Review by socialjazz

Reviewed: 01/20/04

Finally a SW game with an original story

Gameplay 10/10
Gameplay is interesting and fun. There are many things that build up the successful gameplay. Let’s discuss about the battle first, you can either use guns or melee weapons against your enemies. At later part, you get to be a Jedi wielding lightsaber! As you attain higher level for your character, you get to customize your character in term of feats and force power, which makes gameplay more unique and some freedom. I just hat some RPG whereby attaining higher level only means higher HP and MP. But kotor is different, and give you the freedom of making your character to be focused on certain traits you think is desirable. For example, one player may want to have more melee power where else another prefer more force power.
This game is somehow linear but also non-linear in some ways. Basically, for all missions, you have two choices of whether to complete it to gain light points or dark points. To gain light points, you have to do good things, i.e, be good to all people and help theirs in need. To gain dark points, just be cruel guy. In fact, there will be two different endings depending whether you are doing things on the light side or dark side. However, the game is also linear in the sense that no matter what choice you made, you will ultimately follow the same path as the main quests are pretty straight forward and necessary. You will basically be doing the same mission no matter which side you choose to be. But then, the choice of having do things the light or dark side alone is enough to add much to its replay-ability.

Graphic 7/10
Okay, the graphic is very average. I am referring to the PC version. Some of the sceneries are pretty nice, esp. when you are shooting fighters from space. But there are also some places which will bore you to death, like the underground system in the Taris system which is very repetitive. The layout can be improved upon, no doubt about it.

Sound 8/10
Yes, there will be some tunes you will find familiar from the StarWars series, but there are much more original tracks found in this game. Voice acting is so superbly done and it indeed add much realism in spite of some of the average graphics.

Story 9/10
Wow! Finally a original story not based on the movies itself! It is not easy to see much effort is used in designing the story. You will for once submerge yourself into this sci-fi world, playing hours non-stop just to unfold the story bit by bit. I have heard so many people saying that the story itself is even better than all of the SW movies.

Replayability 8/10
Freedom of choice to choose between the light and dark side give you some freedom, but for most part, there will be a certain degree of linearity in this game. You will want to play the game twice, only twice. The first time as the light side, the second time as the dark side or vice versa.

Overall 9/10
Every game has their flaws, which is why I find it so hard to give any game a perfect 10. But then despite some of the evident flaws, KOTOR is much more than a worthy game for you pick it up from the store and have fun for 40 hours of gameplay. You will not regret it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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