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    Taris Lower City Walkthrough by Bioware

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    Star Wars(r): Knights of the Old Republic TM
    Walkthrough - the Lower City Level on Taris
    The Lower City
    After you have obtained the Sith armor and gained access to the elevator that
    takes you to the Lower City you must be prepared for far more fights than in
    Upper Taris. There are members of The Black Vulkars and The Hidden Beks warring
    with each other for control over the Lower City and you find yourself caught in
    the middle. It is a good idea to remove your Sith armor upon reaching the Lower
    City as it's more trouble than it's worth to continue wearing.
    Javyar's Cantina
    You will not be able to enter the cantina if you are wearing the Sith uniform.
    You may pretend to be an off-duty Sith but must not be in uniform to enter the
    cantina. Once inside you will meet several characters that will help you
    continue your quest for Bastila or escaping Taris. Just inside the door you can
    try out your Pazaak skills with Gelrood who fancies himself an expert player.
    Moving to the next room you will encounter a young Twi'lek being accosted by
    some local toughs. The toughs get a lesson in intimidation when Mission Vao's
    friend Zalbaar, a Wookie, shows up. Mission becomes very important later in
    your exploration of the Lower City but leaves soon after this conversation.
    In the southern room you will encounter Zax the Hutt. Zax is in the business of
    information but it doesn't come cheap. Zax also offers rewards for bounties
    posted. Choose which contracts you wish to take for money carefully as some can
    lead you down the dark side rather quickly...unless that is your intention.
    This room has a unique opportunity in the Knights of the Old Republic: help 
    Lyn Sekla a Twi' lek dancer with her big audition. That's right- shake your
    money maker in a series of more difficult auditions in order to impress the
    talent scout and win her a shot at the big time.
    Another character that crosses your path for the first time (and certainly not
    the last) is none other than Calo Nord the most famous bounty hunter on Taris.
    You are advised to let him pass or things could get ugly. You will see him a
    lot more as the game progresses.
    The Black Vulkar's Base
    You do not have access to this base when you arrive in the Lower City. You must
    speak with Gadon Thek, the leader of the Hidden Beks first.
    The Hidden Bek's Base
    You have to convince the guard at the door that you are on the Hidden Bek's
    side in this turf war being waged with the Vulkars. Once inside seek out Gadon
    Thek who presides over his gang from behind a desk in the northern part of the
    large central room. You will encounter some heated resistance from Gadoin's
    bodyguard Zaerdra but she will eventually let you speak with Gadon. Gadon is
    one of the most important encounters in the Lower City and you should read
    carefully what he has to say or you will never be able to leave Taris. Gadon
    knows that Bastila was captured and is being offered as a very valuable slave
    to the winner of the Taris Swoopbike championships. Your only chance of getting
    to her is to enter the Swoopbike races with Gadon's introduction. Gadon will
    only give his blessing if you break into the Vulkar's base and steal back the
    Prototype Accelerator that will not only prove you are not a Vulkar or Sith spy
    but also help greatly in ensuring you win the race.
    Gadon knows that there is a secret way into the base but tells you to seek out
    Mission Vao for specific assistance. Mission can be found in the Under City. As
    a final help Gadon trades your Sith armor for some permission papers that you
    will need to gain access to the Under City.
    Meeting Canderous
    It seems that Zalbaar is not the only one who knows how to intimidate the local
    ruffians. Famed  Mandalorian Canderoous Ordo who is working for the crime lord
    Davik makes his first appearance by staring a few lackeys into submission. He
    also becomes very important for getting off Taris later in the game.
    The Under City
    This is where all your training will be required to survive not only the
    lawless Under City but the maze-like sewers that lead to the Vulkar base. May
    the force be with you...

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