Review by starhawk55

Reviewed: 12/05/03

One great RPG

This great Xbox game finally made it to the PC. I played the Xbox version for an hour and keep wishing for a mouse the whole time. I got my wish.

Controls (8.5/10)
The control works, but WASD for an RPG just doesn't feel right. I'm glad you can finally click your way through the menus, and you can click on objects in the game. Moving is a bit tricky and takes time to master. Also I have gotten ''stuck'' in smoke several times and had to restart to loading a save. The combat is an awesome thing to watch, but you do watch it. The computer controls everything that happens. Sure you can pick different attacks, like throwing a grenade, but you just click on an enemy to engage them.

Gameplay (9.5/10)
The leveling system is as beautiful as ever and the inventory works well. I use quick save a lot. During the early levels you don't have that much HP when weapons can do 13 damage per hit. There are still some compromises left from the Xbox, so you have to click one button several times to see all the inventory sorts. The light side/dark side element really adds depth to the play. Each action you take may give you a darkside point or a lightside point. Good or evil, it's your choice.

Story (10/10)
This has to have the best story of any Star Wars game made. Not only is it the first RPG, but it is set in an era that isn't in any of the movies. Yes, Luke, Leia and Han are all more than 3,000 years away. This story plays out during the early days of the republic when the Sith War was raging. The Sith war is in its second year and is taking its toll on the alliance. How will it end? That depends on you.

Graphics (10/10)
With the minimum specs where they are, I was expecting gold. I got it. I'm not playing on the newest system but I meet or beat all the mins (mostly beat). Even with textures at medium the game looks great. Make sure to update your drivers. There are some issues with older GeForce drivers.

Sound (10/10)
I'm just glad I have a good sound system because this game is worth it. The voice acting is top notch and most of the alien actually speak in an alien language (subtitled for us mere mortals). And every character that speaks in this game, even the ''flavor characters'' that just say one or two things. The music sets a good tone and doesn't get annoying. Everything is subtitled, so the hearing impaired won't miss anything other than the spoken alien languages.

Play Time
I've been hearing 40 hours, but I have spent 4 hours in the first city and am still not done with half the stuff to do. There is a lot to do in this game.

I read a review of this saying ''This is the longest game that I have immediately started replaying'' That pretty much sums it up. With three starting classes and then 3 Jedi/Sith classes to choose from later you will be here for a while. There are also a lightside ending and a darkside ending.

Final Recommendation
If you can play this game, buy it. There is no rent, only buy. Even if you played this on the Xbox, you should check out the PC edition. There are more than 30 new items, a new race and new movies for the PC game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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