Review by atlan2005

"A Good Concept but Needs a Little Fine Tuning"

Ghost Recon was a very hyped game and it is in many ways a very good game. However when it comes down to it, it is not the dream of a game fan in terms of the genre.

Lets go from the beginning. If you have played Rainbow Six, you will be pretty familiar with the set up. Not much has changed there. It's a solid engine, with some solid gameplay. The graphics are around par level for the time it came out and the sound is decent, but not spectacular. The training mission is pretty well done.

There however are two elements of this game I did not like. The first one was the command map and the second is the AI. The command map is a great concept, so don't get me wrong, an all in one, one button map that can be called up and you can order your troops around the area and give them various, albiet basic commands. The down side is that I found the lack of team and tab hot keys a major hinderence as well as a layout that i felt could have been improved upon giving more detail and allowing the user to use it better. Essentually, you have to be very guarded with how you use it and you can't really coordinate because the mechanics involved are a bit clunky here with this map.

The AI is the last major disappointment here, basically your computer controlled teammates are pretty brain dead and wouldn't make very good walmart security guards with their levels. They are not terrible, but as far as AIs go, there should be additional commands written in. For instance there are times where they will just stay target, stand in the middle of the field and this is a real problem, when you consider that this is an action/strategy game with the map pull down. Additonally, I found the group feedback in terms of in game sounds as well as hud information about your teams and troops lacking, additonal information would have expanded and broaded game play.

Overall, I will give this a 7, which is pretty much on the lower side and although this is a good game I will have to overall rate it lower because it just didn't quite do it for me.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/01/05

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