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"Only 13 hours?"

When i first got this game, i was really excited. After playing the Baldurs gate series, becoming a big fan to Bioware, i grew excited at the very thought of this game. When i realized it was only for x-box, which i didn't have, I thought all was lost. But luckily, it was released for the PC. And, after playing the game, the excitement wasn't worth it.

Gameplay- 7/10
The first reason i wanted this game was because of the replayability. Being able to choose which side to be on, light or dark. This feature wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Choosing your side won't affect the story as much as one would think. This was a serious con to the game. Otherwise, this game lasts around 20-30 hours, if you complete just about every sidequest. But if you want to play the game for the story, it will only last around 10-15 hours. There are two mini-games. One is called pazaak. It's a sort of card game. The other is the infamous, swoop racing. In racing, you race by yourself, not with other racers. You must reach the goal in the shortest time.

Story- 9/10
The story is pretty good. You are a soldier in the republic army, the good aligned people, and you are attacked by, the evil, Sith. And from there, You meet people of different races and alignments. And later, fly to different worlds that are home to wookies and twi-leks.

Sound- 8/10
It doesn't make you sing and dance, but the music is very nice company to the game. The sounds are sufficient and realistic.

Graphics- 9/10
The graphics are pretty nice. However, on lower-end PCs, high graphics can cause serious slowdowns to gameplay. The game is very large and requires much power to keep it running smoothly. Graphics can be raised or lowered, helping the performance increase a little, but hardly noticed.

2-3 times before boredom occurs. Choosing between light and dark side changes things a little. Choosing to do side quests can improve the length of the game. Collecting items shouldn't be a problem. There are not many items in the game, compared to others Bioware has produced.

To buy, or not to buy-
I would say to buy. The game is very interesting, and keeps you interested to the last moment. The game offers large worlds to explore, many people (and creatures) to meet, and many quests to complete.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/01/04

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