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"Best Tactical-Op?"

This game is absolutely amazing, best of the best in terms of Red Storm development. Games such as Rainbow Six, and Rogue Spear simply helped pave the way for Ghost Recon.

Gameplay- This game is really fun and the same time throws in a bit of a challenge for good measure. This game is tough to get used to. The different buttons and gadgets on the screen make for a confusing experience at first. The maps are huge and sometimes you get lost if you don't plan your waypoints right. But all is forgiven once you master the controls and really get the gist of the operation.

The Commander's map helps you plan out your fireteams every move, Movements include Hold, Advance, and Advance at All Costs. Each have it's own advantages and disadvantages, for instance:
Holding your team helps their accuarcy and awareness, but keeps your team in the same spot for more enemies to find you.
Advance keeps your team on the run, accuracy is slightly lessened, but enemies have a hard time finding you while moving.
AaAC moves you quicker to the next waypoint, accuracy is shot (excuse the pun) and you don't pay attention to any enemies around you just your next waypoint.
Or of course you can make your own pace like I do.

Then you have Rules of Engagement:

Recon which hides you better, but you don't fire until fired upon

Assault which you see them you shoot them (default setting)

Supress which you lay down inaccurate cover fire for an advancing team. Great for Support units

Everything in this game is just about real, the one shot, one kill aspect really helps bring this out. No more 20 shots to the head to kill a guy. Weapons are absoutely amazing, from Anti-Tank Rockets to OICW to satchel charges, this game hits this spot right.


Storyline- Takes place in a Russian state of Georgia, and Russia is trying to annex the Georgian governmentand most of Eastern Europe under the infamous ''Iron Curtain'' and it's your job to stop them. A very engrossing story and a very good plot


OMG, these are the best graphics I have seen to date. The rendering is superb, the eye candy will keep you wired for a long time. Trees, bushes, mountains, tall grass, caves, hills, homemade enemy bunkers, sandbags, weapons all look like the real thing. The tweak the heck out of this game and the did a great job at it.


You hit the ground and it sounds real, hear the clapping of an AK-47 sounds real, hear the bullets fly by your head and it sounds real, get the hang of what I'm saying? They really strived for realism in both sound and graphically.


Three Difficulty levels, can't go wrong there. They get REALLY REALLY REALLY hard as you get up to elite. But it's more rewarding in the end if you beat it. Multiplayer support also rings a bell. You can play in clans and participate in tourneys online, which is really fun. You can also, like most online games, join clans and make attempts at clan matches and scrimmages, those are a real blast. And MODs for this game are coming out left and a right as we speak, so this game will never get old. (Think Half-Life in terms of MOD making)


Final Score:


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/29/02, Updated 01/29/02

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