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"A Star-wars style Baldur's gate"

This is a brilliant game and is defiantly worthy of any RPG fan that enjoys Star Wars.

Set more than 4000 years before the films, You play a hired soldier onboard a ship, which is transporting an important Jedi. The ship gets attacked and you've got to escape, the story then involves you in trying to rescue the Jedi and slowly reveals a more important plot. The plot is written in the same style as the Baldurs gate games with twists and turns and good control over you characters process. One thing you can say is that two characters and two games and never exactly the same. You can aspire to be a defender of good and the innocent, or a soldier of evil and corruption. My only down view is that the plot is rather linier and you ultimately end up with the same 'Main Goal' no matter what you do.

Graphics (10/10)
I am using a geforce mx400 and I can run this game smoothly with no glitches and chugs. The detail is good and they even had a good attempt at making the characters mouths look realistic. Lip-synch is perfect as well. You do get the odd 'light sabre going though wall' nothing to make you cry. I've heard people have had problems with the more modern cards, but it's best you see the boards for info.

Sound (9/10)
I found it difficult to get a good level of sound in this game, sometimes the music is too loud and it's hard to hear what the characters are saying, although there is the sub-titles. The Music is very well implemented suiting the environment and surroundings; you get active music in fights, and calm peaceful music in the Jedi temple.

Replay value (9/10)
Hard to say with this one, there are many ways to reach your goal but there are only two endings. If you play the game for it's repayable story line, give this a 2, but because of the multiple ways of doing side-quests, the number of outcomes and the magnitude of them it plays well. Often, you can choose a blood-less solution and everyone walks away happy, or you can kill everyone involved and flog their items. In a small phrase, it's up to you.

Game play RPG- (10/10) Action- (8/10)
If you liked the Baldurs gates games and the neverwinter nights series, then this is a game for you, but if you want a fast paced shot-em-up where you dodge bullets, I would recommend the Jedi Knight games. Seriously, wither you hit the enemy of they hit you is down to you characters stats and 'dice rolls'.

I liked this game, and found myself playing for as much as 6 hours in a row because the story line grabs you so well. Sometimes it gets tedious when you've got to walk all the way to some place to get one small item. This game also has the benefit of Bioware behind it who has for almost every single game has released an expansion pack or sequel, and being a highly evolved version of the AD&D system some people think it is possible to mod this game. The only problem is, due to lucas' policy of trying to promote star wars galaxies THERE IS NO MULTIPLAYER OF ANY SORT in this game. A big down fall, but it is still a great game.

Final Score (9/10)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/22/03

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