Kyle just gets to ask "What's going on?" and "Can I join you?".
    There's a Gran with a gun standing in the kitchen archway, and if you get close
    enough he says "You're not allowed backstage.". The same with the ramp leading
    up on the right... "Working boys allowed only.".
    	Just like Star Wars, there are all sorts of critters in the cantina...
    the green ones (Greedo in "Star Wars") are Rodians, the three-eyed ones (who
    usually toss Thermal Dets) are Grans, and the gray ones (like the guards on
    Jabba's Sail Barge in "Return of the Jedi") are Weequay.
    	Once you finish your conversation, watch out... all hell breaks loose.
    Kill *everyone* - your Lightsaber will deflect all sorts of shots, and you can
    use your Saber Throw (secondary) to take out multiple enemies at once (I got
    three with one throw). Now, usually when you switch to the Lightsaber, it
    automatically switches to 'third person' view... the same result can be had by
    hitting your 'P' key (or whatever you have it set for). Personally, I turn this
    feature (auto-switching the views) off, and the same for switching away from
    saber. But, let's be honest... it's a trip to watch the Lightsaber battles from
    the 'third person' view - especially if you're using the
    "g_saberRealisticCombat" cheat (sushi!).
    	One thing you'll notice about fighting with the Lightsaber: when you
    kill someone, you get a kind of "Matrix" effect... the camera view (if you're
    using third person) swings around in a slow circle. A little irritating
    sometimes, but not really a problem.
    	After the fight is over, wander the bar and pick up all sorts of
    weapons... then head to either booth for Secret 1.
    	[Secret 1] - 'use' the seats in the booth to open this secret area.
    Inside are all sorts of toys, and a Droid. To exit, just follow the ramp up...
    you'll run across a Rodian with a Tenloss Disrupter Rifle; take him out quick.
    You can also get out of this area (though it's better to go up the ramp and out
    those doors) by looking at the wall you came through... you'll notice a square
    outline; 'use' it to open the secret entrance again.
    	Down the ramps, and through the arch into the kitchen area for Secret 2.
    	[Secret 2] - use PUSH on the second freezer unit from the right to open
    this area. All sorts of toys.
    	In the bar, head up the ramps and stairs to the top level... use the
    panel to open the blast shields on the bar. Back down to the bar, and go behind
    the counter to confront the bartender (if you don't see him cowering in a corner
    behind the counter, trigger the bar's blast shields - which the bartender hit
    earlier - to find him and start the conversation). After this short cutscene,
    watch out for the sniper on the next level up. (Yes, you can kill the bartender
    if you want)
    	Up the ramps to the second level... out the door (there's a fallen table
    here). Head left, and take the narrow bridge across the chasm - watch out for
    snipers in all directions. Use PUSH and PULL whenever you can out here... lots
    of Bad Guys screaming as they plummet to their deaths, and PUSH can also knock
    them down long enough for you to get a good bead on them. In that room, check
    the holes in the ceilings and watch out for Grans tossing TDs (if you stand with
    your back against the wall - where you just entered - you can use the Bowcaster
    secondary fire to bounce shots off the edge of the holes, killing the Grans
    above). Trigger the lift, and get ready for the Weequays that ride down on it.
    Up the lift - all sorts of enemies - and explore the area. In a square opening
    leading outside is a crate; PUSH it to shove the Rodian behind it off the ledge,
    then move out on to that balcony (or just circle through the room and out the
    doors to get to this balcony... but PUSHing is more fun).
    	To your left is a ramp... jump across the gap. Ignore that door on the
    left; you'll just be shot at from above. Take the ramps all the way up - you can
    shoot out the glass walls of the ramps if you feel like wasting shots. At one
    point in your travels you'll see a glass corridor crossing the chasm... if you
    aim carefully you can shoot out one of the floor panels in that corridor, which
    will help get rid of a sniper.
    	In the door at the top of the ramps - at your left is a door leading
    down to the storeroom you would have entered if you had gone in the door at the
    bottom of the ramps... toss a TD down that to kill the Bad Guys below, then head
    down there yourself. Bust through the glass, and you can drop down to the floor
    below... those two yellow crates in the center can be destroyed with your
    Lightsaber, creating a passage to the other side where there are several items.
    Slash through the lock on the door and head back up the ramps. Once back at the
    top, head down the lift if you want - the bridge down there will blow up no
    matter what you do.
    	Outside, get on the balcony rail - watch out for snipers above and below
    - and JUMP down on to the roof of that oval structure... break through the glass
    and down. Hit the switch on the panel, which extends a bridge. Out the door -
    yes, it only opens from this side - and around to the right for the bridge you
    just played with.
    	Across and through the door... to your left are several crates which
    you'll notice can be Forced. Around at the back of this room is a bit of Ammo if
    you need it. Get just inside the door, face the crates, and use PULL on the
    closest one to move it onto the square on the floor. Out the door and on to the
    lift that has descended... turn and face the window, and use PUSH on that crate
    to raise the lift.
    	At the top, use the switch to drop a ramp - to the right as you face the
    switch, watch out for the Weequay who comes down with it - and head up the ramp,
    all the way to the top. Drop through the skylights - of the three doors in here,
    only one works... but you don't need it unless you want to get to Secrets 3 & 4.
    	[Secrets 3 & 4] - outside, head left... you'll see a bridge across the
    chasm with a Gran on it; killing him blows the bridge. Go across it for Secret 3.
    	[Secret 3] - use SPEED and JUMP to get across the broken bridge, then on
    the left you'll see a darkened slope... head up to the top of that, then JUMP up
    on the platform above for all sorts of toys.
    	Back across the broken bridge, and head right around the corner... look
    down and across and you'll see a square, lit platform under a building corner -
    that's where you need to go for Secret 4.
    	[Secret 4] - drop down the walkways (you'll only take 28 points of
    damage on most levels) connecting the locked doors to a small platform with
    several toys, including an Armor Regenerator which you might need. Warning: this
    will end up dumping you back at the beginning of the level; you'll have to work
    your way back up to that lift. Drop down to that brownish catwalk below...
    that's the one where you came out of the bar. If you want, from the end of that
    catwalk you can jump over the fence... that door there leads into the bar, and
    will open from this side.
    	Once you're back in the skylights room, go out the right window and jump
    to a small dark ledge. Around the front of this ledge, JUMP on to the floating
    vehicle... watch it for a moment or two to get an idea of the timing. From
    there, JUMP up to the ledge where you see the glowing door switch. Use the
    switch to summon the lift, and at the top (QuickSave) run across that glass
    walkway *very carefully* (watch out for the Proximity Mine in the middle...
    shoot it first, and don't fall). If you hug the right-hand wall, you shouldn't
    have any problems.
    	In the next room, shoot the barrel to blow a hole in the wall... into
    that room, and cut the pipes near the window (shutting off the electricity for
    the water). Back out into the other room, into the water, and down to the end...
    use PULL on the black walkway under the door, then back to where you jumped in
    and get up on the walkway. From the walkway, JUMP to the ledge up on the left.
    Note that on "Jedi Master" difficulty, you can't PULL that black ledge out...
    you'll have to jump up on top of the pipes in the water and JUMP from there.
    	Note the grate above the R5 unit... if you can get up there, you can
    find a shortcut to Secret 6 - otherwise you'll have to do it the hard way. For a
    bit of twisted fun, PUSH the R5 off the ledge and listen to it scream all the
    way down...
    	Head for Secret 5 first... across the top of the glass corridor.
    	[Secret 5] - across the top of the glass corridor, then use SPEED + JUMP
    to get across to the ledge on the right (QuickSave first... it's a tricky jump).
    A pair of Bacta Tanks over here as well as other items. To get back to where you
    were, you can either SPEED + JUMP back to the glass corridor, or you can take a
    little damage (40 points, actually... who ever said being a Jedi was easy?). Go
    around to the end of this Secret Area and look down... the skylights roof is
    below you. Drop down to it, and you'll notice a lift - take that back down to
    the darkened ledge.
    	Once back at the R5, hit the switch it's working on... look over the
    edge and you'll see an arm has moved closer to your position - drop down on to
    it (skywalker-diving!), use PULL on the next arm and JUMP to it, then without
    stopping JUMP to the floating garbage scow. QuickSave as soon as you land.
    "Those look like garbage haulers to me. They must end up at Reelo's."
    	Secret 6 is very tricky to get to... even Jedi Masters might want to
    skip it. *Before* you make your JUMPs to those arms, look ahead past the garbage
    scow, and you'll see an angled slab further on - that's the chute you need to
    get up into for Secret 6.
    	[Secret 6] - from the edge of the garbage scow, JUMP up into the chute
    (hit 'crouch' to pull your feet up at the top of your jump). Enter the Secret
    Area, and explore around a bit... quite a few items. Down that other slope are
    many items, plus a fuel tank - blow that, and just past it is the opening where
    the garbage scow was sitting. If you follow the other branch of this tunnel,
    you'll come to a pair of grates - that second one takes you out to just above
    where the R5 unit was.
    	Okay... if you could get up into the grate above the R5, then you can
    get Secret 6 and avoid skydiving at the same time: make sure you get Secret 5
    first, then use the switch at R5. Jump up on R5 then JUMP up to the grate and
    in... through the next opening, down the slope and left for Secret 6 (go almost
    all the way down), then go down the other slope - blow away the fuel tank from a
    distance, and you'll be able to walk out of this opening and drop right into the
    garbage scow.
    	On the scow, think quick... watch out for the green & red signal lights
    along the route (on your right side); before the scow reaches them, use PUSH to
    change them. Do that for both lights along the route to end the level.
    8) Nar Shadda Hideout [7 Secrets] {ns_hideout}
    	>>Current Force Powers: PUSH 1, PULL 1, SPEED 1
    	>>Force Upgrade: JUMP is upgraded to Level 2
    	>>Objectives: Track down Reelo Baruk.
    	Into the tunnel you go... your first Secret Area is immediate.
    	[Secret 1] - JUMP from the garbage scow to the pipes on the left side,
    then up to the ledge which has Ammo & Armor Regenerators.
    	Drop back down to the conveyor belt, slash through the grate and in. Or,
    if you want, continue through Secret 1 and drop down the ledges on the other
    side (you'll take some damage). Through the door (ignore that Droid), and the
    first thing you'll notice - other than the smell - is that the thing in front of
    you (a dumpster) can be Forced... you can use PUSH or PULL on it. This is
    basically supposed to be a 'clue'... playing around with this particular
    dumpster does nothing, but later in the level you'll need to move a couple of
    them in order to continue. For now, though, follow the tracks to the right for
    Secret 2.
    	[Secret 2] - through a door on the right side of the room (watch out for
    the snipers on either side as you enter) and blow up the barrel to access the
    Secret Area. Go all the way in to this newly-opened area to claim the Secret.
    	{Secret 2 extension} If you go back to where you entered this room and
    fire through the right-hand slit (as you enter), you'll blow a fuel tank which
    will blow a hole in the wall... or even better, use your Lightsaber Throw -
    throw your Lightsaber through the slit in the wall, and as soon as it's through,
    aim to your left; you should blow a fuel tank on the other side. Recover your
    Lightsaber and do Secret 3, or go through this new hole in the wall to do the
    prison area (you'll get a chance to hit it later).
    	{Secret 2 prison} - if you go through this new hole, and follow the
    hall to the left - if you look high up in this first hall, you'll see a barred
    grate high on the wall... you'll encounter that later - head down the ramp (at
    the top of the ramp is a locked door - slash it with your Lightsaber - leading
    back out into the main garbage area... "Reelo sure has a lot of heavy firepower
    to guard a bunch of trash."; go left out this door and you'll see the dumpster
    where you started), and you'll come upon some odd chambers... go through the
    left 'X' - the other one is locked - then past the two forceshielded cells...
    at the intersection, head down the short corridor on the right and through the
    right-hand door to pick up a Seeker Drone (activate it with your keypad
    PageDown key). Go all the way in to the end of the prison area and meet...
    Lando Calrissian. After a cutscene (he tells you Bespin has been invaded by
    Remnant, and that Reelo Baruk's password - that's the dude you're looking for,
    remember? - is "Ruby Bliels") you can finish exploring this particular area and
    get back into the Secret 2 room.
    	In this room (Secret 2), you can either JUMP on top of that stack of
    crates and down on the other side, or blow out some of them (the one on the
    bottom left, and the one on top of it, both a bluish color with rust patches)
    and just walk behind the crates.
    	[Secret 3] - from on top of the crates, drop down in the gap, and 'use'
    the wall to open a secret panel. Go in far enough to collect the Secret Area.
    Return to the Secret 2 room and back out into the main trash area, or do the
    extension below.
    	{extension} While you can go back the way you just came, you don't
    really want to, so go forward... kill all the Rodians, and down at the end is a
    door... "Geez, it's freezing in here!". JUMP up on the crates (none of these can
    be destroyed with your Lightsaber) and walk over them to find the open area,
    drop down, hit the panel and get into the next room. Down to your right against
    the far wall you'll notice a crate that can be Forced... you can even use PULL
    on it right now if you want, and get into the passage behind it - but you can't
    do anything further until you move the obstruction on the other side of that
    dumpster. Head out the door and back to the trash compacting room.
    	When you exit the freezing room, head straight ahead to the tracks in
    the center of this whole trash compacting area... to your right you'll see a
    pipe that doesn't have a dumpster sitting under it; JUMP up in this pipe and
    run through the trash compacter and out the other side. Down the hall, through
    the door, and get ready to do some JUMPing. You'll see the ledge - with the
    crate - on the other side of the room... guess where you have to get to.
    	Basically, *walk* off the platform you're on, drop down to the crate
    directly under the one you just landed on, JUMP to the nearest stack of crates,
    turn towards the back corner of the room and JUMP to there... just keep going
    until you're on the crate under the exit platform, and use PULL on the crate
    that's sitting up there - JUMP up there to exit this room. While you're JUMPing,
    watch out for the Gran throwing TDs from the catwalk... and Quicksave often.
    	Just follow the corridors and ramps around... you'll go over the catwalk
    you passed under in the "JUMPing" room, and continue until you come to what
    looks like a dead end (with another of those Rodians firing through a slit, if
    you didn't kill him as soon as you entered the JUMPing room). Go back to that
    last opening, and use PULL on the dumpster. You can't get around this
    dumpster... instead - and you're going to love this - you have to go all the way
    back to the trash compacting room.
    	When you get back to the catwalk above the JUMPing room, you can either
    continue on to do an exact mirror of how you got up here in the first place, or
    you can go to the other end of this catwalk and drop down on the ledge at the
    door (where you started all of your JUMPing)... you actually won't take any
    	Okay... remember the freezing room at the end of Secret 3 and the crate
    you could PULL? If you haven't done so yet, go in there and PULL that crate...
    get over it and into the passageway, and wend your way through this area until
    you get to a dumpster. Use PUSH on this dumpster to reveal a reddish conveyor to
    your right. That other dumpster that you PULLed (after the 'JUMPing' room)? That
    made room so you could PUSH this one. Just before that dumpster (which you PUSH)
    is Secret 4.
    	[Secret 4] - just before the dumpster is a square hole in the ceiling...
    it'll take some work, but you can JUMP up into it (there's a fan up in there
    which can't hurt you)
    	Whatever you do, do *not* step on that conveyor... it's red hot. Jump to
    the left, to the walkway... shoot out the window across from you (and kill the
    Rodian inside), and use PUSH on the red/green switch to open the door. Jump
    across and in. Down the corridor, and when you get to the hexagonal arch watch
    out - a slit directly ahead will open and a Rodian will fire at you. Also note
    that Grans up in the ceiling will drop Thermal Detonators on you... I guess
    Jedis aren't popular around here. (I usually SPEED across this small area to
    slip around behind that Rodian)
    	In the next arched corridor, there will be bumps along the wall which
    will open... if you did Secret 3 (the hall where you eventually got to the
    freezing room), then you've already taken care of these creeps. Head up the
    ramps - watch out for Grans throwing TDs - and past that open area on the right.
    Just past that is a grate up on the right wall; jump up and slash it open. Go
    to the end of this vent and shoot the fuel tank down below on the right. (If you
    did the prison earlier, this fuel tank is already blown and you'll see flames
    	If you talked to Lando earlier, you can skip this next paragraph... if
    you didn't, then you *need* to follow this now.
    	{if you didn't do the Secret 2 extension} Now here's interesting...
    LucasArts making sure that you can make it through this level either way
    (actually, I'm not sure that they intended that you could blow that tank from
    the slit). Go back to that open area and drop down... the 3 yellow striped
    crates on the floor can be destroyed with your Lightsaber - as can, of course,
    the Bad Guys. Slash the lock on the door, and through. Head through the hole
    blasted in the wall on the left... if you look high up in this first hall,
    you'll see that barred grate... head down the ramp (at the top of the ramp is a
    locked door - slash it with your Lightsaber - leading back out into the main
    garbage area... "Reelo sure has a lot of heavy firepower to guard a bunch of
    trash."), and you'll come upon some odd chambers... go through the left 'X' -
    the other one is locked - then past the two forceshielded cells... at the
    intersection, the door on the right (in the corridor to the right) has a Seeker
    Drone (activate it with your Keypad PageDown key). Continue deeper into this
    area and meet... Lando Calrissian. After a cutscene (he tells you Bespin has
    been invaded by Remnant, and that Reelo Baruk's password - that's the dude
    you're looking for, remember? - is "Ruby Bliels") you can finish exploring this
    particular area, then head back out. Back in the room with the crates, you can
    JUMP up on them to get back to that hallway, and some of the crates have items
    on top.
    	Okay... continue up the ramps - you'll come out on the walkways above
    the trash compactors. Head along them until you can drop down at the control
    room - be careful that you don't drop too far, or you'll have to go through all
    of this again... inside the control room (you can either drop down and walk in
    the door, or jump across to the roof and slash through the grate), stand on the
    concrete pad in front of the one door... one of those lovely eyes (Jabba's
    palace door in "Return of the Jedi") will pop out and ask you for the password.
    Since you visited Lando and got the password, the door opens and you won't be
    dropped into a room with an electrified floor. The other hallway from in here
    leads to where those Grans were dropping TDs on you before through the square
    holes in the ceiling. (Yeah, wouldn't it have been nice if you could have just
    JUMPed up through those holes and skipped all the rest?)
    	Take the lift up, and through the arched hall. At the end of this is
    another lift and Secret 5.
    	[Secret 5] - when you get on the lift, run to the left-hand corner... as
    the lift drops, JUMP up into the Secret Area.
    	Watch out for baddies shooting at you through the bars as the lift
    descends. This next hall is a pain... quite deadly. To start, you have
    track-mounted Turrets above you (you can JUMP up and slash them if you want),
    and once you round the corner various slits in the wall will open and Rodians
    will shoot at you. The best way is to take out as many Turrets from the first
    section of hall as you can - don't go around the corner yet. When you finally
    do have to go around the corner, SPEED down to the end and around to the
    right... you can chop up the Rodians from this side of the wall.
    	Once you've done that, break the window and kill the Weequay behind it,
    then use PUSH on that switch. Make sure you slide around the corner and into the
    area where the Weequay was for some items... don't go near that new door until
    you're ready (and I do mean near... you don't have to go through it to trigger
    this next section).
    	Uh-oh... trouble.
    	As soon as the cutscene is over, five rapid-firing Turrets on the
    ceiling will try to punch your ticket... and as soon as you take care of them, a
    panel will open and many Weequay will come rushing out at you. Take out the
    Turrets however you want... if you dodge a bit, you can take them out with
    blaster fire. As soon as the Weequays come rushing out of their hidey-hole, JUMP
    over them and duck into their alcove... they're much easier to take out from
    	Once everyone's dead (and you're still alive), head out of the alcove to
    either of the doors under the window. Kill the Rodians, and up the ramp to
    discover that Reelo is gone. How? There are two switches in here... one on the
    console at the window, the other under the desk. Crouch and use the one on the
    console first... the center of the arena opens to reveal a lift, and the cells
    open. Lando does his part...
    	Use PUSH on the one under the desk (or just get close enough to it and
    use it) to open a secret panel in the wall... just stepping into that area is
    Secret 6. (Yes, I tried to slash that fish tank too)
    	[Secret 6] - enter the secret passage to get this Secret.
    	If you go further into Secret 6, you'll go through a door and come to a
    red-blinking tunnel... this is how Reelo escaped.
    	Back to the arena, and take that lift down... don't go down the stairs,
    but down the slope next to them. There's a Rodian hiding under the stairs, which
    is Secret 7.
    	[Secret 7] - after killing the baddie, PUSH the switch to move the
    stairs. Enter to claim this final Secret.
    	Through the big white door, and follow Lando to a lift. Hit the lift
    switch to end the level.
    9) Nar Shadda Starpad [3 Secrets] {ns_starpad}
    	>>Current Force Powers: PUSH 1, PULL 1, JUMP 2
    	>>Force Upgrade: SPEED has increased to level 2, and MIND TRICK is now
    			available at level 1.
    	>>Objectives: Find Lando's ship, the Lady Luck.
    	To start, just follow Lando to his ship, the "Lady Luck". Start running
    up the ramps, and at the top take out a Gran... from there just follow Lando
    (you'll have to hit the switch on a lift). Stay in this control room until he
    finishes speaking ("How's it look?"), otherwise a door down below won't open.
    Those two platforms in this room that look like lifts are... later, when you're
    running around on the catwalks outside, you'll pass the doors for these lifts,
    but there's no way to call them. C'est la vie...
    	Once Lando has finished with his speech, there are two ways to go...
    back down the glass corridor, or down the lift in here. If you go back down the
    corridor, wait down below in the area where you killed the Gran (with the two
    doors) until Lando mentions the safeties. If you take the lift... get on the
    lift to the right of the door (the one without the Bacta) - at the bottom, exit
    and you'll see a bridge with a locked door at the other end... across the bridge
    and slash through the lock, bringing you back into the room where you killed the
    	From the corridor - the door you need to go through is the one on the
    right as you come back down; from outside it's the one on your left. Through
    that door - after Lando mentions the safeties - and into a room with a big red-
    rimmed hole in the center. Through the door on the other side, and into a dark
    room... you'll need to use your Light Amplification Goggles in here. Down to the
    right is a short black container you can JUMP up on, then continue winding your
    way through this room (ducking through that small arch, of course) to a door
    leading to the outside (shut off the Goggles at this point).
    	Straight ahead from you out here - across the chasm - is a walkway and a
    door, which leads into the starpad... but of course you need to take the long
    way around. After you kill and slash in this cargo area, head down that catwalk
    with the oval cutouts... on your left as you go is a door (which won't open now)
    leading to one of the roof sections.
    	At the end of the catwalk, watch out... snipers, and Turrets which are
    giving Lando problems. In the door, kill everyone, through the next hall (watch
    out for the snipers firing on you from the windows at the end) and out the
    door... straight ahead is a platform sticking out into space, get on that and
    turn left.
    	JUMP up to where the Turrets are and take them out... then into the room
    and kill off the Baddies in here. Out the door - this is the hall where those
    snipers were firing through the windows earlier - and down the next hall, into
    the next room... of the three doors in here, only the center one will open;
    through that and up to the end. Hit the switch there, and get ready for Secret
    	[Secret 1] JUMP up through the glass ceiling (it'll take a little work)
    and along it to a ledge on the right at the end. Get the Secret, then back down
    through the glass ceiling.
    	In the room with the three doors (ignore the door under the glass
    ceiling room at the bottom of the slope; you can't open that now), go through
    the left door and get ready for Secret 2.
    	[Secret 2] as soon as you get out the door, look right and up... you'll
    see a short darkened slope - you've got to get up there. Your best bet is to go
    down the ramp some, turn and face that slope, then SPEED + JUMP up to that
    darkened slope; from there, JUMP up to the darkened ledge above for the Secret
    	Once you've finished with Secret 2, head along the catwalk... watch out
    for snipers firing from the other side of the chasm. That big octagonal
    structure ahead is a fuel tank; go around it to the right to collect items and
    kill off Bad Guys. Once all the way around it, you'll be on a short connector
    bridge: facing down the chasm, ahead and on the left is where you hit Secret 2,
    and ahead on the right is a walkway along a building, with a door... that leads
    into the Starpad, but of course it won't open right now.
    	You'll have a pair of pipes overhead, with a fuel tank on either side -
    the one on your right is what you'll need to get up on later to open the fuel
    valves. Go around that tank to the right (counterclockwise), and down a darkened
    passageway... you'll pass a door on the right (which won't open) which leads to
    the other set of roof controls, and then you'll pass one of those lift doors
    from the control room where you started; if you came down the lift, this is it.
    To your right is that bridge with the locked door at the end, and straight ahead
    is a large lift which opens on to the Starpad.
    	As soon as you hit that lift, Checkpoint. Be careful in this hanger,
    because you need to keep Lando alive, which isn't very easy on the harder
    difficulties. Run down to the back end of the ship to that door... Bad Guys will
    come pouring in (note that when the door opens, you'll see a short bridge
    extending to connect to the walk out here... across it is that glass ceiling
    room from earlier). Once they're dead, run back to the other end of the hanger
    and take out all the Bad Guys before they take out Lando.
    	Once everybody (except Lando) is dead, head up into the ship... you'll
    hear Lando say that there's a problem ("So what's new?"). Note: if Lando gets
    stuck in the hanger at any point, use PUSH or PULL on him to get him moving
    again; he needs to get into the ship in order to continue. Once he's made his
    speech, head around to the right side of the ship to check out the fuel
    valves... the gray valve is a yellow 'x', while the red valve is a broken circle
    with a slash through it.
    	Out the door at the base of the ship's ramp, and head left - watch out
    for snipers. Straight ahead are two fuel tanks - the one on the left is what you
    need to get up on, but you don't have enough JUMP to get straight up there.
    Instead, get on one of the footings of the right-hand tank, and from there JUMP
    up on the pipes and across to the other tank. Use the two valves up here,
    changing the gray to a yellow 'x', and changing the red to a broken circle with
    a slash through it... your Datapad will update when you've got it right. You
    need to go back into the hanger to get to the roof controls, but first go get
    Secret 3.
    	[Secret 3] from the tank with the valves, get across to the top of the
    other tank (cross the pipes and JUMP up)... straight ahead across the way is a
    darkened ledge which is Secret 3.
    	Back inside the hanger, on the right side of the ship is a pile of
    crates... they can be blown up (or slashed) to reveal a grate in the floor;
    slash that and drop in. At the end of this low tunnel i one of the roof control
    rooms. There are five switches in here: one where that Rodian is firing at you,
    and four others, one each at the half-pipes. You need to hit the four at the
    pipes before you can hit the one on the separate control panel. To get back to
    the hanger, either drop back down the hole you came through, or out the door -
    that leads back to that darkened hall you went through before getting to the
    	Back in the hanger, on the other (left) side is a single crate against
    the wall... PUSH it to reveal another floor grate. Through that tunnel and out
    into the other roof control room, and again do the five switches. The door in
    here leads back out to that catwalk with the oval cutouts, so you might be
    better off going back through the tunnel.
    	Back in the hanger, get into the ship and up into the cockpit... just to
    the left of the door is a gun control which you'll need.
    	After the brief cutscene, 'use' the gun controls and take out all the
    Bad Guys outside. Be warned: the ship will start taking damage as soon as you
    open fire, but most of the time you'll have no problem. Once they're all dead,
    the level ends.
    	Note: you can actually take out the Bad Guys without using the gun if
    you're fast and you cheat... use the 'noclip' cheat to ghost through the ship,
    then use your Lightsaber (or whatever) to take out the Bad Guys. It doesn't
    matter if you're in the ship or not once they're dead... the level will end as
    10) Bespin Undercity [3 Secrets] {bespin_undercity}
    	>>Current Force Powers: SPEED 2, JUMP 2, MIND TRICK 1
    	>>Force Upgrade: PUSH up to level 2, PULL up to level 2, HEAL now available
    			at level 1.
    	>>Objectives: Infiltrate Bespin City through the lower levels.
    		      Find Lando's R5 unit near Carbonite Chamber #17.
    	A cute thing with level 2 PULL... sometimes you'll end up disarming the
    Bad Guy - and they'll surrender. Go ahead and kill them, though... the only good
    Stormtrooper (or any other Remnant) is a dead one - and if you let them live,
    they might run off and find another weapon to use on you. Just as interesting -
    if immediately after you PULL them you aim downwards slightly, they'll be Pulled
    directly into your Lightsaber and chopped to bits.
    	One other odd thing about PULL... depending on what type of critter you
    disarm, they might not find another weapon, no matter how many are laying
    around. A Weequay, for instance, will *only* use a Bowcaster, so if you disarm
    him and there are no Bowcasters around, he'll be helpless.
    	HEAL is good... you won't use any of your precious Bacta. However, at
    this level you *must* be standing still to use HEAL... you can't be moving, you
    can't even be swinging your Lightsaber.
    	Circle around the platform to find grates in the wall... slash through
    one (watch out for the air blast) and in - be careful, though... if the piston
    is up you'll fall through and die. Try not to be on the edges of the piston as
    it goes up... you can get caught by a protrusion and die (death is easy in
    Bespin). As you go around the room up here, you'll see an opening high up in
    the wall - that's Secret 1.
    	[Secret 1] - JUMP up into this area from the piston.
    	Through the door (it won't open unless that air piston you just came up
    is at the top) and take the stairs to the left - around to the left (not through
    the door) and up the lift for baddies and items, and one of the famous Bespin
    Cloud Cars. It isn't necessary to go up here, but it is fun... and if you jump
    up on top of the Cloud Car, you can get to the ledge above, which usually has
    healing and shield items, and sometimes even Ammo.
    	Back down the lift and in that door - kill everyone in here *except* the
    Ugnaught at the control panel... you need him. You'll also notice a doorway in
    here with flames going across it - obviously, you don't go through this yet.
    There's a lift in here going up to another Cloud Car bay if you feel like it
    (again, various items on the ledges above the Cloud Car).
    	You can either use the panel that the Ugnaught is working on (and then
    run like hell), or you can play some games... get near the flame door, turn and
    face the Ugnaught behind the glass - when you hear the flames die, use MIND
    TRICK on him (it?), and that 'flame door' will open. SPEED through, slash the
    lock and through. Rest up before heading up this next lift.
    	This area is fun... it looks like you could make your way around the
    perimeter of this room and jump up on that elevator thing on the other side, but
    you can't... those red-hot pipes will kill you. Wait until the 'elevator' has
    dropped and the red force field is active across the chasm - SPEED across and
    jump up on the elevator before it starts to rise again. I've also found that -
    for whatever reason - doing a JUMP forward while you're SPEEDing across it
    actually helps.
    	Note: you can actually get across those pipes while they're not glowing,
    but it's not really worth the risk - though there are the occasional items in
    the arch supports.
    	Continue this back-and-forth bit until you get to the very top (watch
    out for snipers along the way). Once up there, do the force field bit again and
    SPEED across to the left side, and in the door. Secret 2 is this lift.
    	[Secret 2] - hit the switch for the lift, but don't get on it... drop
    down the hole revealed. (Talk about an oldie... a Secret Area in an elevator
    	Ammo Regenerator at the top of this lift. This next room has grates
    around the walls... slice through the one on the left and ride the column of air
    up. This area should look familiar (when you get to the top)... can you say Luke
    vs. Vader in "The Empire Strikes Back"? This room can be a riot... though you
    can easily fall to your death, and at the top you'll run into... well, you'll
    	At the front of the platform, facing out into the tube, turn to your
    right and look up - you'll see the next small square platform up there. When the
    next blast of air comes up the tube, jump into it and ride it up to that next
    platform. After a couple of these, you'll end up at a point with a long platform
    above you, with oval thingies at either end (just like where Luke fell from in
    "The Empire Strikes Back") - with the next air blast, don't try to get to the
    platform directly above you, because you can't. Instead, jump straight out
    across the tube and up to that platform on the other side. Before you make this
    final air-assisted jump, though, rest, heal up, and regain your mana... because
    next is your first Reborn.
    	"I sense a disturbance in the Force, but there's something strange about
    it." Note that this is exactly the same thing that Kyle says in the Demo when he
    meets his first Reborn...
    	This is your first Reborn (this one Orange, or Red on the higher
    difficulty levels)... and this one is quite weak. You may want to save before
    making your jump up to this platform... so you can do the fight again and
    again to get used to dueling with the Lightsaber. Note that Reborn are generally
    immune to PUSH, PULL and MIND TRICK - at least at the levels you have now. In
    later levels when you're up to full strength (and have new powers such as
    LIGHTNING) you can try the Force again.
    	Watch out for "saberlock" - that's when your blades come together and
    they try to force yours down, leaving you defenseless. Hit your attack (primary
    fire) key rapidly and repeatedly, and at the same time PUSH out of the
    	One good way I've found to kill individual Reborn... run towards them
    (before they turn their Lightsaber on), JUMP at them and hit them with PUSH - a
    lot of the time you'll knock them down and can easily kill them while they're on
    the ground.
    	Really funny... if you stay on this platform after you've killed the
    Reborn, the other Bad Guys will come to you, riding the air blasts just like you
    did... do whatever you want to them, including PUSH while they're in mid-air.
    	Jump over to the other platform (the rising hot air plumes you see will
    easily lift you over the gap) and through the door... down the corridor and into
    the Carbonite Chamber, where your next Reborn (this one Blue... "You are a
    coward."; on the higher levels he's the Red & Dark Gray Reborn 'Boss') waits.
    This one is a bit more difficult, and he likes to JUMP around a bit.
    	Under one of the sets of stairs in this area is your next Secret. (To
    your left with your back to the lift)
    	[Secret 3] - you'll need your Light Amp Goggles to see in here... or
    just wander around in here to pick up the few items.
    	For an extra kick, hit the switch on the panel the Ugnaught was at...
    the graspers in the center of the chamber will rise up with a block of Carbonite
    in their grip (sorry, no Han Solo).
    	Up the stairs and through the door... you'll have to use the R5 unit to
    access the lift and end the level. Make sure you're on the lift before the droid
    triggers it.
    11) Bespin Streets [3 Secrets] {bespin_streets}
    	>>Current Force Powers: PUSH 2, PULL 2, SPEED 2, JUMP 2, MIND TRICK 1,
    		HEAL 1
    	>>Force Upgrade: GRIP now available at level 1
    	>>Objectives: Search for Desann.
    		      Engage hostile forces in the area.
    	GRIP at this level is pretty much worthless, unless you're up against a
    single, unarmed enemy... it's the higher levels of GRIP that are fun.
    	As soon as you get off the lift, JUMP up on the ledge at the left... but
    watch out for the Trip Mines set inside the door. In here is a Trandoshan, and
    he's got a Heavy Repeater. Get that and any Ammo, hit the switch on the panel
    (the blinking one with the orange triangle), then back out to the R5.
    Note: because it's got the codes you need, you have to keep this R5 'alive'...
    and that won't be easy further up.
    	One note: the higher the difficulty level, the faster the R5 will
    be... so on "Jedi Master" difficulty, you might have to turn around a couple of
    times to PUSH the R5 back out of harm's way.
    	Up the lift and through the doorway... get in front of the R5, turn, and
    PUSH it back on to the lift (without pushing it off). There are tons of Trip
    Mines set in this hall (which will kill both you and the R5), and plenty of Bad
    Guys on the ledge to the right. However you do it, clear this hall and the ledge
    before letting the R5 wander after you.
    	Wait for the R5 to open the door into this next room... then get in
    front of it and PUSH it back, because there's a Gran (among other beasties) in
    here throwing TDs, which will kill the R5. Take out all the enemies before
    allowing the R5 to proceed - the first one to take out is that damn Gran across
    the bay tossing TDs at you... a Heavy Repeater works fairly well in here, if you
    don't mind taking some damage.
    	R5 will open a door, and inside will back into an alcove... you need to
    go through the other door, but follow the R5 into the little room first.
    	[Secret 1] - guess what... just following the R5 into this little room
    gets you this first Secret.
    	In there are a few baddies, and several crates, one sitting on top of a
    lift (it's just a distraction - you can't do anything about it). On top of one
    of the crates is some Metallic Bolt Ammo (for the Heavy Repeater). Nothing in
    that control room, so slash through the lock on the other door and get ready for
    more Reborn action. The little recessed door on the left (in this Cloud Car
    room) is nothing... just a control room with a couple of baddies. It's when you
    try to go through the other big door that trouble begins...
    	Actually, this particular Blue Reborn isn't a problem... as he jumps
    down (on your right as you face the door), shoot at him a couple of times - it
    seems to freeze him in place when he lands, even if you don't hit him; after
    which you can slice & dice with ease. Even just a Saber Throw as he jumps down
    is enough to freeze him in place.
    	Through this door and *don't shoot*! That guy is a Cloud City Guard...
    he's on your side. Through the next door, and watch out for the baddies. You
    can't go through either big blue door. As you round the corner towards the
    Cloud Car, watch out... there's a Blaster Cannon down at the end - also note
    that there will be snipers firing at your back. Also, you'll have several more
    City Guards running towards you... watch your crosshairs and hold your fire.
    	(Okay, okay... it doesn't really matter if these guys live or not)
    	Obviously, the easiest way here is to take the Blaster Cannon for your
    own... much easier to kill the Bad Guys this way.
    	Into the next room and up the lift... head to your right (facing back
    out into the room) and in a small alcove is the next Secret.
    	[Secret 2] - JUMP up into the darkened area.
    	Just keep going along the ledges, checking all the rooms... when you get
    to the room that has two doors (one of them locked), open the locked one first
    to rescue more Guards, then out the other to continue along the ledges. As you
    exit this inner section after freeing the guards, the first ledge (with a rail)
    that you'll be on is the same one that the snipers were firing from as you sped
    down the street towards the Blaster Cannon.
    	Down the next lift, circle around and up the next lift you come to - in
    that control room, hit the switch on the wall to open the big blue door below.
    	Be careful in the next room with the two big pillars... two Orange
    Reborn at once (in the higher levels, one Green and one Blue). I got up close
    (this is dangerous) and did a spinning slash that took out both at once. GRIP
    works nicely on them... and while they're GRIPped, you can run up and split them
    in two.
    	Your next step is, obviously, up that lift. Be careful going across the
    bridge... Trip Mines will activate when you're halfway across. Just kill the
    Rodian on the other side with blaster fire, and you can maneuver across the
    bridge without having to play with the Trip Mines (JUMP over two beams at a
    time). Actually, if you hit SPEED before the Trip Mines activate (just before
    you get halfway across the bridge), you can run through the beams without
    getting blown up. On the other side you'll see a large window (you passed - and
    possibly opened - this on your way through that series of rooms)... and on the
    other side of it, City Guards have rounded up several baddies. Score one for the
    Good Guys. At the end of the ledge, drop into the pool of water and through that
    	At the end of this next corridor, before you go through that door, is
    Secret 3.
    	[Secret 3] - at the end of the corridor, get up on the rail and
    carefully drop to the ledge below.
    	In the door, and hey, neat! Actual Stormtroopers you can slice & dice.
    "Stormtroopers. What's the Remnant doing here?" (Well geez, Kyle... Lando told
    you they were here... don't you listen?) Ammo & Armor Regenerators in here.
    Through the door, take the lift up, and kill off more baddies. The door to the
    right is locked, so through the last door to the last Cloud Car platform...
    and your last Reborn (Blue, or Red in higher difficulties) for this level. Kind
    of cute... one time the dumb Reborn fell off the ledge and died before I could
    even slash him. Hack & slash, get the Impy's Key, go back and unlock that door
    and through for the end of the level. If you're quick, you can kill everyone
    (using PULL, etc) before they go through that door and out onto the platform...
    then as you go through the door, slash and PUSH - if you don't kill the Reborn,
    he should be knocked down and you can kill him easily.
    	If you look down, you'll note that this Cloud Car platform is directly
    above the area where you found Secret 2... of course, if you could have JUMPed
    up here from there, you would have negated half the level.
    12) Bespin Platform [1 Secret] {bespin_platform}
    	>>Current Force Powers: PUSH 2, PULL 2, SPEED 2, JUMP 2, MIND TRICK 1,
    		HEAL 1, GRIP 1
    	>>Force Upgrade: LIGHTNING is now available at level 1, Saber Defense is
    			now level 2.
    	>>Objectives: Search for Desann.
    		      Engage hostile forces in the area.
    	You'll be attacked by an Orange Reborn (Green on higher) as you move
    down this hall... be ready. Actually, not that ready... he's pretty easy, and
    PUSH works quite nicely on him. Before you even start down the hall, though -
    just as soon as this level loads - look up in the left corner of the first arch
    in the hall in front of you... you'll see a spot of color up there; that's the
    Reborn waiting to drop down. Through the next door (watch out for the Trip
    Mines), and into a ton of Stormtroopers. In this new hall there are two doors
    on the right, two on the left, and a room straight ahead with a white spire.
    The doors on the left - both lead to the same room - are unlocked, and have
    just a few Impys to kill... the doors on the right are locked.
    	In the white spire room, there's a door to your left, a door straight
    ahead, and a lift on the right. Either door leads to the same hallway... lots
    of Stormtroopers, several Sentry Droids and rapid-fire Turrets on the floor,
    plus a whole bundle of Trip Mines. Have fun... then explore the doors leading
    off this hall. The one at the far end - in red - is locked, but the other two
    aren't... in fact, you might even have Troopers pouring out of them by now.
    Again, both of the doors here lead to the same area... a big set of stairs in
    the middle, a catwalk around the edges of the room, and a door on the upper
    	Kill everyone, go through that upper door... kill the Impy and get his
    Key. Under the stairs are C-3PO and R2-D2 ('use' C-3PO for a bit of movie
    chatter), and also under the stairs is Secret 1.
    	[Secret 1] - duck into that recessed area under the stairs for the only
    Secret Area.
    	That Security Key you acquired doesn't work for those doors in the first
    hall, but it does work on the door at the top of the lift (end of the hall)...
    just watch out for the pair of Trip Mines in the lift shaft. Stormtroopers all
    down this hall, and on higher levels a trio of Sentry Droids as well. You can
    always shoot out the glass ceiling of this hall, but it won't get you anything
    other than showered with glass, and there's no way you can jump up there. Down
    the hall, through the next door and you're immediately attacked by a Blue Reborn
    (Reborn 'Boss' on higher levels... and the numbnuts got caught in the doorway,
    allowing me to kill him with one swipe).
    	Once you've finished off Mr. "The Force betrays you!", look around the
    consoles for the blinking switch (at the far right of the window), and hit it,
    unlocking the docking platform you see below (actually, unlocking the door at
    the end of that one hallway, but that's what leads out to that platform). In an
    interesting note, check your Datapad... both objectives ("Search for Desann" and
    "Engage hostile forces in area") are checked off, even though you haven't seen
    Desann since you first met him on Artus, and you've still got more 'hostile
    forces' to wade through. Odd.
    	Head back down the lift and into that room with the white spire (who
    knows why it's knocked over); the Impy Officer in here will have a Key to unlock
    that first set of doors you passed in this level. In one of the rooms is an
    Armor Regenerator and an Orange Reborn (or Reborn 'Boss'), while the other has
    an Ammo Regenerator.
    	Into that hallway where you destroyed the Sentry Droids (and found
    C-3PO), and the big door down at the end is unlocked. Heal up quick and restore
    your mana, because out on the landing pad you'll fight a Dark Jedi: Tavion.
    	Okay, so she's actually just an apprentice right now, not a full-fledged
    Dark Jedi... she's still quite nasty, laughing at you as she slashes and slices.
    You can't actually kill her, not yet... and you'll have a hard enough time just
    defeating her. She uses Lightning, can change directions in mid-air, and uses a
    level 3 Saber Throw, among other things. Watch out!
    	One cute little note: every once in a while, after an in-game cutscene
    like this, you'll see a message stating "Obtained Lightsaber"... as if you never
    had one before. Weird, but it doesn't affect anything, and you definitely won't
    be defenseless, because you always had your Lightsaber.
    	One of the better ways is to get on top of those crates, and don't come
    down... when she jumps up, use PUSH on her, *then* jump down and start hacking.
    Combinations of PUSH and PULL seem to work, and as always, start SPEED before
    you start slashing. Don't even think of hitting her with LIGHTNING, because
    she'll zap you right back... and she uses level 3 as compared to your pitiful
    level 1. If you want to limit her maneuverability, drop down into the hallways
    under the landing pad (the rectangular pit there).
    	You may not actually be able to affect her with PUSH ("I don't think
    so."), but it does temporarily put her in a defensive posture... if you use all
    your Force mana and PUSH her then immediately hit SPEED and run at her slashing,
    you might get lucky... otherwise stay away from her until your mana rebuilds
    	This fight ends the same way every time (presuming you survive)... you
    cut her head off or otherwise inflict a killing blow.
    	The cutscene with Kyle GRIPping her above the edge needs just a little
    work... there's a visible line from Tavion down to the ground (and I'm using a
    fully charged nVidia GeForce 4). Actually, anytime she appears there's that
    line... a bit of an oddity with the '3D' graphics.
    	End of level... and Jan, no surprise, is still alive. Grab the hauler
    and head for the Lentico Belt...
    	Just an interesting little note - this is the only time you'll run
    across Tavion in the game (other than the cutscenes)... you'll have to spawn her
    at some point if you want to fight and kill her.
    	Darn it.
    13) Cairn Bay [1 Secret] {cairn_bay}
    	>>Current Force Powers: PUSH 2, PULL 2, SPEED 2, JUMP 2, MIND TRICK 1,
    	>>Force Upgrade: Saber Throw upgraded to level 2, 'Fast' Saber combat style
    			now available.
    	>>Objectives: Search for Galak's ship, Doomgiver.
    		     	Find a way out of the hangar bays.
    	The default key for switching between saber styles is your 'L' key.
    'Fast' style (represented by a blue arc on your weapons gauge) is good for
    multiple chained attacks, but actually doesn't do that much damage. Well, it
    does to Remnant and basic Bad Guys... you'll want to switch back to 'Medium'
    mode for Reborn.
    	"Did you happen to get down to the armory?" "Not yet... we're supposed
    to be getting some new blasters from R&D." "Yeah, that'd be nice - this thing
    hasn't been too accurate." (Stormtrooper chatter) Throughout the game - if
    you're careful and eavesdrop - you'll hear the Stormies bitching about their
    rifles... guess that explains why they're such lousy shots. "I transferred here
    from Artus Mines just before the Rebels attacked." "Too bad - you could've seen
    some good action." "I hear we might be next."
    	Kill off the Stormies and Impys, then into the cargo storage area on the
    left (the side with the up ramp just outside). Note that if you could get up on
    the catwalk where the Troopers were firing at you, you can go through the door
    at either end... but each one just leads to a locked door at the top of a short
    curving ramp. Also note the grate in the protrusion above the catwalk - again,
    if you could get up there and slash through you'd be able to get into that
    grated area... but it's a dead end. Remember it, however, as a grate like that
    will show up in another cargo bay that you will need to get into.
    	To your left and right in this docking bay are a couple of rooms, and
    straight ahead on the left is a ramp with a door at the top... that just leads
    to a short curving hall with a locked door at the end. In each of the side rooms
    is a door... go into the left room (where the black R2 unit is), take a right -
    not up the ramp - and through the door to meet up with... Luke!
    	Whatever you do, whichever direction you take, don't open the doors at
    the top of the ramps... they just lead to a docking bay (which you can deal with
    later), and it seems to screw up your encounter with Luke.
    	After disposing of Stormtroopers, at least four Reborn (Blue, Green,
    and Orange) will drop in for a visit... watch out, because Luke *can* be
    killed... but he can also fight quite well. Also be cautious because Luke will
    be doing the same thing that you're trying to do - get at the Reborn. Don't kill
    him accidentally with any of your swings (and vice-versa).
    	Presuming that both of you survive the fight, Luke will give you a
    little info, then he'll leave. (That's all he's there for... just a little
    interactive experience - after all, what Jedi doesn't want to fight alongside
    Luke Skywalker?).
    	"Have you seen the new T-17?" "Yeah, I heard they modified the ion
    engines." "I still prefer the old T-16s." (As you go up the ramps)
    	Go down either ramp into the room on the left (left side is the one with
    the ramp leading up to a locked door), and through that door... up a series of
    upwardly curving corridors into a control room. "Where is the quartermaster?"
    (That Impy sounds like a real asshole) Kill everyone in here (getting a Key from
    the Impy), and in the Crate is a Portable Assault Sentry (activate it with your
    Keypad '5' key). Hit all the switches in here... one of them opens the docking
    bay to space, eliminating several Stormtroopers without a lot of work. The other
    switches activate the lifts in the docking bay that you just aired out. Note
    that you don't *need* to open that bay to space... you do have to activate the
    lifts, but you can leave the Stormies alone if you feel like a fight - be
    warned, though, that if you don't air them out, when you enter that bay you'll
    have two Blaster Cannons shooting at you (and you can't use either one).
    	Head back down the curving ramps, back into the bay where you fought the
    Reborn with Luke, and across to the room on the other side - this is where you
    entered this room. Head back through the doors, and when you get to the ramp(s)
    you ignored earlier, go up them and into the docking bay. "Did you hear what
    happened at Kejim Post?" "No, but I hear it was bad - what'd you hear?" "Guess
    some Jedi came in a started causing some trouble." "Last thing I feel like
    dealing with today is a Jedi." (You're only going to hear *that* bit of
    Stormtrooper chatter if you didn't air out this bay... wait outside the door -
    don't open it yet - with your Lightsaber off for the full conversation)
    	Go up the lift on the right (strangely enough, there's a Stormtrooper at
    the top of the lift that avoided the flying lessons), into the control room, and
    turn sharply left - there's a control panel there that you need to hit. Kill
    everyone, get the Supply Key, and go to that brown control panel... keep using it
    until the lower right symbol is white.
    	(All three positions for this switch will open docking / cargo bays on
    to this central bay... the other two positions are for the bays you've already
    been through - in fact, this bay you're looking out over now is the one from the
    cutscene at the beginning of this level, where the cargo ship first flew
    through... open the doors with the switch in the lower right position, and
    you'll see the bay where you just fought the Reborn; open the doors with the
    switch in the top position and you'll see the cargo ship you arrived in)
    	Head for the other end of the control room and hit the panel there to
    open a small docking bay with a Tydirium Shuttle in it.
    	Exit the door by the second control panel you hit, and you'll see Secret
    1 across the way.
    	[Secret 1] - from the top of the lift, JUMP across to the inside of the
    beam ahead of you, then across to the other beam. Slash through the grate and
    enter for the only Secret Area. You'll have to go back up the lift to hit that
    control panel again, unless you can manage to JUMP back - either way, you'll
    have to hit that control panel to open the docking bay door.
    	As soon as the bay doors start opening, exit the control room and take
    the lift down... the doors won't stay open for long. Don't go through the doors
    in either side bay, but check them for items (there's a Supply Crate in one of
    the side bays). JUMP up on the shuttle, then JUMP up on the catwalk above...
    slash (or blast) the grate overhead and JUMP on in.
    	The only way you can head is right... just inside that doorway is a
    switch which will shut off the forcefield. Drop down into the center area and
    just keep going straight... you'll face off against a Blue Reborn down here -
    back him into the dead end and it'll be an easy fight. I know this is a
    confusing area, but keep going downwards (switching off forcefields along the
    way) and eventually you'll come to a big grate in the floor - shut off the
    forcefield, slash it and jump in.
    	"These blaster rifles are going to be the end of us." "Mine works
    fine." "Once you've fired a Blaster Carbine you won't want to go back."
    "What's the difference?" "It's all in the feel of the kickback... miss your
    first shot with these things and you're lying on the ground with a hole
    blasted in your armor." "Glad we don't have to worry about that - this place
    is so far removed from the core planets there's no way we're gonna run into
    any resistance." "Keep talking like that and you're going to be the first man
    down when something happens."
    	(Again, this is one of those conversations that - if you listen to the
    full thing - gives you an idea as to why the Stormies are such lousy shots... at
    least, that's their excuse)
    	{alternate way} - instead of slashing through that large floor grate,
    continue in the corridors in this area... you'll come to a small, unguarded
    grate in a square hole in the floor; drop down, slash through it and pay a
    visit to the Impy behind the control panel, then out into the room and kill
    everyone else.
    	Now here's cute... in one corner of this room there's a big blue and
    gray container - for whatever reason, this sucker is Force affected... use PULL
    on it, and it'll move across to a spot under the big grate. Perhaps so you can
    JUMP back up through that grate? I don't know why... there's no reason to go
    back up there. Maybe you're supposed to PULL it before you drop down through the
    big grate in the first place...
    	After killing everyone - and getting a Key - check out both rooms on the
    upper level (the ones without locks)... hit the control panel in each to unlock
    half of the big door below; and one of the rooms also has a switch around the
    corner (looks like a forcefield switch) that deactivates the Turrets in the next
    room. Don't bother with the door directly at the top of the ramp... that just
    leads back to one of the docking bays that you've already cleared out - however,
    Stormies will come pouring out once you've hit all the switches, so before you
    hit them, crouch down, aim at the floor, and place a Trip Mine... that'll catch
    several of the Stormtroopers as they come pouring out.
    	In this next room, there's a Crate all the way down at the end
    containing a Seeker Drone if you want it... hop into the only open elevator
    shaft, slash the grate above and enter it. Through the next grate and on to the
    top of the descending elevator... as it rises, look for a small opening a couple
    of floors above the grate you came through (opposite where you entered and just
    to the right), and get into that opening. Yes, you can actually get into that
    elevator as it descends... but that doesn't get you anywhere.
    	Yet another elevator and yet another opening in the wall (on the same
    side as the doors - be careful, because it's a narrow ledge), then JUMP across
    to the other elevator shaft... through this opening, and into the rising
    elevator. This one is open on top... drop down in it to end the level (when it
    stops at the bottom and the door opens).
    14) Cairn Assembly [1 Secret] {cairn_assembly}
    	>>Current Force Powers: PUSH 2, PULL 2, SPEED 2, JUMP 2, HEAL 1,
    	>>Force Upgrade: GRIP and MIND TRICK upgraded to level 2.
    	>>Objectives: Search for Galak's ship, Doomgiver.
    	Don't exit the elevator immediately, but stay in the doorway... plenty
    of enemies approaching, plus a pair of Turrets. Once they're disposed of, MIND
    TRICK the Impy in the control room to get him to open the door (it's best to do
    this from up on the ramp, otherwise the MindTricked Impy will come charging out
    to do battle). Kill him - politely, he did help you - and through the next door.
    "What have you been up to?" "I just got back from Nar Shadda. What a wretched
    place that is." "Wow. Why did you decide to go there?" "Sorry, that's
    classified." (Darn... and I thought we killed everyone on Nar Shadda...)
    	To the left is a door leading to a small lift which just takes you down
    to the room you can see through the windows... don't bother yet, but instead
    head for the lift on the right. In the control room, get the Key and then hit
    the switch... it moves the catwalk away from the Lander (the landing pod), which
    doesn't really seem to do anything.
    	Back down the lift and to the other side; head down the small lift to
    the assembly room. There's a locked Crate at the bottom of the ramp on the left
    (two Small Boosters). There's a lift on the other side of the room, but the door
    at the top is locked for now... and it's unnecessary anyway. JUMP up the
    platforms in the middle to the half-circle platform (this thing is a Lander
    under construction), then JUMP across to the ledge with the grate. Bust through
    the grate, and inside destroy all four of the pipe thingies. This not only
    destroys the welding machine, but the blast tears open the locked blast doors
    (note that if the welding arm just seems to be going around in circles without
    blowing up, move to the edge of the ledge).
    	Back down the under-construction Lander, and through the blasted-open
    door... through the next blast door and have fun hacking & slashing. The door up
    on the right ("We need a repair crew in Assembly 1." "Yes sir.") leads to mondo
    Troopers, a couple of Turrets... and a bit of precognizance.
    	After you've killed everybody, use the viewscreen - there's a Red Reborn
    waiting for you (oddly enough, this is wrong... if you're playing in "Padawan"
    mode, it's a pair of Orange Reborn waiting for you in that room... in the other
    modes it's a Green and a Blue). A silly note... if you hit a C3 type droid with
    LIGHTNING (without blowing it to pieces), it freezes in place instead of dying,
    and you can seemingly walk right through it. Walk up to it and hit 'use', and it
    says "Please don't deactivate me." (At which point you 'deactivate' it with your
    	Down the arched hallway and into the next room... to your left you have
    a ramp leading down and a pair of Turrets, to your right a door - the door just
    leads back to that scaffolding room, so down the ramp. Somewhere along the way
    in this level you'll pick up a Golan Arms FC-1 Flechette Weapon (if you haven't
    already)... basically, an Imperial shotgun. "Everything's electrified! Someone
    get to the power terminals!"
    	You'll really have to watch your step in here... the floor is
    electrified. The crates, however, aren't... have some fun by PUSHing (or
    PULLing) Bad Guys on to the electric floor. Even cuter... as you enter the room,
    there's a Stormie standing on a crate to your left firing Concussion Grenades
    from a Flechette Weapon - time your PUSH just right and you'll throw them right
    back at him.
    	That's a more-or-less completed Lander in the center... get around to
    the other side (from where you entered the room) by JUMPing from crate to crate,
    get inside and take the lift up (there's a pair of Batteries in this bottom
    section around the other side). Crouching out the window just to the right of
    the console is easiest; from there drop to the catwalk below. In the control
    room hit the left switch to shut off the electricity - the right one retracts
    the catwalk.
    	If you jump on top of the Ammo Regenerator, you can JUMP on top of the
    control room to get that Crate you saw earlier... but it only has a single
    Seeker Drone in it, so why bother? Take that lift down to the bay floor, and out
    through the blast door.
    	In the next bay are several Troopers and a Turret on top of the
    crates... through the door and be careful - lots of Trip Mines in here. "TK-664,
    what is your status? TK-664, report!" Check the viewscreens for fun (kind of
    like mapping your destructive progress, huh?), and take the lift down to your
    next Reborn.
    	A pair of Orange Reborn (or one Green, one Blue), who aren't all that
    difficult. Through the blast doors to a nasty room.
    	There's a broken crate on your left which contains a Destructive
    Electro-Magnetic Pulse 2 Gun (DEMP Gun), which only works against Droids and
    mechanicals... and boy will you ever need it in here. As soon as you enter this
    room, two crates in front of you will blow open, revealing tall, nasty, heavily
    armed Attack Droids (3 on higher levels, the third coming from a crate at the
    back of the room)... and after you take care of them, you need to face off
    against a Blue Reborn. Under the walkway on the right is Secret 1.
    	[Secret 1] - slash through the grate and in... Large Shield Boosters and
    a PAS, among other things.
    	Through the door on the walkway and up the lift... at the top are a
    bunch of Troopers and Impys, ("Have you ever fired a blaster at a living being?"
    "Heh heh, all the time... I was the top wamp rat hunter in my unit." "No, I mean
    a sentient being, something that could shoot back." "No, I guess I never have."
    "You must be joking. How long has it been since you graduated?" "Over a year."
    "What have you been doing all this time, looking the other way?" "Never had a
    front line assignment." "The whole galaxy's the front line now. We aren't waging
    a full scale war here; we're hitting the Republic any way we can, so be
    prepared." "Yes sir." "Damn rookies... no wonder we're losing our entire
    Empire.") and a pair of Turrets - use your new DEMP Gun on the Turrets if you
    want. The Crate there at the top of the lift contains another Portable Assault
    Sentry. Kill everything in here, then through the arch and into a control
    room... "Continue with your work. This intrusion will not delay our agenda."
    (yeah, right) Kill, get Keys (you should get 2 Supply Keys), flip switch. "Those
    seem to be some kind of assault ships... and they seem to be packing them for a
    little trip." Back through the arched hall... a Green Reborn (or a Reborn
    	Back down the lift, Checkpoint (on the higher levels, a Red Reborn
    will be waiting for you in this bay), and back to the next room, where you
    fought the pair of Orange Reborn. Hey, guess what... two more Reborn (one
    Orange, one Red). Once they're dead... attack of the AT-ST. Hide somewhere and
    hit it many many times with the DEMP, and PUSH its missiles right back at it.
    Into the next room - with the open Lander - and left through the door. A pair of
    Turrets in here, one on either side as you enter. Don't bother going up the
    stairs unless you need Ammo... you have to go under the stairs to end the level.
    	Get rid of as many Trip Mines as necessary, drop down, then drop down
    the central hole. If you're fast and race on in, you can PUSH a group of
    Stormies into the area under the stairs... which will blow the Trip Mines for
    you (plus it's fun).
    15) Cairn Reactor [1 Secret] {cairn_reactor}
    	>>Current Force Powers: PUSH 2, PULL 2, JUMP 2, MIND TRICK 2, GRIP 2,
    	>>Force Upgrade: SPEED is upgraded to level 3, HEAL to level 2.
    	>>Objectives: Search for Galak's ship, Doomgiver.
    		      Navigate the hazards of the installation's reactor
    	Time to play Speed Racer... you've got to avoid the lasers. The first
    couple are easy enough to get past without resorting to Force powers (on higher
    levels you'll face off against an Orange Reborn in this first set, so be
    careful... but if you can PUSH him into the lasers, so much more fun), but the
    long hallway ahead will require SPEED.
    	Hit SPEED - you'll notice that the laser slows down to a crawl - and
    into the hall, hugging the right wall... at the correct time turn left and dash
    across to the next opening. Down this short corridor (a Green Reborn on higher
    levels), Quicksave, and time to do it again. This time go across the hall, turn
    left, and hug that wall until you get to the next corridor on the right.
    	This next one is a pain... hug the left wall, Quicksave (Red Reborn on
    higher levels), get ready... time it and again be careful. See the crystal
    pillars on your left? Shoot all three with your Bryar (though Saber Throw works
    nicely as well)... it only takes a few shots for each. The center one will blow
    open a hole big enough to duck through (and thankfully, blowing those crystals
    stops the lasers in here).
    	Through this opening and into the dark gray alcove on the other side,
    turn, and dash for that next hall you can see... there's a dead Impy in there
    (you can cry later if you want), and a couple of toys on the floor. There are
    two ways to go from here... either continue through this short hall, or back out
    to the hall you just came from.
    	{the short hall} through this hall and turn left, and dash down to the
    end. Head right, but watch out, because there are two lasers firing at this
    corner. Turn into this new hall, and race down to that machine... hit the switch
    to turn off the lasers.
    	{back out} from this short hall, face back out onto the hall you just
    came from... at the right time, dart out and head to your right, and into the
    next hall. Warning: there will be a Reborn Boss in here on higher levels, but as
    he's expecting you to come the other way, his back will be to you... PUSH and
    slash. At the end, turn right and race down to the end... hit that switch on the
    machine to turn off the lasers.
    	{continuing} You're not finished with the lasers yet... head back to the
    section where you blew a hole in the wall (you'll run into an Orange Reborn on
    higher levels) - in that alcove you took refuge in, JUMP up until you get to
    another corridor. In the next room is a machine with many catwalks, most of them
    with lasers firing... you guessed right, you need to JUMP up the catwalks,
    timing it to avoid the lasers. Since the bottom four catwalks are all at the
    same level, the easiest one to start with is the one above the corridor you just
    came through. Watch the firing pattern, Quicksave before you even start and
    Quicksave after every successful JUMP. (You may be able to stand on the edge of
    the catwalk - the thicker section near the outer wall - while the laser is
    firing... it's a little tricky, but it can be done)
    	There's a retracted catwalk above; obviously the way you need to go. A
    few Troopers through that door, but nothing much. (The Stormtrooper chatter you
    can hear before you go through the door is cute... "Then I blasted the second
    one from behind." "You fought two Jedi at once? I don't believe that." "You
    should've been there - they're not so tough." -- unfortunately, you can't
    question a corpse to find out who the braggart was) Through the next door...
    watch out for a Stormtrooper or two sniping from the lower walk. Get to the
    right side of this slanted grate and walk over to the upper ledge... your best
    bet is to drop on to the double pipes that cross the room, and from there jump
    up to the ledge (the one just above those double pipes, not the top one). Head
    down to the end of this ledge, to the next section, then cross over to the other
    side (the double pipe makes a nice walkway) and to the end of this ledge, jump
    over some pipes and through.
    	Facing into this next section, you'll see a pair of pipes horizontally
    stacked one above the other at your left... drop down on the far side of those,
    kill the Impys, and get across to the ledge on the other side. JUMP up on that
    gray ledge, then up the pipes to the small ledge sticking out above. Through
    this small corridor, drop down on to the double pipes and across to the other
    side... JUMP up into this corridor and around. "Those Reborn give me the
    creeps." "Me too. I hate the blank stare on their faces. I just try to stay away
    from them." "The Rebels don't stand a chance against them." (Stormtrooper
    chatter). Personally, I like edging out into this short corridor, and before
    either Stormtrooper can see me, I use the Saber Throw to take them both out...
    or you can just use PUSH to shove them off the ledge.
    	In this next room you'll come under rapid fire from Troopers... watch
    yourself. Drop down to the floor and across, then up on the ledge at your
    left... work your way down to the end of this area until you can JUMP up on
    pipes which will get you under the holes leading up to the Troopers - play
    Jack-in-the-Box and slash away. Through the door at the back of this room and
    out on to the platform... look down the length of the rotating reactor and
    you'll see someone waiting for you...
    	Whatever you do, don't jump on to the rotating parts... unless, of
    course, you like being fried; SPEED + JUMP past them to land on the gray. Make
    sure you don't get hits by any 'sparks' coming off the ceiling, either... it'll
    end your day real quick. You'll come up to a Green Reborn... after a few slashes
    I was able to Saber Throw and cut his legs out from under him, but to each their
    own... alternately, you can PUSH him off the edge or into one of the rotating
    sections - even a Reborn can fry.
    	Continue SPEED JUMPing down the core to the platform on the other side.
    Watch out for the Turrets at either end. Through the door, and your Datapad is
    updated. All the way at the top of this piping is a Portable Assault Sentry, if
    you feel like JUMPing all the way up to get it. Get your DEMP ready before you
    go through this next door... another of those walking Attack Droids awaits (as
    well as several Troopers). On your left is a Crate, but you need a Key to open
    it... on your right is a lift down. Kill the Impy, get the Key, go back up the
    lift for that Crate... it's just another Portable Assault Sentry, if you don't
    feel like playing with it.
    	Hitting the switch on that platform starts it moving around the room...
    just watch out, because at the other end are Troopers with Flechette and Rocket
    weapons - and this floating platform won't last. Try and kill the Troopers
    before the platform crashes, then use the brackets along the wall to get to
    that far end. (Even if you use PUSH on the Rockets and don't get hit at all,
    this platform will crash) Secret 1 can be found off this next platform.
    	{alternate} If you want to do this a slightly different way, don't hit
    that switch at all... just JUMP from bracket to bracket - the Troopers at the
    far end won't be alerted to your presence until you're slashing them. Secret 1
    can be found off this next platform.
    	[Secret 1] - around the edge of this platform is a small ledge, at the
    end is a grate... slash it and through for this Secret Area. (TDs and a Battery)
    	If you JUMP from bracket to bracket (Quicksaving often), the Troopers
    won't even be on the end platform... go up the lift to pay them a visit. One of
    the toys you can pick up from a rack in here is the Merr-Sonn PLX-2M Portable
    Missile System (otherwise known as a PMS, which just goes to show that even game
    designers have a warped sense of humor)... if you had taken the floating
    platform across, this is what they would have been firing at you.
    	Head around the edges of this upper platform for various toys... when
    you've got those, in the door. Interestingly enough, even though this door has a
    switch at the side to open it, it'll usually open automatically as soon as you
    approach it. Once inside, look up... you'll see Impys on the platforms up above.
    This level you're on is the second level of four - to your right and left are
    square lifts which go down to level 3, while on the opposite side is a
    trapezoidal lift going up to level 1. Take the lift up first.
    	The door up here is locked, and none of these bozos has the Key...
    however, on one of the control panels up here is a switch that activates a lift
    down on level 3. Go back down to level 2, then take either square lift down to
    level 3.
    	On your way down, there's a ledge with 4 Stormtroopers... you can have a
    bit of fun here if you want. Jump off the lift and on to the ledge, and head to
    your left - the Stormie there will have his back to you; use MIND TRICK on him.
    Walk him around the other sides of this area and have him kill off the other
    Stormies... then jump him off the ledge (exiting MIND TRICK just after you jump
    him off). Or, have him commit suicide by facing one of the windows and firing
    straight at it full blast.
    	Drop down on to that 'hump' in the floor - I have no clue where the Key
    to this Supply Crate is - and take the oblong lift down to level 1... this is
    the lift you activated with that switch way up at the top.
    	More Impys down here (one of the Brown ones has a Security Key, so don't
    shove him off the ledge) as well as a Red Reborn (or a Reborn Boss). Nine times
    out of ten this bouncing bozo ends up Jumping over the edge of the walk before I
    can kill him... one other time the bozo Jumped at me, and while he was in mid-
    air I PUSHed him... he ended up landing on the lift which was going back up.
    	All the way back up to level 1, unlock that door and through... across
    the catwalk to the next door, which takes you to the end of the level.
    16) Cairn Docking [1 Secret] {cairn_dock1}
    	>>Current Force Powers: SPEED 3, JUMP 2, MIND TRICK 2, HEAL 2, GRIP 2,
    	>>Force Upgrade: both PUSH and PULL now upgraded to level 3.
    	>>Objectives: Search for Galak's ship, Doomgiver.
    	In the next room - a storage bay - there's a door on your right, a
    locked door straight ahead, and a big blast door on your left, as well as
    various items scattered throughout the room. Go through the blast doors first...
    that room has four bays, each with a ton of weapons, as well as Ammo and Health
    	First door, right: Thermal Detonators (6), weapons rack with Blaster
    	   Ammo and a PAS. Note, however, that sometimes it's: TDs (3), and Trip
    	   Mines (3).
    	Second door, right: Golan FC-1 Flechette Weapons (6), Ammo Regenerator.
    	   Sometimes it's Flechette (3) and Heavy Repeater (3).
    	First door, left: DEMP2 Guns (6), Shield Regenerator.
    	Second door, left: Bacta Tanks (3), PLX-2M Missile Systems (3), weapons
    	   rack with Blaster Ammo and a Seeker Drone.
    	Just remember that these aren't weapons, but systems... you may not need
    a DEMP, but do you need Energy Cells?
    	Back into the storage bay and through the unlocked door (straight across
    the bay).
    	"What kind of technology is this?" In this room, approach the suits on
    either side... "Black armor - not again." (a reference to the original "Dark
    Forces" game). If you feel like it, you can slash the armor to death... but
    you'll notice that it's not easy. This is that Cortosis armor that Luke was
    talking about...
    	In this next room, look out - you'll face off against at least one
    Shadow Trooper wearing that new armor... you'll notice the green gem in the
    center of his chest; that's an Artusian Crystal (remember those?), which gives
    him (it?) access to the Force. The Shadow Trooper(s) will bounce all around the
    room, and they can use some Force powers (Push, Lightning, Grip), so watch
    out... if you can manage to catch one with PUSH while they're jumping down on
    you, you might be able to turn them into pavement puppies. Note, too, that the
    name "Shadow Trooper" isn't just for show... these twerps can actually 'cloak'
    themselves, rendering them almost invisible, though their Lightsabers will
    almost always show - and since Force Seeing isn't part of this game (it's
    available in Multiplayer only), make sure you keep track of the Shadows if you
    don't want to be killed.
    	When a Shadow Trooper dies, you'll get his Force (Artusian) Crystal,
    which will restore your Force mana - you may have to search for it, as it may
    end up on the ground somewhere.
    	If you want to have some fun with the Stormtroopers that appear after,
    use PULL on them (presuming you're still using your Lightsaber)... not only will
    you PULL their weapons away from them, but you'll PULL them directly into your
    blade (or just send them flying far over your head to land with a splat).
    Extremely funny: one time, I jumped down towards the platform that the
    Stormtroopers come out of and did PULL at the same time... the Stormie literally
    ended up flying across the room - to end up on the ledge *above* the door where
    I entered the room (no joke... I've got a screen cap of it). You've got to
    wonder, though... you just took out a Shadow Trooper (or two), and these wimpy
    Stormtroopers think they can do anything with you? How stupid are they?
    	If you get turned around in this room and don't know where you're going,
    don't worry... the door you came through has its switch on the left side, and it
    will turn red (locked) until you kill the Shadow Trooper(s).
    	Through the next door and get the Key from the Impy. Take the Key back
    to the storage bay and unlock that door (on the right as you return to the bay).
    In this next room there's a control panel and a lift... hit the switch on the
    panel and Kyle goes wimpy, a reminder that this is the 'stealth' level of the
    game - for the rest of this level the game can be a pain in the butt because of
    the need for stealth. 'Holster' your Lightsaber (hit your '1' key to turn it
    off) so the noise of it won't betray you. Down the lift, down the ramp, through
    the door and head for that red panel - this is an alarm panel, and if anyone
    hits it, the game is over for you (you'll get a cutscene of Kyle in a cell,
    highly reminiscent of Princess Leia in the original "Star Wars").
    	There are two ways to do the next section of this level... Stealthy and
    Violent; on the higher difficulty levels you might not have any choice but to be
    violent. (Actually, if your Force JUMP was at level 3, you could skip most of
    this level and go straight to the end)
    	I *love* the conversation that the Stormtrooper has with his boss... I
    betcha that whomever it was who wrote most of these Stormtrooper conversations
    is ex-military. "Alpha-Nine-Six reporting in: situation, normal. Yes, I'm there,
    but I don't see anything. Affirmative - visual scan identifies nothing. If you
    want more, send a thermal scan team down here. Uh, no, no, no sir. I'm sorry
    sir. I'll continue to look around. Alpha-Nine-Six, out. Stupid know-it-all
    officers... how 'bout you get into this armor and try to see out of this damn
    helmet? Then I'll sit around in my comfy office and tell you how dumb and
    incompetent you are."
    	As soon as you go through the door, look left... that gray sloped 'wall'
    you see is actually the outside of Galak Fyyar's ship, the ^Doomgiver^ - and
    that sucker is *big*.
    	{Stealth method} Facing the alarm panel, turn left - place a Laser Trip
    Mine on the other side of the door. Facing the alarm panel, there's a 'corridor'
    between crates directly to the left of the alarm panel - set a Laser Trip in
    this corridor. After those are placed, place a Laser Trip to the right of the
    alarm panel (you get to the right of it)... now you can continue. Actually, if
    you do this completely stealthy then you won't really need the Trip Mines...
    but you should consider them as insurance.
    	{still Stealth} Head around to the right side of the room, and you'll
    see a small square opening in the wall... crouch into it and continue through
    this passage. There will be grates occasionally along this passage, but you
    can't use them unless you're absolutely desperate, because someone will see you
    and sound the alarm. At the end of this crouching passage (doesn't anyone on
    spaceships know that intruders use the air vents?), you'll be looking out across
    a decent-sized room... Quicksave at this point. Hugging the right wall, head
    down to that switch, and use it - this summons a lift on the other side of that
    vertical support. Get on it, take it all the way up (it's not far), carefully
    get off the lift and Quicksave again. Across from you is a window, and down and
    to the right of it is a small ledge - JUMP across to that ledge.
    	{Violent method} Set up your Laser Trip Mines as described above, then
    whip out your Lightsaber and prepare to party. Head around to the right...
    you'll see a small square opening in the wall, which you'd use if you were going
    to be stealthy. As soon as someone spots you (or if you slice & dice), race back
    to the alarm panel and defend it against all comers. This would also be a nice
    place to try out your PAS (Portable Assault Sentry)... since this alarm panel is
    the only one you need to worry about (in this particular area), it doesn't
    matter how much noise you make or how much damage you do. Once everyone's dead
    (you'll get a Supply Key from the Impy Officer), jump up on the crates...
    there's a Trooper on the walkway above with a PMS - take him out (PUSH those
    grenades right back at him if you can). To the left of the door as you entered
    this room - over toward the streetlight - is a Crate that the Key will unlock;
    it contains a Bacta Tank.
    	{still Violent} Head across the conveyor belt (forcefield openings at
    either end), and JUMP over the obstruction ahead, just to the left of those
    loops. Turn right, and that small square opening you see is where you need to go
    next. Note the lift at your left for reference, and the green towers beyond it
    (the reactor core). JUMP across to that ledge and opening.
    	{Violent #2} Alternately, on the other side of the conveyor belt (on
    the right side) is a square dark gray structure - that's a lift housing... JUMP
    up on top of it, then JUMP over to that brownish structure. You'll notice a
    small opening you can crouch through with a grate in it - slash through this
    grate and drop down... you'll land on a catwalk, and if you kill the Impy here
    quickly you won't have any worries; the only alarm panel in this room is at the
    other end of this catwalk. Drop down to the floor below and polish off any other
    troublemakers, then JUMP up to that control panel.
    	{all} Crouch into the small square opening in the wall and head for the
    control panel ahead - note that there's an Impy in this area; on the control
    panel platform, quickly turn and face across the pipes... use PULL on the Impy
    before he can hit the alarm panel at the other end of the catwalk. Note that
    unless you get up on that low platform the control panel is on, you won't have
    enough height to shoot or aim properly across the pipes. Also note that after
    the Impy officer is dead, you could drop down into the lower area without a
    problem... the only alarm panel in this room is the one at the end of the
    catwalk where the Impy was. Down below there's a Regenerator and Ammo. On the
    higher levels, there will be Impys in the room down below... but there's no
    alarm panel down there, so if you kill the officer up on the catwalk there's no
    	Quicksave before hitting that control panel - it shuts down the reactor
    core... but only temporarily. As soon as you hit the switch you're going to have
    to move fast... crouch back out through the small square opening (to the left of
    the control panel as you face it), turn right and JUMP across just to the left
    of that lift. Hit SPEED and head for the left side of the green towers (the
    reactor core) - drop down into there, turn right, run down the end, turn left,
    and up the stairs. Kill the Impys here (no alarm panels to worry about, but kill
    them quickly anyway), and one of them has a Key - there's a Crate around the
    corner with a Small Shield Booster in it.
    	Note that on "Padawan" difficulty there's only two Impys here (one
    Brown, one Black), and neither of them will have a Key. On "Jedi" or higher,
    there will be three Impys (one Brown, two Black), and one of the Black ones will
    have a Supply Key.
    	Next up is this double wall... you can just bypass it and take on the
    Stormies coming up the lift shaft, or you can use it to sneak up on them - go
    down between the walls, and at the end is a narrow opening you can slip through;
    you'll be hidden by crates. ("You ever seen a nastassia lunvari?" "No, what the
    stang is that?" "It's an ancient Sith weapon, sort of a long axe with points on
    either end. Very nasty in the right person's hands." "When did you see that?"
    "Certain officers have quite large antique collections. I saw a demonstration
    once." "On What?" "They used a thirnbee they had taken from the Almanian Wilds."
    "Sounds dangerous." "It wasn't once they got done chopping it up." "You hang
    out with the wrong crowd." "That's the last time I spent my off duty with those
    	There is a security alarm in this room over against one wall, but an R2
    is working on it, so don't worry. On top of a crate near the big lift is a
    Key... grab this, and on top of a crate to the left of the alarm panel is a
    Portable Assault Sentry or two you can grab.
    	Head for the corner of the room and use the Key you just got to unlock
    this door... in and up the lift. If you want, hit the control panel in here to
    drop that big lift in the floor back down and close it (preventing any other
    interferences from that direction, not that there will be any), then down the
    stairs and into the next control room... again, hit the switch up in here to
    drop that next lift only if you feel like it. There's no alarm panel in that
    next room; if you feel like killing the Stormies instead of avoiding them, do
    	Out the door, down the lift, and across the big lift (open or closed) to
    the unlocked door you can see - in this next room, hug the walls to avoid the
    sparking pipes, and watch out for any sparks they might throw off. Quicksave
    before going through the next door.
    	In this next room, the sunken section of the floor is electrified...
    obviously you can't get across it. On a silly note, stop and scrunch up to the
    left as soon as you go through the door (out of eyesight of the Troopers) and
    just listen to their chatter... somebody has a sense of humor: "What's the
    biggest ship you've ever ridden on?" "Privately or on a mission?" "Either."
    "Well last mission we took a small unit on a troop transport - that thing's
    pretty big." "Nah, those junkers are tiny. Ever been on a Nebulon-D escort
    frigate? Or how about an assault frigate. What are you, a commando?" "No, I've
    just been part of small operations." "Well I've been on a Star Destroyer several
    times - even engaged a Mon Calamari star cruiser once." "What happened?" "Well,
    not much. We were already heavily damaged, so we basically turned and ran once
    we got a full scan." "What'd you do?" "I just sat in my bunker and hoped we
    wouldn't get blown out of the sky." "Well that isn't much of a story." "It's
    better than your Corellian corvette tale." "I wasn't telling a story. You asked,
    	Of course, you won't hear this story if you're playing in "Padawan"
    mode... there needs to be more than one Stormtrooper on the other side in order
    for you to hear the story (see? There are good reasons for playing the more
    difficult modes...)
    	Naturally, there's an alarm panel over on the side where the Troopers
    are... so unless you're a totally excellent shot and can kill all of them
    immediately (such as with a few Missiles), here's what you need to do:
    	Shut off your Lightsaber, SPEED down to the other end of this side and
    JUMP up the pipes. Don't cross over the top yet... wait for your Force mana to
    rebuild. SPEED across the top of this piece of equipment, drop down the other
    side and take out the Remnant members before they can hit that alarm panel (the
    Impy officer especially). The Crate at the end contains a Bacta Tank. If you
    can, try and PUSH one of the Impys or Troopers into the electrical field... it's
    fun to watch them fry.
    	This next room looks familiar... but it's not the same one you just came
    through (obviously). Through the door, turn right, and up ahead you can see
    Secret 1.
    	[Secret 1] - JUMP up and slash through the grate... in for this Secret
    	Whatever you do, don't go through the next doors... there's no way to
    get to the Impys before they hit the alarm. Instead, JUMP up on the streetlight
    just inside the door (in the Secret 1 room), from there to the ledge, jump the
    gap and crouch through the opening. There's a Gronk Droid in here, but ignore
    it (actually, if you want to you can PUSH it off the ledge before you duck
    through the opening... it'll land on the top bracket of the glass panel below).
    Keep crouching, and head left to hit that control panel, shutting off the
    lights... SPEED, drop off the left side of the ledge (you can see the glowing
    glass panel below; SPEED around the left side of that) and run to the other
    end - through both doors, and kill the two Impys in here before they can hit
    the alarms. On "Jedi" or higher you'll have to fight a Blue Reborn (or a Blue
    and a Reborn Boss) after that, but at least they don't hit the alarms...
    	At the door at the end - JUMP over the crates if you want - go through
    and up the lift. This next area should look intimately familiar... you just
    spent most of the level crossing the lower part. If you feel like it, you can
    move around all over the area, checking out this and that - there isn't actually
    anything to find, but the whole area looks neat from up here, and you can check
    out any ledges you didn't get to earlier. And guess what... you don't have to
    worry about alarms any more - there is literally no one left who can sound an
    alarm... every single person in this level (and that includes the Droids) has
    disappeared, even in those spots where you didn't kill them.
    	See that conveyor belt and the forcefield way down below you? Not the
    upper one, but the one below that... that's where you started sneaking around
    this whole level. I actually dropped down to there - you won't take much damage
    if you're careful - and went through the entire level again... this time I
    didn't bother with the lights in that one room, just walked boldly in. No one at
    all. It's really weird... of course, that's true for any level you go through.
    	Follow that first catwalk to the center section with the windows...
    that's the bridge of the ^Doomgiver^, Desann's ship. Around to the other side
    and Quicksave before going in the only unlocked door in the area.
    	Cutscene with Luke fighting Desann... it's different every time, which
    is why you Quicksaved - you might want to watch it again and again just for fun.
    (Matthew Rorie's wonderful FAQ notes that in one fight he watched, Desann cut
    off Luke's hand... and Luke continued to fight him with the stump) Heck, once I
    watched a fight where Luke did this upwards slash from ground level... if it had
    been a real fight, Desann would've been speaking in a higher voice, to say the
    	Despite this being the 'stealth' level, you can actually run through and
    kill everyone, except for those Impys in the 'lights out' room...
    17) Doomgiver Communications [3 Secrets] {doom_comm}
    	>>Current Force Powers: PUSH 3, PULL 3, SPEED 3, HEAL 2, GRIP 2
    	>>Force Upgrade: JUMP and MIND TRICK upgraded to level 3, LIGHTNING
    			upgraded to level 2, Saber Defense upgraded to level 3,
    			and the 'Strong' style of Lightsaber is now available
    			(represented by a red arc on your weapons gauge).
    	>>Objectives: Search for Jan.
    		      Find Doomgiver's communications array.
    		      Contact Rogue Squadron using the communications array.
    		      Set Doomgiver's sensor array to Rogue Squadron's
    			communications frequency.
    	LIGHTNING at this level (and higher) works nicely on Turrets and
    mechanicals... and it's an absolute riot to go running through a crowd of
    Stormies while spraying LIGHNING.
    	Through the doorway (and the Stormtroopers), down the ramp and down the
    lift. Watch out for the ceiling Turrets on this next deck. Hit the switch in the
    sunken area to open the blast door behind you... more Troopers to play with.
    Three doors... the one on the right needs a Key (just a few items in it), the
    one on the left is open (again, just a few items), and the one straight ahead
    contains a lift and a Green Reborn. Clear out the room then take on the Reborn
    and watch him die.
    	Down the lift, kill the Impy and get his Key, then down the short ramp.
    The door straight ahead is locked, the door on the left is unlocked, and the
    door on the right leads to Secret 1.
    	[Secret 1] - blast the grate and JUMP up through... a couple of
    Interrogation Droids up here, as well as several items to pick up. Back down
    through the hole.
    	In through the other open door in this area... just as with Secret 1,
    blast the grate on the ceiling and JUMP up through - Interrogation Droids in
    here, but you can take them out easily with a Saber Throw as their only weapon
    is that syringe. The passage up here forks immediately... head down the left one
    for more Interrogation Droids and a few items (and a locked Crate), then down
    the right fork - blast the grate and drop through. If you're careful (and
    lucky), a full power Saber Throw will take out both the grate and the Impy
    below... if not, just drop through and slash.
    	Kill the Impy and get his Key (which opens that locked Crate in the
    ceiling area), then go open the door. Now you get to play around with an R5...
    hit the red/brown control panel, drive R5 out the door (as an interesting note,
    it's a different R5 every time you do this), past the doors on either side and
    up the ramp to the lift where you first entered this room. To your left and
    right are small force-shielded doorways, but the R5 can pass right through
    those. Facing the lift, just to your left (behind where the Impy was) is a small
    door with a droid lock... use that to reveal a PAS.
    	It doesn't really matter which forcefield you go through, as either one
    will accomplish your purpose... but the best way is to do both. Still facing the
    lift, go through the forcefield on your right... down the ramp, and to your
    right is the door you need to open, but not yet - instead go around to the other
    side of the room and a large open door (a lift shaft)... to the right of that is
    another small droid door with yet another PAS. Once you've opened that, go
    around to the big locked door... use the droid lock on the left side of the
    door, and scoot out through the now-unlocked door before you get blown away.
    	Back out into the main area, and head through the forcefield to the left
    of the lift (facing it)... down the ramp and to the left for the locked door in
    here. Unlock it and scoot out quick, though you might not make it - that
    squealer C3 droid spoils your plans.
    	Leave the R5 (just hit 'jump'), and from droid control you can go in
    through either of the now open doors... I'd suggest doing both and killing
    everybody (especially that C3 droid!). Take either big lift down. The yellow
    doors in here (one is at the bottom of the stairs) lead to the TramCar system,
    but they're locked right now, so head out through the unlocked door.
    	All sorts of mechanicals in this next room... Attack Droids, Turrets,
    little mobile shooters... for fun you can PUSH the Attack Droids into the pit.
    After everything's dead, you can go through the other door in here (at the foot
    of the stairs), but there's nothing in there... it's a mirror of the TramCar
    room you've already explored.
    	Jump across to that piped area in the center of the pit; around the left
    side is Secret 2.
    	[Secret 2] - around the corner is a small opening you can crouch
    through... don't waste your Light Amp Goggles in here.
    	Inside the piped area is a window in the floor... go down through. Down
    that corridor are a bunch of Interrogation Droids and at the end is a lift -
    use it, of course.
    	At the top are a few Impys (I love how their head comes off when using a
    Saber Throw) and not much else... in the next room a few R5s are wandering
    around. This is TramControl... hit all four of the switches on the panel (you
    really only need to hit one, but since you're here...), then out the door -
    this room should look familiar. Through either door, and now the yellow doors
    are open... these are the TramCars. One of the panels isn't lit; hit that one.
    (Yes, you can ride the TramCar back and forth along this stretch)
    	Kill everyone (including the floor Turrets), get the Key and unlock the
    door... more Troopers and Turrets through here. Down in the pit if you hit the
    switch... "It's offline". Out either door, down the stairs... the switches in
    the booths here (the Main Communications Array) are the same story, offline.
    Down the stairs and take the lift down (between the red and green booths).
    	This can be a confusing area, but it's not really that hard... check
    your Datapad for the three symbols you'll need to input, and their
    corresponding colors (Red down arrow, Green tri-bar, Blue triangle). Basically,
    just go through each structure on each floor, and when you find the one
    corresponding to the color and symbol indicated by your Datapad, hit it... but
    *don't* hit any of the others - if you do, you'll have to go back and hit the
    correct one again. You'll need to JUMP from catwalk to catwalk (you can also
    JUMP to the gray cubes with the purple beam thingie in the middle, and from
    there to a catwalk) to check all the rooms on each level, and then make your
    way down to the next level, etc. until you've hit the bottom (Red is this top
    level, Green the next one down, and Blue at the bottom).
    	Red Level    		Green Level    		Blue Level
    	[ ] [ ] [ ]     	[ ] [ ]-[ ]      	[ ] [x] [ ]
                 |   |               |       |               |       |
            [ ] [i] [ ]     	[ ]-[ ] [i]      	[ ] [ ] [i]
             |       |               |                           |
            [x] [ ]-[ ]     	[ ] [ ] [x]      	[ ]-[ ]-[ ]
    	(the above graphic was borrowed from a file found at gamefaqs, then
    extensively modified)
    	The graphic should be obvious... the 'x' represents the cube in which
    the switch needs to be hit on each level, 's' is the Secret Area, and 'i' is
    where an Impy can sometimes be found. The lines between cubes, obviously, are
    the few catwalks in this area, and the '^' is the lift you just arrived on.
    	While you're bouncing around the blue level, look around for a small
    platform partially hidden behind and below one of the cubes... that's the last
    Secret Area of this level. From the door, it's all the way on the other side of
    the room, behind and under the Blue cube in the center.
    	[Secret 3] - get to it any way you can, though there isn't much here.
    (Bacta Tank, Small Shield Booster, Seeker Drone)
    	Once you've got all three codes entered at the proper spots, head back
    up to the Main Communications Array and hit those three switches which were
    offline before (those three booths). You'll notice that instead of flickering
    through the various symbols, each booth now has the correct one showing. Now
    head back into the other room up here (the doors behind the Red or Green booths)
    and hit that now-unlocked control panel to communicate with Rogue Squadron
    (it'll show an Imperial symbol). This chat gives you a clue as to how the next
    level is going to go...
    	Head to that now-unlocked door in the Main Communications Array (behind
    the Blue booth), through and to the left to end the level.
    18) Doomgiver Detention [3 Secrets] {doom_detention}
    	>>Current Force Powers: PSUH 3, PULL 3, SPEED 3, JUMP 3, MIND TRICK 3,
    	>>Force Upgrade: HEAL has been upgraded to level 3.
    	>>Objectives: Search for Jan.
    		      Locate Doomgiver's shield array.
    	"I hear the new Shadow Troopers have performed better than expected.
    That doesn't bode well for us." "Yeah, we'll probably be replaced in no time."
    "Give us that armor and we'd do just as well."
    	Down this hall, and around the corner - try to take out the troops here
    before they go through the door (not necessary, just if you want to have a
    little Jedi fun in the next room). Just inside this door is a locked Crate on
    your right; all it contains is a PAS. In the next room is a squad at attention
    listening to an officer... MIND TRICK a couple for a little fun; or just go in
    swinging. You'll know that they're under the influence when you point at them
    and your crosshairs go green (and by the blue sparklies around their head). If
    you look out the big window you can see TIE fighters going back and forth... an
    extra to this level is the chance to blow them away.
    	Okay, so the door up on the catwalk is locked right now, unless you got
    the Key from the dead Impy. Note, however, that through this door is nothing
    really involving the game... there's an Impy (with a Key to that locked Crate)
    and a Shadow Trooper - kill them, and you can use the red control panel to play
    Space Invaders (I don't do very well at it, for whatever reason). No matter
    what difficulty you're doing, there will only be 4 TIE Fighters to kill... and
    one that will crash into the gun bay once the others are dead.
    	Through the red-rimmed doorway, watching out for the ceiling Turret...
    but Saber Defense is so high now that you can bounce the shots right back at it
    to disable it. Into the hanger where you can hear a bunch of Troopers screaming
    your new name: "Don't let him get away!" (thank you Terry Pratchett).
    	Through the next door, and in the door on the left - inside hit the
    switches on the control panel... the right (red) one starts up the lifts, and
    the left (blue) one opens the bay doors - watch the Troopers get sucked out into
    space. Make sure you close the bay doors after... you need to go in there
    yourself. Into the other side room and do the same thing, activate the lifts.
    	The other door in this area leads to a lift that goes to the upper level
    of the hanger, but there's nothing up there... and I do mean nothing. Browse
    around if you're interested in seeing what a catwalk and the top of a TIE
    Fighter look like, but that's it. Back to the hanger you crossed through... head
    to the big lift in the center and pick up a Secret Area, among other things.
    	[Secret 1] - as the lift goes down, look for an opening at the bottom of
    the lift shaft... crouch into it for Bacta and not much else.
    	In this hallway are a pair of Attack Droids - be careful. In the hanger
    up ahead, look out for at least 6 ceiling Turrets on the underside of the TIE
    platform, as well as a few wimpy Stormtroopers. If you're careful, you can edge
    down the hall and before you go out into the hanger, take out those Turrets with
    your DEMP... then race across the hanger and up the lift.
    	All the way around (those two red-rimmed doorways contain some Ammo),
    and in the little control booth hit the switch... this opens a new hallway
    giving access to another large lift, allowing you to bypass the locked door you
    hit before. Of course, there's an Attack Droid in this new hallway...
    	Actually, that switch cycles through the three doors leading out of this
    area... hit all three hallways only if you feel like destroying Attack Droids.
    	Ride the lift up, and as before duck into the control room to activate
    the lift for this new hanger, and to blow Troopers out into space. You can go
    down this next lift if you feel like playing with a couple more Attack Droids,
    or just cross to the next door. Through this next room (hack & slash), and into
    the next... the door's locked, so JUMP up on the pipes on the right and through
    the grate.
    	"I knew we shouldn't have been working with Reelo." "The Empire's always
    dealt with mercenaries, when needed." "I still say it was a mistake - his
    blundering cost us." Crouch through where the grate was, but before jumping down
    to certain slaughter (theirs, not yours), get Secret 2.
    	[Secret 2] - as soon as you get through the grate, JUMP straight up
    through the square hole for this Secret Area.
    	Toss a TD far in front of you to blow out the ceiling, getting the
    attention of everyone in the room... kill everyone, get the Keys, get the Crate
    if you want (a Seeker Drone), then through the locked door. Down the lift,
    through the next door and kill the Impy, then through the door on either side...
    either one leads to a Shadow Trooper, and eventually to a large hanger (usually
    I kill the Shadow Trooper on one side, go through the next door and kill the
    Stormies, then go back to the control room and through to the other side to kill
    the Shadow Trooper and Stormies in there).
    	In the large hanger (with the Tydirium Shuttle) you'll find many
    Troopers, and two Reborn Bosses... MIND TRICK a few of the Troopers if you feel
    like it and take on the bouncing bunnies.
    	At the top of either set of stairs is a door... only the one on the left
    is open / unlocked. Go through that, kill anyone inside, then MIND TRICK the
    Impy in the control room ahead. "I don't suppose he'll open the doors for me if
    I... just ask nicely." Through the doors (you don't have to Speed through;
    they'll stay open until you rescue Jan)... straight ahead is a control panel and
    four doors - the one on the near right is the next Secret Area.
    	[Secret 3] - into the cell, and on the right rear wall you'll see a
    crack running up from the floor... slash it to open this Secret Area.
    	The only closed door is the cell occupied by... Jan!
    	Go back out the way you came (killing the Impy officer on the way as a
    'thank you'), and on the doors you'll have to trade back and forth... while Jan
    holds the first switch, you run up and hold the second one - just hold down your
    'use' key when you hit the switch... you can still move if you're holding the
    switch, but you just need to be able to turn enough to watch Jan go through the
    doorway to the next switch - when she gets to the next one, you can run through,
    past her, and to the next switch in line, leapfrogging your way to freedom.
    	Back in the hanger, run to the locked door on the other side to end the
    19) Doomgiver Shields [1 Secret] {doom_shields}
    	>>Current Force Powers: PUSH 3, PULL 3, SPEED 3, JUMP 3, MIND TRICK 3,
    	>>Force Upgrade: GRIP is upgraded to level 3.
    	>>Objectives: Locate and disable Doomgiver's shield array.
    	This new GRIP level means that when you're GRIPping someone, you can
    move them around, bang them into walls, toss them around... like a cat playing
    with a mouse. Fast movements of the mouse while continuing to GRIP them do the
    most damage - slam them into ceilings or walls to punch their ticket. Of course,
    you can still do a Vader and just choke them to death... the sound of cartilage
    crunching can be particularly gruesome.
    	Some of the most fun you can have with GRIP is to grab someone, toss
    them high into the air by jerking the mouse back (or forward, however you have
    it set) and releasing them at the top of the arc (stop GRIPping them)... on
    their way down you can either PUSH them, or just get out of the way and watch
    them go splat. If they actually survive the fall... do it again.
    	Also, if you're in a big area - such as outside - GRIP them, jerk the
    mouse upwards and to either side as fast as possible, and just before the top of
    the arc, let go... they'll continue flying through the air to land far behind
    you like a roadkill pizza.
    	And one final note on GRIP... at level 3, if you GRIP someone just at
    the edge of your range, sometimes they go flying as if you had PULLed them -
    it's an instant kill. Note, however, that sometimes you'll end up flying as well
    when you do this.
    	I have no idea if this level is timed or not... at the end you're going
    to have to move quickly (not that you can), but I've never run into a time
    limit. It doesn't mean one isn't there, just that I haven't run into one.
    	Actually, I'm going to presume that there isn't a time limit... or if
    there is one, it's very long - LucasArts probably received enough bitching about
    the timed levels in the last two games... especially in "Mysteries of the Sith".
    	Through the door and into a big cylindrical room... put your new GRIP
    levels to some fun use by GRIPping Stormies and dropping them over the edge,
    slamming them into other Troopers, etc.
    	There are four doors along the periphery of the room (plus the one you
    just came through)... all four of them lead to a long curved hall with locked
    doors on the outer side, four or five Attack Droids and a ceiling Turret at the
    far end. The second door (marked by a yellow stripe on the edge of the ledge)
    has another door just inside, leading to a small control room with a locked
    door. All the way down at the end of the hall is another set of stairs - up
    those and into a control room. Kill everyone in here, get the Key from the Impy,
    and hit the switch on the panel to extend a pipe in the cylindrical room.
    	Back out to the cylinder room... the pipe that extended is marked by the
    yellow ledge (thankfully), so cross it and up through that door. JUMP up on the
    platform, kill the Impy and get his Key, then down and back across the pipe.
    	Troopers come rushing out of that door, so kill them (one way to have
    fun is just before you get back to the yellow ledge, JUMP up and hit PULL...
    most of the Stormies will be pulled into the void) and straight in through the
    door - go in the door on the right, through the locked door, and hit the switch
    in here. Note the shaft covers lifting in that central cylinder area... you've
    got to go back in there.
    	Back out, across the pipe, up through the door and drop down into the
    upper left shaft (as seen from the door)... the others are just dead ends.
    Follow the tubes all the way around until you end up under another shaft cover;
    as you can see from your crosshairs, it's Force-affected, so PUSH it and JUMP up
    and out. In the next area there's a locked door, an unlocked door, and a Shadow
    Trooper. Do your killing bit, in through the open door and up the lift in the
    next room. In this room (before the lift) there are Sentry Droids behind those
    forcefields... you can actually crouch in front of the forcefield and just hold
    your Lightsaber out (don't swing it), and the Droids will be destroyed -
    unfortunately, they still show up later.
    	Kill the Impys, get the Key, and out the next door. Down below you is
    the corridor where you killed the Shadow Trooper. Straight across the catwalk
    is a small room with a pair of Small Shield Boosters and not much else... from
    the catwalk, JUMP straight up to the next catwalk - but watch out for the Trip
    Mines up there. In the door, smash the window, and drop down... to be attacked
    by two Orange Reborn - these two are wimps compared to anything else you faced,
    so there shouldn't be much of a problem... I even PUSHed one out into the hall
    where he was killed by Turret fire.
    	Out in the corridor is a pair of ceiling Turrets, but if you take them
    one at a time you can deflect 99% of their shots right back at them to destroy
    them. At the end of this short hall is an Armor Regenerator, then head up the
    	When you exit the lift and take a turn around the hallway, you'll be
    attacked by two Attack Droids. After they're toast, go through the unlocked door
    and you're in the generator room you need to trash. (the locked door in this
    room leads back out over the catwalks... if it had been unlocked, you wouldn't
    have needed to dive through that window)
    	"This is it... the shield generator. Hang in there Rogues, things are
    about to get easier."
    	There are four blue glowing tubes around the room, and above each of
    them is a red 'Y' shaped object... use any weapon to destroy the red 'Y'
    circuits (they only take one shot each), then use your Saber Throw on the blue
    power shunts. Quicksave before destroying the blue shunts, because as soon as
    you trash the last one, trouble appears... Admiral Galak Fyyar, in a battle
    	He isn't exactly heavily armed - only a Heavy Repeater and some kind of
    laser - but his suit has shielding which can severely damage you if you touch
    it. Your best bet is to use the secondary fire of your own Heavy Repeater to
    drop his shields momentarily, then as soon as they're down SPEED around behind
    him and destroy the red 'Y' junction on his suit (or just shoot it out). From
    there you'll have no problem carving him up like a Christmas goose... well,
    watch out for his backswing, but essentially he's defenseless.
    	You can also use your Lightsaber to drain his shields, but it takes a
    while, and if you yourself touch his shields you'll get nailed.
    	Once he's dead, Rogue Squadron begins their attacks... so don't linger.
    This shield generator room contains the level's only Secret Area, high up on one
    wall above one of the girders (the one on the opposite side of the room from the
    door) - and gravity is gone, so you might have trouble getting to it. Kyle
    doesn't 'swim' well, but using your 'forward' and 'jump' keys should get you up
    there... 'crouch' also works.
    	[Secret 1] - only a couple of items... don't linger.
    	(Yes, the Secret Area exists before the gravity goes off... but there's
    no way to get to it until then - unless you cheat)
    	Back down on the floor head out of here the same way you got in, and
    make your way back to that cylindrical room - the door that was locked before
    is now open (in the hall where you killed the Shadow Trooper), so you don't need
    to go through the shaft or tunnels again.
    	There's plenty of sparks and electricity along the way, and Kyle isn't
    easy to control when floating... you'll need SPEED at a couple of points to get
    past sparks. You'll also run into several Sentry and Probe Droids along the way,
    but don't stop to play with them if you don't want to. Just keep dropping down
    ledges and through doors until you're back in that curved hall where all the
    Attack Droids were (there are items - including Crates - in those rooms that are
    now open along this hall... but don't bother unless you're in desperate need of
    healing) - keep going until you get to the wreckage blocking the hall, then left
    and out that door back into the cylinder room.
    	Again, head for the door at the yellow ledge... through that and just
    keep going straight; gravity should reassert itself at the bottom of the stairs.
    Straight into the now-open door in front of you to end the level.
    20) Yavin Swamp [2 Secrets] {yavin_swamp}
    	>>Current Force Powers: PUSH 3, PULL 3, SPEED 3, JUMP 3, MIND TRICK 3,
    		HEAL 3, GRIP 3
    	>>Force Upgrade: LIGHTNING upgraded to level 3.
    	>>Objectives: Make your way to the Jedi Academy.
    		      Engage Remnant troops in the area.
    	For those of you using an ATI video board (especially anything from the
    Radeon or Rage 128 series): this level - because of the rain and all of the
    foliage - will cause a few problems for you... it's suggested that at the
    beginning of this level, go into your setup and downgrade some of your Video
    settings. Otherwise, you may end up with slow and choppy graphics, which can be
    a pain when going up against Shadow Troopers. Even worse, the game may lock up
    on you, and you'll need to shut it down (see below), losing everything since
    your last save.
    	The best way is to go into your Setup and set the overall Video Quality
    to 'Fastest'... nothing will look anywhere as good, but at least you won't get
    tossed out of the game.
    	If you find that you're having trouble with an nVidia board, go into the
    Video settings and set the Shadows and Textures to 'Simple' and 'Bilinear'.
    	A few notes on the swamps: your Lightsaber will not work underwater, and
    will shut itself off automatically... you'll need to reactivate it when you
    surface (don't stay under too long... Kyle does need to breathe). Also, PUSH and
    PULL don't work on underwater enemies, but GRIP works just fine, so drag them up
    into the light. LIGHTNING doesn't really work on in-water enemies either.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    	Also, because the Lightsaber isn't supposed to work underwater, there
    are times when it can cause a bit of game instability - the game might hesitate,
    slow, or even lock up completely. Usually this happens when you're standing on
    dry ground (dirt, a rock, whatever), and you try to Saber Throw at an enemy in
    the water... any sounds (which includes music) will get 'stuck', looping on
    itself, and the graphics will seem to lock up. Sometimes this corrects itself,
    and the game continues playing normally. Other times, you may end up with the
    Windows hourglass cursor - if that happens, the only thing you can do is shut
    down the game and restart it.
    	How to: hit and hold your Ctrl, Alt and Del keys all at the same time,
    then release... this brings up Windows' Task Manager. In that list, look for
    something that says "Jedi Outcast" or "JediOutcast.exe" or "jk2sp.exe" (single
    player... multiplayer is "jk2mp.exe") - click on that (just once, to highlight
    it), and click on the button that says "End Task" (it will say "End Process" in
    Windows XP). You'll get a message mentioning instabilities, etc... just click on
    the "OK" button (if there is one), then close the Task Manager window (upper
    right hand corner, just like any other Windows program). From there you can go
    on to restart the game, though if you have an older/slower computer, you will
    want to reboot the machine first. The game won't be damaged, but you will have
    lost everything since your last save.
    	Your best bet is to try not to use Saber Throw at all in this level.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    	This area can be a little confusing, depending on how good your graphics
    are... I'll try to list everything.
    	From where you start next to a slanting tree (yes, you can climb it
    partially), you can play with the various Swamp Troopers that pop up. "Swamp
    Troopers... I should've figured." Go straight ahead to the big rock in the
    water, then the small dirt hill sticking up with the tree on the left, a couple
    more rocks, then a larger dirt hill with another tree on the left. Ahead is a
    small patch of water, with a large flat rock on the left side - get up on that
    	You'll see a large tree sticking up out of this jumble of rocks; bounce
    from rock to rock more or less ahead and to the left. There's a gap in the
    rocks, and your first Shadow Trooper (three on higher levels) in this area. Note
    that they have the same problem with their Lightsabers that you do... PUSH them
    into deep water, and their Lightsaber automatically shuts off - and as the
    Lightsaber is at least half their protection from the Force...
    	Past the forked tree, and there will be a huge rock up ahead on your
    left; get up on it for your best view... almost dead straight ahead is a small
    tree sticking up out of the middle of the water. Where you need to go is
    actually just around to your right... if you're not worried about picking up a
    couple of items, then just jump into the water and follow the cliff face around
    to the right (keep going under that stone bridge high in the air) and skip the
    next paragraph.
    	{to get those few items} From that large rock, head straight, past that
    tree sticking out of the middle of the water to the small dirt hill on the other
    side. Walk up to the tree here (on the dirt hill), and turn right... head down
    where the dirt almost disappears, JUMP up in that v-shaped gap you see above,
    and at the bottom are a few items (Bacta, Large Shield Booster, Missiles). JUMP
    up through the next v-shaped gap for the area. You'll land in water... get up on
    the dirt and ahead of you you'll see what looks like a stone bridge in the mists
    - keep going that way.
    	{continuing} Straight ahead through the gap is a crashed Lander. "Nice
    landing." (He's one to talk... you should've seen him trying to pilot the
    ^Mouldy Crow^ back in "Dark Forces II") You'll see a large rock with a
    Flechette-firing Trooper up on it, and a slanted piece of wreckage at the base
    of the rock. Personally, I like getting up on that large rock and popping off a
    Missile at the Trooper up in the Lander.
    	You can't get into or on the Lander (I've tried), and beyond it is
    nothing. Turn left (while facing the Lander), towards the dirt hill with the
    wreckage leaning against it - on top of that hill is a Bacta Tank. At the end of
    the hill is a triangular flat rock with wreckage leaning against it... move up
    to the rock, keeping the wreckage to your left. You should see a small stream
    pouring out of the rock wall down on to another Bacta Tank... look down in that
    area and you'll see a small passage under the rock wall (there's a small vine
    hanging down from the bottom of the rock).
    	Swim through that passage... up on the dirt hill and up on the flat
    triangular rock. Put your back to the point of the rock and just ahead (a little
    left) you should see a cave in the rocks... bounce your way through there. Make
    you way through this cave - it's short - and when you're on top of a sharp-edged
    ledge with water ahead of you, turn around for Secret 1.
    	[Secret 1] - once you're in the cave and are at the top of a steep drop
    with more swamp ahead, turn around... up on your left you'll see an object on
    the ground; that's the Secret Area. (Large Shield Booster)
    	On the dirt at the edge of the water, you should see ruins (walls) up
    ahead and on the right... if you want to play with a few Bad Guys (including a
    Shadow Trooper), head that way. If you just want to continue, skip these next
    two paragraphs.
    	{play with the Bad Guys} Go up to the largest fragment of wall... face
    it (so that the cliff is on the other side of this ruin), and turn left, so the
    wall is on your right side - that gap (and the three columns clumped beyond it)
    is a dead end, but there is a Shadow Trooper down there to play with. Once
    you've sliced & diced, head back to the ruined wall.
    	Put your back to the ruined wall... straight ahead is a large tree, and
    up ahead in the distance is what looks like a rock bridge high up in the air -
    head that way. You'll find more columns... four this time; three still standing
    and one leaning. Head for the dirt hill beyond the columns in the water and keep
    going... you'll see a large wall ahead. You can head down through the other
    swampy area (and the various ruins) if you want, but it's a dead end... just a
    few Swamp Troopers to beat up on.
    	{to continue} Just jump into the water and swim around the rock to your
    right... you'll end up going under a stone 'bridge' high up in the air. Head for
    those columns sticking out of the water, past them and over the small hill, and
    you'll see a huge wall up ahead. Head right (past that broken tower) only if
    you want to play with some Swamp Troopers, otherwise head for that square
    opening in the base of the wall.
    	In the base of the big wall is a square opening... go into that. Head up
    the ruins of the stairs to face off a Shadow Trooper or two - at the top of the
    stairs is an area just loaded with all sorts of Ammo. (Usually what I do is
    after finishing off the first Shadow Trooper at the base of the stairs, head up
    the stairs - just as you get to the top of the stairs, turn sharply right and
    hit PUSH... you'll nail the second Shadow Trooper with it, and from there he's
    an easy target). From where you are in this next opening, to the right is Secret
    	[Secret 2] - from the opening in the wall, look straight ahead to the
    fallen column... look just to the right, and you'll see a sharp-edged spire of
    rock sticking out of the water - to get to Secret 2 you'll want to swim to that
    spire and circle around it (keeping it on your left). Just ahead - under the
    water and on top of an underwater rock - is Secret 2... just a PAS and TDs.
    	Back on the rock at the base of the wall, turn left... you'll see a
    column in the distance, head that way. Over a ledge of rock before the column,
    with a small triangle of dirt sticking out from it on the other side - several
    Troopers to kill in this area, and if you're lucky, a Rebel or two to aid (not
    that you need to keep them alive).
    	From that triangle of dirt, face straight ahead at the fallen column in
    the water directly ahead of you... to your left is a small section of dirt and
    some stone blocks (nothing down that way, really) while slightly to your right
    you can see more columns and ruins up in the distance. Head towards the columns,
    then when you're just past the group of fallen columns, you'll have a tree
    directly in front of you, a tree sticking up in the distance, and more ruins to
    your left. The only thing to the left (and those ruins) is more Swampies;
    towards that tree in the distance is where you want to go.
    	Just in front of that tree are a couple of flat panels in the water...
    get up on them, so that tree is on your left and you're facing down the length
    of the panels - that's where you need to head now.
    	As you get through the gap, you'll notice a large spire of rock ahead of
    you, with ruins on either side... while you don't really need to head that way,
    there are several Rebel troops under fire from Swamp Troopers - go to their aid
    if you want (there are Ammo and Armor Regenerators on top of those concrete
    blocks, whatever they might be), otherwise get on that first panel (the one that
    seems to be pointing straight at those small ruins) and turn to your left...
    across the other panel is a gap in the rocks with another of those stone
    'bridges' overhead - head that way.
    	Get up on this next set of panels, so that tree is on your left... ahead
    of you you'll see a sharp-edged gray (not brown) rock jutting out of the cliff -
    head around the right side of that.
    	Wend your way through the gaps in the rocks to another open area...
    cross over to the next section of dirt, then right along the rocks, and into a
    firefight between Republic troops and Stormtroopers (and an AT-ST). Turn to face
    the direction you came from, and to the left you'll see another Lander... just
    walk up into it to end the level.
    21) Yavin Canyon [3 Secrets] {yavin_canyon}
    	>>Current Force Powers: all at level 3
    	>>Force Upgrade: no updates
    	>>Objectives: Engage Remnant troops in the area.
    		      Make your way to the Jedi Academy.
    	The cutscene should tell you all you need to know... time to play with
    the AT-ST - but first, get the Secret Area.
    	One note about the AT-ST: no matter what view you have it set for when
    you enter the AT-ST, you'll always end up in the first person view when you exit
    it (leave the AT-ST by hitting your 'jump' key).
    	[Secret 1] - get to the top (of the inside) of the Lander for the first
    Secret Area. You'll have to JUMP up the lift shaft to each level until you reach
    the top. Each level has items, but it's the very top level you need for the
    Secret Area.
    	Back outside, jump up on top of the AT-ST, look down at it, and hit your
    'use' key (make sure you holster your Lightsaber before you do if you don't want
    to drain the AT-STs shields). It doesn't aim that well, but you can stomp on any
    Stormtroopers in the way... also note that you can cycle through the two main
    weapons of the AT-ST. There's no rule that says you *must* use the AT-ST, but it
    covers ground more quickly than you can, and the weapons are just a *bit* more
    powerful (as is the armor)... not to mention the fact that it can shoot further
    than you can.
    	Head up the river... be on the lookout, because there a couple of places
    (a rock formation on the right, ruins on the left) that the AT-ST can blow open,
    but after that you'll have to use your 'jump' key to exit the Walker and enter
    on foot (just a few items, nothing important). These caves can be shortcuts to
    the next section of river, but it's still easier just to stick with the AT-ST.
    	There will be a short piece of stone wall on the left (which leads to
    Secret 2), and just past that another AT-ST... kill that one quick, and watch
    out for the Blaster Cannons on top of that broken stone wall further up. You can
    also get to Secret 2 from that big broken stone wall, but right now you'll want
    to trash the Shadow Trooper hiding in the broken section (and destroy the
    Blaster Cannons on top of the wall).
    	Facing the gap/break in the wall, the Shadow Trooper is in the right
    hand side of the broken section, near the top... get close enough and you'll see
    his Lightsaber; either get out and challenge him or just shoot him to death with
    the AT-ST (yes, you can stomp him to death).
    	[Secret 2] - get next to the short section of stone wall (not the bigger
    broken one with the Shadow Trooper), turn and face it... use the AT-ST's cannons
    to blow open the inside of the wall. Jump out and into that area... get on top
    of that rock, and from there JUMP to any of the ledges circling the room above.
    From there, work your way around until you can JUMP up on to the next section,
    but watch out - there's a Turret up there. Drop back down the ledges to exit, or
    head out through the cave and make your way down from there.
    	{Secret 2 alternate} - Park the AT-ST in the broken gap of the large
    wall, and get up on the left section of wall (as you're facing the cliff, not
    the river). Face along the length of the wall - not towards the gap - and high
    up ahead and slightly to your left you'll see a couple of huge dark gray
    boulders... you've got to get up on top of those. Once up there, there is a
    passage in the rocks leading to some temple ruins (and a Turret) with a few
    	{continuing} Further up the river are several columns sticking out of
    the water... wend through them and stomp on various Stormtroopers in the
    process. Beyond that there are dark rocks ahead on the left with several Blaster
    Cannons, then another chunk of broken wall, this one spanning the river. There's
    another Shadow Trooper in this area just before this next wall, standing on one
    of those rocks on the left... the only real way you're going to kill him is to
    get out of the Walker and go Lightsaber to Lightsaber. On the other hand, he's
    not much of a problem - just ignore him. (Before that wall you'll have a
    Stormtrooper standing on a rock on the left firing at you... just to the right
    of him is another rock with a dim figure standing on it; that's the Shadow
    Trooper - take him out with the AT-ST's main cannon if you want)
    	Just in front of - and to the right - of this wall spanning the river is
    another AT-ST to kill, and more Blaster Cannons. Just past this broken wall is
    another AT-ST, but this one is 'friendly' and can also be driven by you. At the
    base of the 'friendly' AT-ST is an Armor Regenerator, and to the left is the last
    Secret Area.
    	[Secret 3] - just beyond this broken bit of wall, high up on the left is
    an almost triangular shape formed by two dark gray rocks... you need to get up
    into that triangle. Go all the way into this cave / passage for the Secret Area;
    if you go out the other side you'll be greeted by Blaster Cannons. You'll see
    rocks blocking the river... get up on those and you can JUMP up into that
    triangular opening.
    	Just beyond the broken wall there may be rocks blocking the river; you
    can shoot through these. A little further up there's a couple of sections of
    wall on either side of the river, a hostile AT-ST and several Blaster Cannons.
    	Not far beyond that is a stone arch over the river - you can't blow it
    up, but the AT-ST does fit under it. After that the river splits - to your
    right is a pair of leaning stones forming a huge arch (with plenty of Blaster
    Cannons beyond it) and to your left the river curves around under another stone
    arch to come up behind the Blaster Cannons. Just ahead is another Lander... you
    can actually bring your AT-ST inside the Lander and 'park' it. Jump out of the
    Walker and make your way past the Lander and to a cave high up in the cliff
    face... just inside the entrance to the cave is another Shadow Trooper (2 on
    higher levels). You'll see your Datapad update while you're in the cave... just
    go straight ahead into the cave, then to the right where it's slightly lighter -
    drop into the hole between the boulders to end the level.
    22) Yavin Courtyard [0 Secrets] {yavin_courtyard}
    	>>Current Force Powers: all at level 3
    	>>Force Upgrade: Saber Throw upgraded to level 3.
    	>>Objectives: Make your way to the Jedi Academy. (already checked off)
    		      Clear the Jedi Academy grounds of Remnant troops.
    	Saber Throw 3: you can control where the Lightsaber goes while it's out
    and around by moving your mouse (or direction keys) around; you can also make it
    stay out almost indefinitely by holding down your secondary fire key, moving
    your mouse (whatever) around to direct this buzzsaw. This will only last as long
    as your mana does, of course.
    	This level is actually one of the most fun in the game... you've got all
    of your Force powers and upgrades now, and there are plenty of Bad Guys to beat
    up on - especially on the higher levels (Stormtroopers, Impys, Shadow Troopers,
    Reborn). Not only that, but the end of the level can be quite useful as well.
    	One thing you may want to do in this level (if you haven't done it
    already) is to go into your Setup (under Options) and shut off the crosshairs -
    you don't really need them any more, and they can be a little distracting.
    	Three (or more) Impys here... just kill 'em. You'll see a lighter brown
    area in the walls, this is the ceiling of the passage you need to take - through
    it and into a hanger of some sort... this is the hanger where you met that C-3PO
    droid way back at the "Yavin Temple" level (to restore your Force powers and get
    your Lightsaber back). In fact, where you're entering this hanger is the ruins
    of the War Room you saw earlier in the game. Try to keep the Stormtroopers from
    killing the Republic troops, but it isn't important... if they die, they die.
    There are a couple of items - Batteries and Blaster Ammo - on top of the stacks
    of crates, but nothing to really worry about.
    	On the far side of the hanger is a hole blown in the wall; through and
    JUMP up on the ledges - Stormies will fire on you to let you know which way to
    go - until you get to another passage. In the next room is a Stormtrooper and a
    Seeker Drone with your name on it.
    	You don't need to hit the switch to open this door... just walk through
    the door; if you hit the switch another Seeker Drone will appear. Just go
    through the door into the Padawan Training Area. You get to intervene in fights
    between Trainees and several Reborn (and a Shadow Trooper or two or three).
    	One thing you'll notice as you enter this room... if you immediately
    JUMP up on that glass platform, ahead and above you is a glass corridor - you
    can see Desann's back as he rushes out of this area.
    	Unfortunately, you've got to wait on a Stormtrooper that's up on the
    catwalk... once he blows through the glass (above the door and the fallen
    column), you can JUMP up on the catwalk - as soon as you do he'll fire at you
    with a PMS... PUSH it right back at him (I love doing that).
    	Work your way to the end of the walk where there's the only open door
    out of this area... you'll find yourself in the next Training Area where you'll
    have to move along the glass ledge to find the broken section and down to the
    ground. Kill off any Reborn (at least four of them, and possibly a Shadow
    Trooper or two) and through the broken section of wall.
    	Note that while the various Jedi and Trainees can be helpful (they
    double your firepower, basically), they can also be a real pain... I've killed
    more than one when they've bounced between me and my target. Also, you get
    damned tired of their catchphrases... "They have Cortosis armor!", "We must not
    fail." and "Protect the Academy!"...
    	Running through it on "Jedi Master" difficulty, I lost count of how many
    (and what kind) Reborn I went up against... not to mention the increased number
    of Shadow Troopers. Damn if it wasn't fun, though...
    	Out in the hall - the two lift shafts - and you'll run into at least one
    Shadow Trooper, and possibly a Reborn as well... JUMP up the lift shaft on to
    the glass ledge, then JUMP up the next lift shaft. Head down the hall where you
    first met Luke to face off against two Shadow Troopers (4 in "Jedi Master"
    mode)... plenty of toys in here as well (Ammo and Bacta). Drop back down both
    shafts, and head around the corner of the hall, towards the old ruins where you
    first started your tests to regain your Force abilities.
    	At least one Shadow Trooper in this area, plus two Reborn Bosses...
    any Jedis or apprentices you have with you will probably be killed here. Down
    the next corridor, and into the area with the stairs - as soon as you go through
    the door you'll get a short cutscene of Desann Pushing the stairs back and
    dropping down the hole revealed.
    	Two Shadow Troopers in this area (it's the same at any difficulty)...
    kill them off and you've cleared out the Temple of any Remnant (and Reborn)
    forces (even though your datapad will say that you've cleared the Temple of
    Remnant forces before these two are dead... I guess only Imperials and
    Stormtroopers count as Remnant). Head for the stairs and there's a short
    cutscene of Kyle PUSHing them back... drop down the hole to end the level.
    	{for spawning fun} Now that you've killed all the Bad Guys, you might
    want to save this area... it's perfect for spawning of all kinds. After Kyle has
    PUSHed back the stairs (but obviously before he drops down the hole), save it
    with a name like "spawn arena", and go to town... spawn any Reborn you want, any
    Remnant... heck, spawn Tavion so you can finally kill her off - or spawn Desann
    if you want to test your skill before the final battle.
    	Actually, I've got this area saved as two different files for
    spawning... once on "Jedi", and once on "Jedi Master"; this wide-open outdoor
    area is perfect for Jedi and Reborn fights, as you can JUMP all over the place,
    or trap Reborn in any of the side alcoves and chop them to bits.
    	I've even spawned Mon Mothma and Morgan Katarn and had them join me in a
    fight... not that they lasted long; Tavion lopped their heads right off.
    	One of the most fun characters (and the cutest) to spawn here is
    JediF... the female Jedi. She's not actually in the game anywhere that I know
    of, but you can spawn her... and she fights like a wildcat. Luke, on the other
    hand, while doing semi-well against the Reborn, gets his butt kicked every time
    by Tavion or any Shadow troopers... some hero, eh?
    23) Yavin Final [0 Secrets] {yavin_final}
    	>>Current Force Powers: all at level 3
    	>>Force Upgrade: None (you've got everything...)
    	>>Objectives: Defeat the dark Jedi Desann.
    	You start at the top of a long ramp... down it and up on the ledges for
    items. Slash your way through the rocks blocking the passage (actually, Saber
    Throw... they seem to explode a little)... in the next room rocks will be
    falling on you, so watch out - even though they appear to be mostly illusory,
    they can do a little damage. Up on the ledge and through the broken wall... to
    your left the hall appears to end, though if you look closely you'll see that
    the wall appears to be moving slightly. That's the way you want to go (through
    that wall), but first head to the right for a pair of Small Shield Boosters.
    	Through the illusion wall and up the ramp... at the top is a hall with
    flame pedestals on either side; they can damage you, so use PUSH on each one to
    shut it off temporarily. At the end of the hall you'll get a short cutscene with
    three apparent Desann's... "Your efforts are in vain."
    	The right opening leads to a death pit (when you go through the wall),
    straight ahead is just a mirror where Desann taunts you, but left is the way to
    go. At the top of the ramp is a pipe in the ceiling; cut that to douse the fire
    at the bottom (you can't jump over or otherwise get through the flames, no
    matter what) and drop down the hole. Down in the pit you'll have four short
    corridors... the one to your back is blank, but the other three have Force Push
    symbols on them. Use PUSH on the one in front of you, and go down the new
    corridor revealed - down near the bottom of the wall on your left is another
    Force symbol... PUSH that; the corridor that was blank is now pushed back.
    	Use SPEED down this corridor (with the traditional Jedi phrase, "I've
    got a bad feeling about this.") to avoid the moving walls - I've found that the
    best way to make a clean run is to wait until there's enough of a gap in the
    first moving wall, hit SPEED, and run through, dodging and weaving. Just as soon
    as you're past the last moving wall, stop and get your mana back, as well as
    heal up and otherwise ready yourself... because dinosaur breath is next.
    	Cutscene with Desann (cheesy, hokey, totally Star Wars...)
    	That beam in the middle of the room gives a Jedi *temporary*
    invincibility... activate it by PULLing on the two symbols on the upper level
    (one on either side), then jump through the beam. After you've PULLed the
    stones, the beam will stay on for the rest of the level, running through a
    regular cycle. Hit SPEED at the middle of the ramp and attack Desann.
    	He's not easy, obviously... he can use any Force power (at their maximum
    levels), and he can change saber styles in the wink of an eye. Do a lot of
    Quicksaving during the fight... if you manage to damage him, Quicksave and
    	LIGHTNING works fairly well on Desann, if you have the Force power
    left... but note that if you zap him, he'll zap you right back - it's best to
    stick with the simple stuff like PUSH and SPEED.
    	If you use SPEED too close to Desann, he'll respond with Speed of his
    own... if you trigger SPEED while still on the upper level (while he's below),
    he won't notice it and he won't use his own. Also, when he throws his saber at
    you, hit SPEED... he'll be temporarily defenseless, leaving him wide open to
    your strikes. GRIP does not work... he can Push right out of it, but oddly
    enough PUSH works sometimes ("You dare to Push me?").
    	Note that you can use your Lightsaber to chop at the base of any of the
    columns in the room, and get it to fall - if you're careful (and very lucky),
    you might crush Desann with a falling column.
    	Actually, I found Jerec (the main Dark Jedi in "Jedi Knight: Dark Forces
    II") to be much tougher and harder to beat than Desann... but Desann is much
    more fun.
    	One way I've found of defeating Desann easily (on the lower difficulty
    levels): go down the ramp, and in the middle of it (that small level area) hit
    SPEED... race down and just before you get to the bottom of the ramp, hit JUMP
    as hard as you can - as you sail through the air towards Desann, aim at him and
    use PUSH. As soon as you land, hack & slash... you should kill him with just a
    few swings.
    	Once Desann dies (I kept expecting his hand to start twitching as Kyle
    leaves) you get the usual semi-cheesy cutscene, and the credits roll...
    	Just for fun once I spawned three different Jedi... they finished him
    off without any help from me.
    	What ever happened to Tavion?
    	2003: this question is answered in "Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy"... Tavion
    comes back as the main enemy, and this time she looks like a bikini babe.
    However, she *definitely* dies at the end of "Academy"... you can be completely
    sure of that.
    				THE CAST
       Kyle Katarn, Stormtrooper Officer 1 . . . . . . . . . . .  Jeff Bennett
       Lando Calrissian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Billy Dee Williams
       Desann . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mark Klastorin
       Jan Ors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Vanessa Marshall
       Tavion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Kath Soucie
       Bartender, Imperial Worker 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nick Jamison
       Bespin Cop 1, Shadow Trooper 1, Stormtrooper 2 . . . . . .  Greg Berger
       Bespin Cop 2, Civilian Male, Imperial Officer 2 . . . .Charles Martinet
       Galak Fyyar, Reborn 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Steve Blume
       Gran 1, Rogue Leader . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jess Harnell
       Gran 2, Reelo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Kevin Michael Richardson
       Imperial Officer 1, Imperial Worker 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . Guy Siner
       Imperial Worker 1, Rebel Shock Troop 1 . . . . . . . . Roger L. Jackson
       Jedi 1, Prisoner 1, Protocol Droid . . . . . . . . . . . Dominic Armato
       Jedi 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Milton James
       Luke Skywalker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bob Bergen
       Mon Mothma . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Carolyn Seymour
       Morgan Katarn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Jacob Witkin
       Prisoner 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  David Beron
       Prisoner 3, Rebel Shock Trooper . . . . . . . . . . . .  Michael Sorich
       Reborn 2, Rodian 1, Shadow Trooper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tom Kane
       Reborn 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Aron Kincaid
       Rodian 2, Stormtrooper Officer 2 . . . . . . . . . . . .  Michael Gough
       Stormtrooper 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Fred Coffin
    	Also note that while she's not listed in the credits as such, Vanessa
    Marshall (Jan Ors) also did the voice of the female Jedi (JediF), who doesn't
    appear anywhere in the single player game (but can be spawned).
    	I have no idea who it was who did the voice of C-3PO on that one
    level... it obviously wasn't Anthony Daniels.
    	It's also cute to note that while Mark Hamill (who played Luke Skywalker
    in the original 3 "Star Wars" movies) has done voiceover work for computer games
    before (Wing Commander or Force Commander, something like that), he didn't do
    the voice for his own character in here...
    	If you're interested, you can hit the IMDb (the Internet Movie Database
    at http://www.imdb.com/) to look up any of these actors... it's interesting to
    see what some of their other acting jobs have been. For example, Vanessa
    Marshall - who does the voice of Jan Ors - is a cute redhead, the daughter of
    actress Joan van Ark... and apparently Ms. Marshall has never done anything
    other than voiceovers for video (computer) games.
    	Kath Soucie - Tavion - is another of these... one place you might
    recognize her from: she does the voices for the twins (Lil & Phil) on
    Nickelodeon's "Rug Rats".
    				THE CHEATS
    Hit Shift+~ to open the Console... after that, just type in the cheats. See the
    top of this document for instructions on how to 'bind' keys (create a
    macro)... they can come in handy.
    	Use the capitalization and spacing listed.
    helpusobi 1	= enables cheat codes
    god		= God mode (invulnerability)
    	Warning: sometimes an in-game cutscene will disable 'god' mode... you'll
    	have to type it in again. Also note that God mode will *not* save you
    	from electricity of any kind (such as electrified floors)
    undying		= Undead mode (allows Health and Armor to go up to 999, but this
    			is *not* God mode)
    noclip		= no clipping (walk through walls)
    notarget	= enemies will not target you
    thereisnospoon	= Matrix camera work (brief and temporary)
    give health	= 100% health
    give armor 	= 100% armor
    give force 	= 100% Force mana
    give batteries	= 100% battery charge
    give inventory  = all inventory items
    give weapons	= all weapons
    give all	= all of above gives
    setForceJump [123]	= set force Jump level to 1, 2, or 3
    	example: setForceJump 2
    setForceHeal [123]	= set Force Heal level
    setForcePush [123]	= set Push
    setForcePull [123]	= set Pull
    setForceSpeed [123]	= set Speed
    setForceGrip [123]	= set Grip
    setForceLightning [123]	= set Lightning
    setForceAll [123]	= set all Force powers to level 1, 2, or 3
    setForceAll 0		= shuts off all of your Force powers
    setSaberDefense [123]
    setSaberThrow [123]
    saberColor [red orange yellow green blue purple] = just for fun...
    	example: saberColor green
    g_saberRealisticCombat 1	= slice & dice with the saber...
    fly_xwing		= if you've got a big enough area to maneuver in
    				(somewhere outside), you can actually fly an X-
    				Wing fighter that pops up around you. You need
    				mondo memory and mondo graphics memory to pull
    				this off; most of the time you'll probably just
    				crash the game - in other words, don't bother
    drive_atst		= drive the AT-ST... this actually pops up an AT-ST that
    				you are driving in any level you want, not just
    				in Yavin Canyon (there must be room for it,
    				obviously); to exit the AT-ST, type in the code
    devmap [map name]	= jump to that map (ie, kejim_base) - these are the
    				names you see when you save a game, such as
    				ns_streets or bespin_undercity
    	example: devmap ns_streets
    npc spawn [character]	= spawn that character... see the end of the file for
    				the list
    	example: npc spawn StormTrooper
    	Note: you can actually set anything up to level 5... even if it's not
    mentioned anywhere - for instance, set all your Force powers to 5
    (setForceAll 5) and you'll be able to MIND TRICK *anyone*... well, almost
    anyone; you can't MIND TRICK Tavion or Desann. Some sources have said that you
    can raise everything to 9, not just 5... but 5 is more than enough for anything
    and everything.
    	Also note that it helps if you've acquired the various Force powers
    (level 6: "Yavin Temple" or higher) in order to use the 'setForce' cheats. It's
    not necessary to have acquired them - you could use Force powers from the very
    beginning of the game if you want, as well as the Lightsaber... but what fun is
    	You only have to enable the cheats once during the game (every time you
    run it)... but you have to use God (and any of the others, such as "saberColor")
    at the beginning of every level. It does save, however, as do any of the other
    cheats you use... so as soon as you start a level, turn on your
    saberRealisticCombat (and/or whatever else you use), then save the level. Even
    if you exit the game and come back into it, your cheats will remain in the save,
    though you'll have to enable them again with obi.
    	You actually can use some cheats in a multiplayer game... I wish they
    hadn't, but they did.
    	How to:
    	If you are playing on your own server (you 'created' the server), then
    you type "devmap [mapname]", such as "devmap ffa_bespin". If you're not sure
    about a mapname, then just type in "mapname".
    	If you're playing on someone else's server, then you'll need to have
    'rcon' (remote control) abilities... start by entering your password as
    "rconpassword [password]", where you obviously replace the part in braces with
    the appropriate password, such as "rconpassword cuteleia". Now during play you
    can type in "rcon devmap [mapname]", such as "rcon devmap ffa_bespin".
    	Only a few of the cheats actually work in Multiplayer... as far as I can
    tell, the ones that work are "god", "noclip", "notarget", "give health", "give
    items", "give armor", and "give all". Note that even though "give all" works, it
    will not restore any Force mana.
    	You can actually do a graphics 'map' of some of the levels, if you don't
    mind cheating... what you'll get is an overall view of the entire level showing
    where all the buildings are, though you'll have to label them yourself.
    	How to:
       1 - save the level you're on (just a Quicksave will do fine)
       2 - switch your weapon to the Thermal Dets, Det Packs or Tripmines if you have
    	them, the Blaster Pistol if you don't
       3 - enable the cheats
       4 - turn on the 'notarget' cheat
       5 - turn on the 'noclip' cheat
       6 - hold down your 'jump' key and soar straight up, through the roof...
    	Just keep heading upwards... I don't think there's much of a limit on
    where you can go. Eventually, when you tilt your view downwards, you can see the
    entire level spread out below you. Screen capture it, and label everything...
    	Sure, it won't show you where the Secret Areas are, it won't show you
    where the Bad Guys are, and it won't actually get you anywhere... but at least
    you can see what's where.
    	After you're finished capping and viewing, just Quickload to bring you
    	With a few of the levels you won't see anything at any height, because
    of the mist or fog or clouds... and of course you won't see lower levels because
    they'll be hidden by the upper levels. You can 'soar' all over the place (just
    try and move as you usually would, including crouch), and you can maneuver
    around to see a building from the side, or the bottom, or just about any angle.
    	Yes, you can map the multiplayer levels as well... load (or start) a
    single player game, and use "devmap mapname", such as "devmap ffa_bespin" - all
    single player cheats and commands will be available.
       "Free for All" / "Holocron FFA" / "Team FFA" / "Jedi Master"
    	"Bespin Streets" = ffa_bespin		"Death Star" = ffa_deathstar
    	"Star Destroyer" = ffa_imperial		"Garbage Facility" = ffa_ns_hideout
    	"Nar Shadda Streets" = ffa_ns_streets	"Massassi Temple" = ffa_yavin
    	"Bespin Exhaust Shafts" = ctf_bespin	"Garrison 27-D" = ctf_imperial
    	"Warring Factions" = ctf_ns_streets	"Temple Tournament" = ctf_yavin
    	"Imperial Labs: Raven" = ffa_raven
    	"Imperial Shuttle Bay" = duel_bay	"Carbon Chamber" = duel_carbon
    	"Battleground Jedi 2.0" = duel_jedi	"Trial Pit" = duel_pit
    	"Imperial Labs: Raven" = ffa_raven	"Bespin Air Vanes" = duel_bespin
    	"Hanger Bay 72" = duel_hangar		"Ceremonial Hall" = duel_temple
    	"Lightsaber Training" = duel_training
       "Capture the Flag" / "Capture the Ysalimari"
    	"Bespin Exhaust Shafts" = ctf_bespin	"Warring Factions" = ctf_ns_streets
    	"Garrison 27-D" = ctf_imperial		"Temple Tournament" = ctf_yavin
    	Note that some maps have the same name (for example, the FFA map "Bespin
    Exhaust Shafts" and the CTF map "Bespin Exhaust Shafts" are both
    "ctf_bespin")... they really are the same map; it depends on what type of game
    you start as to what those map rules will be.
    	"Hangar Bay 72" is the mirrored hangar (complete with a ton of crates)
    from the Outcast demo... "Trial Pit" is that circular room from the Cairn
    installation where you first encountered the Shadow Troopers. Others are purely
    from the imagination of the game designers and have nothing to do with the
    Single Player game in any way... for instance, the "Massassi Temple", while
    looking a lot like Yavin and the Jedi Academy, is considered a separate area.
    	If you don't know what this means, then maybe you shouldn't use it...
    what it does is call up a character for you to play with. For example, if you
    spawn a Stormtrooper, one will appear in the room with you, and you can fight
    him/her/whatever - they act as they normally would during the game, and you can
    do anything to them you normally would during the game (as well as killing
    	Need some practice beating up on various Reborn? Spawn a few and go to
    work. Spawn Stormtroopers just to have something to play with... or MIND TRICK
    them and have fun that way as well. Spawn characters you'd only normally run
    into during the cutscenes, such as Morgan Katarn or Mon Mothma. Spawn Tavion or
    Desann and prepare for a royal battle...
    	Yes, if you really wanted to you could spawn several Jedi (or even Luke)
    to travel along with you as additional firepower - but they won't always follow
    you where you need to go (sometimes they can't follow you), and most of the time
    they only get in the way.
    	If you want to spawn any npc's, you should really do it in a large, open
    area such as at the end of the "Yavin Courtyard" level - that area is beautiful
    for spawning good guys and enemies alike.
    	Fiddle around with your setup and your controls, and you can end up with
    up to 18 keys free (on a laptop - obviously on a full-size keyboard you'll have
    more keys to use)... bind those to various spawns, and have a helluva good
    time. I've got all of the Jedi's bound, Tavion, all 5 Reborn, the Shadow
    Trooper, Desann, Luke, various Stormies...
    	Just as much fun, change your view to 'first person' (default is your
    'P' key), activate the 'notarget' cheat, then spawn a whole bunch of Reborn
    (etc.) and Jedi - watch the battle(s) unfold. JediF seems to be the best fighter
    of the bunch... she can kill Tavion and the Shadow Troopers.
    	And one final note... if you have an npc (or two or three or...) spawned
    and you go into an in-game cutscene - such as Kyle pushing back the steps at the
    end of "Yavin Courtyard", or in the hanger with the ^Raven's Claw^ at the end of
    the Demo - you'll see those npc's in the cutscene. This can get you some
    hilarious results at times... such as in the Demo where you're taking off and
    all of a sudden Impys appear (hey, you killed everyone!) and start firing at you
    - if you had a Jedi (or any other friendly) spawned, you can see them battling
    the Impys as you leave.
    In the Console window, type (you must have the cheats enabled):
    npc spawn [character name]
    For instance, to spawn a Stormtrooper, you'd type:
    npc spawn StormTrooper
    (it's case sensitive, as far as I know, so make sure you type them in exactly as
    listed, with all capitalization and spacing... and in case you're interested,
    "npc" is old gamer talk - from way back in the days when "Dungeons & Dragons"
    was played on paper, before computers existed - which means "non player
    character"... in other words, anyone in the game who isn't the player
    themselves, such as Orcs or Trolls or Dragons, oh my)
    				The List:
    	>>>StormTroopers, SwampTroopers
    	>>>Imperial Officers
    	>>>Probe Droid
    	>>>Sentry Droid
    	>>>Interrogation Droid
    	>>>Mine Monsters
    	>>>Rodian (Greedo)
    	>>>Gran (Ree Yees)
    	>>>Weequay (Sail Barge guards)
    	>>>Trandoshan (lizards)
    	>>>Reborn (Dark Jedi) -- note that the colors in braces are *not* part
    		of what you type in, nor are the braces
    Reborn			{orange}
    RebornAcrobat		{blue}
    RebornForceUser 	{red}
    RebornFencer		{green}
    RebornBoss		{red & dark gray}
    	>>>Attack Droid Mk I
    	>>>Shadow Troopers
    	If you pulled the Demo for "Jedi Outcast" (not the original one, but the
    cleaned-up version that LucasArts put out as a separate level), then you can use
    everything in it that you can in the full game, including spawning. However,
    there's a cute little quirk about trying to spawn in the Demo... since certain
    characters aren't in the Demo, trying to spawn them can get you some hilarious
    results. For example, I tried to spawn Tavion in that mirrored hanger at the
    end... but since she isn't in the Demo, what I ended up with was a
    Lightsaber-wielding Stormtrooper that bounced all over the place using the
    Force. Still died as nicely, but geez...
    	Trying to spawn other characters that aren't in the Demo will get you
    the same thing... a Stormtrooper as a substitute. I did call up a Shadow Trooper
    (as a Stormtrooper), but when he died I got the message "Couldn't find image for
    shader gfx/hud/forcegem_icon2" (the Artusian Crystal you get when a Shadow
    Trooper dies). Didn't affect the game any, though.
    	Trying to spawn a JediTrainer got me the same thing... a Lightsaber-
    wielding Stormtrooper - won't do anything for you, of course, until you have a
    foe to fight... funny as hell to see a Stormtrooper with a Lightsaber facing off
    against a Reborn...
    	It's interesting to note that if you spawn Jedi2 in the Demo, he/it
    shows up as a StormTrooper... without a head.
    	I would *not* suggest spawning the Galak_Mech in the Demo... trying to
    kill him with just a Lightsaber is near impossible, and certain weapons are not
    available to you... trying to access them will just get you kicked out to the
    main game menu (if you're lucky). However, spawn as many Jedi and Stormtroopers
    and Reborn as you want... have fun hacking & slashing. Also note that if you
    spawn a character not found in the Demo, you won't hear their usual taunts and
    	If you really want to spawn characters and play around with them, I'd
    suggest the full game.
    	If you're looking for some point in the game where you can see Desann
    fight Tavion, then you're in for some disappointment... it doesn't happen.
    	However, you can make it happen yourself... here's how:
    1) enable the cheats, and turn on the 'notarget' cheat. (I'd also suggest
    	turning on the 'god' cheat as they'll both be throwing Lightsabers and
    	Lightning... and you'll end up getting hit if you're too close)
    2) set your Force powers to level 5.
    3) switch to first person view, and shut off your Lightsaber.
    4) spawn both Desann and Tavion.
    5) get as close as you can to Tavion, and while facing directly at her use MIND
    	TRICK... as Tavion, fire up your Lightsaber and swipe at Desann.
    6) exit MIND TRICK (use it again).
    7) sit back and enjoy the show.
    	You can do this as often as you want, and with other characters... you
    can even have Desann fight Desann, or Tavion vs. Tavion.
    	Okay, okay... so they can't kill each other - it's still fun to watch.
    	This can be done with *any* Bad Guy... but again, note that as long as
    it's just Bad Guy vs. Bad Guy, nobody will be killed. I had a Blue Reborn
    survive against *2* Tavions for almost half an hour...
    	The way to 'end' the fight - that is, the way to make sure that someone
    actually *can* get killed - is to throw one (or more) of the Good Guys into the
    fight... at one time I had a Mind Tricked Desann fighting against 2 Tavions, and
    nobody died until I threw Luke into the mix as well - then both Luke and Desann
    got wasted by the Tavions.
    	(snicker) Just plain funny... during the fight I had going with a Blue
    Reborn vs. 2 Tavions, I threw Jedi2 into the mix - the Jedi got killed almost
    immediately, and for a moment all three Bad Guys paused to look down at the
    corpse before attacking each other again.
    	"Star Wars", "The Empire Strikes Back", "Return Of The Jedi" and all
    characters and creations contained therein are copyright (c) 1977/1980/1983
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    David Masters -- dmasters@jlc.net
    	the Roundhouse -- http://roundhouse.8m.com/ (Railroad Tycoon II)
    	TerokNor -- http://tnhp.tvheaven.com/ (Star Trek filk and silliness)
    May 11th/15th/26th, 2003
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    August 13th, 2003 -- updated... (version 1.2)
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