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    FAQ/Walkthrough by wisher21

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    Walkthrough for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, PC version
    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon is copywright 2001 by UbiSoft
    Written/ copywright wisher21(Ben Racine).  All rights reserved.
    This guide is free, and you may freely disseminate it in whatever media you
    chose, so long as it stays free.   All I ask is that you  is you  leave the
    guide completely intact, and ask me for permission before posting this guide
    on your site by sending me an email.  My contact info can be found at the end
    of the guide.  The most recent version will always be up first at
    www.neoseeker.com is prohibited from using this guide in any form whatsoever.
    1.   Tips/ General Strategy
    2.   Main walkthrough/plot summary  by mission
    3.   Cheat codes
    4.   References
    5.   Contact info
    To  patch or not to patch?   I feel sorry for those of you on dialup who
    either bought this game right when it came out, or picked up an old copy at a
    store.  The patch weighs in at over 40 meg, and will take you an eternity to
    download.  I personally didn't patch the game, and the only trouble I had was
    a cross indexing issue if you have a large number of saved games.  If you can
    deal with that, then don't patch.  It's just not worth the effort.  Of course,
    if you have cable/dsl go ahead.  You can find the patch at
    Tips/ General Strategy
    This isn't Doom.  This is a tactial first person covert-ops game, and as such
    has a few conventions
    Save often.  Make multiple saves.  I rarely mention saving in the Walkthrough,
    but you should remember to  save after completing objectives, or at any
    critical point.  I think a few people are confused about saving/ loading so
    I'll just mention that briefly.  To save at any point, bring up the menu by
    pressing (esc), and press the save button.  To load a saved position, bring up
    the menu, press quit, then from the main menu press campaign, resume campaign,
    then select load saved game and choose your save.  You can only quick load/
    quick save without exiting the mission.
     Don't waste ammo.  I can't stress this enough.  Don't waste ammo.  Especially
    with your snipers and demolitions specialists, you can't afford to miss many
    shots.  If that enemy at 300 yards you thought you had pegged with your M24
    sniper rifle is still alive after you've fired a whole clip past his head,
    consider reloading a save and perfecting your aim.    Same goes for demolition
    charges, and other weapons to a lesser degree.
    Manual control.  Even with the latest patch, you'll need to switch to manual
    if you want your teams to make it through tough spots.  Under AI control your
    teams will entertain you with many acts of extreme stupidity, including (but
    not limited to) walking into the path of enemy fire,  walking in front of
    friendly fire, or continuing to advance under fire.
    Snipe enemies.  Take them out from a long distance, and shoot carefully. 
    Before the enemy notices you, you have all the  time you want to take that
    perfect shot.  If you miss, they start running/ taking cover and shooting
    back, so make that first shot count. 
    Look around.  One of the main reasons I like snipers so much is for
    reconnaisance.  By pressing R, you can zoom in and sight enemies you otherwise
    couldn't see well enough to draw a bead on.  Also good for scanning ahead. 
    Press R again to unzoom.  
    Get the drop on your enemy.  If your enemy hasn't seen you yet, and you have
    the opportunity to put a bullet in the brain, take it.  Just don't miss- one
    shot is usually enough to kill you.
    Press x to go from standing to crouch (press x twice to crawl, c to stand back
    up in stages).  By walking in a crouching stance, you sacrifice a little
    speed, but are much harder to hit.  Also, by having your teams in recon mode
    (press 7), your teams walk in a crouch.  Recommended.
    Check your map often.  By pressing Left Shift and bringing up your map, you'll
    often be able to see enemies earlier than any other way.  As soon as you're
    close enough to see the enemy, they'll show up as red diamonds on the map.  
    Strafe around corners (A and D)
    Nightvision.  Even if it's not night, when you turn on your nightvision (press
    v), your enemies will be highlighted.  Much easier to spot them.  
    Any time you hear 'enemy spotted' or something similar,  immediately press 4
    (hold position) and then  switch to that team.  Save your game in a new slot,
    and take out the enemy.
    Some weapons sight differently than others.  Depending on the character/
    weapon you're using, you may need to stop moving to take a shot.  The rectiles
    will slowly move towards the centre of the screen- when they are all the way
    at the centre of the crosshairs, you have the most accurate shot.  You can
    take shots without waiting for an exact centre, but with less accuracy.  Some
    weapons don't require you to hold your position to take a shot.  The weapons
    which do are the M136, and many of the heavy  'specialist' weapons on the
    unlocked heroes.  
    Walkthrough/ Strategy guide
    Each mission will have a set of clearly defined mission objectives and an 'X'
    or e(X)tra objective.  By completing the X objective, you will unlock new
    specialists for your team, with good stats and a special weapon.   When you
    load up a new mission, listen to the briefing, and pay attention to the
    objectives.  When you're in the briefing, also switch over to the command map
    by clicking on it, and  take note of your insertion point as well as where
    your mission objectives are located.  Movement is fairly slow in this game,
    and wasting time traveling from point to point will get you or your allies
    This walkthrough is written for recruit difficulty.  The main difference as
    you increase the difficulty levels will be more enemies.  That's about it. 
    You may want to change your strategies from those listed here depending on
    your particular playing style.  
    You'll notice there is much more detail on enemy placement in the first few
    missions.  This is intentional-  I'm hoping that as you progress through the
    game you'll need less and less help.  All critical points are mentioned,
    nothing is left out.  The number of enemies and where they're at will change
    at different difficulty levels, so adjust accordingly.
    Commands are mentioned once, and from then on I assume you know how to execute
    that command.  
    I use a lone sniper on team C in almost every mission.   Why?  because with a
    sniper, you can peg enemies from 300 yards out or more.  I spend about 80% of
    my time in a mission using my sniper under manual control, picking off enemies
    (often groups of four or more at a time) and recon.  This makes most of the
    missions (on recruit difficulty esp.) extremely easy imo.  If you're looking
    for more of a challenge, either don't use snipers under manual control, or
    bump the difficulty a notch. 
    One last note about the missions-  Many of the missions have a 'return to
    insertion point' objective.  Often, simply killing all enemies and completing
    all other objectives will end the mission as well, and you won't have to make
    that dangerous trip back to the insertion point.  It pays to be thorough and
    kill all the enemies.
    Mission 1- Iron Dragon
    South Ossetian Autonomous Region
         Plot summary:
            At the request of the republic of Georgia, your team has been deployed
    to deal with rebels on the Russian border.  The mission will be taking place
    in remote wilderness and small enclaves in the 'South Ossetian Autonomous
    region.'    Your job is basically to stop the revolution before it begins,
    heading off a full scale military conflict.  You will do this by raiding the
    rebel base in the Caucusus Mountains, killing all of Papashvili's troops, and
    then taking Papashvili into custody (if you can).
           Objectives- 1.  Neutralize Tent Camp Troops
                       2.  Secure the Caves
                        3.  Return to Insertion Zone
                        X - Capture Papashvili  (unlock Will Jacobs- rifleman)
           Recommended team-  Not too critical.  I highly recommend at least one
    sniper; this level is wide open and easy to pick off enemies at a distance. 
    For most missions, I personally use two snipers, one in team B with two other
    support members (either support, demolition, or rifleman) and one in team C
    alone.  Team A varies depending on the mission.  But at recruit level, team
    selection isn't going to be too critical.  The default party usually works
         You begin this mission at the Insertion Point, in the lower righthand
    corner of the map.    Switch between your three teams by pressing 1, 2, or 3
    for teams A, B, or C  respectively.    Switch  to team 3 (your lone sniper).  
    Head North a little bit and West with your sniper (crouch by pressing x).  You
    want to move to a point just East of an enemy outpost.  You'll see a  lone
    soldier walking around behind a barricade   The barricade will  show up to the
    left and down of a little mark on your map (Left Shift button, or Tab).   Zoom
    in  (R) and take out the enemy.  There will  be another two hostiles in this
    area, take them out with your sniper as well.    Move your sniper just North
    of the three enemies you just took out, slowly.  Look up, and notice the
    outpost on the hill.  Zoom in and take out the lone enemy there with a shot.  
    Press 7 to switch teams A and B to recon mode.  Be ready to switch to teams A,
    and B (using 1 or 2) when they spot the enemy, take them out,  and then switch
    back to your sniper
    Send A, B teams around the southern edge of the map to about 1/3 up the map
    and 1/3 from the west edge of the map (roughly where your sniper is currently
          While they're walking to where your sniper was, move your sniper West
    towards the edge of the map.  Be careful here- you'll see one enemy outpost. 
    Kill the enemy from a distance, but be careful - two more enemies will
    approach from the North, walking down the hill.  Walk straight North with your
    lone sniper, towards the caves.  Slowly crouch to the East, towards the
    entrance.  There will be a lone soldier here hiding behind a boulder.  Take
    him out, turn on your nightvision (v), switch to your M9 (press ` ) and enter
    the caves.  This will accomplish two objectives-  Securing the caves, and the
    X objective capturing Papashvili.  There's no real easy way to do this, but
    it's not really that hard either.  Just requires a little luck.  Take out the
    two guards wandering around the caves.   There's one guard at the right
    entrance to the caves.   Then you'll see a room in the back,  and an enemy
    with a beard staring right at you.  That's Papashvili.  He'll try to kill you,
    but you're not supposed to shoot him (if you want to complete the X
    objective).     You need to take out his last guard, who is to the left of
    Papashvili.  The trick is to advance far enough  so that you can see the enemy
    to the left and shoot him without getting killed by Papashvili.  Just reload a
    few times and you'll get it.   After you kill all of his guards, Papashvili
    will stop attacking.  Run into him to take him prisoner.   Two objectives
    down, two to go. 
          Send your lone sniper who's been doing all this work back the way he
    came, back to the insertion point.   I would control this manually.  You'll
    encounter a few more guards as you exit the caves.  Don't just go running out
    of the cave.  Wait a bit at the entrance to see if any enemies are near.  If
    there are, take them out.   Since you've killed all the guards along the way,
    he'll  most likely be safe on his way back.  Now advance your teams A and B to
    the enemy camp.  Use your other sniper on team B, kill what guards you can
    from a distance, and take the rest out.  Head back to the insertion point, and
    you're done.  If you want, you can attack the Camp while your sniper is
    working on the  Caves.  Be careful on your way back to the insertion point;
    you may encounter a few enemies.  If you're on the easiest difficulty level,
    you'll probably not even need to assault the camps- your sniper will complete
    the objective just by killing the guards as he leaves the caves.  I finished
    this mission using one sniper almost entirely.
    Mission 2 - Eagle Smoke
    South Ossetian Autonomous Region
        Plot Summary:
            The Navy has been flying aerial missions against rebel outposts from
    its aircraft carriers in the Black Sea.  An F-18 has been shot down, and the
    pilot/ weapons officer have been captured.  They're being held for
    interrogation at a farm near the crash site.   Your mission is to retrieve the
    flight crew, and if possible destroy the plane.  
       Mission  Objectives - 1.  Rescue Pilot
                             2.  Resue W. Officer
                             3.  Get to the Extraction Zone
                             X. Destroy Avionics (unlock Henry Ramirez- rifleman)
     Recommended team- By default, you need to have a demolitions specialist to
    blow up the plane (asssuming you want to complete the X objective).  I used
    one demo and a support on team B.  I also recommend at least a lone sniper on
    team C, and the rest either support/rifleman or another sniper.
         This mission is very straightforward, just like the last one.   You start
    in the upper-right hand corner.  Turn on your nightvision, and head to the
    South with team C.  When  you get halfway to the stream on the map, you'll run
    into a few hostiles.  Set all teams to recon.  Send team A to where team C is. 
      Send team  B  (with your demo) all the way West to the Crash site.  Continue
    past to the  first objective, the barn with the Pilot.  Hold position away
    from the Barn, switch to your lone sniper, and take out all the enemies.  Be
    careful about the hostiles in the barn- one of those is the pilot.  Kill all
    enemies, but don't touch the pilot just yet.  Leave team A here with the
    pilot.  Team B is probably getting close to the crash site by now; if not,
    keep monitoring them for signs of the enemy, and be ready to switch over to
    team B when they do.  
          Move your sniper to the next hostage, the W. officer  in the house to
    the West of the barn.  Be careful, and take out the enemies as you see them. 
    There is one upstairs guarding the hostage that you can take out from through
    the outside window.  Be careful when you enter the house, and especially when
    you go upstairs- there's another hostile waiting for you in the room straight
    ahead.  Since you already killed the hostage's guard from outside, he's left
    unguarded.  In the meantime, team B has likely run into some enemies near the
    crash site.  Take them out, and blow the plane.  You can do this one of two
    ways- manually, or by setting the waypoint exactly at the plane and the AI
    will automatically do it for you.  If you decide to plant the charge manually,
    you need to place the charge in the cockpit.  This may complete the mission
    (if you've killed all the enemies).  Otherwise, run into the pilot and the W.
    officer, and proceed with caution back to the insertion point.
    Mission 3 - Stone Bell
    South Ossetian Autonomous Region
    Kudos to rob@headshotgaming.com for some of the strategy in this section!
       Plot summary:  
            Three Russian armoured tank divisions have crossed the border into the
    Repulic of Georgia, and Russia has condemned the US for meddling in private
    'regional affairs.'  Your orders are to aid the Georgian amy in any way you
    can.  Your first priority is to slow down the main armoured division headed
    for Tbilisi.   You also need to prevent the Georgian command post from being
        Mission Objectives- 1.  Destroy Northeast Patrol
                            2.  Destroy Southwest Patrol
                            3.  Prevent HQ Breach
                            X.  No NATO casualties (unlock Nigel Tunney- demo)
        Recommended- Team A- Rifleman/ Support/ Demo (with M136)
                     Team B- Demo (with M136/ Support)
                     Team C- Sniper
            This level will change a lot depending on what you do,  so I can't
    just give you a general hit by hit walkthrough.  It will be somewhat different
    every time you load this scenario.   This is one of the most challenging maps;
    you have to move fast, and can't make a whole lot of mistakes.   Keeping that
    in mind, there are several dos and dont's in this level.    This will be your
    first time using the M136 "tank killer."  A brief word on that.  When you
    switch to this weapon, you need to stay still and wait for the sight to centre
    on target before you can take a shot.  The crosshair will switch to opaque
    green when you're clear to shoot.  The briefing said three tanks, but you will
    only encounter two on Novice.   Also, watch out for enemies sneaking around
    and ambushing your teams.  They can and will attack from all directions in
    this level.  Be careful so your NATO forces don't get killed- they can take
    care of themselves for the most part, but if they are under fire, send in one
    of your closest teams to clear out the enemy.
            There are a few things you need to do within the first four minutes or
    so.   The third objective, preventing an HQ breach, is the first one to be
    completed.   Leave team C on watch near the HQ.  You need to get team A down
    in the valley in the South part of the map, and team B up above on the train
    tracks over the valley.  You want team A about halfway between the
    Southernmost part of the road and the bridge across.   Be very careful when
    moving team B into position- there are enemies set up all over- especially
    across the tracks to the West.  Leave team B on the tracks, but to the East of
    the valley.  You just need to be in a good position to attack the tanks when
    they start rolling in from the North.  If you have time, go ahead and venture
    out on the tracks to the West, and pick off some of the enemies down in the
    valley.  Also watch out for possible snipers to your upper right along the
    ridge.  When it gets to around 4 minutes game time, switch both of your demo
    characters to the M136.  Shoot down one tank from team B, then switch to team
    A.  Advance with team A  and take out the other tank.    After you finish off
    the tanks, it's pretty easy.    You'll finish the first two objectives  ( NE
    and SW patrols)  just by picking off the few remaining hostiles to complete
    the mission.   Might have to reload a few times on this one.  I highly
    recommend you play this level until you can complete the X objective and
    unlock Nigel Tunney- he is the most valuable specialist in the game imo.
    Mission 4 - Black Needle
    Republic of Georgia
        Plot summary:
             The Georgians have temporarily stopped the Ruskies, but aren't going
    to be able to resist for long.  The president and upper level government have
    fled the country to set up government in absentia.  British support forces
    near Ahmeta are stranded, and you're being sent to rescue them.  
    Mission Objectives- 1.  Secure the Crossroads
                        2.  Contact UN troops
                        3.  Return to Extraction Zone
                        X.  Keep UN soldiers alive (unlock Jack Stone- sniper)
    Recommended- Team A- rifleman/rifleman/support
                 Team B- support/sniper
                 Team C-sniper
            The insertion point is in the Northeast corner of the lower 'island.' 
    This level is separated into two areas, divided by a bridge.  Take your
    sniper, and advance towards the bridge.  Snipe the enemy in the near guard
    tower.  Now bring up your support teams A and B.  Switch to one of your
    support members, and advance across the bridge.  Go to town on the guard tower
    across the way- this enemy crouches down, and is hard to snipe.  Much easier
    to bring him down with heavy machinegun fire.  Feel free to lob grenades or
    frags at him if you have them.  Cross the bridge, first with your lone sniper. 
    The rest of this level is pretty much a turkey shoot- just be careful when
    attacking enemies crouched just over ridges.  Just  past the bridge,   find
    the enemy in front of the rightmost building.    Take out that enemy, then
    quickly move your view to in front of the leftmost building and take out that
    enemy.  One more enemy will appear near the middle building.  Send team A 
    down the road to the Southwest to check for stragglers, , while taking your
    sniper North and team B  Northeast towards the UN troops hunting for remaining
    enemies.   Just remember the whole point of this mission is to save the UN
    troops- if you spot enemies moving towards the peacekeepers,  kill them before
    they ruin your mission.   Advance towards the  UN troop contact point, and
    you're  done if you've killed all the enemies.  If not, proceed with caution
    to the extraction zone.
    Mission 5- Gold Mountain
    Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
        Plot summary:
             The majority of US forces have already evacuated the area.  You are
    one of the last forces to leave.  The Navy is running a shuttle between the US
    embassy and the USS Ronald Regan in the Black sea.  Two hours from now, the
    last Seahawk will be leaving, with or without your team.  On your way to the
    rendevous, you are to investigate the crash site of a downed Seahawk, and
    check for casualties.  Avoid killing civilians.
    Mission Objectives- 1.  Secure the bank
                        2.  Investigate the Crash Site
                        3.  Go to the Extraction Zone
                        X.  Avoid Civilian Casualties (unlock Guram Osadze-
    Recommended- Team A rifleman/support
                 Team B demo/support/sniper
                 Team C sniper
           Team C on point, as usual.  First head Northeast towards the bank.  Hug
    the right side of the street, advance slowly.  As soon as you get the bank in
    sight, turn on nightvision.  Zoom in on the second window up on the right side
    of the bank.  Snipe that enemy.  Advance, hugging the right side wall, until
    you are alongside the building directly South of the bank.  Snipe the enemies
    at the door of the bank.    There will be another enemy to the left of the
    bank, and another small group will approach from East of the bank.  Bring
    teams A and B up as soon as you hear 'Secure bank complete.'    You have two
    choices here- depending on how fast you've been moving, there may or may not
    be a group of enemies waiting in ambush at the next building to the East of
    the bank (right before the road turns North).  You can either go through that
    building with team C and head them off, or run past before they get there and
    approach them when you get around the building.  I usually head into the
    building with my sniper and head them off.  Advance team C to the East, all
    the way to the wall.  
         Advance North, picking off enemies.  Head around to the front of the
    Extraction Zone building with team C, keeping low and close to the building
    (the front of the building faces West).  Pick off hostiles as you see them,
    then head straight out from the front door of the building, slowly.  Turn
    around, zoom in, and snipe the enemies on the roof.  Bring teams A and B to
    your position, keeping behind of team C.  Advance to the North, looking out
    for enemies.   There is an enemy in the building directly North of the
    Extraction Zone (turn on nightvision, he's in a 2nd floor window).  Now when
    you get to the edge of the buildings in line with the Crash Site, peek around
    the edge and snipe the enemies near the crash site (West of your position). 
    Go to the crash site, completing that objective.  Take teams A and B on auto
    to the Extraction Site.  Follow with team C on manual, watching out for any
    remaining enemies.  Get all team members on the helipad, and you're done.
            On higher levels of difficulty, you will encounter a tank on this
    Mission 6- Witch Fire
    Izborsk, Russia
             Plot summary:  
                 President Arbatov has issued a statement 'welcoming' the Republic
    of Georgia into the new Russian Democratic Union.  No one is recognizing the
    annexation- the Georgian government in absentia has issued a strong rebuttal
    from their offices in Geneva, and the US, UK, and Germany have all issued
    statements condemning the Russian invasion.  Top Military intelligence
    believes that Arbatov and his generals are preparing to move troops through
    Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.  You are being sent to gather intelligence
    about the upcoming invasion.  The Russians have set up a HQ at Izborsk, an old
    medieval fortress a few miles from the border into Georgia.  You are to
    recover any evidence describing their battle plans.  There is also a command
    station in the castle (don't let them call for backup).  Also you are
    instructed to take out a nearby SAM site.
    Mission Objectives- 1.  Gather Intel from SW house
                        2.  Gather Intel from NE house
                        3.  Get to the Extraction Zone
                        X.  Destroy SAM site (unlock Susan Grey- demo)
    Recommended -  Team A rifleman/support/rifleman
                   Team B support/demo/sniper (silenced weapon)
                   Team C sniper
            Lots of enemies crawling around this map.  Also note that they got the
    directions wrong- the SW house is in the SE and the NE house is actually in
    the NW.   I suggest you move slowly and deliberately to avoid any casualties
    on your team.    First thing, send team C on manual recon North.  We're going
    to head North and take out the SAM.  Bring team C to the road South of the
    SAM.  When you can see exactly where the SAM is, bring team B (your demo) up
    to the position of your lone sniper.   Switch to you demo, change to the M136,
    sight and take out the SAM.  One down, two to go.  Head East toward the
    entrance to the compound with team C. When you're still a good ways away, as
    soon as you can see enemies with your long range sight on your sniper rifle
    start picking them off.  Make sure you've gotten all of them, and enter the
    compound.   Head to the NW  on your map (the NE house).  Pick off the enemies
    inside the houses as you go around them to the NW.  About this time, a team of
    four enemies will probably enter from your West.  Don't let them get the drop
    on you.  Take them out, enter the NE house and complete that objective.  Send
    teams A and B to the SW entrance of the compound.  Have your sniper double
    back, and send him to where teams A and  B are headed, then out and around to
    the SW house (SE on your map).  Again, keep your distance, advancing slowly, 
    picking  off enemies as you go.  Send Team B into the compound to clear out
    any enemies you missed with your sniper.  Clear out the SW compound with your
    sniper, and send all teams to the Extraction Zone.
    Mission 7- Paper Angel
    Lubana River, Latvia
          Plot summary:  
            The Russians have gone on the offensive earlier than expected.  Recon
    has shown two main forces- one along the coast to Tallinn and the other is
    going by Izborsk to Riga.  Command is doing their best to muster a force from
    NATO bases in Germany, but won't be there in time.  Your mission is to blow
    the bridge, and eliminate the Camp Garrison if you can.  HQ recommends you
    don't launch a frontal assault on the force protecting the bridge.
    Mission Objectives- 1. Destroy the East Pylon
                        2. Destroy the West Pylon
                        3.  Get to the Extraction Zone
                        X.  Eliminate the Camp Garrison (unlock  Klaus Henkel-
    Recommended- Team A demo(charges)/support            
                 Team B demo(Nigel Tunney)/support/sniper
                 Team C sniper
    Note- There are four tanks to down in this mission.  You have two choices-
    either take Nigel Tunney, and don't miss any of them, or equip two demo.
    specialists with M136's in addition to your demo with charges.  I prefer using
    Nigel Tunney, since the shots are easy, and otherwise you need three demos. 
    If it makes you nervous having four shots for four tanks, take two demos with
    M136's.  You also need charges on one of your demos (it won't let you start
    the mission otherwise).    
            This mission is a lot of fun imo.  Takes a while, quite a few enemies,
    but an interesting environment and well animated river/ waterfall make it
    worthwhile.  Head South with team C, and in a little bit you'll go over a
    ridge and sight a group of enemies with your scope.  Take them out. 
    Continuing South, you'll see an entrance to the West that leads to the river. 
    Snipe the few enemies down in that area.  Bring team B and A up near your
    sniper.  Continue South and a little West to near the bridge.  
              You'll see a fairly large group of enemies near the East side of the
    bridge.  Now you can take these all out with your sniper, but be careful- you
    can't afford to miss many shots or you'll get pegged.  After you clear out the
    force around the Eastern tanks, switch to Nigel Tunney on team B.  Bring him
    up to near where your sniper is (close enough so you have a clean shot at the
    tanks).  Switch to his tank killer and take out both tanks, one shot each. 
    Bring team A  to near where you're set up.  Leave teams A and B back from the
    bridge a bit, set to recon.  Switch to team C and go manual with your sniper. 
    Edge closer to the bridge, slowly.  Turn on your scope and sight the hostiles
    across the way.  Kill  them, and bring your sniper back East a bit, away from
    the bridge.   Switch to Nigel Tunney again, and move him to just North of the
    bridge, and a little ways to the East.  Sight the tank across the way, and
    launch a rocket.  One tank left.  Bring Nigel to the bridge, and walk out on
    the bridge just a bit.  Sight the remaining tank, and launch your last rocket. 
    If you're not sure of the exact position of any of the tanks, change to your
    sniper and zoom in to get an exact position. 
             Switch to your team A demo.  Now, to take out the bridge you have to
    blow the pylons on the East and West sides, one charge for each.    You have
    to get up under the bridge to do this, and you only have one person with two
    charges.  So do your best to keep them alive, or it's game over.  To get under
    the East side of the bridge, walk South past the bridge with your team B demo.
    under manual control.  Head around to the pylon, switch to your charge, and
    you're done.   If you took out the enemies at the Northern entrance to the
    river like I suggested, you won't encounter any resistance- otherwise, expect
    a few enemies down here. Walk back up, pausing for a moment of quiet
    reflection by the waterfall.  Take team C  over the bridge for some recon.  It
    should be safe at this point to bring all your teams over to the West side of
    the bridge.  The path to the West pylon is a ways North.  Put team C on point
    and head North, sniping any enemies in the way of the path to the pylon.  Take
    Team B and head that way.  Plant the charge, and head back up.  While team B
    is en route, take your sniper and team A and go hunting.  All that's left is
    to pick off any remaining opposition near the enemy camp for the X objective. 
    Finish that, meet up at the Extraction Zone, and you're done.
    Mission 8 - Zebra Straw
    Venta, Lithuania
            Plot summary:  
                  The first Armoured Division has stopped the Russian advance, but
    won't be able to hold the line very long without reinforcements.  The cavalry
    is on the way up the coast, but won't arrive until tomorrow.  If the Russians
    attack in the meantime, it's likely they'll break through.  The main Russian
    force is set up near the small Lithuanian village Venta.  Your mission is to
    take out their artillery.  Your insertion point is near an abandoned farm West
    of town.  Establish a perimeter, hold the farm until you see allied tanks, 
    link up and head into the village.  Clear out the village, proceed to the
    artillery  and take it out.  
    Mission Objectives- 1.  Secure the Village
                        2.  Destroy East Artillery
                        3.  Destroy North Artillery
                        X.  Protect Friendly Tank (unlock Buzz Gordon- rifleman)
    Recommended- Team A demo (Nigel Tunney)/ support
                 Team B demo (M136)/support/rifleman
                 Team C sniper
          Not so bad, but you have to move very fast on this level- expect a lot
    to happen in 30 seconds.  Also expect to come under fire a lot- this map is
    crawling with enemies from all directions.  Don't let your guard down.  There
    are two enemy tanks on this level, one NW of town and one SW.  If you attack
    the level this way,  your tank will take care  of them.    At the very
    beginning, you're going to have two groups of enemies- one approaching from
    the North, one from the East.   Set all teams to recon.  Take team C, advance
    North to the road, taking out enemies as you go, then head East (to avoid
    drawing fire from the N  and S tanks,  walk in between them) and  take out the
    group of enemies in the house W of town.   Move to the house where you just
    killed all the enemies when you're sure they're all dead.   As you finally
    approach town, take out the enemies there in groups, proceeding from building
    to building for cover.  The other way is much trickier- take a demo with tank
    killers and shoot the tanks.  Teams A and B should be able to deal with the
    enemies from the East (if not, switch to manual).  
           Be ready to switch manually to any team at any point.    You have
    roughly four minutes to secure the town before your tank gets there.   If you
    haven't killed all the enemies in the village by that point, your tank will be
    destroyed.  After you've secured the town, you can finish the rest of the
    level at a much more leisurely pace.   Once the town is secure, take team B
    and head to the South waypoint at the village on auto.  Send team A towards
    the East artillery on auto.  Take your demo team A the rest of the way towards
    the East artillery, and launch a missle at the gun.  Send team B towards the
    Northern artillery, team C on point, take out that gun as well.   That's
    really all there is to this level, but actually getting this all done without
    losing a man is tricky.  Just save often, and take out as many groups of
    enemies at long range as you can.  If one of your teams is under fire,  have
    all your teams hold, switch to the team in danger, then start moving again. 
    In my game, the town was secured by 5 minutes in, and at 8 minutes the mission
    was over.   You need to get to the town and have all the enemies in town gone
    within four or five minutes or you'll lose the tank.  
    Mission 9- Blue Storm
    Nereta Swamp, Latvia
           Plot summary: 
                 The 1st armoured division is preparing for an invasion as soon as
    there's a break in the weather. You're being sent behind enemy lines to
    disrupt communications before the attack.  Your target is a Russian
    communication post on the border of Lithuania and Latvia, in Nereta Swamp.   
    There are three main islands to clear.  It is suspected that the main outpost
    is on the Eastern island, but your orders are to sweep all three to be sure. 
    Try to capture the C.O. alive if possible- he may have information.
    Mission Objectives- 1.  Clear Northern Island
                        2.  Clear Eastern Island
                        3.  Clear Western Island
                        X.  Capture Russian Officer (unlock Lindy Cohen- rifleman)
    Recommended- Team A support/demo
                 Team B support/rifleman/sniper
                 Team C sniper
          This level is both extremely easy and maddeningly frustrating.  Clearing
    the islands is extremely easy- there aren't many enemies, you can take them
    all out from a distance, and have ample cover.  However, completing the X
    objective, capture the Russian Officer, is another story.  It's easy, it's
    just very poorly implemented.  After looking through a bunch of Ghost Recon
    forums (including the offical forum at www.ghostrecon.com) I stumbled upon
    www.theplatoon.com, which suggested this method to capture the Officer-do this
    before you do anything else, exactly like this, or it's not likely to work. 
    This is the only way I was successful in capturing the Officer.
           Head North with team C (your one man sniper).  All the sections on the
    map that are black are deep water (cannot cross).  Head around the first
    blackwater section to the NorthWest, and head straight North again just a bit. 
    Turn on your scope, and face NE.  You're looking for a bunker on the East
    island encampment.  See the soldier hiding in the bunker?  Good.  Kill him. 
    Wait a bit for his friends to see what all the commotion is about, and kill
    them too.  Important- don't kill anyone else on the island, don't go on the
    island, do exactly that.  Now head in a NW direction towards the point marked
    1. on your map.  You need to go around the blackwater and enter from the N. 
    Stay as far W as you can to avoid drawing any fire.  When you get around the N
    edge of the blackwater surrounding the point marked 1, turn and head W.  You
    should be able to spot a guy half crouched standing around looking foolish. 
    That's the officer.  Much as you'd like to, don't kill him.  Run into him, and
    if all goes well he should be captured.  If you try to capture him in any
    other way, you may be successful, but more likely you'll just get frustrated. 
    After you take him prisoner, move your sniper back to the insertion point and
    stay there, guarding the officer.
            Other than that, this level consists of nothing more than killing a
    handful of enemies on the three islands.  Surely you can do that if you've
    gotten this far.  Get creative- launch some rockets at them, try to take two
    out with one bullet, take funniest death screenshots, etc.
    Mission 10- Fever Claw
    Vilnius, Lithuania
                   Plot summary: 
                         The 1st armoured division has won a decisive victory at
    Utena and Rezekne; the Russians are retreating across the board.  You're being
    sent to Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital.  The Russians have control of it, and
    have since the conflict began.  Three allied tanks are being sent through the
    city to take control of the Presidential Palace and several other key
    locations.  Your job is to support the tanks by destroying enemy tanks and
    soldiers to prevent the allied tanks from being destroyed.
    Mission Objectives- 1.  Secure University Square
                        2.  Secure Presidential Palace
                        3.  Secure Cathedral Square
                        X.  No friendly tank casualties (unlock Astra Galinsky-
            Recommended- Team A demo (Nigel Tunney)/demo (M136)
                         Team B support/rifleman/sniper
                         Team C sniper
         There are seven tanks to destroy on this level.   You will need either
    Nigel Tunney and another demo, or  three demos, all with M136's.  I'd go with
    Nigel and a demo, but you can't miss any shots.  This is the most difficult
    mission imo.
          Right after this level loads, you need to start moving, and can't stop
    for at least the first six minutes.  You have roughly 45 seconds to get your
    demo team in position and blow the first of seven tanks.  45 seconds- keep
    that in mind.  Keep your demo team ahead of your tanks at all times, or you'll
    lose a tank.     Switch to your demo team, and quickly bring up your command
    map.  Send teams B and C (C especially) towards the SW corner of the
    Presidential Palace.  Turn on nightvision.  Take manual control of either
    Nigel Tunney or your other demo.  I'd use Nigel for his gun.  His SA80 works
    just like the M136- you need to stop moving briefly to take a shot.  Run
    forward,  keeping close to the right wall.  Bring up your scope, and pause
    briefly to take out at least two of the three enemies (the other one you can
    kill with the concussion from the rocket you're about to launch).  Staying
    near the right wall, switch to your tank killer, slowly edge forward and
    destroy the first tank,  located to your left (directly S of the Presidential
           Keep moving East, stay close to the right wall.  Hang back as you
    approach the next intersection, where the road turns to the North.  You have a
    few enemies to deal with here, and another tank.  Kill the enemies, switch
    weapons, and strafe East slowly until your demo says 'tank spotted.'   Quickly
    fire a rocket at the tank.  Head North, put team A on auto for a bit- send
    them around to the front of the Presidential Palace.   Switch to team C, and
    snipe enemies around the palace before your tanks arrive.  Mind the enemy tank
    on the front lawn- hang back a bit so you don't draw fire.   Switch back to
    team A, blow the tank.  Also notice the other enemy tank to the NW of the
    palace (on your right if you're facing the front of the palace)  Take out any
    remaining enemies in front of the palace (you'll know when it's clear).  All
    that remains on this level is some token resistance around a few corners,  
    and the showdown at Cathedral Square with the last three tanks.     On the
    last three tanks, remember that you need to switch to your other demo (Nigel
    will be out of rockets after the first four).
    Mission 11- Dream Knife
    Ljady, Russia
               Plot summary: 
                    The Russians have retreated back across the Latvian border. 
    Public support for the Ultranationalist party is dwindling, and there are
    rumours of an insurrection.  Your mission is a simple rescue.  Ten days ago,
    two US soldiers were captured when their jeep was ambushed near Ludza. 
    They're being held at a POW camp in Russia.   As one of the soldiers is the
    son of a senator, you're being sent in to retrieve them.  Security around the
    camp is tight- expect searchlights, and well armed guards.  It's suggested
    that you go in with silenced weapons, secure the guard post, get the soldiers,
    and get out.  Also, try to find Moroshkin- he's a major protester of the
    ultranationalist party, and the US wants him free to stir up trouble. 
    Moroshkin is being held in the infirmary.
    Mission Objectives- 1.  Secure an entrance
                        2.  Rescue NATO PoWs
                        3.  Go to the Extraction Zone
                        X.  Rescue Moroshkin (unlock Dieter Munz- support)
    Recommended- Team A demo/support/sniper
                 Team B support/sniper
                 Team C sniper
            All of your snipers should have silenced M9's.  Use your
    demo/support/sniper specialists if you have them.  This mission is all about
    stealth- the quieter you are,  the fewer enemies you're going to have to
    fight, and   the less trouble you're going to have.  If you make a lot of
    noise, or walk into certain well lit areas, you will trigger the alarm.  You
    can make it through this mission and only trigger the alarm one time- right
    when you save the POWs or Moroshkin.  Almost all shots in this mission should
    be taken using your snipers M9's.   Head S from the insertion point with team
    C, staying near the fence to avoid being spotted by the searchlight.  Take out
    the two guards near the N entrance, completing the first objective.  Turn back
    towards the NW, and take out the enemy that is approaching.  Open the door of
    the booth at the gate (directly facing the entrance) and take out that guard. 
    Bring teams A and B to your sniper.  Head to the door to the S of where you
    killed the two guards at the entrance.  Walk through the passage with team C,
    and you're on the other side of the first wall.  Snipe the guard to your left,
    edge forward a bit, and snipe the remaining two guards .  Switch to teams A
    and B on manual, and bring them to your lone sniper.  Move across to the
    second door leading to the inner perimeter and the POWs and    Moroshkin.  
           The POWs are in a line with one guard- the guard is on the right (zoom
    in w/ your M24 to check).  Take out the guard, and advance.  Move team C
    closer to where the POWs are at, but don't rescue them yet.  When you open the
    door to the POWs, you will sound the alarm  Move  teams A and B through the
    doorway to the inner perimeter.  Use team A as backup for teams B and C; leave
    them a  ways East of the POWs.  Take team B and move between the two
    buildings, across from the infirmary.  Take team C and head into the
    infirmary.  Move team A up closer to the POWs (stay back far enough to avoid
    the alarm).  This is the one hard part of the mission- you  have a guard to
    kill in the infirmary with team C, then rescue Moroshkin.  When you do this,
    you'll set off the alarm- sending several enemies to kill the POWs.  So move
    team C further into the infirmary, kill the guard, and switch to team A.  Open
    the door to the POWs, and rescue them  Your other members of team A and B
    should take care of the other hostiles.  The important thing is to avoid
    getting any POWs  or members of your team killed.  The AI does a pretty good
    job here of taking out the enemies- you shouldn't have much trouble.  Switch
    back to team C and pick up Moroshkin.  Now all you have to do is get everyone
    out alive.  Since you've killed most of the guards and been quiet, this
    shouldn't be that hard- you'll probably need to switch your teams to manual to
    get everyone through the buildings between areas.   I didn't encounter a
    single enemy the whole way on Recruit difficulty.   Once you get outside the
    compound, stay close to the wall or near the perimeter fence to avoid the
    alarm.  Get everyone to the Extraction Zone, and you're done!
    Mission 12- Ivory Horn
    Murmansk, Russia
              Plot summary:
                   Russia is in shambles.  Arbatov is likely dead, killed by the
    military as a scapegoat for the loss in the Baltic.  Most of the country is
    under martial law, with soldiers in the streets and strict curfews in all main
    cities.  Support for the Ultranationalist party is rapidly dwindling.    Your
    goal is to  get rid of any support for the coup by launching a series of raids
    against key military outposts that are supporting the Ultranationalists.  Your
    first target (this mission) is the naval base at Murmansk.  Take your
    ordinance operative, blow the sub pens, and any other targets that look
    Mission Objectives- 1.  Plant Demo in Sub Pen 51
                        2.  Plant Demo in Sub Pen 52
                        3.  Get to the Extraction Zone
                        X.  Plant Demo in Fuel Depot (unlock Scott Ibrahim-
    Recommended- Team A demo(Nigel Tunney)/ rifleman/ demo (with charges)
                 Team B demo(charges)/ support
                 Team C sniper
         This one I found to be a lot of fun.  As soon as you start this level,
    move team C  South just a little ways, and snipe the group of enemies on the
    boat.  Look straight South, and take out the two groups of enemies straight
    ahead.   Continue South, and bring up teams A and B.  Look out for a small
    group of enemies to your SE- standing near a tower with a crane attached to
    it.     Continue towards the crane, watch for a few enemies to the East of
    your position.   Climb up to the top of the tower, and scope around until you
    see the group of enemies standing outside a warehouse to the SW.  Kill them,
    and follow around to the NE corner.    You should be able to site a few more
    enemies- shoot them as well.  Wait for their buddies to arrive, and take them
          As soon as you've taken out about 12-18 enemies and no more are visible,
    head back down the tower.  Make sure you got them all- especially to your SW, 
    and around the base of the tower.    Bring teams A and B up near your
    position.  First we're going after Sub Pen 51.  Using team C on point, head
    West towards Sub Pen 51 with team  A close behind you.   As you near the first
    warehouse, check for any enemies you may have missed.   Leave  team  B near
    the tower to take out any enemies that wander by.  Take team C, head all the
    way to the West of the map, then up the ramp to the same level as the 
    warehouses.  Take your other team (the one right behind team C) and head down
    the other ramp, into the Sub Pen.  Either switch  manually to your demo and
    plant the charge on the Sub, (that big black mass to the S that you can't go
    around) or set your waypoint to the Sub Pen on your map and let the AI do it
    for you.  Move team C South, towards the Fuel Depot waypoint.  As soon as you
    can see the building with the car in front of it, hold your position, and
    snipe the enemy you can see through the glass.  Also take out the enemy on the
    ridge.  Bring team B up to your team C position, and head East up the ramp,
    continuing the rest of the way to the Fuel Depot.  The Fuel Depot is very
    lightly guarded- most likely  there will be just one enemy to take out,
    walking around near the East edge of the platform.  Plant a charge on the Fuel
    Depot (that funny looking cylinder) and head teams A and C North (down the
    ramp),  meeting up with team B. 
             Okay.  See the small building just North of here?  We're going to
    kill everyone in there with team C.  Watch out as you enter the South door-
    there's an enemy to the left of the door waiting to snipe you.  crouch down
    all the way, and if you have high enough stealth he won't notice you.  Take
    him out.  There's another enemy in the room with the open door visible from
    your entrance.  One last enemy is in the room left of the East exit.  Kill
    him, and go out the East door.  Snipe any enemies as you open to door. 
    Continue to the NE towards Sub Pen 52 with team C, and bring team A right
    behind you.   You're looking for a hangarlike entrance to the final Sub Pen.  
    Now,  if you killed all the enemies on the map up to this point, we're almost
    done.  There are two enemies left in here, and killing them will automatically
    win the mission if they are the last ones.  If you missed an enemy at some
    point in the map, you'll have to plant the charge on the Sub, and proceed to
    the Extraction Zone.  
    Mission 13- Arctic Sun
    Arkhangel'sk, Russia
             Plot summary:
                 The centrists in the Russian government and military have allied
    against the Ultranationalists, sending the country into civil war.  Reports
    are coming in of Russians fighting against Russians from Smolensk to
    Vladivostok.   You are being sent in to stop development of new aircraft by
    destroying the prototypes.  Security at the base is expected to be light, so
    your team is being sent in, direct frontal assault.  
    Mission Objectives- 1.  Secure Control Tower
                        2.  Destroy S37 Berkut
                        3.  Destroy KA-50 Hokum
                        4.  Get to the Extraction Zone.  
    Recommended- Team A demo(charges)/ support (or rifleman)/ demo (Nigel Tunney)
                 Team B demo (charges)/ support (or rifleman/ sniper)
                 Team C sniper
          Nothing doing on this mission.  The hardest part is securing the Control
    Tower.  Open the door to the Control Tower, located in the SE corner of the
    building.  Press (space bar), open the door, and immediately press S and A,
    and back up and to your left, away from the door.  There's an enemy just
    waiting to put a bullet in your brain hiding behind the door.  Keep backing
    up, move slowly to your right and snipe him.  Before you enter, look to the
    East of the tower, and take out any enemies you see.  Once you've cleared out
    the enemies you can see, enter the Control Tower, take out any remaining
    enemies on the ground floor, and head up the stairs.  Move team A and B nearer
    to the tower- keep them back to the SW a bit.   Important- don't go all the
    way up the stairs just yet.  Hang back halfway up the last flight of stairs.  
    There is an enemy that is extremely difficult to kill with your sniper.  Heh
    heh... this is one of my favourite parts in the whole game.  Switch to team A,
    switch to Nigel Tunney on manual.  Sight the top of the tower, and fire.  Move
    around the tower if you want, take a few more shots.  Now it's safe to move
    the rest of the way up and snipe any enemies on the top floor that haven't
    been blow to into little pieces of blood, bone and vital organs.  There are a
    total of three enemies on the top floor.  
           Since the KA-50 is just North of here, we'll do that next.  There is a
    door near the SW, but we're not going in that way - it's suicide.  Instead,
    head around to the East side (between the KA-50 hangar and the next hangar to
    the East), and slowly edge North.  There may be several enemies in this area,
    so be cautious.  Enter the hangar from the NE door, and head up the stairs to
    your right.  Walk around up to the balcony, and snipe the enemies in the
    hangar.  Bring team B up to your sniper, and send them into the main hangar on
    auto to plant the charge.   Watch for any enemies you missed the first time
    with your sniper.  One more hangar to go.  Move team C out of the hangar and
    head due West.  Keep checking your map, and as soon as you spot the enemies to
    the West, sight them and take them out.     Stay alert as you approach the
    hangar- there are four enemies inside the hangar to take out- check your map. 
    This will likely finish your mission at this point by killing all the
    Mission 14- Willow Bow
    Toropec, Russia
             Plot summary: 
                   The Centrist forces are stalled in their attack against the
    Ultranationalists.  Support for the Ultranationalists is mostly gone, but they
    still control most of the military.  Prime Minister Karpin has requested a
    NATO force to help oust the Ultranationalists.  The 1st armoured division has
    crossed the Latvian border and is headed for Moscow.  Satellite recon show the
    Ultranationalist forces converged at Toropec, about 200 kilometres East of
    your current position.  Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to
    link up with the NATO forces and weaken the Ultranationalist forces, take over
    the mountain passes, and hold your position.  Victory here will help ensure
    the final downfall of the ultranationalists.
    Mission Objectives- 1.  Take the North Pass
                        2.  Take the South Pass
                        3.  Take the Top of the Hill
                        4.  Neutralize the Russian Camp
    Recommended- Team A rifleman/ support/ demo
                 Team B support/ sniper
                 Team C sniper
    This is so close to the end, I don't want to spoil this much- it's an easy
    mission; just kill all the enemies on the map.  I suggest you take the North
    Pass, then head up the hill and take it, then the South Pass, and finally  the
    camp.  Expect 5-8+  enemies around each location.  Move slowly,  snipe enemies
    from a distance,  and you'll be fine.  If you feel like this mission is just
    extremely hard, and absolutely can't get through it, let me know  and I'll
    write an in depth step-by-step explanation.  
    Mission 15- White Razor
    Moscow, Russia
             Plot summary: 
                   The Ultranationalists still control the Kremlin.  To the East
    of the square, a squad of US soldiers are pinned down.  Make your way through
    the medieval quarter, kill anyone who gets in your way, and free the troops.  
    Then head South through the GUM dept. store to get to Red Square.  Don't kill
    any civilians, and be careful- Red Square is heavily guarded.
    Mission Objectives- 1.  Relieve pinned down troops
                        2.  Take Nikolskaya Tower
                        3.  Take Spasskaya Tower
                        4.  Avoid Civilian Casualties
    Recommended- Team A support/ demo (Nigel Tunney)
                 Team B  support/ sniper/ rifleman
                  Team C sniper
    Well, this is it- the final mission.  You start out  at the far NW corner of
    the map, and all your objectives are along the S edge of the map.   Again, I
    don't want to get too specific here, but you've got a few things to watch out
    for.  Just SE of your entry point is a group of three enemies.  To get to
    Kremlin square, you need to head into a building just South of the pinned down
    troops that runs the length of the map East to West.  Fight your way to the
    pinned down troops, being careful to both shoot the enemy and avoid shooting
    refugees.  When you sight a refugee, it will say 'refugee' when you have them
    in your crosshairs.  After you save the troops by killing the three enemies
    right by them, head into the building that connects to the square.  When you
    approach the square from the NW corner of the square, there is a tank directly
    South of your location and a few troops, another group of troops and a tank
    directly SE, and another tank on the far East side of the square.  Kill all
    the enemies, blow all the tanks, and rescue your troops.  That's it. 
    Congrats- you've  just won Ghost Recon! 
    Source- www.avault.com - submitted by Aaron Benzick, Shadowrunner
    Press enter (on the number pad) to bring up the console. Type in the cheat,
    and press enter.  Personally, this  game is too easy to warrant cheating, but
    if you just have to spoil the game you just paid $30-50 for, feel free.  The
    'god' cheat is fairly entertaining.  Codes are *not* case sensitive.
    Code                                   Result
    Superman                               God Mode
    Team Superman                          Team God Mode
    ammo                                   Unlimited Ammo
    refill                                 Refill Inventory
    autowin                                Win Mission (won't unlock characters)
    chickenrun                             Grenades Become Chickens
    god                                    Be Struck Down From Heaven
    extremepaintball                       Disable AI
    toggleai                               Disable AI
    mark                                   Mark a place on the map (for Teleport?)
    toggleshowframerate                    Displays frame rate counter
    perf                                   Shows a lot of counters
    setgamma #.#                           Sets gamma (normal = 0.5)
    togglemovetrees                        Freezes trees
    quit                                   Exits game
    Detailed info on hacking the game itself can be found in matt_the_sheep's
    guide at www.gamefaqs.com
    I would like to thank bob@headshotgaming for having excellent strategies, and
    letting me use a few strategies from his excellent guide to Mission 3
    especially.  Check out www.headshotgaming.com for good walkthroughs (with
    pictures) of several tactical shooters, including Ghost Recon.  
    www.theplatoon.com, for an excellent explanation of how to complete the X
    objective in mission 9.
    www.ghostrecon.com - the official site, some good info in the forums.
    www.avault.com and  Aaron Benzick, for the codes
    www.gamefaqs.com, for having the best game guides on the net as well as a
    great site
    Contact info
          Got a great strategy for one of the missions?  Something else you'd like
    to see in the guide?  Want to sent me hate mail full of obscenities and/or
    spam someone you don't know for no apparent reason?  Whatever your motivation,
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    Outro- If you liked this game, check out the Desert Siege expansion, or the
    other great games in the genre such as Delta Force Land Warrior,  Medal of
    Honor, or Global Ops.

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