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"Good from Start to Finish"


A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

Alright, I got this for 20$ at Target, lucky me, thinking this was going to be a nice little game to spend some time on. It was much better than I thought it would be, considering Star Wars games range from Great to...horrid experiences that tax the mind. But this game was 'Good from start to finish.' You should buy this or at least try it out, it was pretty fun in general.


Alright, the fun d20 game system (Neverwinter Nights) was woven into this game, and it works great. The only gripe I have is that the game only goes up to Level 20. Oh well. The game is quite fun, and mods make it even more so, and the adventure lasts a good twenty-some hours. Definitely worth it's price and more. You can choose EITHER side of the force, which is something that made this game awesome, allowing you to use all the force powers in the movies and more. The Storyline keeps you interested in what was going to happen next as well. Your party members certainly have varied personalities, and you may find yourself picking favorites. There are some fun side quests and mini games, like Swoop racing. Also a card game called Pazaak is the most popular thing to partake in at the cantinas.

The game starts with you in a state of amnesia on board a ship you are unfamiliar with. Once you meet up with Carth Onasi and take on finding a jedi by the name of Bastila however, the game really picks up. There are only two huge plot twists, but both are pretty well done, so you won't need to worry about a twisty plot. The bad guy, Darth Malak, seems like a Darth Vader hack, but that goes over fine also. The dark side is not as fun as in the second game, however. Also, in the first game you cannot influence your party members towards your force alignment, but that is fine too. There are little bugs.


All in all, very nice graphics. Sometimes you may see a Grey space inside places you shouldn't, but it doesn't affect the play experience all that much. The lighting effects for the lightsabers are magnificent, and there are some little details here and there. The better video card, the better the graphics will be.


Oh yea, bring on the classic Star Wars sound set. You'll KNOW it is a lightsaber you hear in the distance. YOU'LL KNOW that a Wookiee isn't so far off. The game sounds good, and it sounds like...well...Star Wars!'

The voice overs are great as well. The character's voices don't grate the ears. and they sound like they belong to the character. Most every person in the game has a voice over of some sort. Which is a nice touch.


The music is alright in this game, but it should have had more Star Wars tunes. It is missing some nice themes that could fit easily into some places, but it does the job. The game itself is complimented very well by the music. There are some nice themes, and nothing too revolting, but this you could call the weak point of the game. Not that it was weak, as you can see (and hear, that is once you go out and rent/buy it.)


Well, considering there are two paths to take, and this only lasts oh 20 hours, I'd say the replay is good. There are many Feats to choose from, and a couple of different endings. The game is definitely inviting to a second run. The thing with this game is that nothing was too annoying to keep you from trying it again.

Overall, this was a good game. You should certainly check it out if you like Star Wars or the d20 system. This was a worthy addition to the Star Wars game collection. Next review should be on KOTOR II, so you might see that soon.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/26/06

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