Review by JoepvanDeutekom

"A awesome game, only a few flaws"

When i first played this game i really think that it is horrible. But i spend 50 $ on this game, so i have to play trough. But how longer i played, how more i understand it. And how more i enjoyed this game. When i played 2 hours i really couldn't stop anymore. Happy for me, because i spend 50 $ on it :) I hope that you like this review.

Graphics - 100/100

Oh, Oh, Oh, this are really the best graphics i ever seen. (if you have a very good computer, because u need one) And i have a very good computer. If you walk trough the first city u realy think... WoW! And later in the game if you have a lightsaber, the graphics are even better!

Sound 97/100

The sound is just...Fantastic! The sound of the planes, the sound of the lightsabers... it give you a really great Starwars feeling. Voice acting is very good to. (Specialy the aliens!). The only thing is that humen voices sometimes are a little bit ''normal''.

Gameplay 98/100

If you play first, u start creating a character. You can choose: Scoundrel, Scout, Soldier, and 3 more. Then u must pick a portret and choose your attributes: Strenght, Defense, Health, Inteligents, Wisdom and Charisma.
Then u play. Fighting system is a little bit hard to understand, but if u get it u like it :) All your actions affect if u become Light or Dark.

Replay 81/100

Ah, first i buyed this game because u can choose light or dark side. This is really fun to. U play this game a few times and then it get bored. The thing i dont like, is that you can only advance to level 20. If u are to the end of the game and u are allready level 20. U disslike that u cant advance anymore.

Length 85/100

The length of the game itself is not realy long 15-20 hours. But if you play it 5 or 6 times that is more then 100 hours of gameplay, thats why its not bad at all!
So realy bad isnt the lenght.

Overal 9/10

This is a fun game overall. Buy it, love it. If u buy it right press on update, then u dont see as much bugs as i did the first time i played. I hope there comes a longer expansion pack. That takes longer to finish it ones. But this is still one of the best games i ever played!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/22/04

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