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"One of the best games I've ever played"

I'm just going to call this KotOR from now on, like most people do. Now, let me say something straight off, I'm not the biggest RPG fan. I love my SNES RPGs, but other than that, I haven't played one in about 5 years. When I first heard about this game, I thought, "eh, it's just a Star Wars RPG, what's the point?" I was VERY wrong, though. This is not just a Star Wars RPG, it's THE Star Wars RPG. It's possibly THE Star Wars game. At any rate, let's get to the reviewing.

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics are very pretty, especially the cutscenes. It's not Doom 3, and the lip syncing isn't Half-Life 2's, but it's good nonetheless. The cutscenes are beautiful, although it's too bad they weren't a bit longer, because they were awesome. Other than that, no real complaints about the graphics. Although I do wonder why male twi'lek head tails are the only shiny surface in the game.

Sound: 10/10
Basically, the sounds are all from Star Wars, and we all love the Star Wars sounds. The battle music and everything is from Star Wars, too. It's all really great, especially the lightsaber sound effects. When I was playing this game the day I got it, somebody actually came in the room and said, "Hey, you watching Star Wars?" They were a bit disappointed that I wasn't, but then they got enthralled with the game and actually went out and got it themselves. Most of the time, you only notice sound when it's bad, and you rarely notice good sound, but KotOR seems to be a welcomed exception.

Story: 10/10
To put it bluntly, this is the BEST STORY IN ANYTHING EVER. It's like 10 Star Wars movies rolled into one, and they don't have lines like "Are you an angel?" or "Me'sa so happy to see you'sa." Also, I have to admit that I learned more about the Star Wars universe from this game than any of the movies. Plus, there are so many outcomes to every situation that you have to play the game about 5 times to get it all. And what's more, the story is really long, and it's the good kind of long. This is one of the rare games where, when it ends, you want to keep playing just to find out what will happen next.

Gameplay: 10/10
This brings up the gameplay. The pacing of the game is perfect, despite what others may say. I didn't find it slow in any places. Also, you're never absurdly outgunned, (except maybe at the end of the game if your character is really messed up, say, a consular with high strength) but you're never really taking down enemies so easily that you don't even think. (Well, okay, that happens a lot, but when you're the most powerful guy in the GALAXY, you're going to take down the other guys pretty easily.) Also, the playing is really smooth and nice. The conversations are traditional Bioware, with the numbered choices. It's entertaining to try out all the different options, even if you have to play the game at least twice to do it. This isn't a game where you'll click through the conversations as fast as you can. Also, the battling is really fun. It can be a bit daunting to people who haven't played with the D20 system before, but you can figure it out pretty quickly. Another nice thing is that the game felt a bit reminiscent of AD&D in the Star Wars universe, without the fat guys arguing about wood elves and whatnot. It was a really fun experience.

So, what more can I say? This is a Star Wars game, it has so much stuff that I can't even think of it all, and can't put it all here. Heck, the weapon upgrading is almost a game in itself, seeking out lightsaber crystals across the galaxy. Any Star Wars fan should get this game if they haven't already. Even if you aren't a big RPG fan, you should like this. I'm not the biggest RPG guy myself, but I simply couldn't stop playing this game. I didn't even finish about half the side quests I could have in my first run through, and I still played for at least 40 hours. So, definitely get this game, especially if you like Star Wars. The ONLY disappointment I can think of with this game is that it had to end; I really wanted to keep playing for another 1000 hours and just keep going from planet to planet, but we all know that can't happen.

Final Score: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/06/05

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