How do I solve (temple catacombs tile pattern)?

  1. Hi
    First thanks for all of the good reads/faqs i found here!

    There is one question i have and cant seem too find?
    and that is, at the unknown world in the Temple,

    I,m stuck in the Catacombs on the tiles i cant figure
    out the correct pattern for the life of me to open the door lol

    so if anyone can tell me what tiles one has to step on to get the right pattern? would be greatly

    i,m playing game on pc

    thank you for your time and info


    User Info: jxtzrogar

    jxtzrogar - 8 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. You step on them in the pattern of an H. Up the right column, back one square, across the middle, down back towards the entrance, then walk the whole left column towards the exit. I.e. you start and end your H on the little squares jutting out of the big square.

    It can be kind of a pain to stay on the proper path, but it's doable.

    User Info: grand_commander

    grand_commander - 8 years ago 2 0

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